What if Chains Actually Worked in Minecraft?

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft chains were introduced in Minecraft 1.16: The nether update - However in my opinion they are not quite complete... because Minecraft chains currently can't do what chains are made to do, PULL STUFF! Thankfully Gnembon (Member of the scicraft server and creator of the Minecraft carpet Mod) has introduced Minecraft chainstone into the 1.16.3 Carpet mod. It makes chains work like slimeblocks and honey blocks, but without things sticking to the sides. This is definitely one of the features I would like to see in Minecraft 1.17!
CHAINSTONE! eepost.info/my/video/mo11Yqlqo5V8lIc.html
GNEMBON: eepost.info/label/RtyLX-ej-H1PSiaw8g9aIA
CARPET MOD: eepost.info/my/video/rqxgoaGEeqN-3Wo.html
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Tai NGUYEN 6 tundi tagasi
The chain should bend when the piston is extending not push the block forward.
Joshua John
Joshua John 7 tundi tagasi
Mumbo: "chains actually work like chains" *Proceeds to push the chain forward* Issac newton: "interesting"
bluesycobra3850 8 tundi tagasi
it should be so if facing sideways you can't push is back, it just flops to the ground
Leftys 1972
Leftys 1972 2 päeva tagasi
You should ask xsuma to make this game change in hermetcraft
vasile daniel
vasile daniel 2 päeva tagasi
Wait tho when he made the vault .......... He forgot the chains
HTD7 3 päeva tagasi
He is smarter than dream
Maximilian Hofmann
Maximilian Hofmann 4 päeva tagasi
Additional Ideas: 1) Chains do not count (fully) to the piston pushlimit. Maybe three chains count as one block (?) 2) If you move a block, where chains are connected frontally, they still work. Like his problem with the "reverse vault door" could be solved by just putting stonebricks where they are supposed to, abd move the doubleextender on block back
My bread is cold
My bread is cold 4 päeva tagasi
5:12 im confused as fuck but that looks dope
GcubePlayer 8
GcubePlayer 8 4 päeva tagasi
Am no metal worker but am pretty sure chains don't break when pulled
ninja boy169
ninja boy169 4 päeva tagasi
The block is technically connected to the world
jim doggo
jim doggo 4 päeva tagasi
Telhmaaa 5 päeva tagasi
so i tried to understand all these things, takes it to my world in minecraft, and it does not work because the chain brakes :P
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen 7 päeva tagasi
I didnt know straight chains can push things
William 7 päeva tagasi
Ohhhh, I really want this in Vanilla now
Jeannette Harviston
Jeannette Harviston 7 päeva tagasi
RENEE Spurling
RENEE Spurling 8 päeva tagasi
They should make sticky chains that work like slime blocks
LegitSpeedDub 8 päeva tagasi
you should to a calab with grian with these redstone devices
Blessed Earth Community Development
Blessed Earth Community Development 9 päeva tagasi
All you had to do was move it back the Redstone on the door all you got to do is move it back
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo should have just backed up the piston extender and out another block and chain.
BoltLightning780 10 päeva tagasi
OMG! they should SO add that to vanilla Minecraft. I loved the castle door, I wish that was possible in vanilla minecraft. think of the cool stuff like the door! Love the chains coming down from the celing.
Bode Mackie
Bode Mackie 10 päeva tagasi
Normal Minecrafters: *listening to the music of minecraft* Mumbo jumbo: *listening to levers flick and pistons go up and down* Everyone: “this is the best sounds in the world”
Abdul Mohy Khan
Abdul Mohy Khan 10 päeva tagasi
you should make a draw bridge
Lordnerdious 11 päeva tagasi
You can do chains sideways?
Dragonlight Animates
Dragonlight Animates 11 päeva tagasi
Literally half the video: “I’ve been playing too much Minecraft.” *Continues to play Minecraft*
Lorenzo Zanini
Lorenzo Zanini 11 päeva tagasi
for the srairs, why dont you use the same mechanism of the fifth extender for every step? it is more compact in theory
Ta Boss
Ta Boss 12 päeva tagasi
they realllly need this in minecraft
You hate to see it
You hate to see it 13 päeva tagasi
Ah yes, the “erect chain” mod.
elevated COW
elevated COW 15 päeva tagasi
Epic concept but how cool would it be if you could make those stairs lead up to the vault door and they would both open off of one button push where the stairs go up and then the door opens. Would love to see that if you could squeeze in the red stone.
Jessica Sutton
Jessica Sutton 16 päeva tagasi
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Jessica Sutton
Jessica Sutton 16 päeva tagasi
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Jessica Sutton
Jessica Sutton 16 päeva tagasi
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Floris Voss
Floris Voss 16 päeva tagasi
Now i want dat in the game i was thinking why not by the update
Chouww King
Chouww King 16 päeva tagasi
“What if chains actually work on minecraft” ✨What i see how to make a mecha robot✨
Sjnez 17 päeva tagasi
do they like fotnite
Slime Games development
Slime Games development 17 päeva tagasi
There should be a piston where if it has a chain attached to it it can retract the chain fully! And does the diffrent colour wool in your redstone builds mean anything? With me its light blue wool if it has water, yellow if its got redtone on it, pink if its got repeaters and comparator, and orange if it has a button/lever or pressure plate
DefinitelyNotBlaze 18 päeva tagasi
It was worth it.
Someone You dont know
Someone You dont know 18 päeva tagasi
Yup Its just simple...
Jason Soto
Jason Soto 19 päeva tagasi
6:33 would be nice if you could chain blocks together like this: piston chain, block, chain, block
Kaiser Swaghelm II
Kaiser Swaghelm II 19 päeva tagasi
I am guessing that the piston body will move towards the piston plate, leaving the chain and con block completely stationary? UPDATE: : | Okay the chain disappearing I was not expecting..... That is some dark dark magic right there
SenanIsGodly 19 päeva tagasi
"Chain sto" -Mumbo Jumbo 12:56
KING AK 20 päeva tagasi
Bridger Poll
Bridger Poll 20 päeva tagasi
Any vault is necessary
Zeal of Sparta
Zeal of Sparta 20 päeva tagasi
I think the easiest way to fix the piston face plates is to retexture them. I wonder if there is a mod out there that would allow you to pick and choose a forced texture on the face plate in order to build hidden mechanisms?
Pavese प्रेम
Pavese प्रेम 21 päev tagasi
You should have put Alice in those chains...
Wanderer From Blind Eternities
Wanderer From Blind Eternities 21 päev tagasi
Fans making minecraft better
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos 21 päev tagasi
Would be a cool feature to be able to craft any solid block into a chained block, having chained blocks stick to each other (similar to slime blocks). Except for sand, gravel and partly scaffolding I guess... Hanging a block from a chain could grace the gravity feature.
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos 21 päev tagasi
And being able to craft holes in through blocks, letting a "dispenser-hopper" shoot chains through blocks.
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos 21 päev tagasi
And "droppers-hoppers" being able to place chains when pulled back activated, as well as being able to real in chains.
Wattestaebchen 27 päeva tagasi
When he says "medieval", why do I hear "medi evil"?
fernando 28 päeva tagasi
Me : oooo I wana build this Mumbo : I'm getting stressed Me : ight ama head out
Daniel Peace
Daniel Peace 29 päeva tagasi
The chain should definetly not be able to PUSH the block, only pull
The Effect of logic
The Effect of logic Місяць tagasi
Well think about it: you have a chain attached to the sticky piston & a block. You toggle the piston, but obviously if you start with a retracted piston, it's moving the chain forward & backward; the block at the other end should never move. If when you attach the chain the piston is active, then retracting it should move the block back once. This is not the case but at most anyway the block should move back once & only once. With this, it's not too big of a deal. hang it vertically & sure, it should work like that (& for all I know, it does (I play on 1.8)).
justright47 Місяць tagasi
Blue Morran
Blue Morran Місяць tagasi
0:23 the world Will move (sorry for my typning)
donovan elliott
donovan elliott Місяць tagasi
6:01 "and the rest of it is just single piston extenders"
Buck Morris
Buck Morris Місяць tagasi
The chainstone camand doesn't work for me and I'm on a phone
Oh god
Eragonnogare Місяць tagasi
Ok, maybe I don't understand how these chains work, but for that big door that got hours put into it, with that original design that had the sticky pistons viable... Couldn't you just put that section of pistons two blocks further to the side and then put in the stone wall with a single chain to the side of it connecting it to the piston face? Or would the chain connected to the block that's getting pulled back not also get pulled?
panther Місяць tagasi
Im a little bit of a redstone builder yeah can you teach me how to do that
najimi konakata
najimi konakata Місяць tagasi
Thank you for giving me new concepts to waste my time in my server and btw this is a compliment
riches peaches
riches peaches Місяць tagasi
how much wood is needed for a double chest? just asking.
Jows Місяць tagasi
The chains seemed to disappear In front of the netherite
sebastian truelove
sebastian truelove Місяць tagasi
Okay but if you pushed that chain irl
JustAnElikq (ElikqAKAyenwy)
JustAnElikq (ElikqAKAyenwy) Місяць tagasi
ozengunes oyku
ozengunes oyku Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: "Single piston extender" Me, who struggles to make a door open using a pressure plate: I like your funny words magic man
Denis Sauer
Denis Sauer Місяць tagasi
Cant you use slime blocks?
snail Місяць tagasi
you don't need to put furnaces around them because they don't connect
David Tidwell
David Tidwell Місяць tagasi
It would be really cool if the chains could be pulled around corners as well. The sticky portion would have to rotate as it was pulled down, but would be cool.
David Tidwell
David Tidwell Місяць tagasi
I guess they would have to not stick to some blocks the same as other sticky blocks. Also it would be nice if fences and bars stuck to each other, but nothing else.
Jack Morrill
Jack Morrill Місяць tagasi
its a cool door
Ivars Kursitis
Ivars Kursitis Місяць tagasi
You could hang your friend if he steals your diamonds! XD
Mc Chickennugget
Mc Chickennugget Місяць tagasi
Imagine using shulckers the possibilities limitless
Pam Smith
Pam Smith Місяць tagasi
Um nothing will happen
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi Місяць tagasi
There should be a Pulley System.
Baishunpu Місяць tagasi
"did they have chains in the medieval?" i dont know if they had chains in a time were they fought in CHAINmails xD
Mayra Transue
Mayra Transue Місяць tagasi
Try and make a 3 x 3 piston door with only regular pistons
Spronkets Місяць tagasi
Having a chain wheel in addition to these changes so the chain could wind up in a chain wheel would be amazing to have. The chain wheel could have the same block limit (chain consumption) as pistons and only be able to pull in 12 chains/connected blocks.
ITedBearI Місяць tagasi
Now thinking about it, why doesn't chain's work like that in vanilla minecraft? If they do implement that, it would be amazing to have some sort of reeling device/block that comes with it too Super dope video
fin reed
fin reed Місяць tagasi
this would be like slime blocks that don't stick to any thing but the ends of the chain i can think of some uses for that
Lorenz Baumann
Lorenz Baumann Місяць tagasi
this mod does add the ability to put levers on pistons
ThoeshNThoeshe Gaming
ThoeshNThoeshe Gaming Місяць tagasi
3:03 aww
CryoChick Місяць tagasi
Plz add this And water/lava barrier blocks Lavalogged stuff would be cool as well like Mojang LET US LAVALOG STONE BLOCKS and then waterlog/lavalog barrier blocks mapmakers would be very hap
Brayden Sobecki
Brayden Sobecki Місяць tagasi
Anyone else notice there weren’t any chains on the vault door?
Anna Barker
Anna Barker Місяць tagasi
"It just seems to work" who are you? Bethesda?
Vxso Місяць tagasi
toxic bro
toxic bro Місяць tagasi
10:40 JFK from Clone High if he was a redstone genius
Ibsy Місяць tagasi
so slime 2
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix Місяць tagasi
Does any one else want mumbo and grian to transfrom each others builds again
Emmett Jaakkola
Emmett Jaakkola Місяць tagasi
Honey piston that does this with every block
Leo Grady
Leo Grady Місяць tagasi
Drop the stairs down 1 block through the floor, and then u can cover up the ugly stairs on the ground
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz Місяць tagasi
What about... a chain that "retracts" into a dropper, hopper, and/or dispenser? As in, when it is pulled/retracted, it breaks and drops into a dropper, hopper, and/or dispenser. Then when it "extends", a dispenser places the chain back where it was, and the chain "extends", as if you are rolling it up into and down out of a box of chain. :-) Then, while it's doing that, you could have some note blocks playing some discordant high pitched notes to make it sound a bit like the clinking of chain. :-)
Weirdly Stupid
Weirdly Stupid Місяць tagasi
Wait a minute since when wasn't here horizontal chains
Mr birbo
Mr birbo Місяць tagasi
mumbo: *its quite easy* me: *Cries in minecraft architecture*
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Місяць tagasi
Trinston was here...
TiTanAEfull - Angelboy
TiTanAEfull - Angelboy Місяць tagasi
this just reminds me why big games like Skyrim, Starbound, etc, have such a bonkers Modding community with an uncountable ammount of adjustments and lifestyle improvements. i wish minecraft modding would pop off like for the mentioned games
Muhammad hakim zaffri
Muhammad hakim zaffri Місяць tagasi
Wait i just realised if honey blocks dont stick to sllime blocks then why does honey blocks stick to sticky piston?
Spidermans Mommy
Spidermans Mommy Місяць tagasi
Simple Redstone Machine Have a Redstone clock power a sticky piston that's moving a Dispenser with arrows in it in front of a redstone block It works
Tim Mccord
Tim Mccord Місяць tagasi
The squalid archer disappointingly scribble because thursday spatially attract forenenst a odd offer. clean, disgusted farmer
theK4b6 Місяць tagasi
got to say that stair case reminds me of the cavern in Legend of Zelda OoT
MiniJamesIsDone123 Wellington
MiniJamesIsDone123 Wellington Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: its quite simple really Me who doesnt know how a observer works: *sad james noises*
Nathanael Moses
Nathanael Moses Місяць tagasi
Slime,but only front,and backside
Foolish Devourer
Foolish Devourer Місяць tagasi
You know what would go well with chains? Wheel and gears.
Henry D
Henry D Місяць tagasi
4:23, did mumbo just say to slime the blocks a**?
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