Making the Best Vault in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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I love Minecraft vaults! I have built a lot of Minecraft vaults, but this is the best Minecraft vault I have ever built. It involves Minecraft self building bridges, Minecraft Piston vault doors, Minecraft combination locks, Minecraft security systems and more! This is the most secure Minecraft vault I have built, and is definitely a very cool looking build. I refer to it as the Minecraft safe house of Minecraft vaults... So a Minecraft safe vault.
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Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Hunter Lynk
Hunter Lynk 13 tundi tagasi
"YoU cAn JuSt BrEaK tHe GlAsS" You could literally break any block in this build except the bedrock, which the bedrock on covers redstone. Soooo what's your point?
Ilan Asim Luthfy
Ilan Asim Luthfy 16 tundi tagasi
I like vaults
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 17 tundi tagasi
World download? Lol
Lukáš Márer
Lukáš Márer Päev tagasi
You actuali can get bedrock in survival its just hsrd searchit on youtube for tuturial
Randomness Päev tagasi
the vault is more valuble than the contents within
TheCreatorrr Päev tagasi
You can drop tnt before entering the death chamber and pick it up after respawning
Liyi for me
Liyi for me Päev tagasi
Thief been like : 0:00
Jendrik Mikuszeit
Jendrik Mikuszeit Päev tagasi
How do you want to put anything in there?!?
Dumb Stuff
Dumb Stuff 2 päeva tagasi
Wait- impulses knows how to break bedrock? Maybe you could kinda do this. At least you could make the drop to the void? Hire him to break a hole into the void by removing a curtain amount of bedrock if he can do that in the overworld
Remixes For Life
Remixes For Life 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is so funny he just made my day
Mum to Son
Mum to Son 2 päeva tagasi
peapol on cs go trowing granade glass will be ryght back
EdMaster 3 päeva tagasi
Map download??????? looks fun to try break in.
Tomi Ivaswort
Tomi Ivaswort 3 päeva tagasi
Mambo if it didn't worked: :-) :-| :-( :-c >:-( Mambo but it worked: :-) :-| :-( ... :-D
Mark Aspden
Mark Aspden 3 päeva tagasi
What about filtering items that you want to take into the vault
Mark Aspden
Mark Aspden 3 päeva tagasi
Rayz works did it
Mark Aspden
Mark Aspden 3 päeva tagasi
Great! Did you know that bedrock is possible to get in survival?
Yuan Manfred lego tutorials
Yuan Manfred lego tutorials 3 päeva tagasi
the only thing i hate in minecraft is 'redstone'
Jamie Ford
Jamie Ford 4 päeva tagasi
If u lose all your items how do u put anything in the vault?
Mason Bowman
Mason Bowman 5 päeva tagasi
I can’t believe you didn’t put boats and hoes in the chest :/
Jonathan Botma
Jonathan Botma 5 päeva tagasi
You can destroy the bedrock at the bottom in survival but you can't build those bedrock in survival
Kutoban Ch.
Kutoban Ch. 5 päeva tagasi
6.96 million subscribers. n i c e
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 6 päeva tagasi
The ad before the video was about safes. Lol
logan quiring
logan quiring 6 päeva tagasi
can you give a tutorial for the circuitry here or send me some step by steps, please?
RoBoDuDe 4 päeva tagasi
CERBIUS DECRYPT 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine doing all this then finding out about ender chests
Agent OO7
Agent OO7 6 päeva tagasi
hez a biggie brain
nonothenono 6 päeva tagasi
Why is it called redstone but all you use is honey and pistons
Juan Alfonso Perez Estupinan
Juan Alfonso Perez Estupinan 6 päeva tagasi
Wow, so cool! Cries in bedrock edition
Nick van de Peppel
Nick van de Peppel 7 päeva tagasi
"And if you did comnent that, congratulations, you're now a member of the Single Braincell Squad" Can't say I disagree with that one, but shit that's an amazibg way to say it LMFAO
Reece villani
Reece villani 7 päeva tagasi
What happens if they have that Fruit that lets you teleport randomly could they get into the vault from the top then
Reece villani
Reece villani 7 päeva tagasi
You just drop it item on the bed so when you die you responding collect that item but I'm assuming their guards that would stop that
Ihan Wafi
Ihan Wafi 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo: you have to die to clear your inventory to get in to the vault A minecraft noob who plays minecraft hardcore: ok let me build A minecraft noob who plays minecraft hardcore goes in the death chamber: OH NOOO this is a hardcore wooorld
AmusedRed Gaming
AmusedRed Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
I also love vaults (aka piston doors)
Qaysar Faizal
Qaysar Faizal 9 päeva tagasi
NGL I don't know how to use /cut and /fill comment in minecraft
DANIAL CHAN 9 päeva tagasi
Make the vault not bed rock make it possible to make it
Nejc Bedenik
Nejc Bedenik 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo redstone IQ10000000000000000000000 My IQ -10000000000000000000000
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer 10 päeva tagasi
Can Özgören
Can Özgören 10 päeva tagasi
İs it ok that you send the world Mumbo
Anthony Giunta
Anthony Giunta 10 päeva tagasi
i thought the chests were gonna be boats and hoes :( i miss that
Sipherion Gaming
Sipherion Gaming 10 päeva tagasi
What if two people go into the vault and one person stands with all the TNT and the other kills themself. Then they break in.
logan McCoy
logan McCoy 10 päeva tagasi
Does this work on bed rock??
ThatGermanGuy 4_20
ThatGermanGuy 4_20 10 päeva tagasi
sorry but what would be in the vault if u cant carry anything in there with you?
Spicy Ramen Gaming
Spicy Ramen Gaming 11 päeva tagasi
BuT mUmBo ThE BuBbLe ArOuNd ThE vAuLt Is MaDe Of GlAsS
Angela May
Angela May 11 päeva tagasi
Who else thought of something dirty at 10:09
Muffed. 11 päeva tagasi
Daryl Gamez
Daryl Gamez 11 päeva tagasi
Do a tutorial on more. Vaults please I rlly want a new good 1 and your my inspiration
Mads Emil Smed Holmgaard
Mads Emil Smed Holmgaard 11 päeva tagasi
Can you show how the mecanism works?
Tom Robb
Tom Robb 11 päeva tagasi
Ha ha ha
William Andrews
William Andrews 12 päeva tagasi
Have your id card inside of a ender chest
Jax 21
Jax 21 12 päeva tagasi
Me writing “you can break the glass” just to be in the single brain cell squad 😬
Logan Carter
Logan Carter 12 päeva tagasi
Dream could make it across the void jump cause the 5 block jump is possible, your books aren’t safe
engineer gaming,
engineer gaming, 12 päeva tagasi
I wish there was a tutorial to do this that showed you how to make it in diteal to copy this or make some changes because i would love this to be in my world im gona try but doing it based off of the small amount of info we are given will be tricky
engineer gaming,
engineer gaming, 11 päeva tagasi
I made the base of the strucer now the hardrd part, redstone
Tux1965 12 päeva tagasi
“I always just cram to much in a small area” - Mumbo Jumbo apologizing to his wife in bed
Abigail Kunstek
Abigail Kunstek 12 päeva tagasi
It might have looked better if you made the glass black stained glass.
Matis Descoteaux
Matis Descoteaux 12 päeva tagasi
rlly nice as a vault
harrison hughes
harrison hughes 12 päeva tagasi
I love your vaults but could you do a step by step turtorial video of the main piston extender and bridge where the bridge opens the door
Reddopo 13 päeva tagasi
Y don u make that for persific coins thing
NOT.WINT3RZ 13 päeva tagasi
When mumbo makes red stone he does it so easily while my brain is exploding
Random Hyderabadi
Random Hyderabadi 5 päeva tagasi
@Kyra-Pie Sunshine yes
Kyra-Pie Sunshine
Kyra-Pie Sunshine 5 päeva tagasi
@Random Hyderabadi Really??
Random Hyderabadi
Random Hyderabadi 6 päeva tagasi
Well he did practice fpr 10 years lol
Kyra-Pie Sunshine
Kyra-Pie Sunshine 11 päeva tagasi
Htoo Myat Min Oo
Htoo Myat Min Oo 11 päeva tagasi
That always happing to me
DotElixir 13 päeva tagasi
Like You make the best vault. You are saying it's the best vault we're like believing ya! but atleast lets us learn your Redstone let us download this God vault or make it available for fans only no EEpostrs with your keycard cause they will have to plug your channel or just tweet me the download I'm no EEpostr but I will tell ya a saying: "I don't care if people steal my idea" "I care they don't have one " By Albert Einstien and may inventors.
Slime Velince
Slime Velince 14 päeva tagasi
You beautiful genius.
Ivanthi Jayasundara
Ivanthi Jayasundara 14 päeva tagasi
Yo you can brake the glass
sebastian dalsgaard
sebastian dalsgaard 14 päeva tagasi
Could you make a tutorial for this since it works 1.16.4
Nipun Mittal
Nipun Mittal 14 päeva tagasi
I love vaults and I want to suggest for the glass chamber you could wrap the whole red stone circuit around it (some area for gate, some for door i mean random areas with red stone wire of random mechanism) so that if someone breaks a glass the other mechanisms wouldn't work
SkullZD AU
SkullZD AU 14 päeva tagasi
I think it would have been better if you positioned the bed in a certain way that when you died you would just spawn on the other side of the wall
MR. HIPPOE 15 päeva tagasi
WHY does Dreams vault look so similar to this
zeb on beeswarm
zeb on beeswarm 15 päeva tagasi
who is the fu**es hell would dislike? this is some great stuff bruh
Casino Camino
Casino Camino 15 päeva tagasi
Ik this probably won’t happen but I really would love if I could learn how to do cool things like this because I’ve always been interested in red stone but was never good at it
Lebron James
Lebron James 15 päeva tagasi
Can I be part of the single brain cell squad!
NikiClashYT 15 päeva tagasi
Can you PLEASE give us a tutorial for the vault, it is AMAZING!!! (like if you agree)
Alex Polikrovsky
Alex Polikrovsky 15 päeva tagasi
Imagine if he leaked the hermit craft IP
ComeOnBär 15 päeva tagasi
puneet garg
puneet garg 15 päeva tagasi
Making a vault using most expensive thing in minecraft.
Alessandro Filippi
Alessandro Filippi 15 päeva tagasi
Me after seeing the inside of Mumbos vault: So no boats and hoes?
DoritoTime 16 päeva tagasi
Bedrock should be craftable with an extremely expensive recipe Something like 8 netherite blocks surrounding obsidian
Kovalan Kalamohan
Kovalan Kalamohan 16 päeva tagasi
Ha I got a vault door ad when I tapped on the video lol
L Dog
L Dog 16 päeva tagasi
You can break stone
Adam Cacaj
Adam Cacaj 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo saying that shouldn't be possible in survival Minecraft, at the same time raysworks has destroyed thousand upon thousands of bedrock blocks in survival and also obtained the bedrock item. He, and the prototech server can do that, everything is possible in Minecraft, literally every single thing.
MyNameIsJSY_ 16 päeva tagasi
where is the map download to get the Hermitcraft server ip...I mean, uhh...check the security system that is yeah haha...
MyNameIsJSY_ 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: creates an amazing sistem of maximum security Me an intellectual: Proceed to take some dirt and make a bridge, and get some free netherite blocks and end rods
Bo Warren
Bo Warren 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: this is not possible is survival Si craft: actually
GhostlyCoding 16 päeva tagasi
That vault is actually possible in survival. You would use bedrock breaking.
The One in the Middle Productions
The One in the Middle Productions 16 päeva tagasi
This dude is literally an expert in the secrets of redstone and I’m still trying to survive the nether.
Joycy Sumpi
Joycy Sumpi 16 päeva tagasi
12:28 wth is with the sound
Yay Cookie
Yay Cookie 16 päeva tagasi
If you use cheat items use the deny blocks so the glass is unbreakeble
Faqih Aldian Noor
Faqih Aldian Noor 16 päeva tagasi
Hmm.. When the vault is more expensive than the thing inside of it
Mohammed Yousuf Amin
Mohammed Yousuf Amin 16 päeva tagasi
When you realise that you can just put an Ender Chest and call it a day.
Mohammed Yousuf Amin
Mohammed Yousuf Amin 6 tundi tagasi
@Typhon But I haven't even seen that video!
Typhon 6 tundi tagasi
This is copied word for word from the top comment on his 10 second 1 minute ren minute video
A guy
A guy 17 tundi tagasi
Dats boring
spuddo 2 päeva tagasi
@Mohammed Yousuf Amin when he talked about the glass lol its called inferring
Mohammed Yousuf Amin
Mohammed Yousuf Amin 2 päeva tagasi
@spuddo WHEN?!
Remington Chambers
Remington Chambers 16 päeva tagasi
I looked up minecraft vaults and the first ten videos were all mumbo jumbo
Viboten 17 päeva tagasi
All of that is possible in survival, but it would be very hard.
Jmataions 17 päeva tagasi
I’m I the only one who thought it was a prison for the entire video until the end
Joseph Kakish
Joseph Kakish 17 päeva tagasi
fun fact in the old bedrock you can destroy only a few bedrock blocks
Crambo Mango
Crambo Mango 17 päeva tagasi
Why don’t you just break the glass
Brian Sary
Brian Sary 17 päeva tagasi
How about a vault above the nether, most survival players would never think to look there
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly 17 päeva tagasi
you can just break threw the class
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly 15 päeva tagasi
and the reason i said what he wanted ppl not to say because i thought it would be funny
Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly 15 päeva tagasi
ik dude i'm just a big fam of Dream
ReDrew 16 päeva tagasi
fake dream. #RIP
Fortnite Hacker
Fortnite Hacker 17 päeva tagasi
You can break the glass
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel 17 päeva tagasi
We're my 0 brain cell gang at #0braincell
SumBuddha 17 päeva tagasi
The words Mumbo Jumbo and Vault need to social distance 😅😂
Alex Blackburn
Alex Blackburn 17 päeva tagasi
Put it on 2b2t near spawn and see how long it last
Master Gaming
Master Gaming 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbo can we have a download off this world i really like the vault i want it pls lemme download it
alline souza
alline souza 17 päeva tagasi
This video is basically me being one of those parents who doesn’t understand what their kid is happy about but is happy for them
hylogibbon 18 päeva tagasi
You actually COULD create a void trap like that in normal survival. There are ways to use redstone pistons to remove bedrock blocks. You'd just have to go through the long process of setting up the redstone contraption for each bedrock block you destroy.
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