Smartest Base in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Mumbo builds the smartest base in survival Minecraft. Making use of redstone contraptions, slimeblock flying machines and minecraft piston mechanics, this futuristic minecraft base allows the player to drop straight in, and access everything they could possibly need from one location. It's the most efficient minecraft base design I could think of.
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Let's go boyz 101
Let's go boyz 101 13 tundi tagasi
Love the vid next time you should have some friends react to it at the end to see what they think
angry sh4rks
angry sh4rks 23 tundi tagasi
"64 is not a multiple of 8" Maths
High Quality Dank
High Quality Dank Päev tagasi
Who else is here in 2021
fakecake576 Päev tagasi
People might try to find this in IKEA but you actually can get in ismart
Enrico Moss
Enrico Moss Päev tagasi
00:0 Mumbo - "I woke up this morning with a smart idea" OH NO NOT AGAIN
Kabeer Au Jangid
Kabeer Au Jangid Päev tagasi
to get fire resistant you need magma cream
panda gaming
panda gaming 2 päeva tagasi
SuperMarioThomas 2 päeva tagasi
'Getting this cauldron from here down to here' Me: Bruh, you wasted all of your time making that contraption when you could've used command blocks.
Rowe Productions
Rowe Productions 3 päeva tagasi
Very Wallace and Gromit of you 🙂
Sudharsan Sundar
Sudharsan Sundar 3 päeva tagasi
How will you refill the stuffs???????????
Baby BroX
Baby BroX 4 päeva tagasi
I dont think if you sleep there, you are going to spawn inside at the cauldren...
Beest_Clips 5 päeva tagasi
Its all Gucci until you have to refill the droppers and chests
The Cactus
The Cactus 5 päeva tagasi
In Minecraft we have some 5 meter long hands
abbas 554436
abbas 554436 5 päeva tagasi
His mustache and the way hes talking looks like hes a crazy redstone engineer/scientists Which is cool
Ana Lane
Ana Lane 5 päeva tagasi
He needs to add a button where you click it and the entrance hole closes and he clicks it again and it opens up.
TowndefenderYT 5 päeva tagasi
Why get firework rockets if you dont give yourself an elytra?
sure _
sure _ 6 päeva tagasi
Now how do you refill the dispensers?
Naitik Prabhu Desai
Naitik Prabhu Desai 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is like my physics teacher
NUEL ! 7 päeva tagasi
imagine you put your bed and put active stone cutter next to it and then when you go to bed you got fatality
SSJAang 7 päeva tagasi
"This is my favorite contraption, i cant believe it worked first try" Says mumbo in every video
Simon Grefstad
Simon Grefstad 7 päeva tagasi
2:50 ''They'll equip us with almoul'' lol
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine the cauldron goes down multiple floors and stuff like an elevator
Bdog 9 päeva tagasi
*wheres the world download, im too lazy to build this*
Oskar Fredriksson
Oskar Fredriksson 10 päeva tagasi
He says its a lazy base but imagine the time it takes to build it
Christian JP Layson
Christian JP Layson 12 päeva tagasi
Misha Jiltsov
Misha Jiltsov 13 päeva tagasi
hi mumbo, can you send the map out please??
Nathan Crewe
Nathan Crewe 13 päeva tagasi
This video gave me an idea for another challenge. Has Mumbo ever tried building an entire Redstone build while standing in one point the entire time?
Aryan Banwarie
Aryan Banwarie 13 päeva tagasi
How in the fock are you soo good in redstone
Kuno Deelstra
Kuno Deelstra 13 päeva tagasi
Only sad that the supersmelter doesn't work
Ninja Chihuahua
Ninja Chihuahua 14 päeva tagasi
"Ah a base I can build in single player" *builds flying machine* "Ayt Imma head out"
mason bean
mason bean 15 päeva tagasi
does anyone know that the bed will telaport him out of the cauldron when he sleeps?
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 15 päeva tagasi
“You can tell from my surprise that that doesn’t happen very often” he says in every video he uploads hahahaha
RouGo 16 päeva tagasi
Does he play on Bedrock edition or Java?
Wm Phelps
Wm Phelps 16 päeva tagasi
He should make some friends to show off his inventions
CatsGames_YT 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbo you forgot something a defence to stop intruders.
Morten Kristiansen
Morten Kristiansen 17 päeva tagasi
I love Your vidioes but i had love to see you make some videioes with only you play minecraft in survival
Rocky's Beats
Rocky's Beats 17 päeva tagasi
“and blaze powder for fire resistance” *potion of strength*
Chaoxity 17 päeva tagasi
oh yeah this may just be how far you can reach in creative cuz im pretty sure its different in survival
Hope 18 päeva tagasi
any1 in 2021??
GamingWithEv 18 päeva tagasi
Somebody already did this. They did all your essential things a bubble elevator and doors surrounding it within literally two blocks
WolfSnek-Emerald 19 päeva tagasi
Imagine the thumbnail was all it was and he makes a 10 minute video showing off the cauldron he lives in
Tekashi XGaming
Tekashi XGaming 21 päev tagasi
Wow Jumbo Stark eh well i see so your father is Howard Jumbo wow pretty smart of yours there.
Lunatic Lady
Lunatic Lady 21 päev tagasi
We need a full-on tutorial for this!!! I love this!
Revived Gamer
Revived Gamer 22 päeva tagasi
Imagine that there was a piston door an u go in to afk while grian looks for u
Johnathan Lovelace
Johnathan Lovelace 22 päeva tagasi
HAHAHAHAHA, blaze powder=fire resistance
random person
random person 22 päeva tagasi
this vid was prob made when the button was still alive
footsurealex609 9
footsurealex609 9 23 päeva tagasi
weee need a world download
footsurealex609 9
footsurealex609 9 23 päeva tagasi
NotScummy 24 päeva tagasi
Eklavya 24 päeva tagasi
Can I get a tutorial to that system
Seiya Hatanaka
Seiya Hatanaka 24 päeva tagasi
asad rajabi
asad rajabi 25 päeva tagasi
can you make tutorial that shows step by step how to dió this base
Tyler James
Tyler James 25 päeva tagasi
“Why is life so difficult” He doesn’t even have to walk in this base
Daniel Black and blue ninja
Daniel Black and blue ninja 25 päeva tagasi
Daniel Black and blue ninja
Daniel Black and blue ninja 25 päeva tagasi
Throast 26 päeva tagasi
amr321 hejazi
amr321 hejazi 27 päeva tagasi
Noice *lazy base*
K chubs
K chubs 27 päeva tagasi
“i’ve BrOkeN soMetHingggG.” 😭😭😭
Boys Andrews
Boys Andrews 27 päeva tagasi
He says blaze powder becomes fire resistance but then you realize it's strenght.
Number Six
Number Six 29 päeva tagasi
All fun and games until a creeper drops down that hole...
Terry Lap
Terry Lap 28 päeva tagasi
Don’t worry, a few cats around the entrance will do.
Foronipaluganusergau Місяць tagasi
Hey mumbo, It is actually good to make giant hidden bases with secret rooms only accessible from going through nether portals to actually make maximum security. So with all of that you could keep everything safe
XxXero The wolfxX
XxXero The wolfxX Місяць tagasi
I hope he makes this in HermitCraft
Kuyashii X
Kuyashii X Місяць tagasi
Needs an XP farm and a cover for the hole at the top. Also some villagers would be nice for trading.
Jec'z Ceffer Antoni
Jec'z Ceffer Antoni Місяць tagasi
What a brain infinite IQ
DumbGuyOP Gaming
DumbGuyOP Gaming Місяць tagasi
Thumbnail looks like mumbos wearing a black diaper 😅😅😂😂😂
James Dillon
James Dillon Місяць tagasi
That ad was so perfect as it made Mumbo sound like he messed up and yelled “Fu**”
pine computer class
pine computer class Місяць tagasi
How do you equip armor so fast
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Місяць tagasi
Magic button why have you forsaken me
Caleb Benjamin
Caleb Benjamin Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: I’m actually pretty surprised by how far my guy can reach Minecraft P.E players.: 10 block reach isn’t that much
Sound Guy
Sound Guy Місяць tagasi
This is the first video I ever watched from mumbo and I thought that was his actual outfit.
xXrioluslayerXx Місяць tagasi
imagine a creeper blowing up on that base
Queso Playz
Queso Playz Місяць tagasi
For a "lazy base" with probably took a lot of work.
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly Місяць tagasi
hop into my cauldron and go into my base * click * *hop into my cauldron and go into my base* * click * *HOP INTO MY CAULDRON AND GO INTO MY BASE*
THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder Місяць tagasi
Mustach gang
THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder Місяць tagasi
Crew squad
Eragon Місяць tagasi
It's all fun and games until you refill everything..
wertyuiopass 9
wertyuiopass 9 Місяць tagasi
Can u please show how u did the machines
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Місяць tagasi
Your missing the mob farm to get xp for that enchanter.
Surprised Cabbage
Surprised Cabbage Місяць tagasi
"pop into my cauldron, drop into my base...." " pop into my cauldron, drop into my base...." (obviously dead inside) " *pop into my cauldron, drop into my base* ...."
Bob Henley
Bob Henley Місяць tagasi
Imagine The possibilities on bedrock
psycho soldier
psycho soldier Місяць tagasi
Literally every video Nice! That worked first try! In case you can't tell that doesn't happen very often
TH3 THIEVE5 Leader
TH3 THIEVE5 Leader Місяць tagasi
i want the world download
Haha Hehe
Haha Hehe Місяць tagasi
"I did some redstone off camera"
Athalia Marie Suarez
Athalia Marie Suarez Місяць tagasi
How about making the easiest base No one has time for redstonetbh
M Місяць tagasi
You should have done lecterns for the auto brewer Edit: can I have the world download? I want to try customizing it
Aidan Baker
Aidan Baker Місяць tagasi
"Those are very famous last words" are even more famous of last words
Christoffer Adolphsson
Christoffer Adolphsson Місяць tagasi
Getting Under It with Mumbo Jumbo
Joseph Purcell
Joseph Purcell Місяць tagasi
How to be a pro at laziness!lol
Ray Chen
Ray Chen Місяць tagasi
If Minecraft was based on the algorithms and processes of the real world, and electricity worked the exact same as redstone, Mumbo Jumbo would easily become the next Elon Musk. EASILY.
Scott Hall
Scott Hall Місяць tagasi
My gosh this is the best
doomstone 877
doomstone 877 Місяць tagasi
i want a tutorail for this base on how to make it
MrBeekhead Місяць tagasi
Season 8 base?
g Місяць tagasi
Dakota Glover
Dakota Glover Місяць tagasi
Can I get the world for this
Santa Fanta
Santa Fanta Місяць tagasi
Do this but with skull sencers
Varshith Aarav Gajula
Varshith Aarav Gajula Місяць tagasi
Mumbo pls make a world download of this
Sarah Bannister
Sarah Bannister Місяць tagasi
Great vids mumbo
3xtremeLamborghini Місяць tagasi
Java edition redstone: “breaks” Pocket edition redstone: “I don’t have such weaknesses”
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: Basically, it's a base for lazy people. Me: I'm lazy. Mumbo: Great! Then build this base! Me: I'm too lazy.
TmoBoy Місяць tagasi
By smart base I think he means lazy base
Dean Thompson
Dean Thompson Місяць tagasi
It’s like getting over it, you just stay in the cauldron the whole time.
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