What to do when you're Bored of Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft is the best game ever, but that doesn't mean I want to play Minecraft all the time. In this video I am going to talk about what to do when you're bored of Minecraft, how to stay motivated to play Minecraft and how to play survival Minecraft and how to build good minecraft builds for days on end without getting bored/tired!
Filming channel: eepost.info
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Dead Frosty
Dead Frosty Tund tagasi
I think Mojang needs to just make more content tbh
60150 Tund tagasi
build a functional casino
MysticDragoPlayz 4 tundi tagasi
Ahhh been playing minecraft first 3 years got bored now I'm inspired to play minecraft again
Evan Maples
Evan Maples 20 tundi tagasi
You inspire me to play Minecraft 🥰
Jadin 20 tundi tagasi
I swear if this video isn't sponsored by Minecraft then this is pure pasiion for the game, because the amount of effort that went into this is crazy
Mr goomba
Mr goomba Päev tagasi
I’ve only just noticed that mumbos eyes constantly look fearful
Joel Antony Joseph
Joel Antony Joseph Päev tagasi
Thanks! This helped. I like to manually farm and try the nether and try redstone farms and recently command blocks maybe
robert Butcher
robert Butcher Päev tagasi
I’m thinking about getting back to Minecraft, haven’t really played for a little while. Im thinking about trying true survival for a change. I’ve always played on peaceful, but might want to try at least playing on easy. Since I’ve always done peaceful, I don’t really know how to go about playing true survival. Are there any recent Java Minecraft survival guides on EEpost, that contain all/near all the recent Minecraft additions of the last few years?
Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie Päev tagasi
Sometimes I forget that my favorite mc youtubers also have favorite youtubers that they watch.
N.J.S. Jonker
N.J.S. Jonker Päev tagasi
If you are bored and you have time then go and try and join 2b2t
Vision 2 päeva tagasi
You didn't lie, playing Minecraft with friends is really amazing.
Raoq Rocks
Raoq Rocks 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Don't cheat Minecraft: Would you like to turn cheats off? Player: Yes Also Minecraft: Menu > Open Lan > Turn on cheats... Mojang needs to fix their game
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 2 päeva tagasi
If you can't find inspiration why not start speedrunning the game? Not for the records, just for fun, me and a friend like to create new worlds and kill the ender dragon as fast as we can, is very fun.
Dona Nasol
Dona Nasol 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Don't overstretch. 9 yr old me: me need to destroy giant mountain n make tiny base
GötzeLP 2 päeva tagasi
I see where a Brain has infinit storage capacity because i remember nearly everything i built 6 years ago. (Tower house with random storys... one out of brick, one out of Netherack etc...)
StormiPwl 2 päeva tagasi
I build farms when I’m bored I actually just build anything for fun If you see my world, there are so many buildings, towers, farms
Frogs here
Frogs here 2 päeva tagasi
me with friends that dont play minecraft sad
Kit kat kitty cat
Kit kat kitty cat 2 päeva tagasi
Aft beating the ender dragon i try to get the elytra end up getting a bunch of random stuff but still fun exploring find my way back take the dragon egg burn it to the ground cuz its useless and mojang wont do anything with that dragon egg take the location build a railway and then finish up my base (ofcourse i try to do redstone but in the end i end up giving up cuz i wont understand anything but every time i try i learn a new thing)
FireFlame 3 päeva tagasi
Shaan Alam
Shaan Alam 3 päeva tagasi
I love how mumbo said no cheats then said toggle keep inventory on.
DirtbagDario 3 päeva tagasi
Great video bro these are fantastic tips, especially the "just start up the game" tip. Lol its SO true
Michael Chalkitis
Michael Chalkitis 3 päeva tagasi
I do get bored of Minecraft sometimes but i hope im just overdramatic
Soulles King
Soulles King 3 päeva tagasi
I was watching this video to see what I could build in my world but I had no motivation to go and play
Big noobatfortnite
Big noobatfortnite 4 päeva tagasi
I created an ice temple. Hope Mojang would be interested.
alie804 4 päeva tagasi
6.96M subscribers
Samantha Mattson
Samantha Mattson 4 päeva tagasi
8:16 that’s why my brother has 6 worlds over 2 years and I have 15 over 4 months
Prankster Gangster
Prankster Gangster 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Play with a good bunch of people 2b2t priority players: it's time.
Yefiy 5 päeva tagasi
you forgot dont be a carson
og_rainyy 5 päeva tagasi
6.96 mil subs
Sifle 5 päeva tagasi
can i deleate a world were i did nothing and just did not like the spawn?
Rusipotam 4 päeva tagasi
Yeah, sure🤗
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson 6 päeva tagasi
The only thing is none of my friends have the money for a realm so we can't play a regular server together
Rusipotam 4 päeva tagasi
Try something like aternos or random server with survival mode in it
BlackBBrother 6 päeva tagasi
An additional tipp that helps me often not only in Minecraft: Hear music. It can be very motivating.
Kraken Kris
Kraken Kris 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Don't cheat in survival. Me getting tired of survival and building a breeding hub in creative: 👁👄👁
Chloé 7 päeva tagasi
Him first rule: don’t cheat Me: oh shoot
Wally Fone
Wally Fone 8 päeva tagasi
no ones bored of minecraft
Taylor Maid
Taylor Maid 8 päeva tagasi
Cheating absolutely ruins any game I play. When there's no challenge to a game there's no point for me anymore and things get boring fast. Not knocking it, some people need or just really enjoy cheats, but they're definitely not constructive for staving off boredom in a game. Unless it's big head mode. Big head mode is amazing.
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan 8 päeva tagasi
Him going to watch himself 👁👄👁
8bit Japsonpro
8bit Japsonpro 9 päeva tagasi
I can’t play with keep inventory cause I need trophies and I play on bedrock
Meteorite 10 päeva tagasi
Alternative Title: How to get addicted to Minecraft.
Ownno meme
Ownno meme 10 päeva tagasi
I cheated
hlias_ sobos
hlias_ sobos 12 päeva tagasi
Using gamerule is cheating
Zachary Hughes
Zachary Hughes 12 päeva tagasi
I love terraforming and all my friends say I'm great at it
Zachary Hughes
Zachary Hughes 12 päeva tagasi
And I play on keep inventory and hard mode always unless my noob friends ask me to make it peaceful
Zachary Hughes
Zachary Hughes 12 päeva tagasi
Economy managing for my server is my favorite lol
HASAN Gashi 12 päeva tagasi
Hey technoblade viewers can you tell technoblade he surpassed skeppy in subs and how he’s relevant again
• Catty Queen •
• Catty Queen • 12 päeva tagasi
If u like getting isoerations for Base becose you do.. Tray to vach @Zaypixel
Bennny Boy68
Bennny Boy68 13 päeva tagasi
Jesus Christ is king
marioforever97 13 päeva tagasi
Oh too bad I deleted old progressions of my world... (I only have 1 world, but I constantly duplicated my world up to 3 and deleted the oldest of the 3). And unfortunately my screenshots before october disappeared... (I started playing minecraft around june) 😭
Party Cat
Party Cat 13 päeva tagasi
I get unboard of minecraft by blowing up my friends house or myz
little group
little group 13 päeva tagasi
My minecraft goal is, well i don't have it yet, I used to, but I will make it online and create the best world i can make, using lots of plans i already have, I get the divice i will play on the following monday:)
Afirmanta 14 päeva tagasi
He bascially says that if we are bored we should do some more boring stuff LOL
Iva Rod
Iva Rod 15 päeva tagasi
I cheat a lot you wouldn’t even believe how much I cheat (I even secretly turn myself on op in my brother’s world in Minecraft he didn’t even know for a week)
michelle thompson
michelle thompson 15 päeva tagasi
mumbo you are just WOW you always make me want to pracctice redstone and i made a wopping 100 x 100 sand door that falla from left to right and it ipressed my freinds and they ask me to tell them the secrets but i say "i cant tell but i can tell you to watch mumbo jumbo he will tell you" thank you mumbo
Poultry Man
Poultry Man 16 päeva tagasi
My minecraft goal is reaching the border in survival without the nether and elytra
Ball Boy
Ball Boy 16 päeva tagasi
Who here wants to start a Minecraft server, my friends are no where near as dedicated to the game as I am and would love to have a serve like hermit craft
Bia Khan
Bia Khan 16 päeva tagasi
when youre bored of minecraft play something else
Drift Dreams Photography
Drift Dreams Photography 16 päeva tagasi
Im gonna go play now
Drift Dreams Photography
Drift Dreams Photography 16 päeva tagasi
After I watch your EEpost minecraft videos it makes me want to go play hell I watch your videos as I play.... hell I watch all the hermits while I play.
DeadArt20 16 päeva tagasi
8:53 my friends play rocket league and other games but not minecraft
Coco Puffs
Coco Puffs 17 päeva tagasi
When I’m bored of pvp in Minecraft I go to mumbo jumbo to become good at redstone!
Nova6ShockXx 17 päeva tagasi
I don’t think jumbo’s idea of building when bored is the same as mine.
Seema Shrimali
Seema Shrimali 17 päeva tagasi
When ur bored of minecraft: You play Roblox!
Seema Shrimali
Seema Shrimali 16 päeva tagasi
Pion Minecraft
Pion Minecraft 16 päeva tagasi
And When Ur Bored Of Roblox: You Play Minecraft!
전진우 18 päeva tagasi
7:40 so I did... for 5 years
Julian Trombley
Julian Trombley 18 päeva tagasi
I was starting to lose interest in Minecraft recently but I have this HUGE interest in Sci-FI books and movies. And I remembered a data pack that allowed you to create a portal and there would be a basic menu where you could choose to go to planets or moons or dwarf planets in our system. Or visit planets in the Trappist 1 system. So I am now building a HUGE sky colony on Venus.
Matthew Hickling
Matthew Hickling 18 päeva tagasi
Yes I'm glad I have some good friends to play with
NastySuby 18 päeva tagasi
I watch ur videos to get inspiration when im bored 😇
Endel Pällin
Endel Pällin 19 päeva tagasi
Minecraft genius
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 20 päeva tagasi
YuriYana Games
YuriYana Games 20 päeva tagasi
I have deleted my first minecraft world but I haven't regretted it since I've played it for like 4 days
YDKHellHound 21 päev tagasi
would anyone like to join a sever? its me and 2 other people we need ten and are looking for some friends to play with, on java of course, lemme know if you guys are down!!!!
Eagles Boy
Eagles Boy 22 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: just close the game and do something in real life
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna 22 päeva tagasi
I got bored because bill gates bought it
rc off roading
rc off roading 22 päeva tagasi
Play a driffent game
Kameron Grylls
Kameron Grylls 22 päeva tagasi
You mist getting alot of tnt and blowing up alot of land because why not
Zombie Boss63
Zombie Boss63 22 päeva tagasi
I really want to build the 5x5 piston door with slime and honey blocks but I’m on bedrock so it doesn’t really work
Speedrun Nils
Speedrun Nils 22 päeva tagasi
8:27 haha i was almost deleting one but i heard it and i didnt do it
NickolasFPS 23 päeva tagasi
Probably not as good as the hermits, but I have a group of 5-6 friends that play minecraft with me on a daily basis.
MrJigneshparmar 23 päeva tagasi
Solar Songs
Solar Songs 24 päeva tagasi
I remember the way I found out about gamerule was when I was... bored and I said hey brother! Look at this! And guess what, I guessed the command and didn’t even know what that command was and I just typed in the command I didn’t know, gamerule.
jawad gaming2013
jawad gaming2013 24 päeva tagasi
The title must be: how to play like mumbo-jumbo
Calvin Mations
Calvin Mations 24 päeva tagasi
Is it weird that I can picture mumbo’s voice replacing the one for the weatley core in portal 2?
Froius 24 päeva tagasi
I just build an automatic sugar cane farm
ENDIslime 24 päeva tagasi
Hey Mumbo I have been playing minecraft for a couple of years now but I have only been able to afford platforms bedrock ran on. And watching your videos inspired me to join in on the more technical side of Minecraft. The java side. So thanks
Artem Yeryomin
Artem Yeryomin 24 päeva tagasi
4: 50 That's why I installed minecraft!
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips 24 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: you need a lot of room to expand Me: have you ever heard of superflat?
Luke Phillips
Luke Phillips 24 päeva tagasi
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham 23 päeva tagasi
then this is the wrooooong channel for u
GTHESLAYE7 24 päeva tagasi
bro mumbo pls tell me how to not be good at minecraft and not just speed run it cause i just get cool shit very fast and is boring after words
GTHESLAYE7 24 päeva tagasi
i suck at redstone but i enjoy it
DM123 24 päeva tagasi
Brandon Torres
Brandon Torres 24 päeva tagasi
You go jrk off
RachithplayZ 24 päeva tagasi
The starting part which he said is I thought too I also spawn in villages and all that so we can just trade well it’s going to be motivating though if you find things on your own it will be motivating for you
Plutonium 25 päeva tagasi
A few days ago I had to delete everything off of my ps4, so all of my Minecraft worlds got deleted. I am very sad now. My account also got deleted, but my brother got his account back and I haven't.
Dora Pan
Dora Pan 25 päeva tagasi
Today I was playing with my friends (at my house) they didn’t want to go mining A friend: GO IN CREATIVE AND GET ME A BUCKET! Another Friend: GET ME YELLOW CONCRETE! Me: NO CHEATING!!!! AHHHHH
Agasha rafly Utomo
Agasha rafly Utomo 25 päeva tagasi
Nobody gets bored of minecraft
Combine Elite Assassin
Combine Elite Assassin 25 päeva tagasi
Why do you put stuff in random chests around your base? I lable with signs, or item frame
Goovroo 25 päeva tagasi
*Sighs* knowing I started my break 8 years ago and still can’t get back...
Kailin Alexander
Kailin Alexander 13 päeva tagasi
Play with friends
Dustglider 17 päeva tagasi
"Just open up minecraft. Most of the time inspiration flows through you, once you start jumping around in your minecraftworld"
ItsHazzaDude Gaming
ItsHazzaDude Gaming 25 päeva tagasi
My nan dead........
TheQuinnster 25 päeva tagasi
Sheepy 25 päeva tagasi
I don't have friend who cares about me playing minecraft :c
Christel Knowles
Christel Knowles 25 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Never delete a minecraft world Me with exactly 1,567 deleted worlds: 👁️👄👁️
hoodie cat
hoodie cat 23 päeva tagasi
Same i liked urs
Christel Knowles
Christel Knowles 25 päeva tagasi
Liked my own comment
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