I Made a Nether Safe House in Minecraft 1.16

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Mumbo Jumbo

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A Minecraft Safe House is a redstone house that has been designed to protect the player/resources inside. The Minecraft 1.16 Nether update has provided us with a bunch of new Minecraft blocks and new minecraft features that allow a tonne of new possibilities for player traps, redstone weapons and base decorations.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

T Man
T Man Tund tagasi
Looks like a Clash of Clans base!!!🤣🤣
Nathan C
Nathan C Tund tagasi
Redstone can break past safe house I think?
alex zapata
alex zapata 4 tundi tagasi
I know I’m late to this video but you can just build a nether portal in the over world that lead exactly to the inside of the safe house
Helen Portlock
Helen Portlock 15 tundi tagasi
wow... wht if i got a couple stacks o' dirt......... or broke the wires......
Shrikes Strike
Shrikes Strike 15 tundi tagasi
"evil in a good way" lmao
Shrikes Strike
Shrikes Strike 15 tundi tagasi
I take it back "barry big (fire)balls" is the funniest quote in this video
Ilan Asim Luthfy
Ilan Asim Luthfy 17 tundi tagasi
My minecraft does not have a backup option.
It’s Jude Creighton
It’s Jude Creighton Päev tagasi
Pokemon Master3
Pokemon Master3 Päev tagasi
if you still have these worlds to this day you should make a video dedicated to testing how safe they are by trying to get into the
JK!! Päev tagasi
9:20 Yes I would If I fly through the tnt and land on top of the house I will be comp-letely fine
igruzu20extreme Päev tagasi
yes i would my equipment = level 30000 protection amor efficiency 300000 netherite pickaxem axe, shovel sharpness 30000 netherite sword come at me
Fynn Critchley
Fynn Critchley Päev tagasi
16:12 but then people can just enter through the overworld?
RandomGuy0400 Päev tagasi
Your back entrances/exits always scare me. I mean what if someone with fire resistance just swims down into the entrance. I prefer having all entrances equally secure. Or just having one entrance
RandomGuy0400 Päev tagasi
14:10 yeah, when you go thru a nether portal and there's no active portal on the other side... It just kinda... Makes a new one
RandomGuy0400 Päev tagasi
The problem with this, is that it's vulnerable to elytras. A player with an elytra could simply fly over the tnt duplicators, under the ghast turrets, and land on the roof, with a pickaxe ready to break in As for the chute, they could also, glide around the trap there Which is why I'd personally hide my base under the lava, with maybe 5 block thick walls that constantly repair themselves via cobblestone generator.
Penguin Boy
Penguin Boy 2 päeva tagasi
The ghast is not in the Mincart the mine cart is in the ghast
Not crazy But
Not crazy But 2 päeva tagasi
I can beat it just use Eyltra to come from up and skipping the tnt duplicator use fire works and high speed so ghast can't hit Land on his house break the roof and remove tnt cart And then use a tnt to destroy the Minecrat in the hole and then go in Note - use good armor and fire resistance it help if you by chance make a mistake.
Jannis Mueller
Jannis Mueller 2 päeva tagasi
i like the idea, that half of the defenses are bypassable with an elytra
Gold Richard
Gold Richard 2 päeva tagasi
imagine 1.17 safe house with sound detectors
Oscar is cool hello there #SubToBruhify
Oscar is cool hello there #SubToBruhify 2 päeva tagasi
8:15 ddint we all
Lexidius 3 päeva tagasi
rip headphone users
Georges Gaming World
Georges Gaming World 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine if Mojang added this to the game
just a guy
just a guy 3 päeva tagasi
9:15 Yes, I can just use ender pearls bruh
Umbryonyx Gaming
Umbryonyx Gaming 3 päeva tagasi
I want to watch technoblade and dream race to get into all of his bunkers and safehouses
Benjamin Sher
Benjamin Sher 3 päeva tagasi
Idk how i was unsubbed but I resubbed after dis one
Susan Elizabeth
Susan Elizabeth 4 päeva tagasi
i onestly would gou back to my house drop everything in my inventory into chest and go get blown up for the pure joy of the explosion
Aiden T
Aiden T 4 päeva tagasi
Check out Minecraft 2!
Alex Silverman
Alex Silverman 4 päeva tagasi
Lava lava as far as u can see
oro craft
oro craft 4 päeva tagasi
This is goooooooood
A Person
A Person 4 päeva tagasi
Why are half the comments just people saying iF I hAd aN eNdEr pEaRl
Daniel Mocanu
Daniel Mocanu 5 päeva tagasi
no i wont mes
Searchsword18 Covered
Searchsword18 Covered 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:Builds the safest house in minecraft Me:through a ender pearl and makes it in Mumbo:you weren't supposed to do that
Argyle Vargas
Argyle Vargas 5 päeva tagasi
Now this is what you call a nether fortress
Sydney Bales
Sydney Bales 5 päeva tagasi
Oh my goodness I have a dilemma. Whenever I watch youtubers with non-american accents I can't talk nor think in an American accent haha
T Duke Perry
T Duke Perry 5 päeva tagasi
Oh, please don't phase inside the mobs. It really creeps me out. Like, legitimately, that's some creepy pasta shit.
4CE_3LIMS 5 päeva tagasi
You should try to get in without that entrance that is over the lava
Lorenz Baumann
Lorenz Baumann 5 päeva tagasi
jou can just drink fire resisstance and swim under the lava into your base
Silas Henderson
Silas Henderson 5 päeva tagasi
Guy of Gamez
Guy of Gamez 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo's Safe house: Exists Me with an Elytra:
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE 6 päeva tagasi
I thought he’d just make the little house and make a secret flying machine
Śqūįśhツêd 6 päeva tagasi
The strider who was trapped inside Mumbo’s walls: LET ME OUTTTT
fred braga
fred braga 6 päeva tagasi
am i the only guy who can see the string?
Black Hole Gaming
Black Hole Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Expensive in survival. More expensive than diamond houses....
Амир Ахмет
Амир Ахмет 7 päeva tagasi
Shure shot shally Ok Mumbai jumbo
Chester John
Chester John 8 päeva tagasi
Ok but what if they stick over
Magnemite987 8 päeva tagasi
If I needed too break in there.... I would build over everything and step on the cyan blocks....
Susan Young
Susan Young 8 päeva tagasi
9:23 you can hear a fart
noahtries 7 päeva tagasi
I think thats a ghast...
Zarneo Baker
Zarneo Baker 8 päeva tagasi
9:28 you could just fly in and land on the roof
song bird
song bird 8 päeva tagasi
You’re not as old as I expected. I expected you to be in your late 20s/early 30s. You’re closer to my age then I thought😅. Does that make me old or you young?
suoper geimer
suoper geimer 8 päeva tagasi
You build better than me
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 9 päeva tagasi
9:16 *Yes because I have blast protection 4 on all my netherite armour and fire resistance for 8 minutes on my potions*
Ductah Jimothy
Ductah Jimothy 9 päeva tagasi
Pfffft just find a way to teleport players that trespass on your territory into superjails: Obsidian containment cell+soul sand as the floor+is filled with water. Players are kept from ever breaking anything by elder guardians and possibly something inside of the cell that won't die but moves around a lot to interrupt the player breaking blocks. Starvation is inevitable but can be prevented from actually causing a death through the power of beacons with regeneration. Once their hunger runs out and they can't sprint-swim down, for which the easy thing is to put a husk in there right after forcing thorns curse of binding armour onto the player using dispensers so the husk dies before it can kill them (use a weakness potion on the husk if necessary). But how to get someone in?: 1: Kill them after looting their base. Leaving nothing but an enderpearl at their spawn point. 2: Make sure they think that you have a contraption you throw enderpearls into that transports the enderpearls to your base so they come with the enderpearl. 3: It actually leads into the bottom of a soul sand in the contraption. 4: Maybe include a slime machine that yeets them up into the prison faster. Do this to everyone on your server so nobody can steal your Mumbo x Grian fanfic from your base. Speaking of which for your base, the only acceptable ways in and out are with those enderpearl stasis chambers. I've tested whether or not they work with cauldrons of water and they do so long as you can slow down the enderpearl enough that it doesn't hit the sides or bottom of the cauldron. Attach a timer to the stasis chamber outside your base so you can only be in your base for a set amount of time, with you having set up the internal stasis chamber on entry in under 20 seconds, which should also come with some form of timer or be turned on by some kinda 1-way reaction system, although this could be a weakness in your base's defences. Alternatively get some homies and make sure there's always at least one person in the base to activate everyone's e-pearls when necessary and someone outside of the base at all times for this as well.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 9 päeva tagasi
9:16 Yes Yes I would
Dakota Fenelon
Dakota Fenelon 10 päeva tagasi
@7:00 Never say Nether... Sorry couldnt resist
diamondbrine 10 päeva tagasi
its more of a trap house
Titan 10 päeva tagasi
Mendbayar Enkh
Mendbayar Enkh 10 päeva tagasi
He said in other video he said i hate ppl so he hates us and grian so i unsub jk
Brandon Loiacono
Brandon Loiacono 11 päeva tagasi
I saw a safe house and a trap house
Thunderson Lee
Thunderson Lee 11 päeva tagasi
he should've made blaze turrets
theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587
theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587 11 päeva tagasi
At 1:57, is it me or does it look like a school?
theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587
theTopAdventure - MégaCraft587 11 päeva tagasi
.egassem ec (e)érffihcéd riova'd iot à ovarB
Dunkanchasmy Senowasky
Dunkanchasmy Senowasky 9 päeva tagasi
Déchiffrée with two e? Isn't message masculine? I'm learning french lol
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 11 päeva tagasi
The house is giveing me a evil feeling
king lorenz fernando
king lorenz fernando 11 päeva tagasi
i thought you like vaults lol
Pion Minecraft
Pion Minecraft 12 päeva tagasi
to detect players coming into your base, use sculk sensors
Ryuka 12 päeva tagasi
3:37 imagine raiding another player's base then hear this sound. It was as this moment you knew, you screwed up
Muhammad Mughees Aslam
Muhammad Mughees Aslam 12 päeva tagasi
Kaapo Malmström
Kaapo Malmström 12 päeva tagasi
Me, an intelligent: Pickaxe goes brrrt
Y.and.M 12 päeva tagasi
I think you should try too get through it in survival. Please
Bennny Boy68
Bennny Boy68 12 päeva tagasi
Jesus is king
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush 12 päeva tagasi
Awesome !!!!!!
Simon ter Steege
Simon ter Steege 13 päeva tagasi
Please make a end safe house
leo morrison
leo morrison 13 päeva tagasi
you should do a vid where you try and break in THAT base in SURVIVAL MODE!!!
DANIAL CHAN 13 päeva tagasi
Best bases have red stone
D Cell Productions
D Cell Productions 13 päeva tagasi
"Barry big (fire)balls" Cracked me up.
•Wither• 13 päeva tagasi
Barry big fire balls :')
blm yeetgod
blm yeetgod 13 päeva tagasi
ender perle
Phi 14 päeva tagasi
this is basically clash of clans base building
Darklord93 14 päeva tagasi
what if i am in my base and i want a quartz? i have to go to the overworld then go to the nether then find a quartz block then go back to my base.
Lofranco Mark Gabriel Gaming
Lofranco Mark Gabriel Gaming 14 päeva tagasi
I canjust pearl there
Cryptic Dephalte
Cryptic Dephalte 14 päeva tagasi
Wait you were 14 in Minecrafts life time how old are you
SteveMan75 14 päeva tagasi
fun to watch :)
Xander the llama kirby
Xander the llama kirby 14 päeva tagasi
Can't someone just throw a ender pearl over the wall?
Ian Kelleher
Ian Kelleher 14 päeva tagasi
You should do a video where you make a safe house in 24 hrs and then let 20 players into the game and challenge them to brake in.
TurtlePowa001 15 päeva tagasi
When people say ‘Nether Fortress’, this is what they really mean
Taj MacCallum
Taj MacCallum 15 päeva tagasi
lol, that’s so funny wow like just coming back and you see a portal in your base just lol
Jackson Williamson
Jackson Williamson 15 päeva tagasi
yes just get an eletatra
Tetz Lee
Tetz Lee 15 päeva tagasi
Tetz Lee
Tetz Lee 15 päeva tagasi
Praneel 15 päeva tagasi
This guy is a pure genius.
LukaRama Videos
LukaRama Videos 15 päeva tagasi
It looks like a clash of clans base
RONIT SINGH 16 päeva tagasi
I think this is the most safest house ever So if a player comes with elytra he will easliy pass through two walls the great wall of wither and the wall and then he will see falling tnt and he will just pass it because tnt is not going to explode in air and then he see ghasts will try to kill him but he will dodge everything and then he will see the land and he will think that this is safe then he will stand on it and then he will see the land falling down in wither roses then he will use his rockets to fly out of there and then he will go to the door and will eat enchanted golden apple to be safe and he will open door and there will be a tnt minecart but he will survive and fall down in and he will be starting to thinking that i passed this mumbo's safe house but mumbo will use uno reverse card on him and suddenly the floor slides away and he will fall in minecart and then he will be stuck and will try to get out of there and because of the noise of minecart and tnt his ears will go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and also his ears will explode and will die because of the noise END DO NOT ask me why i did this and thank you for reading and sorry to me for my horrible english And if you read thids madness till here reply me mumbo for mayor code so i can you read till here well this code is not gonna do anything
RONIT SINGH 16 päeva tagasi
I think noones here sad me :'(
Empire Legend
Empire Legend 16 päeva tagasi
This guy is literally a demon !! I mean... come on!
Eva K
Eva K 16 päeva tagasi
I would fly in up the top dur
ldogwaffles 16 päeva tagasi
The best part of the safe house is that there’s no house inside it so there’s no point in making it
Africa Diaz Fernandez
Africa Diaz Fernandez 16 päeva tagasi
The_Larson Family
The_Larson Family 16 päeva tagasi
Imagine this being a house for the final boss. Just the house😆
[SHADOW GAMING] 16 päeva tagasi
It’s free real estate
Julie Davis
Julie Davis 16 päeva tagasi
mumbo jumbo man...u have to deal with the sound from the tnt exploding!!!
Pigs Cows
Pigs Cows 16 päeva tagasi
I want to see people that have no idea what his builds are try to break in
Suzettte Higgins
Suzettte Higgins 17 päeva tagasi
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme 17 päeva tagasi
Fire resistance potion: *hehe boi*
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