Tiny Piston House in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo builds a TINY PISTON HOUSE IN MINECRAFT. It is filled to the brim with redstone contraptions for your Minecraft house. Automatic super smelters, hidden redstone crafting benches, automatic sorting systems with automatic shulker sorting systems and more!
This isn't the first Mumbo piston house, and it certainly won't be the last!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

nerfgungreen 13
nerfgungreen 13 10 tundi tagasi
You know you kind of lucky that you can do all that redstone stuff I suck so much that I have to look up videos LOL
Caiden Owen
Caiden Owen Päev tagasi
Hey Mumbo jumbo did you know some one in a Zelda game says mumbo jumbo a couple times
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT 3 päeva tagasi
When the title said piston house i thought it means that the house can move with pistons
Karlie Banks
Karlie Banks 5 päeva tagasi
Oh mumbo-jumbo
HypnoVoxels 5 päeva tagasi
I think you are now grian.
Brody Durrbeck
Brody Durrbeck 8 päeva tagasi
The Orange Cheeto
The Orange Cheeto 10 päeva tagasi
Only problem with the storage is that it costs 1 level per use
Kristian123 Balao
Kristian123 Balao 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: the redstone is simple: The redstone🏗️
Black Star
Black Star 11 päeva tagasi
Where is? bed
The god of random
The god of random 11 päeva tagasi
If I blur my vision his eyes turn red/orange
Mark James Vincenzi
Mark James Vincenzi 12 päeva tagasi
Its ... Comfusing
Beverly Claven
Beverly Claven 13 päeva tagasi
I legit only subbed now after seeing him build an opening banana
Eva Eat
Eva Eat 14 päeva tagasi
you should do this but in one of grians house
Tree Chopper
Tree Chopper 15 päeva tagasi
This has nothing to do woh the video but I want to get your approval on a 2x2 flush piston door I made. It is only one way sadley.
Tree Chopper
Tree Chopper 15 päeva tagasi
Pls how can I get to talk to you. You are the red stone god
Thatoneguy _
Thatoneguy _ 16 päeva tagasi
9:18 I think a table saw in the floor is pretty dangerous ngl
phil luck
phil luck 16 päeva tagasi
This man has diarrhea of the mouth
Leon Tan
Leon Tan 18 päeva tagasi
What about brewing stand man
BeensAfterDark 20 päeva tagasi
Wow my generation really is fragile lol. There is nothing offensive about making jokes about OCD.
Anonymous 20 päeva tagasi
U forgot potions
Tekashi XGaming
Tekashi XGaming 21 päev tagasi
Come to my Server pls lol
Master Ace
Master Ace 21 päev tagasi
Automatic sugar cane farm to power the furnaces?
FM M 21 päev tagasi
Help i want to build this shulker system but i didnt understood anything how it work
Garrett Guo
Garrett Guo 21 päev tagasi
Honestly he builds stuff in half an hour that i cant in 10 years and i see that he's level 3,999
QueenOMGGirl OMGGirl
QueenOMGGirl OMGGirl 23 päeva tagasi
I actually like that house tho
Jui999 24 päeva tagasi
I like how 12:22 sounds like google translator😂
XenoComedy 25 päeva tagasi
is there a download link i want to take a look at the redstone for myself
Mira Roy
Mira Roy 25 päeva tagasi
My friend: haha you have a tiny house *laughs in mansion* My house:
Riley Williams
Riley Williams 26 päeva tagasi
Anvil replacement system
Knight 4
Knight 4 26 päeva tagasi
That's cool it's like a paper master key
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 28 päeva tagasi
I am a farmer, and I was having trouble storing all of my food (I make food for visitors, sue me), and I actually figured out a way to store food that fits the farmer aesthetic: a silo, camouflaging a ton of shulker boxes with extra food.
Enzo Hamijoyo
Enzo Hamijoyo Місяць tagasi
Why dont you make a automatic cobblestone generator in that house!
likerchik Місяць tagasi
Я тут единственный русский??
owo what’s this
owo what’s this Місяць tagasi
finally! a video where i can understand the redstone somewhat
The despicable Frog
The despicable Frog Місяць tagasi
honestly i cant even build better den dat
0LL3 Місяць tagasi
That melon farm was super helpful
Kerem Kayra
Kerem Kayra Місяць tagasi
Meghan Місяць tagasi
Why did I think this would be a tiny pop-up house that hides underground?
The FloppySquid
The FloppySquid Місяць tagasi
11:30 is anyone eltse confsed about why he has so many levels
Tediooo YT
Tediooo YT Місяць tagasi
"shameless" self promotion he says... although he seems quite ashamed...
Hazim Qassim
Hazim Qassim Місяць tagasi
When mumbo jumbo explains hard red stone stuff : my eyes : oh ok I understand My brain : ammm hello? Where am I?
Lachar Gaming
Lachar Gaming Місяць tagasi
12:17 Why no body is talking about xp
FrekklesDoesRedstone YT
FrekklesDoesRedstone YT Місяць tagasi
Heyy Mumbo, as you can see (profile) im a big fan, and if you check my channel (dont have to) you can see I built a Mumbo Jumbo strip light piece, let me get to the point, I would like you to like put a link to downloading this house. Love you Mumbo keep it up.✌🏻👍🏻
Antonious Dopness
Antonious Dopness Місяць tagasi
Mojang should introduce keys into the game that are made out of various wood n stone gold or Iron and key locks that are placed like buttons that can accept Redstone for more intricate locks just. An idea.
Victoria Olashore
Victoria Olashore Місяць tagasi
I have an idea instead of using coal use block off kelp or block of coal
Ji CAO Місяць tagasi
Ansari Magomnang
Ansari Magomnang Місяць tagasi
i love how he says "you know this there's definitely not much room to play around"
Orion04 Місяць tagasi
Make one of those sorting systems in Hermitcraft if you can then that helps with storage issues
Just Fortnite Content
Just Fortnite Content Місяць tagasi
You could use a carpet duplicator as fuel for the super smelter👍🏻
Youssef Gaming
Youssef Gaming Місяць tagasi
Nobody: Mumbo:*learns to build* Also mumbo:wow that's pretty cool
Jagdish Sahu
Jagdish Sahu Місяць tagasi
Fun fact : In Hindi language the word SAHARA means "Support" in English.
Victor Russell
Victor Russell Місяць tagasi
Im glad you like tiny homes! I’m going to be building my own tiny home out of a ‘75 gmc school bus!
Oscar Hellberg
Oscar Hellberg Місяць tagasi
u could do an infinite carpet maker as fuel
Sunny Boy
Sunny Boy Місяць tagasi
I would LOVE to see more stuff like this! This is awesome!
Tristan Vulović
Tristan Vulović Місяць tagasi
can you make a vid with a face cam
OrenjiAo64 Місяць tagasi
You can 3D print stuff from Minecraft with the pc application called Mineways
Coda Highland
Coda Highland Місяць tagasi
Bamboo farm for fuel!
Shareef Faddah
Shareef Faddah Місяць tagasi
Try doing this in bedrock edition.
Csenge Ilona Varga
Csenge Ilona Varga Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: “vegan food” Me: Oh no ph no Oh no no no no no Theveganteacher: “Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes yes yes yes yes” Everyone else: Oh no Oh no Oh no no no no no
vitor craft
vitor craft Місяць tagasi
Please make the tutorial of the house without redstone
Nick Topinopolis
Nick Topinopolis Місяць tagasi
Don't piss in your house!
just a undertale fan
just a undertale fan Місяць tagasi
Peace of the Puzzle
Peace of the Puzzle Місяць tagasi
10:40 "Peace of the Puzzle" 😄
23Issac Thongvanh
23Issac Thongvanh Місяць tagasi
Make this as your starter house in season 8
Andrew Newsom
Andrew Newsom Місяць tagasi
does anyone know how to make one of those shulker orderer things? i would love to have a world download
Crazy KBH
Crazy KBH Місяць tagasi
mumbo: places final component of the piston house in Hermitcraft creeper: I'm about to end this mans whole career
John Wilcox
John Wilcox Місяць tagasi
Can you do a vid on how to make that storage system
Felix Lupis
Felix Lupis Місяць tagasi
13:02 look at his exp like WHAT
esha fahad
esha fahad Місяць tagasi
Mumbo plz give a world download plz :)) 🙏🙏🙏
Endcrafter 6
Endcrafter 6 Місяць tagasi
Bamboo is a fuel and is automatically farmable...
Yaash Rayquaza
Yaash Rayquaza Місяць tagasi
I want this world download
Preston Stone
Preston Stone Місяць tagasi
He should make his world's downloadable
Bijoux Hahn
Bijoux Hahn Місяць tagasi
It’s amazing how mambo jumbo never quits on his red stone builds
Gaming Apple
Gaming Apple Місяць tagasi
Phaa 4000 levelsss
Taz' Місяць tagasi
999k views.... Give this man 1 mil views its so close 😂
Ike .E
Ike .E Місяць tagasi
i just wanna c this vid go from 999k to 1mil
gameforever Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: I think that's gonna work People:wat gonna work
Hawkleslayer Місяць tagasi
Grian would be proud of the detail
I'm Just a Doggo
I'm Just a Doggo Місяць tagasi
Almost 1m views If U read this ur an absolute legend
John Marwin Baguid
John Marwin Baguid Місяць tagasi
can you do a map of that so i can follow the redstone u made
Sudha Mittal
Sudha Mittal Місяць tagasi
Nether portal
Aleixus001 Місяць tagasi
11:09. Can you make a tutorial?
James Morgan
James Morgan Місяць tagasi
Just hope not to need two boxes out at once..😂
Raven Місяць tagasi
Tiny House: has basically a giant basement
Willow and the pizza squad
Willow and the pizza squad Місяць tagasi
You make me smile every day:D
Willow and the pizza squad
Willow and the pizza squad Місяць tagasi
I love your videos
Thomas Wojciech
Thomas Wojciech Місяць tagasi
Make the most overly complicated farm possible
The rayyan channel
The rayyan channel Місяць tagasi
wow😮 you are the king of redstone
space sheep
space sheep Місяць tagasi
That's cool, but can you make it walk?
Hyperboid Місяць tagasi
That actually would be a nice IBBBIBI
Bruh kage
Bruh kage Місяць tagasi
I’m building that.
Rose Warrior
Rose Warrior Місяць tagasi
Could you not just put the papers in the shulker box so it’s like little key cards all set and ready?
Miguel Takunda
Miguel Takunda Місяць tagasi
Mumbo Please add a world download for this world because it is "bokers"
Do Rito
Do Rito Місяць tagasi
Just beautiful
crimsonkidpyro Місяць tagasi
Create a base like that but since you can build it quick move it around all over the place to mess with other hermits
MageSkeleton Місяць tagasi
i challenge you to incase your full builds with WOOL or Brick or Slime or some block that would seem strange to encounter underground.
Kat Maue
Kat Maue Місяць tagasi
But how does it *know* that it’s a red stone shulker box? Red stone is wack
Night Raptor
Night Raptor Місяць tagasi
how does a dropper elevator work? I stopped playing MC before redstone was introduced
Obadiah Davidson
Obadiah Davidson Місяць tagasi
Why does bedrock Redstone have to be so much worse than java!?!?!
Carina Kalaidjian
Carina Kalaidjian Місяць tagasi
You are grian
Immortal491Venus Місяць tagasi
My friend: So what's mumbo jumbos channel about? Me: Hermit craft and triple piston extenders.
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