Self Building Nether Tunnels in Minecraft 1.16

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In todays Mumbo redstone video, we go into the latest pre-release of Minecraft 1.16, making use of the new game mechanic of putting ice over soul soil to create basalt in Lava lakes, I have created a self building bridge in Minecraft that covers the player from ghasts, looks awesome, and works incredibly fast using slimeblock flying machines! Perfect for those who want to traverse the minecraft nether in the new Minecraft nether update.
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

chicken. 3 tundi tagasi
Bro quit speaking smart just show us the magic robot thingy
Kokou king
Kokou king 3 tundi tagasi
Teach me bro
Samuel Fleming
Samuel Fleming 4 tundi tagasi
Mumbo jumbo: and it was built from nothing! Me: looks at like 10000 slime and honey blocks
That One Nerd
That One Nerd 8 tundi tagasi
Me pretending to understand mumbos redstone
Korey Brewster
Korey Brewster 9 tundi tagasi
Imagine if you could make cobble bridge in the over world with a cobble generator
FreezingDragon6 10 tundi tagasi
Why’d you remind me of earwigs.
ArcherS29 Roblox and Life
ArcherS29 Roblox and Life 10 tundi tagasi
You should name this bridge-making machine, *The Collision-Crisis: Bridge*
DemonLordDrake 11 tundi tagasi
British people are so smart
S0und Syndr0me
S0und Syndr0me 11 tundi tagasi
Now all I have to do is make this in survival!
S0und Syndr0me
S0und Syndr0me 11 tundi tagasi
Storm Rubin
Storm Rubin 13 tundi tagasi
Lol drop the tutorial
Rhonda IV
Rhonda IV 14 tundi tagasi
I wish there was a tutorial 😔
Alexander 15 tundi tagasi
any world download ? would love to recreate this epic machine :D
Oix 15 tundi tagasi
My heads hurting 0.0”
Etom Gaming
Etom Gaming 20 tundi tagasi
Me an intellectual: you can do this in 25 minutes manually instead of 3 and a half hours automwtically
Albert Žižka
Albert Žižka 20 tundi tagasi
making this machine is more complicated than making a tunnel whit ur hands XD
Magnemite987 21 tund tagasi
Thinking that I am good at redstone...... THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNDESCRIBEBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YZE Savvy
YZE Savvy 22 tundi tagasi
its insane that this just makes sense to him. this is just all randomness for me
Kdude Päev tagasi
I call them ear wigs and I’m American
Fey Gold
Fey Gold Päev tagasi
In Germany we say Ohrenkneifer to earwigs. Earpincher because they pinch your ears 🤭
Zane Patrick Argamosa
Zane Patrick Argamosa Päev tagasi
Building it is easier then making it redstone
Jeffrey Päev tagasi
Next thing : making a house with redstone lol
Christian Villarin
Christian Villarin Päev tagasi
Buzzpain Päev tagasi
Carsten Dambeck
Carsten Dambeck Päev tagasi
Idk, with a helmet, witch is not Netherrite, Mumbo looks like Super Mario.
bluesycobra3850 Päev tagasi
i want to try making something like this so i have an easier path to crimson forest for piglin trading
totino_pizza_rolls dane
totino_pizza_rolls dane Päev tagasi
I can’t believe I actually spent five hours on this video trying to make this in my Minecraft world and I did it
Guus GarageBand
Guus GarageBand Päev tagasi
simple to do haha
Brandon Feller
Brandon Feller 2 päeva tagasi
Can we get a tutorial
Skimrigrid 2 päeva tagasi
damn, my man never skipped leg day
Christopher Vandehey
Christopher Vandehey 2 päeva tagasi
Couldn't he have used pistons on the under side to push blocks up?
Hunt Heck
Hunt Heck 2 päeva tagasi
no an earwig is not a british thing
Matthew Neeld
Matthew Neeld 2 päeva tagasi
It's quite simple apparently means that I'm supposed to know how to do this.
Ahmet Salih Savas
Ahmet Salih Savas 2 päeva tagasi
7:53 To do such thing like that, even in a full same colored rubix cube, you need 8 moves. But you did it in a poorly supported mechanism game. You absolute madlad.
Ahmet Salih Savas
Ahmet Salih Savas 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo was probably the mathematician of "Dream"
Golden Man
Golden Man 2 päeva tagasi
**v i s i b l e c o n f u s i o n**
IWTGA1MD 2 päeva tagasi
Please do a step by step for this
Jennifer Capps
Jennifer Capps 2 päeva tagasi
My favorite thing about Mumbo Jumbo is that he loves red stone just like me (:
Alan gamer
Alan gamer 2 päeva tagasi
You a redston king you made a redston
Lazar Fan
Lazar Fan 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo : “Now you guys are probably screaming that it’s easy...” Me who didn’t know what was going on at the start and just wanted to see a bridge built : “Sure”
Alvaro Nobre
Alvaro Nobre 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh my yt bugged i was subscribed and when i checked i was not :(
Tyler Hollenbeck
Tyler Hollenbeck 3 päeva tagasi
this and his self making bridge I think are the awesome builds he's ever done
Contemplative Horror
Contemplative Horror 3 päeva tagasi
this is a basalt ribcage
Something 3 päeva tagasi
feel like it be faster and less confusing if you just build it by hand
NoticedMan 3 päeva tagasi
This guy is the Albert Einstein of redstone
F4ZE PACINO 3 päeva tagasi
what a fucking genius
Terrible Terror
Terrible Terror 3 päeva tagasi
Oli: Self Building Nether Tunnels in Minecraft 1.16 Me: Okay. You are not even gonna teach us how to do that! You just showoff your supreme redstone skills
Jesse Walter
Jesse Walter 3 päeva tagasi
boom_jamieandr e
boom_jamieandr e 3 päeva tagasi
8:05 no thats not true nobody is that smart
The weirdest name
The weirdest name 3 päeva tagasi
I just want to cro- BIG TUNNEL
Destiny Gamer
Destiny Gamer 4 päeva tagasi
He alaways says”this actually works”
John Mike Ignacio
John Mike Ignacio 4 päeva tagasi
6:58 Netherrack: *HI MUMBO!*
Wumbo 4 päeva tagasi
When the machine uses more blocks than how many it would take to build the bridge
Marinara Puppy74
Marinara Puppy74 4 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else see the machine as a giant flying frog?
Dead Frosty
Dead Frosty 4 päeva tagasi
Learning red stone is so miserable honestly
Reaper Theone
Reaper Theone 4 päeva tagasi
Ride the flying machine while it builds your bridge is a smart idea to cross while you wait for the machine to cross too
Kingston Shum
Kingston Shum 4 päeva tagasi
excuse me?
Poterd 5 päeva tagasi
Getting tired of your particle effects? Do: /effect give MumboJumbo minecraft:fire_resistance 1000000 1 true (the “true” at the end of this command turns off the particles)
Teagan Lynn
Teagan Lynn 5 päeva tagasi
so hes not gonna tell us how?
iXeto 5 päeva tagasi
Is this going on endless?
Laurens Melcher
Laurens Melcher 5 päeva tagasi
In Germany it's Ohrenkneifer. That does mean ear-wig too.
Michael Roselli
Michael Roselli 5 päeva tagasi
When you realize that it will be much easier to just make one hand made lol
Curiosity Dog
Curiosity Dog 5 päeva tagasi
I call em’ earwigs
Max _
Max _ 5 päeva tagasi
Please a Block for Block tutorial
LPSBulldog 170
LPSBulldog 170 5 päeva tagasi
How do you do this I try to make a 3x3 piston door and then I’m like NO this is way too hard!!
Matt craft
Matt craft 6 päeva tagasi
Jevil: I CAN DO ANYTHING Mumbo Jumbo: Hold my beer
Foster L
Foster L 6 päeva tagasi
Yep, earwig. That is also how it is spoken in Americanishese.
duck-man 6 päeva tagasi
quak quak quak quak (u shuld make it in hermitcraft)
Qui-gon Tim the Random Raptor
Qui-gon Tim the Random Raptor 6 päeva tagasi
I'm an American but I've never heard them called anything but earwigs xD
p o
p o 6 päeva tagasi
I'm a builder and I finnaly built a red stone machein
Ryan Sloyer
Ryan Sloyer 6 päeva tagasi
I've been under a lot of family issues and stress lately, COVID not making my life easier, but this guy just makes funny, stress relieving vids. Great guy you should sub :)
Allyne Thaís Silva
Allyne Thaís Silva 6 päeva tagasi
Emma Roberts
screaming frog
screaming frog 6 päeva tagasi
You crazy son on a $&*# you did it
cash gallant
cash gallant 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo sees like three pieces of red stone and I see the most complicated thing ever made
Venus007e 6 päeva tagasi
we call them "ohrwutzler" (its german)
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 7 päeva tagasi
self building house time
the ghost
the ghost 7 päeva tagasi
You can just make a sideways flying machine and fly on it to the other side
the ghost
the ghost 7 päeva tagasi
3:04 voice crack autotune
Alvin Gatchalian
Alvin Gatchalian 7 päeva tagasi
I know it's not simple but it's good job
nfcopier1 7 päeva tagasi
I thought that the "ear" part referred to ears of corn. But the internet seems to agree that the name really does come from the superstition. That's something I now know.
Kevin Capellan nuñez
Kevin Capellan nuñez 7 päeva tagasi
Yo your amazing
Daniel English
Daniel English 7 päeva tagasi
1.they don’t go into your ears 2: everyone calls them earwigs 3. You are a red stone genius
The Dark Mist 15
The Dark Mist 15 7 päeva tagasi
"I think you can all tell what I'm about to say" *Cue ad*
Lucy Villafranca
Lucy Villafranca 7 päeva tagasi
Jumbo afk
Lucy Villafranca
Lucy Villafranca 7 päeva tagasi
Jumbo afk
MARY JANE OMAMALIN 8 päeva tagasi
mine is command block lol u can type there setblock heehe but u need 100 command_blocl ._.
Justin Clayton
Justin Clayton 8 päeva tagasi
I can’t help but see the design as similar to a spine and ribcage made of basalt.
Roger Major
Roger Major 8 päeva tagasi
Your videos are awesome Can you do a step by step tutorial please?
Evelhappy 9 päeva tagasi
Ejiro Kirishima
Ejiro Kirishima 9 päeva tagasi
First time I’ve ever heard Mumbo said “I’m totally lost here” if he’s lost, lose hope.
Multavit Gaming
Multavit Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
"its been built from nothing!" *"ehhhhhhh...........if by nothing you mean a 70x5x5 red stone machine you are correct."*
Evorp 3 päeva tagasi
If it was 5 wide it would be actually quite compact More like 15 wide
TheNewGuy 64
TheNewGuy 64 9 päeva tagasi
They're called earwigs over here in the US too Mumbo!
Roberto Segovia
Roberto Segovia 9 päeva tagasi
Min : 11:24 Your welcome
Agata Ianturina
Agata Ianturina 9 päeva tagasi
could you make a netherite transport system using lava in the nether?
Rogue R34P3R
Rogue R34P3R 9 päeva tagasi
Our definition of ridiculously complicated: Mumbo's normal designs Mumbo's definition: Quantum physics mixed with string theory will pale in comparison to this
pumpkin gamer epic
pumpkin gamer epic 9 päeva tagasi
I bet scicraft will do this kind of build but covering entire lava lakes and oceans with an even more complex shape
Azka Irham
Azka Irham 10 päeva tagasi
Jumbo jumbo : this is simple Me : my brain want to explode
Vividly 10 päeva tagasi
He can make self building bridge and I cannot make a redstone contraption
Inhaled Window
Inhaled Window 10 päeva tagasi
This is about the size of a 5x5 or 6x6 piston door back in the day
Jeanine Thibodeaux
Jeanine Thibodeaux 10 päeva tagasi
What if you used dispensers to create basalt ON the machine then push it down to remove the small lava gap around the bridge while still keeping the complex design it seems easier for me
Niku 10 päeva tagasi
Kinda late but in French, "Earwig" is "Perce-oreille" which translate to : Perforate-Ear. Yeah. As a child I was scared of that thing because of its name.
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