What if Minecraft had Auto Crafting?

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Auto Crafting in Minecraft is one of the new features that I would love to see in Minecraft. But almost all minecraft modpacks have very overpowered autocrafting systems that would not fit with vanilla minecraft survival worlds. This autocrafting mod is very realistic with Minecraft 1.16 Redstone, and doesn't feel overpowered at all - I would love to see this auto crafting added to Minecraft 1.17! Just a word of warning though - it does require a lot of Minecraft redstone engineering! Thanks to the QuickCarpet Mod and DeadlyMC for making all of this possible!
Quick Carpet Mod: github.com/DeadlyMC/QuickCarpet114/releases
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Minecraft Constructs
Minecraft Constructs 5 tundi tagasi
Notice how many redstone comparators he used to make that auto redstone comparator maker.
Jacob Kinson
Jacob Kinson 7 tundi tagasi
My Brains hurt
MK4000 10 tundi tagasi
I love automatic crafting in modded but Not for vanilla but maybe a crafting table that can hold inventory and ready the next recipe but you would still have to do it yourself
atok samin
atok samin Päev tagasi
Wow amazing!
BabaxSix YT
BabaxSix YT 2 päeva tagasi
Can you make it faster in a piston feed tape?
megatrook 2 päeva tagasi
mumbo it didnt have to be that big did it
spilleebb 2 päeva tagasi
That’s coll
Adam Zulyadi
Adam Zulyadi 3 päeva tagasi
Hi mumbo jumbo
XD it's snipe
XD it's snipe 3 päeva tagasi
Using this for iron farm boom even more compact
RetroDec 5 päeva tagasi
I think ill stick to refined storage
Matthiaz Yrac
Matthiaz Yrac 5 päeva tagasi
I never thought that dirt can be recycled
Jack zzstu Nelson
Jack zzstu Nelson 6 päeva tagasi
You should make a witch farm, a wood farm, a stone farm/super smelter, and a piglin farm, and a gold farm so you could make it truly automatic.
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 6 päeva tagasi
11:35 sci-craft guys: we'll see about that
AlexPlaySK 6 päeva tagasi
You should try to combine this mod with logistics pipes
Luca Lorenzini
Luca Lorenzini 6 päeva tagasi
Luca Lorenzini
Luca Lorenzini 6 päeva tagasi
Whats wrong with u bru
AK GAMER 7 päeva tagasi
Usee best hat se craft karlo na etna zhanzhat kyu lene he
Samidi Samidi
Samidi Samidi 7 päeva tagasi
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 7 päeva tagasi
“I used the comparator to build the comparator”
Oli12i Pokepurple
Oli12i Pokepurple 8 päeva tagasi
Make it harder make a auto miner for stone super smelter for the stone a tree farm for the wood a a auto miner for the redstone that will make it hell
Oli12i Pokepurple
Oli12i Pokepurple 8 päeva tagasi
I have a clue
Oli12i Pokepurple
Oli12i Pokepurple 8 päeva tagasi
I have movable tile entity’s in my version
Maxim Koneva
Maxim Koneva 8 päeva tagasi
Melon farm? Nah. Full melon farm? *_HELL YEAH_*
Mino Arno
Mino Arno 8 päeva tagasi
"this is the way how to do for me" Me, after playing for ages in 1.7.10: can you just make another block with a work bench and a single chest inventory, work bench will work like in this video... it's not like you guys have a problem with making new blocks. *points at the villager update*
xXHappypigXx 8 päeva tagasi
5:32 movable storage in Java
Mal4you Mal4you
Mal4you Mal4you 9 päeva tagasi
This is great for having more inventory space for an iron golem farm
Ruevy Vlogs
Ruevy Vlogs 10 päeva tagasi
I love every second of your video’s they’re good for watching and for having on in de background (hermitcraft), but you could’ve done so much good things with your genius problem solving.
Egle Supronaite
Egle Supronaite 11 päeva tagasi
It not works 😪😓
hassan raza pirzada 8b
hassan raza pirzada 8b 11 päeva tagasi
how come this guy is not t series
MC FIELD 12 päeva tagasi
Amazing but useless: no offence
ernad Klicic
ernad Klicic 12 päeva tagasi
Can you make tutorial for that it's amazing 😂
AuroranEagle 12 päeva tagasi
There is no way this doesn’t get added eventually. It’s perfectly complicated enough, while being mostly unnecessary, and yet the perfect addition to the automated farming side of MC.
Lik Malikk
Lik Malikk 12 päeva tagasi
is it a mod?
Be n
Be n 13 päeva tagasi
Can you play scrap mechanic
mario velasquez
mario velasquez 13 päeva tagasi
in the next update of Minecraft: Coins & Comunism we present you; the autocrafter®!
Ilija Sigalov
Ilija Sigalov 13 päeva tagasi
U r crazy
arandamino 14 päeva tagasi
I was expecting seein the dispenser recipe :/
Reset 15 päeva tagasi
This should %1000 be implemented
Evan Purvis
Evan Purvis 16 päeva tagasi
Why hasn't mumbo been invited to join Sci-Craft?Seriously people.
Ghabuy Gaming
Ghabuy Gaming 16 päeva tagasi
TOP 1 REDSTONE IN WORLD? answer : Mumbo Jumbo
Abdullah Imran
Abdullah Imran 16 päeva tagasi
so minecraft with autocrafting is basically factorio
Bruno Vergara
Bruno Vergara 17 päeva tagasi
Lo que necesita el rich
Marvin Breitfeld
Marvin Breitfeld 17 päeva tagasi
Eunice Flonnellcya
Eunice Flonnellcya 17 päeva tagasi
I can spend 1 year building this
Ksortakh Kraxthar
Ksortakh Kraxthar 18 päeva tagasi
An alternative way to allow for recipes with gaps would be this: Auto-crafting only works when each slot of the crafting table has at least two items, and instead of being filled from the top left corner, droppers only add to slots that already have an item, prefering slots with less items than other slot that contain the same one. In other words, you'd place down everything for a certain recipe, add droppers that prodive the required resources, and everything else happens by it's own, no dirt placeholders required. Of course, you need one set of resources that aren't used (not that painful) and you can use each crafting table only for a single recipe (shouldn't hurt that much either). I think this would be quite easier for a beginner to use than what we see in the video. After all, not everybody is that adept with redstone contraptions.
Rammstein 18 päeva tagasi
Hol up...new storage?
Farmarigold Petate
Farmarigold Petate 18 päeva tagasi
Title:What if Whaaaat ifffff
Derpy Time
Derpy Time 20 päeva tagasi
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Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 20 päeva tagasi
Ryszard Chincz
Ryszard Chincz 20 päeva tagasi
i have a chalange to you. make automatik invinity farm on comparaters
Txc Joker
Txc Joker 21 päev tagasi
you need to make a comparator to get a comparator........ logic
Marcin Zajczuk
Marcin Zajczuk 21 päev tagasi
#nolif pog dla ciebie
James DiBernardo
James DiBernardo 21 päev tagasi
gdley Asiri
gdley Asiri 22 päeva tagasi
gdley Asiri
gdley Asiri 22 päeva tagasi
Jazzy Dude
Jazzy Dude 22 päeva tagasi
He is like the asian kid that finds multiple solutions to one problem.
Mr.President 22 päeva tagasi
I always wanted this
marioforever97 24 päeva tagasi
I always want these kind of autocrafter, my idea for autocrafter would be: 1. A new kind of crafting table (metal colored maybe) 2. You can activated it by selecting 1 item in the recipe menu 3. Hopper the materials into it, it wouldn't need the exact position of materials, only the quantity of materials needed to craft selected item, any unmatching materials wouldn't go to the autocrafter The benefit is that you wouldn't accidentally make the wrong item if you didn't timing the materials (i.e. accidentally make a wooden button instead of a stick). It would be more overpowered and wouldn't fit in the vanilla, but would be great for single player mod users! (But unfortunately I couldn't make any mod, I wish someone would make it :D)
Wattestaebchen 23 päeva tagasi
Challenge accepted...
Shubhajit Roy
Shubhajit Roy 24 päeva tagasi
It will be easy to connect it to automatic sugar cane farm so that we can get easy pizy paper 😃😅
Andrew Malkow
Andrew Malkow 24 päeva tagasi
Who else is from before 1 million, when hermitcraft season 5 was happening
Ultra Instint
Ultra Instint 24 päeva tagasi
Ok, so we don't need refined storage and AE2
l'uomo nero
l'uomo nero 25 päeva tagasi
you are a genius
Vihaan Nippani
Vihaan Nippani 25 päeva tagasi
Best idea
Thungti Mongko
Thungti Mongko 25 päeva tagasi
Auto crafting should be in minecraft
BEAST GAMER 26 päeva tagasi
2:36 the hopper was not facing the second hopper which is attached to the chest thats why it was not working
The Maklica
The Maklica 26 päeva tagasi
You are pro
Tommy Murdock
Tommy Murdock 27 päeva tagasi
Mubo you can do that right
Melanie Frommelt
Melanie Frommelt 27 päeva tagasi
Info Craft
Info Craft 28 päeva tagasi
the second method i not working because of wrong hopper 2:33
Ido Ofer
Ido Ofer 28 päeva tagasi
best redstone video ever!
WP Squad
WP Squad 28 päeva tagasi
Do auto ender Dragon or any mob killer
VKaronik GG
VKaronik GG 28 päeva tagasi
Eggnogsucks YT
Eggnogsucks YT 29 päeva tagasi
Yannik Saatze
Yannik Saatze Місяць tagasi
I think it would be cool to lock a recipice like a Card with a glaasplane so that the only thing which could be craft is the recipice you locked before
WeeBigTristan Місяць tagasi
If you just had a feed tape of droppers you could cycle which recipe you wanted to and as long as you had the resources then boom
Justin San Juan
Justin San Juan Місяць tagasi
I called you as a god of redstone
Justin San Juan
Justin San Juan Місяць tagasi
Your so go at redstone
Maciej Niemiec
Maciej Niemiec Місяць tagasi
Imagine using hoppers to make hoppers
QuadBaffone Місяць tagasi
Now in bedrock eidtion there is an auto crafter (shearch on mcpedl autocrafter addon)
Jannik2912 Місяць tagasi
@Minecraft Just do it!!
The Future
The Future Місяць tagasi
Me: dosent know how or what compareters are, and can’t make a anvil trap. Mumbo: haha redstone go brrrr
Foster Lett
Foster Lett Місяць tagasi
Mumbo you should play hydroneer
Anne Harsta
Anne Harsta Місяць tagasi
You inserted stone not cobblestone. Better luck next time! I obviously know thats a silly complaint, you dknt need to tell me.
N0ought Місяць tagasi
13:12 kann man nicht dann noch denn log rausnehmen und es immer wieder wiederholen da es erst nach dem 4 wodden plank entfernt wird?
Spooderman Місяць tagasi
Does this mean that crafting tables are technically movable chests?
pocket321 Місяць tagasi
Badr Chahir
Badr Chahir Місяць tagasi
Comparator: "Exist" Mumbo Jumbo: I Can Milk You
chirag Sejwal
chirag Sejwal Місяць tagasi
Gregorio Labor Tambis
Gregorio Labor Tambis Місяць tagasi
I like your Redstone build and its working in my Minecraft java
Fizx26 Місяць tagasi
stick factory stick factory
Cortex Robert
Cortex Robert Місяць tagasi
Now what's the next thing the redstone community are gunna ask for? A block that places blocks? The player?
Ryan R
Ryan R Місяць tagasi
Me dont undertand the restone machine be like: what is this?? Never seen this before....
rsa khiangte
rsa khiangte Місяць tagasi
Do no mads auto crafter
AURE888 Місяць tagasi
If minecraft had auto crafting my Survival will a lot easyer
MisterAwesan Місяць tagasi
I like the idea of auto crafting but this seems incredibly tedious. Would be better if you can write in the recipe and the table only accepts items of the type you put in. Then you must be careful to leave the recipe in (not craft the last item) with your hopper.
Amôn Lastnamé
Amôn Lastnamé Місяць tagasi
The "Blimey O'Riley" got me laughing so much
野龍 Місяць tagasi
1. Everyone would forget to retrieve unused crafting materials from crafting table at least once
SideKick Studios
SideKick Studios Місяць tagasi
i don't like Mumbo. Every time i feel like i'm getting pretty good at MC, i come and see one of his newest videos and it feels like, "What's mincraft? is it a game? How do you play it?" :D
palko pro
palko pro Місяць tagasi
You could make automatic pickaxe crafter and meanwhile u will mine
Et427 Gamer
Et427 Gamer Місяць tagasi
I love this idea. You should make one of these for a netherite shovel (like put in gold ore, ancient debris, and a smithing table) (also smithing tables might not work with the mod so to the mod creator there’s a suggestion)
Skyler Sander
Skyler Sander Місяць tagasi
The final product of this reminds me of that one scene in Back to the Future 3 where Dr. Brown has this massive machine just to make iced tea.
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