What's the Fastest Vertical Travel in Minecraft?

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Mumbo Jumbo

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What's the fastest vertical travel in Minecraft? What's the fastest Minecraft Elevator? How fast can you travel in Minecraft?
These are all questions that keep me up at night! So in today's Mumbo minecraft video, we do some Minecraft science experiments, and work out the fastest way to travel in Minecraft 1.16. We have Minecraft water elevators, Minecraft TNT player launchers, Minecraft Ender pearl stasis chambers, and riptide trident elevators.
ENDER PEARL STASIS CHAMBER: eepost.info/my/video/qqasiISTmpJ5lWY.html

Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 4 місяці tagasi
Just reading through the comments - turns out 'Skip the tutorial' did an update on my original list! With that being said - a few of the fastest methods (Including the 2 fastest) weren't featured in theirs. However they do cover a large variety of different alternative methods I didn't mention. Here's the video: eepost.info/my/video/yZB0nopogH2Et24.html
R K 2 päeva tagasi
How did you stack buttons like that? I have to use glass to water elevator
Pravindra Shringi
Pravindra Shringi 18 päeva tagasi
VirgoIn VR
VirgoIn VR 29 päeva tagasi
7333 liked
‘Sam Jam In The Dump’
‘Sam Jam In The Dump’ Місяць tagasi
How do you make the flying elevator?
Swapon Biswas
Swapon Biswas 2 місяці tagasi
Boo boo badi bad i sawer
Reuven Cooper
Reuven Cooper 3 tundi tagasi
Instead of using tnt, if you blow yourself up with endercrystals then you have no priming time and can probably beat the record
Cheese Diddily Doodle Time!
Cheese Diddily Doodle Time! 12 tundi tagasi
I've been playing Xbox 360 edition (until 1.16) and he acts like people who have been playing since 2013 (or anytime before Elytra) are retired old farts,
ianmineking2007 14 tundi tagasi
Ahh yes, dumbshit science @lazarbeam
Benjamin Chan Tze Xing (student)
Benjamin Chan Tze Xing (student) 19 tundi tagasi
gaming fantasy
gaming fantasy 23 tundi tagasi
Games for kids eepost.info/my/video/1a6onppmZJJ-rK0.html
Mph_Yt Päev tagasi
Elytra, Riptide, rain
Alexandra Turner
Alexandra Turner Päev tagasi
Open video Sees Mumbos outfit ITS A GREEN PLAID SUIT Mumbo has gone full mysterious Benedict society (A book series)
Landen Mcconkey
Landen Mcconkey 2 päeva tagasi
Bro EEpost just Rick rolled me
Krishna Kathuria
Krishna Kathuria 2 päeva tagasi
Go from elytra
R K 2 päeva tagasi
How does he stack buttons? I have to use glass to water elevator
Puppy Unicorn21
Puppy Unicorn21 2 päeva tagasi
Why on earth is his suit green
Andrew 2 päeva tagasi
Sand pushers
Jaudy 2 päeva tagasi
More easier. Use the command */Execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~ ~ /summon ender_crystal* and throw it down. Repeat and repeat 🔁 then you will jump high but idk if thats fast
Jaudy 2 päeva tagasi
The fastest way to travel vertical is to teleport.
Anaya Ejaz
Anaya Ejaz 3 päeva tagasi
DarkKnightSlayer3 3 päeva tagasi
Me: *Tnt Cannon*
Michael Majors
Michael Majors 4 päeva tagasi
Pillaring is reliable
Pikachu Gaming
Pikachu Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Hi Mumbai you are one of my favorite youtubers
Shea Salter
Shea Salter 4 päeva tagasi
How do you make the elevators?? Like the contraptions
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 4 päeva tagasi
The unused centimeter equally spark because maraca consecutively grin off a rude grease. thirsty, regular foot
VUCKIO 3000 4 päeva tagasi
Please make survival or hardcore series
Oprah Gruessendorf
Oprah Gruessendorf 5 päeva tagasi
8:31 is giving me anxiety
Smartidity 5 päeva tagasi
*everyone gangsta until the Redstone ladder reaches the moon.*
Daniel Hillebrand Savino
Daniel Hillebrand Savino 6 päeva tagasi
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Muhamad Nafis Jamil
Muhamad Nafis Jamil 6 päeva tagasi
The question is... Can you riptide from a cauldron? Since that way, you can actually launch yourself in the nether with the pearl method.
lizardlipsohio 6 päeva tagasi
Depth strider cancels out dolphin’s grace
suma nippani
suma nippani 6 päeva tagasi
Croaky CraftMC
Croaky CraftMC 7 päeva tagasi
Yup pillaring horrible I built a floating island on survival mode and it's 132 blocks high I died 50 or 51 times for just building pillars horrible!!!!!! I'm noob at survival!!!!
Brodin Roo
Brodin Roo 7 päeva tagasi
But what about getting down
lennon 7 päeva tagasi
Theres a speed glitch thing with the scaffolding and ladders on console or controller
PeterVonKoncevics 7 päeva tagasi
*your voice is relaxing*
UCG-gaming 7 päeva tagasi
8:56 Rely on rain. Come to england. it rais every day
Reaper Theone
Reaper Theone 8 päeva tagasi
Nothing could beat the minecart
tom orange
tom orange 8 päeva tagasi
I stopped playing before the elytra was implemented so this is useful information for a returning player from way back. I remember being excited about the granite/diorite/andesite blocks, and a time before slime blocks. My friend used to use your sticky piston door design come to find out and taught it to me on our old server. I was obsessed with them, I installed them needlessly into every build I could imagine
Fajar Dirgantara
Fajar Dirgantara 9 päeva tagasi
/tp ~ 9999 ~ Fastest climb
Jeremy Dyck
Jeremy Dyck 9 päeva tagasi
Use the riptide trident in the soul sand elevator
Elaina Bloch
Elaina Bloch 9 päeva tagasi
Showing me things I could never build :(
Mai Wang
Mai Wang 9 päeva tagasi
/tp. Obviously.
IWasAssimilated 9 päeva tagasi
Do you have a blueprint for the second tnt elevator that has the duplicators? I can't seem to find anything close to what you have in the video and I really want to try it. Thank you!
Funny Man Jd
Funny Man Jd 9 päeva tagasi
Fastest way to travel up is that tnt cannon that launches u up 250,000 blocks!
Frances keith Damayon
Frances keith Damayon 10 päeva tagasi
try using teleport using command block /tp @p any number that you wanna teleport
Friska_ 10 päeva tagasi
7:37 the fact that you didn’t say the full meme makes me wanna say: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
DEXO D2 10 päeva tagasi
Use 6 this start and hit Them you Will fly myby 300 blocks in 5 sec
Harsh Tewani
Harsh Tewani 11 päeva tagasi
If forget everytime.What is conclusion. Please tell all in order
The Beats
The Beats 11 päeva tagasi
me : replaces button with target block in enderpirl elivator for instant eacape
Mahesa Surya Putra Wahyudi
Mahesa Surya Putra Wahyudi 11 päeva tagasi
Wait for the rain. fly
ani sebou
ani sebou 11 päeva tagasi
face reveal pls
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 13 päeva tagasi
I like to think mumbo jumbo is very sophisticated
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 13 päeva tagasi
I like to think mumbo jumbo is very sophisticated
Jambinho 1
Jambinho 1 13 päeva tagasi
Cake Staircase and Speedhourse are still Not implemented!!! DISAPOINTED!!
Civil Minecrafter
Civil Minecrafter 13 päeva tagasi
1:12 lol yet mumbo builds redstone contraptions that take several hours
Clare Lay
Clare Lay 14 päeva tagasi
Try trident in slime block. It is not fast but it cheap af.
Het Steills
Het Steills 15 päeva tagasi
"What's the fastest vertical travel in Minecraft?" Me: uhm, falling? ._.
MR WOLF 15 päeva tagasi
He fastest is command block
Cody L
Cody L 16 päeva tagasi
What is surrounding the water of the soil sand elevator?
DANIEL 557 16 päeva tagasi
/up 256
Trevor Glasgow
Trevor Glasgow 16 päeva tagasi
What about command block elevators
Lol OFF 16 päeva tagasi
The fastest Way is to die you Can be all over the World and get to the other place on under a second just place the bed up in the Tower
RAGHURAM RAJENDRAN 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo,u are insane
Zay Way
Zay Way 17 päeva tagasi
Everyone when there was ladders: ☺ Everyone when there was redstone elevators: STUFF LADDERS🤑🤑🤑
Void Clan
Void Clan 17 päeva tagasi
Minecraft can get funky and different! 🤔😁
_Sxnoke_ 18 päeva tagasi
What about set your spawn at the top, die at the bottom and respawn
Slayde Pullaro
Slayde Pullaro 18 päeva tagasi
Ladder elytra fireworks
PHAZER6 Gaming
PHAZER6 Gaming 18 päeva tagasi
6:25 8 and have totem
Efiza fitrianti,SE
Efiza fitrianti,SE 18 päeva tagasi
7:50 WHOTTT 😱😱
PhúcNgố 19 päeva tagasi
Sorry but i only pro at command
SIERINNA SIVAKUMARAN Moe 20 päeva tagasi
"The horse cake staircase is included in that list cause, who in their right mind would want to build that in survival." Me: Pewdiepie!
Nabigh Ghani
Nabigh Ghani 20 päeva tagasi
insane Patil
insane Patil 20 päeva tagasi
/tp @s ~~~ left the chat
Lory Faris
Lory Faris 20 päeva tagasi
The last time i played minecraft was in 2014 But okay yotube i'll watch it
danish- shounen
danish- shounen 21 päev tagasi
are you france?
Aradhya Singh
Aradhya Singh 21 päev tagasi
I think easiest way to travel is water-soul sand bubble elevator (made using kelp). 😀 And fast too
Confused Caveman
Confused Caveman 22 päeva tagasi
I like minecart elevators
mc crack
mc crack 22 päeva tagasi
You are best
Dino Girl Vivi Hogge
Dino Girl Vivi Hogge 23 päeva tagasi
Josh 23 päeva tagasi
more stuff like this+
DARSH 23 päeva tagasi
One day you will touch the 10 million subscribers
sj gamerz
sj gamerz 23 päeva tagasi
Alexander Nash
Alexander Nash 24 päeva tagasi
The TNT cannon one could be cool if you setup a pressure plate to trigger it 5 seconds before you get to the elevator.
NotScummy 24 päeva tagasi
Venu2HD 24 päeva tagasi
You can Rebind your Right click Button to Something on your keyboard And then its like 25cps
arpussupra 24 päeva tagasi
What block is holding the water in place in the bubble elevator?
zev bronshteyn
zev bronshteyn 23 päeva tagasi
glass panes
iamwoofie 25 päeva tagasi
Shivam Pathak
Shivam Pathak 26 päeva tagasi
Kitna bolta hai
asuna 26 päeva tagasi
For the minecart ones rebind your right click to a key on your keyboard and it gives you some insane cps
Nicholas 76
Nicholas 76 26 päeva tagasi
A faster way is with a bunch of end crystals
SafiFamilyVideos 26 päeva tagasi
I was about to say how about the elytra
SafiFamilyVideos 26 päeva tagasi
Nice man I learned a lot
Yacine Mendoza
Yacine Mendoza 26 päeva tagasi
Yes i like eleetras
FunnyVideosNL 27 päeva tagasi
Soul sand ♡ Water
Not so pro bros
Not so pro bros 27 päeva tagasi
Covington Baumann
Covington Baumann 27 päeva tagasi
what is the block you used during the soul sand water elevator? The blocks on all sides of the water that you could go through but were also blocks ??
Eren Deliveli
Eren Deliveli 27 päeva tagasi
Are you wheatley in portal 2?
TURPIN Mathieu
TURPIN Mathieu 27 päeva tagasi
anonymous 27 päeva tagasi
Nuschi 27 päeva tagasi
If you put the Video at 0.5 speed, he actually sounds like a scientist
Arthur Abarca
Arthur Abarca 28 päeva tagasi
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Kert 836
Kert 836 28 päeva tagasi
ITS 01:23 and i can't sleep XD
Ali 28 päeva tagasi
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