How strong is your Minecraft Character?

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Mumbo Jumbo

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How strong am I in Minecraft? It's a question I have often wondered, Minecraft Steve can run for miles, carry tonnes (literally) of items and jump up 1m blocks like it's nothing - How strong is my minecraft character?
Turns out - VERY STRONG. Mumbo beats the marathon world record, deadlift world record, freedive world record, the swimming world record both in distance and speed, and the vertical jump world record. All within the space of 9 minutes! Hope you enjoy this slice of Minecraft Science!
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Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 4 місяці tagasi
I know that LBs is Pounds guys it’s a joke blimey
Abstrakt Місяць tagasi
I was just gonna comment about there
Mind craft lover 101 lol
Mind craft lover 101 lol Місяць tagasi
Brodie Insch
Brodie Insch Місяць tagasi
I'm Aussie so this had me chuckling
Evorp 2 місяці tagasi
I’m fairly certain this is the last possible reply to this comment.
DaveTheBaby 2 місяці tagasi
Lets go cubing
Lets go cubing 7 tundi tagasi
That looks block for block like one of my worlds
I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside 8 tundi tagasi
they keep forgetting how heavy blue ice is aka 74,439 KG 1 cubic metre of ice is 919 Kg times that by 81 since it takes 9 ice to make packed ice and 9 packed ice to make blue ice so 81 which equals to 74,439 Kg per block and yes a commenter on game theorist said this and im just saying this again
Cameron Voller
Cameron Voller 13 tundi tagasi
Why are you bri'ish mumbo
Quincy Costello
Quincy Costello Päev tagasi
Finally. Someone found out the CORRECT way to say LBs.
TJB products
TJB products Päev tagasi
This math hurts me
I draw my own profile pic
I draw my own profile pic 2 päeva tagasi
4:47 "That is a steak and a half" uhm... what kind of steaks are you eating...?
Rascal 2 päeva tagasi
Then mumbo realises that there is something called the off hand
DavetheLong 2 päeva tagasi
And and and AAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD: Let’s not forget that he can break DIAMOND with his bare hands
HighVoltageMadness2300 2 päeva tagasi
Just so you know he aint wrong he did the math right a 1meter cube of gold is actually 19300 kg in real life. so the density of gold is 19.3 g/cm^3. 1 cubic meter is 1,000,000 cm^3. So 19.3 x 1,000,000 cm^3 = 19,300,000 grams of gold or 19,300kg of gold. For those of you unlucky enough to live in the united states you'll just have to get out your conversion tables.
Racram04 3 päeva tagasi
6:03 I laughed so hard when I heard this.
Matgaming 4 päeva tagasi
Mumbo I dont believe you
Rizo1000 5 päeva tagasi
He could have used commands to make it so he runs at 255 blocks per second
Tablescissors 071
Tablescissors 071 5 päeva tagasi
tl;dr Minecraft Steve is a absolute unit
Jayden Frickey
Jayden Frickey 5 päeva tagasi
You can put The Shocker boxes in under chests
NEWBIE GAMING 6 päeva tagasi
mumbo, lubs
RedBeKindaSusTho 6 päeva tagasi
*me crying because I thought time was accelerated in minecraft*
Addison Harkins
Addison Harkins 7 päeva tagasi
I love how he calls pounds lubs! I think we should change it so that now everything is lubs
Erin Parson
Erin Parson 7 päeva tagasi
as a american him saying lbs and not pounds hurts my soul no offence mumbo:)
Luis Barco
Luis Barco 7 päeva tagasi
oOfio_rblx 8 päeva tagasi
dude, bc one e gapple needs 8 blocks (it used to anyway) it makes the most weight u can carry in minecraft 869560320LBS (I believe)
SquareBadge4952 9 päeva tagasi
5:50 What about with Depth Strider, Dolphins Grace and a speed potion?
SquareBadge4952 9 päeva tagasi
Steve only uses 1% of his power because he doesn’t want to crush the Earth
Der Heilige Otter
Der Heilige Otter 10 päeva tagasi
Cian Kennedy
Cian Kennedy 10 päeva tagasi
you could put the shulker boxes in an ender chest and carry a full inventory of ender chests
Maya Fallone
Maya Fallone 11 päeva tagasi
7:45, or bending your knees
will will
will will 12 päeva tagasi
mumbo saying lbs
Charlie He
Charlie He 12 päeva tagasi
I typed "mumob strong" into the Search box and this was the first video.
CubE_F0ot Llama
CubE_F0ot Llama 13 päeva tagasi
Congratulations mumbo, you are officially amazing
Lernyd 13 päeva tagasi
Nobody: Mumbo filming this video: *fytnes*
Thomas Cahyono
Thomas Cahyono 13 päeva tagasi
The boots itself would weigh about 8 and a half tons
RyzenLevels 13 päeva tagasi
4:50 Mumbo: I'd like to see the cow that that steak came from ! Baby Cow: I'd like to see my mother as well :(
loonylam45 14 päeva tagasi
well mumbo remember a netherite ingot uses 4 gold ingots
Chen Quinton
Chen Quinton 14 päeva tagasi
Not to brag but my minecraft character can hold another shulkerbox filled with enchanted gapples in my offhand AND i can wear golden armour.
yes i changed my name again
yes i changed my name again 14 päeva tagasi
as an American and seeing the pinned comment im still laughing about the millions of LUBS you're talking about
No Mic Man
No Mic Man 14 päeva tagasi
דניאל סיני
דניאל סיני 15 päeva tagasi
Blue ice is the heaviest block!!!!!
MiloTheRedPanda 15 päeva tagasi
Math??? IDK
YouTube Juggernaut
YouTube Juggernaut 15 päeva tagasi
Mincraft mumbo cannot beat the swimming world record because his 3 piece suit is a skin therefore he is completely naked, and for males a wool or polyester swim suit stretching no higher then the waist and no lower than the knees, and no such clothing exists in vanilla mincraft
John-Austin Parr
John-Austin Parr 16 päeva tagasi
):48 I'm a runner and the fastest person I know can only do it in 6 minutes and 35 seconds
Chocky boy
Chocky boy 17 päeva tagasi
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 17 päeva tagasi
Ahem... free diving isn't valid with Respiration. That is a yellow card right there.
Gizzele Wizzele
Gizzele Wizzele 17 päeva tagasi
This whole video is about i am athlete
DiceNumber 38
DiceNumber 38 17 päeva tagasi
but it gets worst u can put those shulker boxes in an enderchest and fill ur inventory with ender chests until breaking time and space around the minecraft character
Leon Berghammer
Leon Berghammer 17 päeva tagasi
i like LuBS
Daniel Huneke
Daniel Huneke 18 päeva tagasi
But the Minecraft character is taller witch means that he can take longer strides and larger strokes.
Blu's Attempt
Blu's Attempt 19 päeva tagasi
Imagine if he typed in this: /effect @s speed 600 255 (It would give him speed level 255!)
ΩΩ-Professional_ Player9999
ΩΩ-Professional_ Player9999 19 päeva tagasi
In minecraft: i'm a enderman which my arms have less width like vanilla enderman's. I love sprinting because of my maximum fov. It is experiencing the best.
Blazord 20 päeva tagasi
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 20 päeva tagasi
Don't worry, Americans don't know why pounds are abbreviated with lbs either
TylerGaming806 20 päeva tagasi
1:59 lol it’s pounds not “LUWBS”
Sire gaming101
Sire gaming101 20 päeva tagasi
Spartan Commander
Spartan Commander 20 päeva tagasi
You know competitive eating is a sport, right? what about eating an entire pie in about 1 second? eh?
Wernher Von Kerman
Wernher Von Kerman 20 päeva tagasi
Its Pounds Not Lbs
James Rehan
James Rehan 20 päeva tagasi
Its Joke Not Serious
Pixel Player
Pixel Player 21 päev tagasi
The maths test isn’t that hard The maths test:
Creative sugar gliders
Creative sugar gliders 21 päev tagasi
Cant you carry even more stuff with the bundles coming to Minecraft?
DryWater 22 päeva tagasi
Lbs is the funniest thing ever
James Rehan
James Rehan 20 päeva tagasi
Brady G
Brady G 22 päeva tagasi
2:01 Mumbo you sound like me in 1st grade
Santiago Escalante
Santiago Escalante 22 päeva tagasi
A steak with that amount of calories would weigh about 593520 kg making the cows absolute units
CK 2018
CK 2018 22 päeva tagasi
I cannot believe this is 3 months old
Philip Hall
Philip Hall 23 päeva tagasi
there are ender chests
Andrius MMA
Andrius MMA 23 päeva tagasi
You can carry a shit ton of stuff in your inventory and still run fast, you managed to make portals, enchant tools, summon the wither... Enter the end, So yes in this world you are very powerful... In minecraft you are the only survivor of an ancient builder race who built dungeons, sand temples, mineshafts, Underwater bases, (dunno what their called) you get the point in minecraft you are one of the survivors of the ancient builder race created a portal so they could escape the monster they created... The Wither. So when they made the portal and entered they saw the ender dragon, attempted fighting against it, failed, and became an enderman, thats the story of the the ancestors which gave you that strengh.
Jirka Hudec
Jirka Hudec 25 päeva tagasi
Everyone just forgetting about Mumbo not using offhand for his lifting test
Samarth Shenoy
Samarth Shenoy 25 päeva tagasi
2:18 how do you do that?
Aaron Loeffler
Aaron Loeffler 26 päeva tagasi
Then you can put the shulker boxes in ender chests and fill the inventory with ender chests
amr321 hejazi
amr321 hejazi 26 päeva tagasi
The steak came from a planet eating cow
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 27 päeva tagasi
We can hold star’s in minecraft so the density of a star times 64 x36 (number of inventory slot) so more than 2.304 trillion tons then add skulkas and they can hold 82,944,000
Jaden Beaver
Jaden Beaver 28 päeva tagasi
mumbo its pounds not lbs
James Rehan
James Rehan 20 päeva tagasi
jaden its jokes not serious
Alison Brown
Alison Brown 28 päeva tagasi
Hey wouldnt the player actually be able to hold their breath for about 2-3 hours converting minecraft time to irl? 1 hour in MC is 50 seconds irl
ABSM 28 päeva tagasi
3:20 that's about the weight of one of the egypt pyramids
Jun Ulay
Jun Ulay 28 päeva tagasi
Remember your character is 2 metres tall cuz he is the size of a door which is 2 metres soo
Somaiya Andaleeb
Somaiya Andaleeb 28 päeva tagasi
you forgot depth strider
Lightsabertooth 101
Lightsabertooth 101 28 päeva tagasi
Hey Mumbo you are leaving the world in your bubbles not your dust
Umberto Barron
Umberto Barron 29 päeva tagasi
great math dude
PUM PKIN JKA Місяць tagasi
Hello mambo i'm a big fan . You
EggNinjaMC Місяць tagasi
So a full inventory of 64 stacks of gold blocks would be over 97,825,536 pounds (44,372,916 Kilograms) and it wouldn't do anything to Steve's speed.
FieryAidan Місяць tagasi
Hmm mumbo jumbo Minecraft is the most fit Minecraft player
Afrociaal Місяць tagasi
''lubs'' LOL 😂
JacksonPlayzYT Місяць tagasi
lubs XD
Luke Rumsey
Luke Rumsey Місяць tagasi
4:45-4:54 WOW
OzzyWormin Місяць tagasi
3:18 that unit is squatting literal earth
Ruthless Doggo
Ruthless Doggo Місяць tagasi
this man is stronger than goku
Where'd my pies go?
Where'd my pies go? Місяць tagasi
No not 355737600kg of god apples it's called immortality 2:48
Urho Kettunen
Urho Kettunen Місяць tagasi
You also could put all the shulkers into ender chest and carry those 🤔🤔
Stephanie Walchesky
Stephanie Walchesky Місяць tagasi
Lbs is pounds in sounds like your currency weird right?
Lawrence Місяць tagasi
Not to mention minecraft's gravity is like 8 times that of earth lol
Nancy Dugery
Nancy Dugery Місяць tagasi
Pounds not lubs
James Rehan
James Rehan 20 päeva tagasi
Joke not serious
bradly bellant
bradly bellant Місяць tagasi
To be fair he was in creative move the entire time my god can carry 15 billion lbs too
Mind craft lover 101 lol
Mind craft lover 101 lol Місяць tagasi
I can not get the last 20 calories
Cheeseballdraws Місяць tagasi
No more saying pounds anymore it's lubs from now on
BdanMcG Місяць tagasi
3:50 you could've gone further. Using creative, Sneak + Pickblock (M3) allows you to keep the contents of a chest. You could fill a chest of notch apples, put that chest in a shulker box, fill the shulker box, fill those shulker boxes into a chest, put the chest into a shulker box... Etc. Infinitely.
Chinchilla General
Chinchilla General Місяць tagasi
A single bite of a minecraft steak in real life could kill you
DAN TRACY Місяць tagasi
The cow it came from was probably cloned for more calories.
RedPorkCat Місяць tagasi
Seth McDowell
Seth McDowell Місяць tagasi
sanddry Місяць tagasi
The insanity of the player character reminds me of the Minecraft Door Monster Video:
Hazel de Vries
Hazel de Vries Місяць tagasi
you could put on armor
Samuel Schaffer
Samuel Schaffer Місяць tagasi
It’s pounds thank you
Nutsack Gaming
Nutsack Gaming 29 päeva tagasi
j o k e
Thebigpig 905
Thebigpig 905 Місяць tagasi
"lubs" that's what it sounds like XDDDDD
I'm bad at video games
I'm bad at video games Місяць tagasi
It takes a 7 storey fall to kill him. Imagine trying to kill someone by pushing them out of the window of a 6 storey building, but they just land on their feet and walk away.
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