Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo runs through all the redstone builds you need! These are all the Redstone builds every Minecrafter should know. It includes Minecraft auto droppers, Minecraft item sorters, Minecraft item elevators, Minecraft Keycard Systems, Minecraft button selector panels and 20 more! These are the 20 redstone circuits you need to get started with Minecraft redstone!
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Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Awan Ryujin
Awan Ryujin 19 minutit tagasi
can u tutorial how to build castle gate with 3 or 4 high? I watch a lot of toturial but no one work for me Thank you
Ales_M-07 Tund tagasi
'Watches the video about comparators and finally understanding them' My dumbass the next day building a useless contraption with them: Engeneer
James Geldenhuys
James Geldenhuys 3 tundi tagasi
Thank you for this video Mumbo!!!!! It really helped me out
Mason Hays
Mason Hays 4 tundi tagasi
Imagine a world where levers are flipped when given a redstone signal
Elder Acorn
Elder Acorn 5 tundi tagasi
I love trying to make my own redstone things (even if my designs are less effective than already discovered ones), so explaining how each contraption works is really helpful for me
Zaine Ennui
Zaine Ennui 6 tundi tagasi
Im not bragging but i can understand and build complicated Redstone contraptions and also complicated command block stuffs. But it sometimes backfires as doing too much command block typing complicates with build Redstone contraption manually.
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango 7 tundi tagasi
Does he not know that pickaxes are a thing?
Max Nicholson
Max Nicholson 8 tundi tagasi
Your brain hurts? What about mine?
Mr. Dog
Mr. Dog 8 tundi tagasi
16:04 why doesn’t mumbo use this to make concrete faster?
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 9 tundi tagasi
How many times did he say redstone
ItsCalebGaming 10 tundi tagasi
GhastBoyVlogs 11 tundi tagasi
9:37 "piston feet tape" 11:06 correction
Isabella Yankle
Isabella Yankle 11 tundi tagasi
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP why does when he does at 2:11 the block stays on the floor which means the piston isnt sticky but when it touches it again it implies it is sticky, is this only on java, or what is happening?
Talkinghead6 14 tundi tagasi
Your videos will make a lot more sense now
Saleem777 15 tundi tagasi
Technology : *exists* Minecraft : that is bcoz of Redstone.
AdrianAtGaming 7 tundi tagasi
so dont u think u should learn redstone to catch up with the modern day and age? ;)
Charo_YT 15 tundi tagasi
Mumbo I just built a piston smelter
Furious Fear
Furious Fear 16 tundi tagasi
I just liked the naming of each component.
Nat-mc 17 tundi tagasi
Which way is the hopper facing in the keycard reader?
Jason Knight
Jason Knight 17 tundi tagasi
Everyone working to get good with red stone should watch this. Love the content, suuuuper helpful! Thanks Mumbo! And really appreciate the world download option!
Melanie M
Melanie M 17 tundi tagasi
I'm always fairly confused and fairly interested every time you or Iskall are meditating on a complicated Redstone super computer of doom for the whole episode. It's too complicated for me to follow, but it's too interesting to stop watching.
dragon fellow
dragon fellow 18 tundi tagasi
pulse extended simplified= a row of repeters
Luca, SgtLucio
Luca, SgtLucio 18 tundi tagasi
so that's why the comparator is called comparator...
Diegeras 18 tundi tagasi
At 5:01 I finally understood how comparatosr work
The Lab
The Lab 19 tundi tagasi
How is the piston sticky and not at the same time?
Yablox21 21 tund tagasi
me: Watches this video Also me: Not knowing how to make a proper piston door.
Toblobs 21 tund tagasi
Too smart, hanks so much. Put this in my world immediately! *Also I can confirm MOST of these work in Bedrock.*
Attila Attl
Attila Attl 21 tund tagasi
Piston Feet Tape
choi minyi
choi minyi 21 tund tagasi
I had always thought 'Piston Feet Tape' was 'Piston Feed Tape'. Now i know better
Samuel Hood
Samuel Hood 22 tundi tagasi
Piston feet tape?
Oliver Hartlev
Oliver Hartlev 22 tundi tagasi
0:19 yea that confusing start to the nonconfusing video is really confusing so confusing it cant even be pronounced XD srry for my bad writing not really my strong side :P
Sambotron3000 22 tundi tagasi
you can speed up the auto dropper by using an observer instead of a regular block for one of the parts
Aleixus001 23 tundi tagasi
T’he best video ever. You should do more things like this, I love your tutorials
Alejandro Ojeda
Alejandro Ojeda 23 tundi tagasi
Thank you. I did learn ❤
Thatrandom Guy
Thatrandom Guy 23 tundi tagasi
Do these work on bedrock???
Zupreme 1411
Zupreme 1411 23 tundi tagasi
1:28 just use a lever
Joshua Baughn
Joshua Baughn 23 tundi tagasi
If it was pocket edition then you would have to place dust straight to the dropper. Ahh! 😤
Dig is fast
Dig is fast Päev tagasi
piston feet tape
MorgurEdits Päev tagasi
mesmerizing gif preview of this video
yasin .,
yasin ., Päev tagasi
All hail too the redstone god its mumbo
Da Ho
Da Ho Päev tagasi
lmfao 'piston feet tape' 9:37
Davis Azarya Lahope
Davis Azarya Lahope Päev tagasi
*every Java game player
Mr goomba
Mr goomba Päev tagasi
I’ve always wanted to see a video from Mumbo about more complex redstone builds and explaining why they work to help people get into more complex redstone
David Gomez
David Gomez Päev tagasi
Bravo Mumbo! I loved this one. Could you possibly do another one based on MCPE?
Gatto Baby
Gatto Baby Päev tagasi
Willbear Päev tagasi
"Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know" Me: "Best I can do is Redstone Clock"
Haste BG
Haste BG Päev tagasi
Không có tiếng việt
Emma Higgins
Emma Higgins Päev tagasi
Flying machine tnt duplicator that flies across the land leaving death and destruction in its wake?
Lou DeLuca
Lou DeLuca Päev tagasi
Ha, we bedrock players already have the dirt paths instead of grass paths!
McClane Marc
McClane Marc Päev tagasi
Greedy Minecart doesn't work on Bedrock ;_;
Justin Arizaga-Ramirez
Justin Arizaga-Ramirez Päev tagasi
How many of these work on Bedrock?
Seth Ardolino
Seth Ardolino Päev tagasi
“The most undonfusing video ive made” 1:48
skelly bones plays
skelly bones plays Päev tagasi
I use piston feed tapes for ridiculosly effecient wool farms, i got the idea from ssundee😁
Shawn Mankins
Shawn Mankins Päev tagasi
Mumbo saying this is the basics that everyone should know. Me: Wow a Redstone block powers Redstone dust. (I have been playing for 6.5 years)
Warbeast Päev tagasi
10:02 could you replace the white and grey blocks with chests with items frames in the front?
Doug Brunson
Doug Brunson Päev tagasi
This makes so much more sense. Thank you!
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Päev tagasi
After reading the title i felt useless
Floppy Pancake
Floppy Pancake Päev tagasi
So a comparator is a transistor..?
Alex G
Alex G Päev tagasi
0:00: you dont say do you??
CNC295 Päev tagasi
Thank you for the video. Helped a lot to figure out some things.
Aidan Walker
Aidan Walker Päev tagasi
With the latest hot fix I can’t get the dropervater to work the second dropper from the bottom isn’t being powered?
Jimmy Glynn
Jimmy Glynn Päev tagasi
6:13 : iTEm FiLtErER
The Blastanator
The Blastanator Päev tagasi
Hey mumbo can you do all this but in bedrock edition?
Thomas Merlo
Thomas Merlo Päev tagasi
Mumbai jumbo you need to use the debug stock it’s vinnila you do /give @p debug stick you can rotate red stone components
Yusuf Zetro
Yusuf Zetro Päev tagasi
Jerico Lorenz
Jerico Lorenz Päev tagasi
Where is mumbo? Your not mumbo? There's no piston doors! Where is mumbo?
Michael Mann
Michael Mann Päev tagasi
Why wool tho never understood why wool with red stone
Cypress Stick
Cypress Stick Päev tagasi
I've been waiting for this vid for so long. I feel a bit smarter. Maybe...
Bmac Plays
Bmac Plays Päev tagasi
Ok so I made the key card reader (the 3rd machine and it didn’t work (I did it exactly the same I think) but it dissent give if a signal... I even went as far as to use the same wool as him. And I was wondering if you need to do something like you can only use re named paper or something pls help ):
Z_TheKing501 _
Z_TheKing501 _ Päev tagasi
Me playing on bedrock: Well I’ve got some editing to do then
Franz14 Päev tagasi
Redstone is still a little confusing to me, but this video helped me realise that you have to think like a computer to desing contraptions. Like... "This will power if this signals 2". I'm starting to understand comparators and other components better, but it' still a little messy. Keep on making these videos, they help a lot.
Bryce Hill
Bryce Hill Päev tagasi
I need to fly Mumbo out here to try and fix my crossfire fuel injection, the only thing more complicated and harder to understand than Redstone contraptions.
xavier lennox
xavier lennox Päev tagasi
I'm confused and interested
KintzleyKiller Päev tagasi
How come these dont work on ps4
Jamesgriffo Päev tagasi
Lucas Bowlsby
Lucas Bowlsby Päev tagasi
I still watch these videos, even though I play bedrock. something looks cool and then I realize it uses the piston 1-tick spit out thing and then I cry it uses quasi connectivity and I cry
Delta049 Päev tagasi
Oh your brain hurts? I so so know how a lever works.
Rizo1000 Päev tagasi
just warning people some of these only work on minecraft java
Kellie Cole
Kellie Cole Päev tagasi
I understand these contraptions
Jack Kenseng
Jack Kenseng Päev tagasi
18:41 That is freaking cool. Totally building one, I can't help but make a railroad in literally every game I make.
Feder RPG
Feder RPG Päev tagasi
So yeah... Newbee here! I startet playing Mincraft mid 2020. I know nothing about Redstone, BUT through Mumbos videos I have come to one or two conclusions. Like: A Observer needs a solid block behind it so he can transfer his signal. The signal can then be transferred via redstoneline or dots to things like pistons. I build my first kelp farm last month and my first melon farm today. They are so very very simple but I managed to get it together all by myself after learning that fact about observers. They work and I am a happy little fox about it. In this video I learned new stuff from this dark magic like: a comparetor compares the signalstrengh! I didn't knew that, now I do! Gotte use it in the future. Still have to figure out those dam torches. But I will do my very best. So thank you Mumbo! I am learning much from you!
Kaytia Päev tagasi
Finally some explanations!
AggroOCD Päev tagasi
I can’t believe these types of videos are still gaining this kind of publicity. He’s been doing this same bit for years now! 🤷🏼‍♂️ I would understand if he did it after every update.
Sas Man
Sas Man Päev tagasi
Very usefull
Alienously Gaming
Alienously Gaming Päev tagasi
Me: I can fix circuits and more My friend:Oh, show me then Me: Do you have a pc now? My friend: Why ? Me: Redstone cant turn onn itself My friend: tf? You in the replies: huh, tf?
The Wind Waking Hero
The Wind Waking Hero Päev tagasi
9:37 THE DAY after I say "heh, I'm never gonna use the piston feed tape. GUESS WHAT I NEED
GorPack RHQ
GorPack RHQ Päev tagasi
6:19 look at it from this time to see how to actualy build it or this: 6:28
Kars Hibma
Kars Hibma Päev tagasi
levers: exist redstone builders: ima pretend i didnt see that and make a t flip flop
Game Noob
Game Noob Päev tagasi
T flip flop is probably the most used circuit in redstone contraptions
Crimson Päev tagasi
HOLY this is so damn useful the item sorter ive always wanted to know how to make them
GorPack RHQ
GorPack RHQ Päev tagasi
this explained to me how comparators work better than your how comparators work video
Nether Reactor Core
Nether Reactor Core Päev tagasi
mumbo jumbo will be the one to figure out how to make a calculator with sculk sensors while giving you a paper with the equation you put in
Robert Chastain
Robert Chastain Päev tagasi
The smart piston! Dang I've been making bridges the dangerous way in the nether.
Yuki Päev tagasi
Take a shot every time he says fairly
Mika Kessler
Mika Kessler Päev tagasi
Aansh Jain
Aansh Jain Päev tagasi
6:13 Item sorterer -_-
Jack Burns
Jack Burns Päev tagasi
9:37 "piston feet tape"
Th3 GLi7ChRaMa
Th3 GLi7ChRaMa Päev tagasi
I like this video cause Its definitely for people like me who love redstone contraptions but are awful at it
BioBauerJosef Päev tagasi
4:43 ain't working for me :-(
Jiena the amalgam lady
Jiena the amalgam lady Päev tagasi
Piston feet tape?
thehydra A
thehydra A Päev tagasi
If you have understood the builds here Than Congratulation You have now understood 75% of the basis of integrated circuits
NK Gaming
NK Gaming Päev tagasi
me confused but interested
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