Mining for 12 hours in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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I mined for 12 hours in Minecraft on Hermitcraft 7. It was a mega Minecraft Mining session that lead to hundreds of diamonds. I did begin to lose my mind towards the end, I almost lost all of my gear in a lava pool (Thank you Iskall and Stress for saving me), and I spent the last 20 minutes just killing mobs in the area I mined, but still, the goal was reached and I feel pleased that I am now one of the richest hermits on Hermitcraft Season 7.
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Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

GcubePlayer 8
GcubePlayer 8 3 tundi tagasi
How to not lose your items when your mining Put on keep inventory
Adi V
Adi V 4 tundi tagasi
He actually went in Flow State!
lol content
lol content 5 tundi tagasi
69 million subscribers
Consuelo Amortegui
Consuelo Amortegui 2 tundi tagasi
You mean 6.9 million?
Tearful Toast
Tearful Toast 6 tundi tagasi
imagine if he mined the emeralds......
nau5 9 tundi tagasi
GOLD pick axes were actually the fastest, they just had incredibly awful durability
Alfred Arrinngton
Alfred Arrinngton 15 tundi tagasi
Challenge do this again In the nether to see how much netherite you get
duckmaster 22 tundi tagasi
Ok now do it in the nether
Fruity Flames
Fruity Flames Päev tagasi
Lets give it up for stress am I right
The Mobile Gamer
The Mobile Gamer Päev tagasi
I once managed to get a 9 piecer. I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible but it happened.
liamburke500 Päev tagasi
Next Episode : So Ummmm I Didn’t Save The World.
Giguana TGH
Giguana TGH Päev tagasi
6.99 subs
joshua2010660 Päev tagasi
i give up mining after 10 minutes
Maroł Päev tagasi
Absolute *wink wink* dream team saved me
Esita Matu
Esita Matu Päev tagasi
How r there 2 ytras
zoop Päev tagasi
Now do it in the Nether
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Päev tagasi
12 hours in 13 minutes
Ewan McCorkell
Ewan McCorkell Päev tagasi
He should do this in the nether to hang netherite from his trees
Patrik Neuman
Patrik Neuman 2 päeva tagasi
Now 6 hours but i the nether
Jamieson Wilson
Jamieson Wilson 2 päeva tagasi
100000 likes and Mumbo has to do 24hrs of mining
• Kiwi Love •
• Kiwi Love • 2 päeva tagasi
Im just enjoying watching the cobblestone and diorite despawn in timelapse
Symplify HD
Symplify HD 2 päeva tagasi
this is gonna make the hermitcraft server over inflated lol
Andrew Ramirez
Andrew Ramirez 2 päeva tagasi
what y level are you at?
WOLF POLYCOT 3 päeva tagasi
Now he needs to do a 12 hour mining in the nether
Alice Walters
Alice Walters 3 päeva tagasi
No wonder they call it Hermit craft
cubiks 2.0
cubiks 2.0 3 päeva tagasi
Next do a 24hr mining session
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 päeva tagasi
This is great but Grian once got 3 stacks of diamond blocks by taking your mustache away
Lewis Bond
Lewis Bond 3 päeva tagasi
Who would have thought aye? The longer you mine the more resources you get. Madness.
Snarks _
Snarks _ 3 päeva tagasi
"On deary me, I'm on fire" MumboJumbo said Calmly as lava poured into his mine shaft.
Fenna van Krimpen
Fenna van Krimpen 4 päeva tagasi
7:47 Random eye of ender😂
YOUNES BENGHAFFOR 4 päeva tagasi
i actually thought i was going to watch 12 hours of mining
quihlz 4 päeva tagasi
oh deary me im on fire
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 4 päeva tagasi
When iskall arrived with his shulker box he looked like a professional “lava rescue person”, idk y but that’s what he reminded me of lol
George Porras
George Porras 4 päeva tagasi
Who ever was wearing headphones when the ender man part happened I feel your pain
AMV tunes
AMV tunes 5 päeva tagasi
Why is mumbo buying enchanted book when he can just trade in his villager trading hall
Ryan Tang
Ryan Tang 5 päeva tagasi
Executive Cheese
Executive Cheese 5 päeva tagasi
Hey Mumbo, what enchantments do you have on that Pickaxe? I was thinking of trying this out myself
YBSIZZ 5 päeva tagasi
I had found a 10 vein before
meahesam 5 päeva tagasi
Godly_Gamerz13 5 päeva tagasi
He should put his diamond armor back on
Hyperr 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: I've played minecraft for 12 hours in the past, but I've always been doing something creative with it Also Mumbo: Places 90,000 repeaters then stares at a redstone lamp for 10 hours
GD Danny
GD Danny 5 päeva tagasi
when my sibling walks in 3:40
broe5010 broe5010
broe5010 broe5010 6 päeva tagasi
How can he still see?
broe5010 broe5010
broe5010 broe5010 6 päeva tagasi
Me: Happy with 3 diamonds. Jumbo: Will 16 stacks be okay?
Milk Man
Milk Man 6 päeva tagasi
Me and my friends had just a normal casual Minecraft server and I had 51 diamonds and I thought it was a lot......
Reaction Meme
Reaction Meme 6 päeva tagasi
Poor editor
Denis Sauer
Denis Sauer 6 päeva tagasi
If you dont lose your minde youshould be happy
Akmal Primulya
Akmal Primulya 6 päeva tagasi
Did you see the iron that dropped drom that zombie on 11:47
Noah Adby
Noah Adby 6 päeva tagasi
Try mine 12 hours for netherite
TheNoobKing YT
TheNoobKing YT 6 päeva tagasi
Episode 6 - I got Good!
Raadhike Sharma
Raadhike Sharma 6 päeva tagasi
I love the fact that normal people when seeing silverfish would curse their hearts out whereas Mumbo says,"I WISH YOU ILL!!!"
Znoequeen Valentin
Znoequeen Valentin 6 päeva tagasi
I wish I cld join the hermitcraft server but I don't have a pc n i think I suck at buildin😂
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 6 päeva tagasi
Ah yes... JOY OF LABOR
Harun Sami
Harun Sami 6 päeva tagasi
I'm sorry is this whole I'm too lazy to understand
bigshady680 6 päeva tagasi
honestly getting rid of the notch apple recipe was the worst change imo
Kara Bzdusek
Kara Bzdusek 6 päeva tagasi
I think that it was a cool idea to mine for 12 hours but it was a like ten to twenty min video
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 6 päeva tagasi
RHYang 6 päeva tagasi
Cool, do 24 next lol
Phantom to the Beat
Phantom to the Beat 7 päeva tagasi
Everybody: OH WOW 5 diamonds I’m RICH!!!! Mumbo: 16 stacks of diamonds, not terrible. Is it just me or are the rest of us kinda broke In Minecraft. ;-;
David Barlow
David Barlow 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo: Opening chest mumbo skull: interesting
Abda Original
Abda Original 7 päeva tagasi
this nooob didnt mine for netherite (also netherite should be a higher level currency
drawing.kitty12 7 päeva tagasi
How did you put that diamonds up in the trees like that?!
Slipkiffy 8 päeva tagasi
hypixel skyblock players: easyyyy
Revanth Vesam
Revanth Vesam 8 päeva tagasi
who is watching now!
Masterfinance 8 päeva tagasi
me: 5 diamonds in 12 hours
Jack Hanley
Jack Hanley 8 päeva tagasi
When mumbo was about to open the double chest of resources I got the stop it get some help add
Bexleigh Allison
Bexleigh Allison 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo first hermicraft season 7 episode: 6 diamonds that's pretty decent! Mumbo now: Only 4 stacks i was expecting more
Hayden Sings Songs
Hayden Sings Songs 8 päeva tagasi
12 hours mining 2??
Ishaan Khanuja
Ishaan Khanuja 9 päeva tagasi
He accedently left hermicraft IP address if you see closely it says hermicraft .com
mc _ dub
mc _ dub 9 päeva tagasi
"ooo~ ooo-ooo-ooooooo" - mumbo
Panfil Angelov
Panfil Angelov 9 päeva tagasi
Wow class👍😻
MA205 Gaming
MA205 Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Big noobatfortnite
Big noobatfortnite 9 päeva tagasi
3:58 Your friend is here.
Bouboule 9 päeva tagasi
This mine looks comfy, idk how to explain
chare animator
chare animator 9 päeva tagasi
You are very bad at mining
Screen Name
Screen Name 10 päeva tagasi
2 words: Diamond Beacon!
Terrible Terror
Terrible Terror 10 päeva tagasi
12 hours in 13 min 42 second video. *BIG BRAIN MATHS*
Dubble You
Dubble You 10 päeva tagasi
"it's fun in an i-dont-really-have-to-think-about-this way" EEpost in a nutshell
Gregdabrat 9 päeva tagasi
Jimmy John
Jimmy John 10 päeva tagasi
quote from mumbo jumbo "Dearie me I'm on fire''
David Green
David Green 10 päeva tagasi
You should make a diamond beacon
Benalbert11 11 päeva tagasi
now its time to do it with netherite
Parsival 11 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Mumbo: I see reality as minecraft and minecraft as reality. Me: Oh, reality is reality?
HorrizonLP 11 päeva tagasi
What kind of boxes are those?
Friska_ 11 päeva tagasi
MUMBO if you don’t wear your elytra all the time, but bring a chestplate with you and wear it when doing dangerous stuff like this, you can literally swim in lava for fun.
*TL* 11 päeva tagasi
What about 24 hours of mining...
JT Football
JT Football 11 päeva tagasi
Oh deary me I'm on fire is the most British reaction ever😂
Viper 11 päeva tagasi
Just wow
Alexander Dewar
Alexander Dewar 12 päeva tagasi
16 Dimond stack that's not bad bro how, how does he do all this
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen 12 päeva tagasi
another 12h mine
Leonardo 12 päeva tagasi
Cool, now do it in the nether.
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Is there any more horrible sound than enderman? Me: Yes, it is cave sounds before 1.17
RenaeLoves Pugs
RenaeLoves Pugs 12 päeva tagasi
Hey guys welcome to counting with MUMBOJUMBO WHOO
Kaaleo Keohokalole
Kaaleo Keohokalole 12 päeva tagasi
mumbos favorite ore redstone,my sisters favorite ore gold, my favorite ore dont have one
Legendary_Legend456 12 päeva tagasi
3:57 that was so innocent 🥺
Lissy Rose Music
Lissy Rose Music 12 päeva tagasi
The rescue mission was so wholesome ahahahaha
Aldo Hilpert
Aldo Hilpert 13 päeva tagasi
i got 23 stacks of diamonds
Sameera Sayers
Sameera Sayers 13 päeva tagasi
"I wish you I'll. Oh Deary me I'm on fire."-Mumbo Jumbo I laughed toooooo hard
Zayan Gaming
Zayan Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: call the firefighters firefighters: don't worry we are here firefighters: I died call another one
MotionLs FN
MotionLs FN 13 päeva tagasi
lol, imagine if mumbo jumbo is drunk, actually let me tell you Mumbo: is there any more of that diamond I need to build a sorter for my drinks
AustinAgaming 13 päeva tagasi
During binge watching all of hermit craft s7 right now, honestly thought this was a regular episode until he mentioned hermitcraft amd telling me to watch it by name
Sorrow NoobiePlayz
Sorrow NoobiePlayz 14 päeva tagasi
When face reveal?
Sameera Sayers
Sameera Sayers 13 päeva tagasi
Just look him up on Google
mingyu Xiang
mingyu Xiang 14 päeva tagasi
I thought this is a video 12-hour long
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