Tier List of all Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs Changes

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this video, Mumbo goes through all the Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs update changes that were announced at Minecon Live 2020 and compiles them into a Minecraft tier list. This new Minecraft update is HUGE, with many game changing features. This includes a Minecraft cave update, wireless redstone in Minecraft and new Minecraft bosses (The warden).
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mr SnapDragon
Mr SnapDragon Tund tagasi
I vote the iceolger to
A Literal Potato
A Literal Potato 18 tundi tagasi
when you have 6.99 mil subs
CaCtus 22 tundi tagasi
Omg 6.99 subs
Remya Deepak
Remya Deepak Päev tagasi
Holy McDonalds......... this is willlld
Jbox_slayer Päev tagasi
I Have watched this 3 months later and there is only about 5 months left
oddtrovert Päev tagasi
Matthew Saints
Matthew Saints Päev tagasi
I wanted a mob that drops sand.
NoticedMan Päev tagasi
pretty sure you can kill a wither with very few stalactites which is op
Otur Animations
Otur Animations 2 päeva tagasi
I just love the aged copper colour
Ravioli 2 päeva tagasi
After the cave update is going to disregarded after 2 weeks and we will ask for more
Ah La Guave
Ah La Guave 2 päeva tagasi
Bundles are a poor mans shulker box
Umbryonyx Gaming
Umbryonyx Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
Seriously!?!? how could he put glow squid in Z tier!!??!? he should have thrown it in lava instead.
Kim Stanton
Kim Stanton 3 päeva tagasi
Why glowsqued
PHAZER6 Gaming
PHAZER6 Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
12:22 me to mumbo Me to
jambalaya jones
jambalaya jones 3 päeva tagasi
The addition of the brush tool in this update and skeletal remains found in the nether in the previous makes me curious to what mojang is going to eventually get to with minecraft, I mean I'm not saying dinosaurs but maybe a new kind of dragon ya know?
Deadbody Man
Deadbody Man 3 päeva tagasi
"Never been so disappointed in the community?" Phantoms: AM I JUST A JOKE TO YOU???
Nick Sisk
Nick Sisk 4 päeva tagasi
When does this come out for Bedrock Minecraft
Robin Saadvandi
Robin Saadvandi 4 päeva tagasi
Arthur Smith
Aaltzen Kuipers
Aaltzen Kuipers 4 päeva tagasi
We better be able to use goats as fighting mounts
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 4 päeva tagasi
The resonant fuel expectedly risk because law jekely knit concerning a luxuriant thermometer. unaccountable, encouraging bonsai
Vïra Phøenïx
Vïra Phøenïx 5 päeva tagasi
**Minecraft Is having a update** Me: Wow I really wanna see it all everything is gonna be cool as heck ☆°☆ **the glow squid is added** Me: ....... **Delete Minecraft** Also me: *I W I L L N E V E R P L A Y Y O U E V E R A G A I N*
its a me
its a me 5 päeva tagasi
Well blame Dream fot the glow squid
JDoc Studios
JDoc Studios 6 päeva tagasi
Grass carpet? Moss
Jeff Giles
Jeff Giles 6 päeva tagasi
Honestly I think there should be some new type of boots that when you wear them they make the warden unable to hear you.
Jumpybananas 6 päeva tagasi
'Why didn't people vote for the icelodger' i think you mean why didn't people vote for MOOBLOOM, the best option
Moon 6 päeva tagasi
"waxed lightly weather cut coppered stairs"
I am not a fan of the warden
PepperSquad 20
PepperSquad 20 7 päeva tagasi
I have Minecraft pocket edition on phone? Can I get the update on that, because if so I don’t know how....I have the nether update but idk how to get this update?
leftread 8 päeva tagasi
i wonder what minecraft speedrunners would make of the new archeologist dig sites. i can’t wait until the official update is released!
Isc—YouTube— 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: spells crystals wrong Me: no
Jax 9 päeva tagasi
I’m scared, Minecraft is becoming too realistic 😳
spiceinajarYT 10 päeva tagasi
them dripleaf plants would be great for minecraft parkour maps.
Neveseos 10 päeva tagasi
Why did people vote for the glowsquid if it has nothing? It must have _something,_ you're clearly missing whatever it is...
Samouraï 777
Samouraï 777 11 päeva tagasi
I an really sorry i normaly love your video but just the glow squid i Will have To put the des thumb
Dain Endon
Dain Endon 11 päeva tagasi
icologer should've won ;-;
Lincoln Patchett
Lincoln Patchett 11 päeva tagasi
When does the update come out
namenotavailable 12 päeva tagasi
I'm new to minecraft, how will the existing world affect the server I run for myself and friends? Do I need to start again or will it update?
Buby wups clips
Buby wups clips 12 päeva tagasi
I can’t wait to die from a warden
Mr Biggie Cheese
Mr Biggie Cheese 12 päeva tagasi
I thought the Minecraft community was better than this. a different color squid over a flower cow or a new hostile mob that throws AVALANCHES AT YOU? Jesus.
Monkey Bizz
Monkey Bizz 12 päeva tagasi
You should be able to find a skeleton dog in the dig sights and feed it bone meal to tame it. ( Grim )
Austin Feeley
Austin Feeley 13 päeva tagasi
This is actually crazy how they are adding such crazy things to the games yet making them FREE and balanced this is amazing
LatteBear 14 päeva tagasi
I’m still salty about the moo bloom not wining, hopefully in the next update they’ll add it because it’s so cute-
CallmeKreme 14 päeva tagasi
Just realized, but now that the Cave generation is bigger, it'll be easier to escape from Mobs if you're good at running
Sasha Leingang
Sasha Leingang 14 päeva tagasi
what about phantoms??
Cool Potato
Cool Potato 14 päeva tagasi
Why did they vote glow squids more than ice illagers I really wanted them >:(
BlackHole 360
BlackHole 360 15 päeva tagasi
12:14 I agree with you Mumbo I agree
Jaypee Leabres
Jaypee Leabres 15 päeva tagasi
New wireless redstone Idea Had been released mumbo will make many redstone Idea
Orange_Souled 15 päeva tagasi
Zach K
Zach K 15 päeva tagasi
idk if anyone said this yet but i think the dripleaf would be really cool in terms of parkour
Z Bisson
Z Bisson 15 päeva tagasi
It’s not out
mastermegabuilder 15 päeva tagasi
this is real every thing is comeing today
HazVettler 15 päeva tagasi
They should call this the last of us update. First we have spore blossoms which release spores like the ones in the last of us and then we have the warden, who tries to kill you just like a clicker: Using sound to detect where their prey is.
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 17 päeva tagasi
Compared to other games minecraft is beginning to show its age so these updates are warmly welcomed. Redstone especially needs re imagined. Compared to modern games that involve building and electrical components minecraft is WAYYY behind. Like one dude proudly made a calculator, a simple freaking calculator - and it required a buildings worth of wiring and gadgets. Thats absurd. I know this is basically blasphemy on a minecraft Redstoners page like Mumbos but if we're being honest... its truth.
Khael Sayfair
Khael Sayfair 17 päeva tagasi
I wish i can build a house made of bamboo.
Darragh Ryan
Darragh Ryan 17 päeva tagasi
When i heares that archaeology would be in minecraft in new game theory would be doing another minecraft theory on it
the beast
the beast 18 päeva tagasi
Bundles, like shulker boxes but better.
Wolfy Space
Wolfy Space 18 päeva tagasi
In 2020. me who's watching on the 1st of 2021: :-(
Alfa 18 päeva tagasi
1:07 Boffy's sure as hell gonna love this 1.17 update
Mega Boi
Mega Boi 19 päeva tagasi
I don’t know why, but I get triggered when people misspell words. So when Mumbo wrote Chrystals instead of Crystals, I got triggered
Not Crewie
Not Crewie 20 päeva tagasi
mumbo: we never EVER have had a light source that actually grows!! me: sea lickles come to mind much? mumbo: ......
Not Crewie
Not Crewie 20 päeva tagasi
whoops i mean pickles😂
Not Crewie
Not Crewie 20 päeva tagasi
this is the most amazing update. while cool it sounds to good to be true
Andrew Brink
Andrew Brink 20 päeva tagasi
Just because the Iceologer has ice powers wouldn't mean players would get to obtain their power,actually I doubt that would ever happen.There are other Illigers and we dont get to have spikes fly from the grown like that one annoying illager does. No hate tho.... Just saying It would be super annoying being on a mountain with Iceologers and mountain goats.
TraverseIce 20 päeva tagasi
Axolotls are like underwater wolves
Augusto Lobo
Augusto Lobo 20 päeva tagasi
I voted for the yellow cow
Volkozma 21 päev tagasi
They added clickers into minecraft
o 21 päev tagasi
I always question the community votes they do like bruh why not just add all of them we don't want to choose one add them all !
Gusti Yusrivian X
Gusti Yusrivian X 22 päeva tagasi
copper in minecraft? is it mean that automaton is coming, so we didnt need to go AFK farming?
Ryan Jagpal
Ryan Jagpal 23 päeva tagasi
Mountains are gonna be tall, like possibly average of 150-200 blocks, so maximum might be about 250-320, so they might add a limit of double 256, 512! Also that goat yeeted the cow, this is gonna be more dangerous than a drown with a trident, they might make good meat, possibly 30 hp and might drop horns Also lush and plants in caves, almost like terraforming it like the nether, looks a bit weird but ok and very unnatural for plants to live underground with no dirt Amethyst crystals, potentially better than netherite and diamond? We could have rubies and sapphires too We got copper as well that ages and oxidises and rots, Hey doesn’t iron rot? Archaeological tools, and he found an emerald block, that’s insane Gonna be the beeeest update
GOLDEN FREDDY IA 24 päeva tagasi
Me:mining makingso much sound* Warden:imma ruin this mans whole career
Kosi Yankey
Kosi Yankey 24 päeva tagasi
Mumbo hit puberty
MrGermandeutsch 26 päeva tagasi
Nice, they added *_Jeff_*
Hornsey06 27 päeva tagasi
I’m hoping the new pot mechanic with burning things over a fire could potentially bring forging into Minecraft like creating tools and mixtures of ingots
MainlyMason 27 päeva tagasi
Mumbo glow squids glow and they drop a special type of Redstone that can go under water
Marshadow YT
Marshadow YT 27 päeva tagasi
Fans: we want cave update!!!!!!! Mojang: releases cave update Fans: wait that’s illegal
SULE 28 päeva tagasi
İ really think the iceologer sould be called chilleger
SULE 28 päeva tagasi
You know because it is cold, shoots ice Get it
Elliot Tetzlaff
Elliot Tetzlaff 28 päeva tagasi
Me: ok I guess no z tier Glow Squid: Hol Up
Jarred Poupore
Jarred Poupore 28 päeva tagasi
Y mumbo there are to many villagers!
Speed Super
Speed Super 29 päeva tagasi
Mojang: The snow is be snowier Me: laughting
blocky films
blocky films 29 päeva tagasi
i haet you mumdo
Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike 29 päeva tagasi
glow squid really is a useless mob like what wasnt the squid enough
Alex Twitchell
Alex Twitchell 29 päeva tagasi
Mumbo you can already get a mod that allows you to get ice loggers as well as the glow squid and moo blooms 😁.
LS pets
LS pets Місяць tagasi
I’m so exited 4 caves and cliffs
Animarble Marble Race
Animarble Marble Race Місяць tagasi
An entire mountain and goat is just low tier stuff BUT a carpet thingy is top tier stuff lol
Green Місяць tagasi
Hi Місяць tagasi
We voted glow squid because we didn’t want ice thingys to become a phantom
John Andersen
John Andersen Місяць tagasi
all im gonna say is "top tier stuff"
Casey Hall
Casey Hall Місяць tagasi
It's times like this that makes me wish the xbox 360 Minecraft wasnt left behind in what is basically a permanent 1.0 version. While I do have a computer I play Minecraft on, I also play it on the xbox 360 with my little brother, and there's so many pampering things in current Minecraft that don't exist in past 1.0 version. For example, a 30 level enchantment uses ALL 30 levels. 😂 And I would play it on my computer more often but I'm all Minecrafted out after playing with my little bro each time, haha.
SoapGamer123 Місяць tagasi
I feel like we have too many villager rip off mobs
VictorRuby Barnes
VictorRuby Barnes Місяць tagasi
Mumbo tier list looks like a straight pride flag with a real pride flag lol.
Annoying Dog
Annoying Dog Місяць tagasi
I like how mumbo ranks stuff on how fun it would be for redstone lol
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Місяць tagasi
Minecraft redditors are actually braindead. they added phantoms and glow squids
Pythonify Місяць tagasi
I also wanted the iceologer (Tell me if i spelled that wrong)
mjb105 Місяць tagasi
Me who voted for the glow squid. 🥺
Catman Playz
Catman Playz Місяць tagasi
Can you put bundles in a bundle?
Da Yeeter
Da Yeeter Місяць tagasi
They could make a tlou mash up in Minecraft. Because of the noise monster
Erin Vendette
Erin Vendette Місяць tagasi
I have a question can you make armor or weapons out of amethyst
DragonThunderB Місяць tagasi
Shroomlights are growable and farmable... they also look amazing!
CHIN QIN LUO Moe Місяць tagasi
how to get this update
Syed Meesam Abbas
Syed Meesam Abbas Місяць tagasi
Ya the icolger would have been amazing and the glow squid useless un less we get a ink with which we could combine with dyes and then combine redstone lamps with it!! Thats mind blowing. If that happens bro.......;I have no words😱🤒🤕🤖
Person Man
Person Man Місяць tagasi
This squid sucks anyone who voted for it, why? Just why?
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