Mumbo & Grian's Minecraft EARTH Roadtrip - Part 2

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Mumbo and Grian's Minecraft Earth Grand Tour continues! With Mumbo and Grian visiting stonehenge, before travelling up to wales to walk some Alpacka's, then dropping back into to England for Archery and Axe throwing. Mumbo and Grian play Minecraft Earth along the way, whilst driving Mumbo's VW Bus through winding narrow roads. A true Minecraft vanlife roadtrip experience!
Places we went:
Filmmaker who shot this series!
Filming channel:
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 17 päeva tagasi
COVID Bits: this video was shot in September, and was in keeping with COVID regulations of the time in the area of the UK we were in! Sleeping wise, one was in the tent and one was in the bus (the backseat folds to make a bed!). Thanks for all the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the series!
6777 Productions
6777 Productions 19 tundi tagasi
Sad we have to note this information
Malia Payne
Malia Payne 3 päeva tagasi
Ooooooh ok stay safe 😷🤘🏾👍🏾
WertelopPlayz 4 päeva tagasi
S V 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Pumbo
george noot found
george noot found 10 päeva tagasi
Why did you kidnap a pro architect
Mazni Mohd Said
Mazni Mohd Said 7 tundi tagasi
Cool van mumbo
chebunator2033 12 tundi tagasi
Much wholesome!
Potato Studios
Potato Studios 16 tundi tagasi
Lol mc earth is dead now
Coda Highland
Coda Highland 18 tundi tagasi
Kind of sad to see this after the announcement of Minecraft Earth being discontinued.
Unknown User
Unknown User 19 tundi tagasi
I swear neither of ur voices match what I thought u guys would look like
Superwhale 101
Superwhale 101 20 tundi tagasi
grian looked happy
Tialah Harris
Tialah Harris 22 tundi tagasi
Grian coming up with any excuse to see some alpacas lol
Isabella Ellis
Isabella Ellis Päev tagasi
How did they charge those tablets???
Asuh Dude
Asuh Dude Päev tagasi
why does grian look like mumbos little brother that was force to go on the trip with him by their parents?
wither영혼 Päev tagasi
I want to get a long neck dog so bad
GameNerd0110 Päev tagasi
I'm just wondering who had the camera when recording the car in third person. For example; at 8:53 wonder who had it then
The Shkolt
The Shkolt Päev tagasi
I guess Vicky
Lydia Smisson
Lydia Smisson 2 päeva tagasi
When they said they looked at the stone thingy in a football field I was confused for a moment
Tadija Bajic
Tadija Bajic 2 päeva tagasi
I cant beleive grian is so ugly
upside down man
upside down man 2 päeva tagasi
By seeing grian get permission from people to sleep on their lawn I'm considering that grian owns that part of England
Kelly126 2 päeva tagasi
Minecraft earth has been shelved
IZO xD 2 päeva tagasi
0:27 yeah
Hussain A-A
Hussain A-A 2 päeva tagasi
demajake 2 päeva tagasi
*Sad that minecraft earth is going to get removed..*
friendlybedbug Päev tagasi
Hazel Diez
Hazel Diez 2 päeva tagasi
For the second time grian managed to convince somone to sleep on there yard
The Happiest Cat
The Happiest Cat 2 päeva tagasi
my alpacas run away when you get close
Peachii Meadows
Peachii Meadows 3 päeva tagasi
Wow that van really is beautiful
kudzuguru 3 päeva tagasi
The Audacity Channel
The Audacity Channel 3 päeva tagasi
Now the game is getting cancelled
VirgosTea 3 päeva tagasi
imagine seeing two 25 year olds walking around with ipads next to their faces ina football field talking about minecraft
VirgosTea 3 päeva tagasi
wtf they're so cute together
Toby McNeel
Toby McNeel 3 päeva tagasi
Is anyone going to mention how mumbo looks like Gordon Ramsay
PandaJason1105 4 päeva tagasi
5:20 Builder Man Holding A Giraffe Dog
Patrick Baxter
Patrick Baxter 4 päeva tagasi
Lazy Gamer Bear
Lazy Gamer Bear 4 päeva tagasi
Could you imagine how trippy it would be if MC earth had a VR feature!
J4ckattack247 5 päeva tagasi
Imagine Minecraft earth on vr
Jamie B
Jamie B 5 päeva tagasi
Your Sooo tall 🤣😂
Artie Milner
Artie Milner 5 päeva tagasi
Rip Minecraft Earth 20whatever-2021
Penguino 01
Penguino 01 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo and grian do
A Guy on the Internet
A Guy on the Internet 5 päeva tagasi
Rip Minecraft Earth
The Derpy cyclops
The Derpy cyclops 5 päeva tagasi
Lorence Ruiz
Lorence Ruiz 5 päeva tagasi
minecraft will shuting down minecraft earth this 2021 they anounced in thier official facebook page
Hello There
Hello There 5 päeva tagasi
Sadly there won't be a season 2 of this cause minecraft earth is getting shut down soon :(
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro 5 päeva tagasi
Who’s here after Minecraft Earth has begun dying?
Ssl0th 5 päeva tagasi
Are they planning on making it so you can link it to a VR headset? I could easily imagine it being really cool to see.
Funnymations 4 päeva tagasi
Nah, they're removing the whole game in june
Joaquin Mayores
Joaquin Mayores 5 päeva tagasi
Is this supposed to be a three-part video?
Aidan Little
Aidan Little 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo, you are so good at filming you should have a second EEpost channel for just film stuff ;) (irony)
Caleb Last Name
Caleb Last Name 5 päeva tagasi
They literally just cancelled Minecraft Earth, it’ll be gone in six months
Robin Beck
Robin Beck 5 päeva tagasi
Woah how does etho get the llamas to walk around sandy city like that
DeltaBravo 6 päeva tagasi
What’s sad is that now minecraft is shutting down in June 😢
XxMelody Wuv-Chu
XxMelody Wuv-Chu 4 päeva tagasi
Wat is that supposed to mean?
ZaPpE_b0i 6 päeva tagasi
I like the music
Luke Bertrand
Luke Bertrand 6 päeva tagasi
I ...l. I like
Wiwi yellow
Wiwi yellow 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo and Grian have one of the best friendships ever
獅子猫又NiffirgkcaJ 6 päeva tagasi
F for Minecraft Earth~ ;-;
Au. tree
Au. tree 6 päeva tagasi
This is honestly one of my favorite Minecraft videos.
Jose Leonardo Opelanio
Jose Leonardo Opelanio 6 päeva tagasi
thats cool mumbo and grian
_JustAnotherKid_ 2021_
_JustAnotherKid_ 2021_ 6 päeva tagasi
Is it true that _MC Earth_ *is shutting down* in June this year?
jaanstein 5 päeva tagasi
Micah Dicdiquin
Micah Dicdiquin 6 päeva tagasi
Who is mumbo ther
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 7 päeva tagasi
I really enjoyed this! Once Covid clears up, I would love to see more similar stuff!
zanru kruger
zanru kruger 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine how this would have been with AR glasses that support Minecraft. It would be amazing
Colton Welch
Colton Welch 7 päeva tagasi
I thought that black alpaca was a enderman
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 7 päeva tagasi
2:49 And for my next trick... A grian shall appear!!
CYBER EMERALD 2023 7 päeva tagasi
There's going to be a bts and funny moments, right?
Fun Fact Commenter
Fun Fact Commenter 7 päeva tagasi
Fun Fact: Human noses and ears keep getting bigger, even when the rest of the body’s growth has come to a halt.
Jacer Gamer 615
Jacer Gamer 615 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo just called an Alpaca a Long Necked Dog!! XD
Jacob T
Jacob T 7 päeva tagasi
I had a bus exactly like that one blow up on my street
Arbuzada 7 päeva tagasi
The Minecraft Earth propably will not be supported. SAD
Znander Pertander
Znander Pertander 7 päeva tagasi
Minecraft Earth: Shuts down
Milan the Mighty
Milan the Mighty 8 päeva tagasi
It's a shame that Minecraft Earth will stop
Quackers Duck
Quackers Duck 8 päeva tagasi
Imagine walking out into your back lawn expecting to see just two guys playing badminton or something, then see them holding iPads and playing some game that doesn’t exist
Andrew Shiinoki
Andrew Shiinoki 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo the odd1sout would probably not like your car as it doesn’t have a seatbelt
Foxy Face
Foxy Face 8 päeva tagasi
I love the van!!
Scrub 8 päeva tagasi
this aged poorly
Azim Hakeem
Azim Hakeem 8 päeva tagasi
6.9 subs noice
Dread Angel
Dread Angel 9 päeva tagasi
Mmmm, this aged well
PrincePopplio 9 päeva tagasi
im actually pretty good at real life archery-not as good at it in Minecraft
Iesach Arroz
Iesach Arroz 9 päeva tagasi
They just picked up a random dog.
Amer Gamer
Amer Gamer 9 päeva tagasi
I mean grian looks very innocent and very not sketchy, that if he knocked on my door asking to sleep in my back yard I would let him even sleep in my bed
Muhammad Pambudi
Muhammad Pambudi 9 päeva tagasi
"long neck dogs" - mumbo 2021
Agraj 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is intelligent and Grian is Skillful
Vanessa Tunk
Vanessa Tunk 9 päeva tagasi
I just noticed that grain sounds like harry potter
ArielPlayz 14
ArielPlayz 14 9 päeva tagasi
Love the series
Bracketmeister 9 päeva tagasi
Kind of funny how this just came out and now Minecraft Earth is dying in a few months.
Plainmiron 9 päeva tagasi
Minecraft earth is shutting down I’m literally crying 😭
Samuel 9 päeva tagasi
Minecraft Earth just announced that its closing in June 2021 👁👄👁
Janice DeProspero
Janice DeProspero 9 päeva tagasi
RachaelAmber 22
RachaelAmber 22 9 päeva tagasi
Debbie Henson
Debbie Henson 10 päeva tagasi
I need bumble cactus out of Legos
TheMonkeCuber 10 päeva tagasi
R.I.P Minecraft Earth
TheMonkeCuber 10 päeva tagasi
you guys shouldve cut down a tree with your hands...
JustOtakuVF 10 päeva tagasi
Rip Minecraft Earth
jairus legaspi
jairus legaspi 10 päeva tagasi
Driver licence reveal? 2:37
TheMonkeCuber 10 päeva tagasi
Oh no...
A Minute With Minecraft
A Minute With Minecraft 10 päeva tagasi
To bad Minecraft earth is shutting down
GTGA 2004
GTGA 2004 10 päeva tagasi
Bad news: Minecraft Earth unfortunately just shutted down.
Suyogya Parajuli
Suyogya Parajuli 10 päeva tagasi
We have been deceived,Mumbo doesn't have a moustache
Steve Simone
Steve Simone 10 päeva tagasi
plz do more! I loved it! so fun and it seemed like you had a lot of fun together plz plz plzzz do more like this with grian!!!!! luv ya!!
Lost Boy
Lost Boy 10 päeva tagasi
When mum tells you to play outside
Kollyn Dice
Kollyn Dice 10 päeva tagasi
what I mean can you make it a series after COVID plz
Kollyn Dice
Kollyn Dice 10 päeva tagasi
after COVID can you make part 3 plz
OhHim! 10 päeva tagasi
Sadly minecraft earth is now shutting down
Fura Kun
Fura Kun 11 päeva tagasi
I used to have a bus the same color as yours!!!! It died on me and I had to sell it. Hang onto yours! They do nothing but go up in price!
ReckLessNess 11 päeva tagasi
To bad Minecraft Earth is leaving us😭
Addizon Emmanuel Galpao Borero
Addizon Emmanuel Galpao Borero 11 päeva tagasi
Its sad that minecraft earth is closing on june...
Lorenzo eli Castro
Lorenzo eli Castro 11 päeva tagasi
It's all fun and games until Stonehenge crumbles
Dcstar 11 päeva tagasi
I have enjoyed mc earth since it came out. sad to see the sun is now setting on it
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