I Made a SUPERHERO Piston House in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo builds up a superhero headquarters in Minecraft. Definitely inspired by certain famous superhero houses (Minecraft batcave, and Minecraft iron man house were the original ideas for this video!), this Minecraft piston house is filled with redstone contraptions. Large piston doors, slimeblock flying machines, Minecraft radars and all sorts.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

alphonsa bibin
alphonsa bibin 14 tundi tagasi
Look i like it make more 👍 👌 👍 👌
Imhotep Davis
Imhotep Davis Päev tagasi
How’s the rocket coming back down 😂
syedquafshat Päev tagasi
Batman has a bed its in animated series
Emilyrose Ella
Emilyrose Ella Päev tagasi
Him: what makes a great superhero? Me: the ability to wear underwear on the out side!🥳😂
Minimist16 2 päeva tagasi
I was commenting about Batman's bed, just as he started talking about how he would be getting some comments about it. XD
DuckTato 3 päeva tagasi
“Oh ya I’m building a rocket”
Pokémon Tips
Pokémon Tips 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah it’s called a radar
DC Tancred
DC Tancred 4 päeva tagasi
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT 4 päeva tagasi
mumbo: adds radar me: like radar as in detects everything including ur poop inside your body!
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 4 päeva tagasi
If mumbo was a super hero his power would be intelligence of redstone! XD
Galaxy_Y T
Galaxy_Y T 4 päeva tagasi
The rocket should have exploded when it got to the top
TheEverythingBoyz3 5 päeva tagasi
That House was awesome
Not an Epic Gamer
Not an Epic Gamer 5 päeva tagasi
X Æ A-12's first week on earth 11:53
Charlie Haslam
Charlie Haslam 5 päeva tagasi
In all the dark knight films you can see Batmans bed
DW pet shelter
DW pet shelter 5 päeva tagasi
Hello how are you
DW pet shelter
DW pet shelter 5 päeva tagasi
Piston: no Sticky piston: *Yes* Sticky piston
Quinn MacEwen
Quinn MacEwen 6 päeva tagasi
Brooke Hamel
Brooke Hamel 6 päeva tagasi
The door= made of iron and scanning machine Bad guys= *casually just breaks the window beside it*
Exslay 6 päeva tagasi
Can anybody send me a link or something to teach me how to do that elevator thing in front of the door please?
Dillon M
Dillon M 7 päeva tagasi
Grain built it right
Rosalie York
Rosalie York 7 päeva tagasi
The rover has become the center of the radar
GrocelotGame 7 päeva tagasi
at 11:05 he dosent notice that the radar is broken
Trunkai -
Trunkai - 8 päeva tagasi
Can you make it so we can download these worlds?
Vihaan Chamiraju
Vihaan Chamiraju 8 päeva tagasi
7:37 that is a radar scanner
Morris creed
Morris creed 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo will stop the bad guys with the power of walking houses
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE 8 päeva tagasi
ur minecraft character is so spoiled
FAYR 9 päeva tagasi
I think he made a super villian house more than a superhero one
Aaron Mackay
Aaron Mackay 9 päeva tagasi
I want the seed and location
Ethan Weissman
Ethan Weissman 9 päeva tagasi
You made the note blocks a tritone, that's why it's so grating :)
Challia Fannin
Challia Fannin 11 päeva tagasi
Me and my best friend are making a movie ending for the podcast series we are making please go check it out the channel name is playstation gaming foxy so please check it out imma shut up now
Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox
Sebastian Lai and Seb Plays Roblox 12 päeva tagasi
Try making a dance game like with lights that go down then step on the pressure plate that is under the lights or get blown up
CH40S GODZ 12 päeva tagasi
mumbo's super power is waiting for someone to loose focus then build a rocket
Filipeanospy10 12 päeva tagasi
It’s called a sonare
Ashuraa kingg
Ashuraa kingg 13 päeva tagasi
can i download this map?
Ryan Moncado
Ryan Moncado 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo I need a location and time. I want to roll with you no gi till submission. I am fifteen and live in the USA.
Dispenserman 14 päeva tagasi
What is this seed?
Leila love Bayun
Leila love Bayun 15 päeva tagasi
instead of studying math, I am trying to study redstone to impress my friends and looking back to mumbo's old videos plus bow tie man's tutorial is helping me so much
Corey Lochan
Corey Lochan 14 päeva tagasi
His really old videos are good to learn cause he was learning too
Ewan Meek
Ewan Meek 15 päeva tagasi
Björn Weckesser
Björn Weckesser 15 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: a superhero must have an awesome house Spider-man: Hold up
Neil Mukherjee
Neil Mukherjee 16 päeva tagasi
and here i thought he would make the switching crafting table thing except he would have items like his elytra in item frames
DJ Corrupt
DJ Corrupt 16 päeva tagasi
Mumber haas fat brayn 2:25 9:35
Chase Silvestri
Chase Silvestri 16 päeva tagasi
Me watching mumbos red stone: it’s beautiful Mumbo: no it sucks
Sam The Cook
Sam The Cook 17 päeva tagasi
who else thinks he asked grian to build the house for him.....?
Eric_Seo 20261133
Eric_Seo 20261133 18 päeva tagasi
How did u build the scanner and the sounds. That was sick
kumori 18 päeva tagasi
AU title: I struggle creating a superhero base with awesome redstone features that take 5 hours
Cream dougnut
Cream dougnut 18 päeva tagasi
Well I don’t think u see it in the movies but I saw it in the comics
Cream dougnut
Cream dougnut 18 päeva tagasi
In his bedroom in Wayne manor ovs 🤣🤣😂
Silly Sam gaming
Silly Sam gaming 20 päeva tagasi
Batman doesn’t sleep
Welsh Noah
Welsh Noah 20 päeva tagasi
Well, justice never sleeps
Pampa Das
Pampa Das 20 päeva tagasi
Please say slowly
Peter Tricks
Peter Tricks 21 päev tagasi
Try building a house with a nuke that works underneath or smth
KyleCrafty 21 päev tagasi
The rocket reminds me of the spaghetti monster from the game of life www.conwaylife.com/wiki/Spaghetti_monster
Saviss Mahmoudi
Saviss Mahmoudi 21 päev tagasi
He sleeps in his mansion, not his base
Viridxuzツ 22 päeva tagasi
Peter Parker doesn't have a house like that...
WOOLF 22 päeva tagasi
Well the base can be different depending on the super hero and the super hero’s powers
Cryptic_ Nuggets_
Cryptic_ Nuggets_ 22 päeva tagasi
Mumbo as a child: Mum look what I made. Mumbo's mum: walks into the living room "Oh sweetie it's amazing." The 70 rockets 13 elevators and redstone on wool blocks scattered across the room: Teeheehee wait for it 3... 2... 1... Mumbo's mum: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Mumbo and his inventions: HAHAHAHA!🤣🤣🤣
Big boi juice
Big boi juice 22 päeva tagasi
We need a tutorial
JAINAM BHAYANI 23 päeva tagasi
give this world download link plz
crazy madnes lol
crazy madnes lol 23 päeva tagasi
word of the year: "rockety"
Chiam HENG KUANG 24 päeva tagasi
Looks nice and cozy. I like these kinds of stuff.
Valued Monster
Valued Monster 25 päeva tagasi
When it’s done: not enough
Mr. Creeper 64
Mr. Creeper 64 25 päeva tagasi
What name would mumbo have if he was a superhero???
Mr. Creeper 64
Mr. Creeper 64 25 päeva tagasi
"superheroes don't have regular things that people have" Spider-Man: am I a joke to you
tony zhang
tony zhang 26 päeva tagasi
mumbo:this is the worst restone build ever! Us: what how he do dat
Kim Warner
Kim Warner 27 päeva tagasi
FoxPlay 27 päeva tagasi
Can we get the map to try it out?
Henry Wojtowicz
Henry Wojtowicz 28 päeva tagasi
bond, james bond.
bond, james bond. Місяць tagasi
You never see Batman’s bed because he sleeps in the batcaves attic, Bruce Wayne’s Mansion.
Nickyoungbull Місяць tagasi
Holy! What is that seed??
Stoners Dot Com
Stoners Dot Com Місяць tagasi
So anyone else realize him building this, it looks more like a super villains layer then a superhero house or is that just me?
Rowan Helman
Rowan Helman Місяць tagasi
bat man has a bed
Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson Місяць tagasi
you should do a mumbo struggling compilation😂😂
Green Fox
Green Fox Місяць tagasi
With the caves en cliffs you can make a radar.
Christine Місяць tagasi
What is the seed for this world?!
The BT Gamer
The BT Gamer Місяць tagasi
Iron Man has a bed. You can see it.
Judy Burtless-Buttery
Judy Burtless-Buttery Місяць tagasi
batman doesn't sleep in his cave he sleeps in wayne manor. sometimes. other times he stays up all night protecting gotham
PROkoli XD
PROkoli XD Місяць tagasi
Could you make a tutorial for this radar or could someone tell me how to build it?
Ava Badstubner
Ava Badstubner Місяць tagasi
Me: hoping he’ll redo it with skulk senors 🤞🏼
Stephanie Rowland
Stephanie Rowland Місяць tagasi
9:06 what the hell was that sound
Math SuperCat
Math SuperCat Місяць tagasi
6:53 *observer indeed*
Gusty Місяць tagasi
uH, aCtuALLy, bAtMaN's bEd cAn bE sEeN aT 46:50.13 iN tHe sEcOnD mOviE oF tHe dArK kNiGhT tRiLoGy. dUh.
NotSolo Місяць tagasi
Souptik Dam
Souptik Dam Місяць tagasi
Man i was expecting a equipment dispenser system
Wolf 122
Wolf 122 Місяць tagasi
How do you make the elevator thing?
Matthew Berry
Matthew Berry Місяць tagasi
bad billion comments part 1 with mumbo jumbo part 2 coming soon
lindelanj Ngesi
lindelanj Ngesi Місяць tagasi
Superman lives in a apartment and flash and spiderman
nathan balaoro
nathan balaoro Місяць tagasi
Mumbo the thing on the ships is a sonar
Shreyas Bhat
Shreyas Bhat Місяць tagasi
That Radar would actually work now with the introduction of sculk sensors.
Tristan Luck
Tristan Luck Місяць tagasi
its just radar
Team Scoles
Team Scoles Місяць tagasi
Bat man has a car, a BAT CAR?!! But how are you going to make it??!
Adam Redford
Adam Redford Місяць tagasi
Does anyone else watch this and wish they could acc do it
Panda Місяць tagasi
You should put fish in the pond you have in the house
Caos Gamer
Caos Gamer Місяць tagasi
Bruh it’s called a sonic radar.
he ho tickle my toe
he ho tickle my toe Місяць tagasi
should have added tnt to the rocket and a redstone block at build limit so it explodes
DOMINIC VIENS Місяць tagasi
He never sleeps Becuz crime and coffee
Logan De Lange
Logan De Lange Місяць tagasi
Bat man's bed is in the dark knight trelege
InfxniteSerx Місяць tagasi
Spider man living with his aunt: 😕
ResurrectedDoom2020 Місяць tagasi
Luke Dixon
Luke Dixon Місяць tagasi
can you add a download?
Kiendra Praditya
Kiendra Praditya Місяць tagasi
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