Playing with Minecraft 1.17 Features for the First Time

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Mumbo Jumbo

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I have not touched any of the new features in Minecraft 1.17, until today! Mumbo boots up the latest Minecraft snapshot and begins experimenting with new Minecraft 1.17 features, such as the dripstone block and dripstone tip, the lightning rod, and the new lava cauldron. ALL VERY INTERESTING.
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Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Місяць tagasi
This video is totally on time and there definitely isn’t a new snapshot
Zdravko Lazovic
Zdravko Lazovic 11 päeva tagasi
Abrehet Ogbatsion
Abrehet Ogbatsion 21 päev tagasi
lava cauldrons are already a thing in education edition
Rubymations 23 päeva tagasi
RandomGirl Місяць tagasi
Erin Wheeler-McKenzie
Erin Wheeler-McKenzie 5 tundi tagasi
Hi I just wanted to let you know I sud
thebreezyone 6 tundi tagasi
What if you made an automatically reloading gattling gun with the dropping dripstones?
EthanBiancaTube 8 tundi tagasi
Harry Cousins
Harry Cousins 12 tundi tagasi
Just go to the nether for lava
Zaain 12roblox
Zaain 12roblox 15 tundi tagasi
what Does CreEpeR Heads DO
Horton Hears A Jew
Horton Hears A Jew 21 tund tagasi
For the industrial lava bucket generator you will need like 40lava buckets just to build it.
Wabbit 23 tundi tagasi
Lava in coldrin has always been a thing on bedrock
FJdajfda f
FJdajfda f Päev tagasi
Mumbo laughing and yelling about his contraption working while creepers spawn in and filter through a complex machine all with the thunder and rain in the background. Very evil mastermind of you.
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson Päev tagasi
you could make a system that funnels the into a supersmeler or you could make it so that you can switch between a supersmelter or a storage system
B Duell
B Duell Päev tagasi
so...automate lightning powered horsemen farms for the horses.
Nodeathnoway Roblox vlogs and more
Nodeathnoway Roblox vlogs and more Päev tagasi
Mumbo: since when do you need 14 lava buckets Speedrunners: YES Also mojang: Lightning rod is introduced me: base destruction factory
Ayden O'Toole
Ayden O'Toole Päev tagasi
drip stones damage is from height
ElectricEmeraldBoy _8
ElectricEmeraldBoy _8 Päev tagasi
"Cauldrons can now take lava." Bedrock players: I've had that since the dawn of time
Dark Cat
Dark Cat Päev tagasi
Does that mean that we now have a infinity lava source!?
Erik Adalbert van Nagel
Erik Adalbert van Nagel Päev tagasi
ilmango next week: 100k/h afk lava farm.
MöhBlob MöhAF
MöhBlob MöhAF 2 päeva tagasi
A dripstone jungle tempel trap would be pretty insane
Furret Walcc :3
Furret Walcc :3 2 päeva tagasi
"If an lava source is top of the dripstone... it will drip lava!" ITS INFINITE FUEL TIME EVERYBODY!
Perimian Lines
Perimian Lines 2 päeva tagasi
Me a bedrock player seing the thumbmail: what is so confusing?... Oh yeah
Yarmadian CH
Yarmadian CH 2 päeva tagasi
Someone pls make a lava bottle mod :]
Jack 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo is a genius, he can build these things without looking things up
Zeke Lance
Zeke Lance 2 päeva tagasi
IDEA! If dispensers are able to pick up lava inside of a cauldron, an automatic and infinite furnace fuel machine would be possible
Zeke Lance
Zeke Lance 2 päeva tagasi
Can a dispenser with flint and steel automatically light a creeper?
Jian marc Macrohon
Jian marc Macrohon 2 päeva tagasi
Your mob head farm used to be obsidian not glass
Cy 3 päeva tagasi
Coldren with lava is new on java old on bedrock
Jeck K
Jeck K 3 päeva tagasi
Does this machine work with water?
Yuki 3 päeva tagasi
Lava can now be put in cauldrons *Miko has entered your chat*
KS8 3 päeva tagasi
4:53 It can be use for an alram system for wooden or wool buildings.
KS8 3 päeva tagasi
Infinit lava source. Finally.
JayRC119 3 päeva tagasi
Maybe do a drip stone machine gun? Same as what you did in that video, but have multiple drip stones stacked on the same block with pistons firing in quick succession of one another?
Doknula 4 päeva tagasi
WTF youtube unsubscribed me!!!
Jaiveer Singh
Jaiveer Singh 4 päeva tagasi
Renewable lava is a big update. Specialy for mega smelters
HTD7 4 päeva tagasi
Where is lava logged blocks
HTD7 4 päeva tagasi
Meanwhile in 1.17: Me: I just removed lava from cauldron and then I saw bored face
GRIFFCULT 4 päeva tagasi
Dude inf lava that means inf obsidian Obsidian bases are possibly going to be more common now
Smikkelbeeryasin 4 päeva tagasi
Yo you can make frankenstein
Blaine Haylett
Blaine Haylett 4 päeva tagasi
Could lightning rods be used to convert villagers to witches? Witch farm?
Collisto 4 päeva tagasi
We now have an infinite source of lava? Neat!
MK4000 4 päeva tagasi
In modded i usally need LOTS of lava for things.
Carlma2 Facts
Carlma2 Facts 4 päeva tagasi
you can dye the water in a Caldron
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 4 päeva tagasi
The mere gorilla micrencephaly smile because deodorant contrarily steer beside a testy pruner. weary, natural antelope
D Talman
D Talman 4 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: you do not need this mutch lava Rendog on hermitcraft: -_-
totally legit Of real
totally legit Of real 5 päeva tagasi
Okay okay hear me out, obsidian Farm utilizing the water Farm and dispensers that dispense the lava into a water stream turning it into obsidian being mined by a Wither lol
Rohan Sai Dadi
Rohan Sai Dadi 5 päeva tagasi
who's watching this in 2021
xENDScrsx 5 päeva tagasi
*Why Are You?*
lrwerewolf 5 päeva tagasi
NOT the first renewable lava in Minecraft. Beta 1.9 pre-5 had it. Granted, was considered a bug but it was first.
Lily Fauns
Lily Fauns 6 päeva tagasi
Dripstones & Sculk Sensors: *introduced* Grian: *heavy breathing*
Aust N
Aust N 6 päeva tagasi
he is real good at engineering
The Guld Sweden dude
The Guld Sweden dude 6 päeva tagasi
ya could make russian roullete mini games ez just have some couldrons blocked so they dont fill at all and if they get lava on the first try they win if they dont pay more to continue
buzzy819 6 päeva tagasi
I play in bedrock lava cauldrons aren’t new NOOB :/
Sylvain Robitaille
Sylvain Robitaille 6 päeva tagasi
Can you use a hopper with bucket on cauldron?
Fortnite Trendsgugp
Fortnite Trendsgugp 7 päeva tagasi
Infinite lava
Tuxedo Dogs
Tuxedo Dogs 7 päeva tagasi
iron farm + auto crafting + 14:00 = infinite lava
Suci Sutjipto
Suci Sutjipto 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo-jumbo why cannot I get the snapshot I am in Minecraft vanilla and my computer sometimes in my phone can you tell sometimes
Helen Lummus
Helen Lummus 7 päeva tagasi
First time fore everything!
Sporadic Twitch
Sporadic Twitch 7 päeva tagasi
I had a thought with the dripstones, if they can slowly drip water, could they be used as a legitimate irrigation technique or would the small amount of water not affect the plants and tilled ground? Not the most practical thing but I think it could be really cool
Upeksha Akmeemana
Upeksha Akmeemana 7 päeva tagasi
u forgot to update ur texture pack lol
Ember Hydra
Ember Hydra 7 päeva tagasi
2:00 many times Mumbo. I even need more
Ember Hydra
Ember Hydra 7 päeva tagasi
Now this is epic
Pop-Phys 8 päeva tagasi
no redstone just lava in a cauldron and trow items in it
Pop-Phys 8 päeva tagasi
make a garbage can
Uncubeable 8 päeva tagasi
Lol I was thinking the first design in my sleep
TheCreatorrr 8 päeva tagasi
**Everything went perfectly right** Mumbo: that's frustrating
Snow Owl
Snow Owl 8 päeva tagasi
Wooooooo ladies and gentlemen we have another block with gravity
DragonriderTechnologies 9 päeva tagasi
...Can dispensers use buckets on cauldrons?
Core Vortex
Core Vortex 9 päeva tagasi
So blocks that aren’t drip stones won’t drip or will they fill them I’m tried of building rooftop pools and dripping into my house cus then I should mold and i don’t like it
S P 9 päeva tagasi
My super smelter uses lava
Tyler Rosier
Tyler Rosier 10 päeva tagasi
Imagine how cool it could be to have lightning strike the rod, and have an input going to some lights that turn off when rod is struck
Rekkygaming Yay!
Rekkygaming Yay! 10 päeva tagasi
parkour map makers or dungeon map makers will maybe use drip stones for spikes
JT Football
JT Football 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "WE CAN NOW PLACE LAVA IN CAULDRONS" Me who plays on bedrock edition: can't we already do that?
Athem 10 päeva tagasi
I have 1.14 beta and I tried putting lava and it worked :\
Reece villani
Reece villani 11 päeva tagasi
Yeah love a book is a really good for furnace fuel but automatically in that process isn't good because well you to take of the bucket
Yeet at the speed of light
Yeet at the speed of light 11 päeva tagasi
Minecraft just keeps getting better
Kris Frazier
Kris Frazier 11 päeva tagasi
Hi Mumbo Jumbo
Lena Pedersen
Lena Pedersen 11 päeva tagasi
OMG #british
TJ 11 päeva tagasi
Dripstone is going to be useful for making afk mob farms
Gokul Viswa
Gokul Viswa 11 päeva tagasi
First time having a use for cauldron in Survival minecraft without redstone is infinite lava
UNK PHIL JACKSON 11 päeva tagasi
The damaging paste superficially encourage because museum lamentably injure after a purring reason. well-groomed, irate porter
Neil Li
Neil Li 11 päeva tagasi
Lava Cauldrons Were Already In Minecraft PE
Cool Potato
Cool Potato 12 päeva tagasi
*Me, seeing lava in a cauldron* Me: Hey! I’ve seen that one before! Java players: “What do you mean?!? It’s brand new!”
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 12 päeva tagasi
I think you can compact the piston tape with a zigzag
Aria Deaso
Aria Deaso 12 päeva tagasi
I only just got 1.16 for Christmas! LOL
Sneecy 12 päeva tagasi
the lightning thing can make for a pretty interesting witch farm...
Richard Miller
Richard Miller 11 päeva tagasi
Yeah just have a line from your villager farm. No need to drop them in lava anymore.
Minecraft Basics
Minecraft Basics 13 päeva tagasi
4:00 You should make a button that allowes you to spaw a cauldron if the given one is empty.
HOTABICHD 13 päeva tagasi
Наконец то появится бесконечный источник лавы
Wolf Craft
Wolf Craft 13 päeva tagasi
I was actually able to place lava in a cauldron in the 1.16 update but not with a stone
ima_BILLIONAIRyt 13 päeva tagasi
So ummmmm none of that is in new update
EnderGirl 13 päeva tagasi
um mumbo bedrock edition actually had lava cauldrons before the cave update
Elias COdoubleB
Elias COdoubleB 13 päeva tagasi
What come on thats was moving at rediculous velo.. shuen jwuwiab city. Waysuwbsfy Dudu I’ve lost the ability to speak
Garrett Meyer
Garrett Meyer 13 päeva tagasi
I reported your video for being too fancy. You can make the cauldrons snake around for more, and have it cycle once after a set amount of time for more efficient farming (:
EJ Wubben
EJ Wubben 13 päeva tagasi
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 13 päeva tagasi
You take 4x more damage when falling onto the drip stones... can't wait for Dream to kill all the hunters with that.
ooo bbb
ooo bbb 14 päeva tagasi
7:36 Or... We can just blow up the ground for mining
Xp Tix
Xp Tix 14 päeva tagasi
How bout a secret place that can only be accessed during a lightning storm
Ben Volesky
Ben Volesky 14 päeva tagasi
Are these also on bedrock edition?
Allyne Thaís Silva
Allyne Thaís Silva 14 päeva tagasi
World Juniors 2021
N6_Epxlsol 14 päeva tagasi
13:15 it's like a factory
Ethan LaMore
Ethan LaMore 15 päeva tagasi
Make it a huuuugggeee Redstone clock that "powers you areas" in my world I built lightning rods /power out of end stone and end rods with command blocks summoning lightning and under it i connected it all
Ethan LaMore
Ethan LaMore 15 päeva tagasi
Hey mombo.... just go to bedrock to play with the culdrin
Fabian Heine
Fabian Heine 15 päeva tagasi
5:00 angtivates
Are Sculk Sensors Game Changers?
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