WIRELESS Messaging in Minecraft 1.17

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Minecraft Snapshot 20W49A Minecraft Snapshot video, Mumbo makes use of the New Minecraft sculk sensors coming in Minecraft 1.17, the Minecraft: Cave and Cliffs update that was announced at Minecon Live 2020. This wireless redstone messaging system allows you to encode and decode messages over a wireless redstone line that spans hundreds of blocks. VERY VERY COOL!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Місяць tagasi
Anyone who says 'just use chat' is not my friend, and if we were on the same server I would make sure my wireless messaging system went to everyone but you.
Vincent Michaelson
Vincent Michaelson Päev tagasi
Hey Mumbo new video idea wait for it.............. morse code
Patch pirate Animates
Patch pirate Animates 10 päeva tagasi
Kk I’m with you mumbo
Pearl Місяць tagasi
W4-11 v2.0
W4-11 v2.0 Місяць tagasi
thepenguimoose Місяць tagasi
Vandana Nagpal
Vandana Nagpal 3 tundi tagasi
i knew he was gonna do something crazy with this update
Gregory Dim
Gregory Dim 21 tund tagasi
I dont know if this is possible, but it would be cool if you make a network with these sensors and somehow you can decide on who you want to send the message to
Christopher Steininger
Christopher Steininger Päev tagasi
Can u upload the world pls i want to build the same xD
The Premier
The Premier 2 päeva tagasi
*Germany would like to know how to remake Enigma*
TimpaDump 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo having a fake conversation with himself:
yossif tanghe
yossif tanghe 2 päeva tagasi
or u type in chat ? :)
Ilan Asim Luthfy
Ilan Asim Luthfy 2 päeva tagasi
1.17 is good but I can’t get it.
Jamal Robinson
Jamal Robinson 3 päeva tagasi
Wow you made email in Minecraft!! This is crazy
Ahmad Tout
Ahmad Tout 3 päeva tagasi
wow. No wow!
Monochrome Art
Monochrome Art 3 päeva tagasi
surprised you're yet to milk views with a video like "improving at redstone by using powered and activator rails"
Jan Retief Baard
Jan Retief Baard 3 päeva tagasi
Stop wasting your time on you tube become a engineer
Octoid Games
Octoid Games 4 päeva tagasi
Should use moorse code
actuatedgear 4 päeva tagasi
Okay but... with 8 page books and 2 books per character you could easily encode full messages. And if you want speed... just add lines.
Lewis Lake
Lewis Lake 4 päeva tagasi
How about “general insult”? If they say act mean, then “general insult”. If you receive “general insult”, reply with “general insult”.
Rimfire 82
Rimfire 82 4 päeva tagasi
So we could do Morse code in Minecraft
Jamesgriffo 4 päeva tagasi
When I see one of the machine names is James And you see my username
Jerry Webb
Jerry Webb 4 päeva tagasi
“Does that make sense?” - to my computer science ears... it’s purely music
Sonic Splasher
Sonic Splasher 4 päeva tagasi
what if a psycho were to interefere with your messages he also could build a separate interceptor and could listen on your messages. Omg this is just encryption and somebody stealing your encryption key that is your shulk frequency omg.
Rafe Jilani
Rafe Jilani 4 päeva tagasi
It looks like most primitive email technology...
Genta Gemintang
Genta Gemintang 5 päeva tagasi
i made this thing but in bedrock edition
Phant0mHiv3d 5 päeva tagasi
Why didnt you just have a bank of redstone lamps on either side of the messenger that lit one lamp corresponding to the message that was sent and skip the book strength signal crud altogether?
Water Song
Water Song 5 päeva tagasi
Is there a world download?
LoopDeLoop 6 päeva tagasi
I wonder if Morse code would be usable in this system. A dot is 1 lamp lit, a dash is 2. In between the machines is a functioning enigma machine so people looking up at the overhead lines can't take down your conversations.
Red X
Red X 6 päeva tagasi
Paul Narte
Paul Narte 7 päeva tagasi
i just finished answering my module the moment i watch this and it almost give me a headache
DoomSlinger 7 päeva tagasi
Why didn't you just have it send Morse code?
RandomGuy0400 7 päeva tagasi
For a sec there I thought it was going to turn the other person's lectern so they are on the same page
RandomGuy0400 7 päeva tagasi
Why add an additional encoding thingy, can't you guys just use morse code? ...Oh wait, I don't even know morse code... Nevermind, carry on
14YearOldGuitarist 7 päeva tagasi
RIP Grian's Hermitcraft 7 hobbit hole messaging system
altay kilic
altay kilic 8 päeva tagasi
by wireless do you mean having dozens of sculk sensors in the air?
Wizardboss11 8 päeva tagasi
It should be made so that it saves past responses
Aries 9 päeva tagasi
1969 colorized
T Duke Perry
T Duke Perry 9 päeva tagasi
Those last three messages made me suddenly feel less alone.
AlNimri 10 päeva tagasi
My only question is will it continue sending the message if you don't have chunks loaded? Now that would be even more game-breaking than the amazing invention Mumbo just made.
Seth Bettwizilch
Seth Bettwizilch 11 päeva tagasi
Time to go design a UART connection module in Minecraft.
Paradax 11 päeva tagasi
Imagine doing this on hermitcraft
epiccgamer 11 päeva tagasi
2070 mumbo: ok... This is the ENTIRE INTERNET INSIDE OF MINECRAFT
epiccgamer 11 päeva tagasi
you should make this in the hermit craft server as a new system instead of the old one grian built at the start of season 7
Judge 12 päeva tagasi
Minecraft chat has left the chat
Fielynn 12 päeva tagasi
G5 Redstone towers.
Big Samuraii
Big Samuraii 12 päeva tagasi
the only thing that ruins this is the in-game chat
Mads Baun Olesen
Mads Baun Olesen 12 päeva tagasi
The beacons of gondor has been lit!
Ryker Martin
Ryker Martin 12 päeva tagasi
Stick those things in telephone poles on the hermitcraft server, high enough to not receive any other vibration
ItzDelix 13 päeva tagasi
Much MUCH simpler way (without using chat): 1. Get a book and quill 2. Write a Message 3. Put it into a chest 4. Put LOADS of hoppers underground to friends base 5. It goes to a friends mail box / chest for messages (chest that acts as mobile) 6. They resend the message using a 'Send Message' Chest Makes sense? Plz like this comment!
zak tenshi
zak tenshi 13 päeva tagasi
1.17 but how download
Alex 7532
Alex 7532 13 päeva tagasi
I think you should add a sound for when it’s received
jacobisawesomeya 13 päeva tagasi
this is how messanger was created
Jay Moreno
Jay Moreno 14 päeva tagasi
When you can just message in minecraft chat:
The Gaming Vault
The Gaming Vault 14 päeva tagasi
7:54 no
LukeGaming 08
LukeGaming 08 14 päeva tagasi
Actually, this could be used to send pre-translated messages since there built in, so its not pointless. These should be mass produced.
Constantin Alexandru Patrauceanu
Constantin Alexandru Patrauceanu 15 päeva tagasi
You are a fucking genious
mc-snack 15 päeva tagasi
it's really good but: -it need to be more compact -the transmission has to be more fast (please like)
Sarang Manoj
Sarang Manoj 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine understanding how this works
spuddo 15 päeva tagasi
I stg one day mumbo jumbo will build a computer within minecraft powerful enough to run minecraft.
Diego Echeverria
Diego Echeverria 16 päeva tagasi
/msg: Am i a joke to you PD: jk mumbo pls dont unfriend if we are in the same server
The Old Cooker
The Old Cooker 16 päeva tagasi
I don't understand anything 🤣🤣🤣
samsam21amb 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo has made the new Minecraft Telecommunication company!
Allan Dunlop
Allan Dunlop 16 päeva tagasi
Ladies and gentlemen, Mumbo Jumbo has just invented the telegram
OωO 16 päeva tagasi
This is even more confusing than the phone in Dr.Stone
reptile sceptile
reptile sceptile 16 päeva tagasi
You should run them into an observer, running into a dispenser, thats dispensing the messages
B1 Boomer
B1 Boomer 16 päeva tagasi
Now, how do you intercept those messages?
Riggs Jaurigue
Riggs Jaurigue 17 päeva tagasi
It's like a morse code
unknown's alt
unknown's alt 17 päeva tagasi
Do this with dispensers and traget blocks instead and make a tuturial too
PrinceOkoi 17 päeva tagasi
Discord and the chat box has left the overworld
Sherrin is a dumbass
Sherrin is a dumbass 17 päeva tagasi
intruder alert! a red spy is in the base!
Fonariuz 17 päeva tagasi
Would be awesome to hide these in peoples houses and hook it up to a light so you can see where people are
smart art
smart art 17 päeva tagasi
You should use letters instead of phrases and have observers acticating droppers with paper of the letter into a hopper into a chest
Elevion 17 päeva tagasi
what happens if you send messages at the same time to each other?
Billy Lauwda
Billy Lauwda 18 päeva tagasi
Morse code red stone when?
C Baker
C Baker 18 päeva tagasi
Was thinking about this a lot, since you can't also transmit the level, I think you would have to run multiple lines. If you did three lines, you could put together a system where the first line is used for addressing/routing (indicate who the message is to), the second line is a SOM/EOM (start of message, end of message), third line is for data. Or you could run multiple data lines after the first two. If you increased that data bandwidth, let's just say 8 lines, you could send a full byte of data in one message. Theoretically possible to build an LCD-type display that decodes bytes into any letter or number. If only there was a way to write that onto paper using redstone, you could have the receiving end pop out a telegram on paper :[ Another idea: wireless synchronized redstone clocks!
ErgonAngelEscapesReality 18 päeva tagasi
Wait... wouldn't you have to type in chat to talk with that
rvin 18 päeva tagasi
You absolute madman you have found a way to make wires that don't lose charge in Minecraft that's the final link to making a redstone computer
Britt H
Britt H 18 päeva tagasi
This is why we love Mumbo😹😹
fox craft
fox craft 18 päeva tagasi
No it has not came out yet it's not supposed to come out for a year
NathanTheMan 18 päeva tagasi
How about instead of sending several pulses you just... used more sensors?
LeiZero 18 päeva tagasi
Chat: Am I a joke to you?
Trevor Goepfert
Trevor Goepfert 18 päeva tagasi
Alternate title: reinventing the /msg command with sculk sensors!
Alpha 18 päeva tagasi
mumbo just made wifi/texting in Minecraft gg
Tyler James
Tyler James 18 päeva tagasi
Somehow I never got confused
Sub Boisss
Sub Boisss 19 päeva tagasi
McDonald's wifi be like
Sub Boisss
Sub Boisss 19 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "can't wait to see players using these in servers" 🤦🏽‍♂️he forgot theres chat didnt he?
Jonathan Aldave
Jonathan Aldave 19 päeva tagasi
what about more then one base to send messages to?
Mr.President 19 päeva tagasi
Mumbo genuinely made packets
Aiden Picado
Aiden Picado 19 päeva tagasi
You should have hermits pay you to make wired messaging in their bases. When the update releases you can then make it wireless
mark osborne
mark osborne 19 päeva tagasi
so its a better version of grians messaging system on hermit craft 7
Ningxin Zhang
Ningxin Zhang 19 päeva tagasi
I donno why I just watched this now, but happy new year everyone!!
SenanIsGodly 19 päeva tagasi
My brain when someone finally talks to me: 8:56
BabyFireDragon2 19 päeva tagasi
Hey Mumbo, I have something for you: /msg
BabyFireDragon2 19 päeva tagasi
0:09 you don’t have friends ;)
Jordan S
Jordan S 20 päeva tagasi
We finally got wifi in minecraft
MINECRAFT MASTER 20 päeva tagasi
You should try coding?!
Derpy Time
Derpy Time 20 päeva tagasi
Attention! This minecraft server needs more players so its not as boring as it is make my day and all of the others on the server happy by joining It is java edition only Ip: sneaki.shock-zone.com dont scroll past
Raju Thoppil
Raju Thoppil 20 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:it's eazy His work:😫
Fregtz 20 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Mumbo: creates a computer in mc Me: minecraft email
The Best Bro Gaming
The Best Bro Gaming 21 päev tagasi
I want to see this in HC season 8
CmmandrBitesaw Of the prelands
CmmandrBitesaw Of the prelands 21 päev tagasi
once the update is out, you should make this on Hermitcraft to communicate with Grian
Trust 21 päev tagasi
I wanted to do this but I realized that I don’t have the 1.17 update
Shrek’s Swamp
Shrek’s Swamp 21 päev tagasi
Why do I even try to understand this?
Minestone 21 päev tagasi
“I hope that makes any sense” I build redstone on bedrock edition. What you think is confusing is nothing to me.
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