I Made a Piston Castle in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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This Mumbo Redstone build is a massive redstone castle with working self building Minecraft bridge, giant redstone castle gate, redstone throne and more. This Minecraft castle mini mega build (is that even a thing?) is definitely my dream house in Minecraft!
Some links that you should give your attention to. I cannot speak from a place of experience, and it is very rare that I would reference world events, but I can't stay silent on this one. In these links is a small amount of information on the case of George Floyd, as well as a handful of links to donate to positive causes.
Information: www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52861726
Campaign/Information: colorofchange.org/
Donation links:
George Floyd: www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd
BLM: secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019
Stephen Lawrence Fund: www.stephenlawrence.org.uk/support-us/donate/
The Bail project: secure.givelively.org/donate/the-bail-project
Movement for black lives: m4bl.org/
World Download: www.mediafire.com/file/x0mrln72r7y7l1j/MC_castle_%2810%29.zip/file
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Crystalskull284 Päev tagasi
What version of Minecraft is this?
JakeW Päev tagasi
6:48 i am a little bit hurt ngl
Owen Marano
Owen Marano 2 päeva tagasi
Dang he forgot an armor equipping station with chain mail and sword for kinghts
DrooblesGamer 3 päeva tagasi
my name is jimmy (no its not)
Silent Note
Silent Note 4 päeva tagasi
F in the comments for all the jimmy's
Robbie’s Everything guo
Robbie’s Everything guo 6 päeva tagasi
Jimmy /mr beast
Wyatt Ehrhardt
Wyatt Ehrhardt 7 päeva tagasi
It would have been even cooler if he built a redstone spiral staircase
Officially Random
Officially Random 8 päeva tagasi
Next: I Made a Piston Helicarrier in Minecraft
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin 8 päeva tagasi
3 year old me: 4:06 ....kar
Sinister Omen
Sinister Omen 8 päeva tagasi
Wtf is that draw bridge
Jack Nixon
Jack Nixon 10 päeva tagasi
Poor Jimmy
Gus Davis
Gus Davis 10 päeva tagasi
you should become a NASA engineer
Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox
Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox 11 päeva tagasi
The castle looks like a level 89 grians work Btw your building has improveded
Lazerface800 Schmitt
Lazerface800 Schmitt 12 päeva tagasi
Make a red stone mote
Andreja Gradišek
Andreja Gradišek 12 päeva tagasi
6:46 yeah but what uf yimmy presses the button
Advik Karthisathasivan
Advik Karthisathasivan 13 päeva tagasi
Insult to mrbeast
Conrad Colon
Conrad Colon 14 päeva tagasi
rip jimmy
alec nicolis
alec nicolis 14 päeva tagasi
This is the sickest thing EVER!!!
Sharon Sia
Sharon Sia 14 päeva tagasi
3x4=12 4x3=12 12 divided by 3=4 12 divided by 4=3
Ganiztohe 15 päeva tagasi
King mumbo: we have got a bed, and a little bit of space to wirk with hair Also mumbo: thats not a mispronounciation, thats just how kings say here
Gilli Sagiv
Gilli Sagiv 16 päeva tagasi
you can build a redstone train?
Sanjeev Parasher
Sanjeev Parasher 16 päeva tagasi
No it's not the greatest thing in the world
OriginalRandom 17 päeva tagasi
Ashwin SWAMY
Ashwin SWAMY 18 päeva tagasi
jimmy as in Mr Beast
Zach Attack
Zach Attack 19 päeva tagasi
How do you close it from the inside?
Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith 20 päeva tagasi
Dike Ojuwku
Dike Ojuwku 20 päeva tagasi
imagine living in a place with queens and kings(IDK if the england has a king), and say i will vote for them(heck, I don't know if he is from england
Dragon man Sneaker creeper
Dragon man Sneaker creeper 21 päev tagasi
How do you do these things and say, “It’s really quiet simple” yet my redstone is just pillager torcher dungeons?
Tyler Levi Silk de la Pena
Tyler Levi Silk de la Pena 21 päev tagasi
mumbo: horses are useless also mumbo: makes contraption to move up 2 blocks
Ohad Sagi
Ohad Sagi 21 päev tagasi
I'd love to think that a king, a member of the royal family, gets up onto his second floor on a trampoline...
Ds k
Ds k 21 päev tagasi
double bed for queen
Ujjwal Gorain
Ujjwal Gorain 22 päeva tagasi
Me from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Henry McLean
Henry McLean 23 päeva tagasi
How do you get out?
Autrury Playz
Autrury Playz 23 päeva tagasi
MrBeast is fuming right now
Sanne de Heer
Sanne de Heer 23 päeva tagasi
It would be so cool if mumbo made a hidden basement under that castle
Karotten Steak
Karotten Steak 23 päeva tagasi
whats with the bridge design?
Derek Destruction
Derek Destruction 25 päeva tagasi
Bet you could make a castle pop up out of the ground, that would be cool to see
ranky man
ranky man 25 päeva tagasi
Mumbo has got a bright point about a castle being the dream house, I want to make this drawbridge and castle gate just like that on my world
Yousif Estephwddwzqan
Yousif Estephwddwzqan 26 päeva tagasi
GamingBananaPlayz 26 päeva tagasi
No one likes Jimmy *sad mrbeast noises*
Henry Mullin
Henry Mullin 27 päeva tagasi
What's your problem with mrbeast? What if he wanted to give you 10k to enter that base?
Freedom Phoenix Goat
Freedom Phoenix Goat 27 päeva tagasi
Mixing different textures is great... but next step is to know were to use it. Hallius to see everything being mixed to no end, what even is that drawbridge? XD
Ezbruh 28 päeva tagasi
One creeper near the red stone and it’s all over
RK GAMING YT 28 päeva tagasi
Me:I'm don't know to do this redstone thing Mumbo jumbo: I know to do this redstone thing
Robbie Simon
Robbie Simon 28 päeva tagasi
I love how he could've just used the bottom flying machines to open and close lol
Rasco YouTube
Rasco YouTube 29 päeva tagasi
5:41 Brrrrrr
Zachary Li
Zachary Li Місяць tagasi
Yes I wake up wanting to build a castle, but I get stuck on my block choice. Also, I suck at building.
Rex Junior
Rex Junior Місяць tagasi
What do you play on. I’m convinced red stone works different on Java.
Jamunapani naik
Jamunapani naik Місяць tagasi
I Think You is redstone king
Josiah Pace
Josiah Pace Місяць tagasi
How many times does mumbo have a favorite redstone conntraption?
epiclyawesomesauce Місяць tagasi
Jimmy? I think you mean Tommy
Rats State
Rats State Місяць tagasi
What do the honey blocks do why don’t you just use slime blocks?
The BT Gamer
The BT Gamer Місяць tagasi
Donkeys are better. You can put a chest on them.
Mr Goodgamer
Mr Goodgamer Місяць tagasi
YT BackOnFlowers
YT BackOnFlowers Місяць tagasi
you should make a Piston Castle 100% hidden, you need to press lavels/buttons for the castle to show up from the ground
doomstone 877
doomstone 877 Місяць tagasi
ok then did not see this coming
Ian Shrout
Ian Shrout Місяць tagasi
Dont put those links in #getwokegobroke
skangusland Місяць tagasi
I am only making automatic farms and small flying Machines
skangusland Місяць tagasi
How do you make these things?🤔
Marie Brown
Marie Brown Місяць tagasi
Camden Neth
Camden Neth Місяць tagasi
Can we call grian jimmy
Victor Scheffers
Victor Scheffers Місяць tagasi
7:10 exactly when mumbo said 'Jimmy is anoing.' I got an ad about someone called Jimmy😂
Apoorv Jamdade
Apoorv Jamdade Місяць tagasi
how did u build the retractable door and bridge imma mesmerised like u do impossible for me
James Corlett
James Corlett Місяць tagasi
"King mumbo" whom areth thoeth thine king of
Master Bricks
Master Bricks Місяць tagasi
does the throne remind anyone of a monkey head
Nick Topinopolis
Nick Topinopolis Місяць tagasi
put a lava pool on the roof and you got a Clash of Clans Town Hall 11.
Owen Dorsten
Owen Dorsten Місяць tagasi
Cristian Birlanescu
Cristian Birlanescu Місяць tagasi
If I could travel back in time - I would find Mumbo from the past and tell him “in the future you will make self making fling machine machines and and self making nether lava bridging machines” just to see his how high his voice can go.
Ivar Kleber
Ivar Kleber Місяць tagasi
is there a tutorial for the castle gate?
Fidel Peters
Fidel Peters Місяць tagasi
GRAYSON NAGY Місяць tagasi
mumbo does building :)
Drockier Місяць tagasi
i went to school with jimmy nobody liked him.
Mercy Місяць tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo: Nobody likes Jimmy Mr Beast: 😥
bro's of gaming
bro's of gaming Місяць tagasi
i like you what ur doing keep up the good dtuf
Debbie C
Debbie C Місяць tagasi
How do you get out
Forttroth Gamer
Forttroth Gamer Місяць tagasi
This guys is a minecraft engineer
kotmBMGO Місяць tagasi
7:00 mumbo teasing mrbeast
Owen Alberter
Owen Alberter Місяць tagasi
Who agrees he is just a good EEpost. He does red stone, and just minecraft.
Aahan Verma
Aahan Verma Місяць tagasi
Haris Baig
Haris Baig Місяць tagasi
uumm bigger castle pls otherwise awsome
Wertsir Місяць tagasi
Imagine being Jimmy. First Mumbo says he nobody likes you and builds a red stone contraption to keep you away, then he forgets you even exist.
Animo Facts
Animo Facts Місяць tagasi
No it is not
turnip man
turnip man Місяць tagasi
mumbo jumbo climaxes 10 times in one episode because of redstone
Your daily dose of cringe Vloggs
Your daily dose of cringe Vloggs Місяць tagasi
9:16 we just not gonna notice that?
SorbetCitron Місяць tagasi
congratulations ! with the barrels and the horse inside the throne room, the slime block elevators leading directly to the bedroom and the massive gates, you are now the king of loneliness !
Rakib anni
Rakib anni Місяць tagasi
You're not good at building grian is the best builder look what she build on hermit craft
Sto Sen
Sto Sen 2 місяці tagasi
Is it just me or is that bridge a tripping hazard?
kai to
kai to 2 місяці tagasi
kid named jimmy watching this ._.
Daenor 2 місяці tagasi
LEAVE THE BUILDING TO GRIAN THAT DRAW BRIDGE IS HORRENDOUS, unless your an orc, that looks like an orc made it
Dylan Shaw
Dylan Shaw 2 місяці tagasi
Dwarv 2 місяці tagasi
5:22 thats what you say now....
Sondrex76 2 місяці tagasi
something for a castle: MACHICOLATIONS!
Billy Bellass
Billy Bellass 2 місяці tagasi
hey mumbo i have your mustache in shell shockers and my name is mumbo jumbo
Jake 2 місяці tagasi
he was referring to mrbeast
li zeng
li zeng 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo doing crazy redstone me still figuring out how to use a repeater
antsandreas 2 місяці tagasi
mega cool video
Vera Sinha
Vera Sinha 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine not having an armor equipping stand in a castle
Michael Dewbery
Michael Dewbery 2 місяці tagasi
i bet he will say that the next redstone thing will be his fav
Roasty Toasty
Roasty Toasty 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine forgetting an armour dispenser
James Gray
James Gray 2 місяці tagasi
"i'm gonna build a reverse portcullis!" *builds a totally normal portcullis* sry if someone already said this.
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