Hermitcraft 7: Episode 45 - THE BASE LIVES!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo buys a new JUMBO MUMBO wallpaper from Vintage Beef, works on the Mumbo mega base, installs the living redstone into the heart to make it actually function. Pass on ImpulseSV's 'Pass it on' box, and then take some time to terraform the lower area of the Mega nether portal room. This a fun hermitcraft episode with plenty of silliness.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

And I Oop
And I Oop Päev tagasi
And I Oop
And I Oop Päev tagasi
Mumbo: has mega villager trading hall also Mumbo: struggling to get apples
mark 2 päeva tagasi
You Can get appels from vilegers
Henry Dorothy
Henry Dorothy 5 päeva tagasi
Most expensive thing in Minecraft has to be a full netherite beacon
Henry Sues
Henry Sues 6 päeva tagasi
You could've built a massive eye instead and built mordor, however, that'd only grant the base the power of sight.
Michael Ogbutor
Michael Ogbutor 6 päeva tagasi
there is a plugin that ca automatically put pictures into minecraft
TheAwesomerest1 7 päeva tagasi
Super late but so disappointed he didn’t just buy apples from his farmer villager
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 7 päeva tagasi
Axe with looting on it makes more apples and other drops appear.
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 8 päeva tagasi
I like how two of the maps people have made have been about mumbo and both have been without his knowledge
Rosco Conner
Rosco Conner 9 päeva tagasi
farmer villagers sell apples
GamingWithEv 10 päeva tagasi
Your timelapse speeches are beautifull. (Goes to bed to cry)
Riccardo Donati
Riccardo Donati 11 päeva tagasi
The angles mumbo looked at the map art of his face. It made me laugh so much🤣
Jack Mason
Jack Mason 12 päeva tagasi
I don't know why mumbo does these things where he has to feed his base, like it could just be a normal base. it is kinda cool tho, so respect.
Ghostwolf 56488
Ghostwolf 56488 13 päeva tagasi
The heart beat actually makes my headphones vibrate my ears
Ojas Chaudhari
Ojas Chaudhari 13 päeva tagasi
Our dear mumbo can be surprised for a netherite ingot but completely ignores the netherite pickaxe in the chest
István Szikra
István Szikra 13 päeva tagasi
20:40 Does Mumbo really not know that farmer villagers sell apples for one emerald? Easy one stack by trading with 2 of them ;)
Gavinator Gaming0901
Gavinator Gaming0901 14 päeva tagasi
The golden apple thing is true I remember it
Ronald van Zon
Ronald van Zon 15 päeva tagasi
You can buy golden apples from a farm villager
Charlie James Alan Foreman
Charlie James Alan Foreman 15 päeva tagasi
I can already imagine Grian spamming the pictures everywhere😂
Top Bee Master
Top Bee Master 16 päeva tagasi
Pixelistics 19 päeva tagasi
Encore YT
Encore YT 19 päeva tagasi
3:09 mumbo's new face cam
louis silverstein
louis silverstein 20 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna put my face everywhere I can put my face” 😳
JustPickAlready 21 päev tagasi
Let's be real here, Mumbo has ruined his entire base.
JustPickAlready 17 päeva tagasi
@waylon : /
waylon 17 päeva tagasi
Nah, he has made it better.
xd lazer
xd lazer 23 päeva tagasi
You can enchant a hoe with fortune so you can get many saplings and apples , you can also enchant it with silk touch
Trent Adamson
Trent Adamson 26 päeva tagasi
When he said unpantsifying i thought he was gonna do a time lapse, and change his skin with no pants
Dan_ Gamings
Dan_ Gamings 26 päeva tagasi
I've seen blade runner, it took ages to finish.
TheBurningWarrior 27 päeva tagasi
A high stakes game of "the button"
TheBurningWarrior 27 päeva tagasi
Also, yes. Notch apples used to be craft able with Gold blocks.
Abdulla kp
Abdulla kp 28 päeva tagasi
This is pc??😅
Plz kill Me now
Plz kill Me now 29 päeva tagasi
7:35 look at the nether portal in the background lmao 😂
Tacticlypse Місяць tagasi
Remember that mumbo said in a previous episode that he was finished terraforming in his base and he was sad about it. Welp, he’s terraforming!
Patrickrolled Місяць tagasi
since i dont know all the hermits, i only know like 5 from mumbo's video, i thought vintage beef was just one of those fans and not a hermit lol
ReaperCarbine Місяць tagasi
"Ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . ok . . . RENDSOG"
James Smith
James Smith Місяць tagasi
21:50 Was that an Uno reverse card? Im guessing Iskall or Grian made that.
Zack fnaf
Zack fnaf Місяць tagasi
no overgrownednedness in not a word
Torin in a Box
Torin in a Box Місяць tagasi
I've been binge watching grian's, scar's, and mumbos s7 playlists, I'm pretty sure that goodie box is the super box from the barge
Lucid Lemur
Lucid Lemur Місяць tagasi
it seems you keep making more reasons to waste diamonds
Jonathon Kelley
Jonathon Kelley Місяць tagasi
Who is this 'mumbio' and where can i subscribe to them
D.K.G.ADERRALL Місяць tagasi
lmao “overgrownthness” idk if i spelled that accurately but he made it so much more extra than it needed to be😹 literally just overgrowth lol
mjb105 Місяць tagasi
"Things look pants, until they don't look pants" Mumbo 2020
Jakub plays
Jakub plays Місяць tagasi
Oh my god he didn’t see the stack of anvil's
Nick Stockton
Nick Stockton Місяць tagasi
Man, I love Bladerunner, such a amazing and ambient movie!
ImaBrikWahl Місяць tagasi
is it just me or does Mumbo’s “outro” remind anyone else of Wheatley from portal 2???
Ethan Currivean
Ethan Currivean Місяць tagasi
I love the heartbeat. That was a great idea.
Crystal Daniel
Crystal Daniel Місяць tagasi
6:45 yes mumbo, yes it is like so mumbo sees plz :)
Cain Cybuck
Cain Cybuck Місяць tagasi
hear me out ..... mumbo infinity room
ThyLunarPaladin Місяць tagasi
6:47 the word you’re looking for is “overgrowth”
Flibber Nodgets
Flibber Nodgets Місяць tagasi
It took me a while to realize that poster was pixel art. That's not a .jpg or anything, he did that by hand. Very impressive!
Thebigpig 905
Thebigpig 905 Місяць tagasi
I get tons of netherite, its shulkers I don't have XD
ThatKid Gamer
ThatKid Gamer Місяць tagasi
I love it when he says "pants"
Barnaby Warrillow
Barnaby Warrillow Місяць tagasi
Defiantly not a word
Crazy Pufferfish
Crazy Pufferfish Місяць tagasi
yeah lol great video, i love hermitcraft woohooooooooo
Muppetface 123
Muppetface 123 Місяць tagasi
Granular is a word
Zent Місяць tagasi
From distance the wood on the portal floor it looks like podsoil
TheProGaming42 Місяць tagasi
Who’s mumbio
Lucas De Ferro
Lucas De Ferro Місяць tagasi
this serie is so funny, thanks mumbo!
allan alfandari
allan alfandari Місяць tagasi
i cant help but notice someone stole your idea
Lion Main
Lion Main Місяць tagasi
Minecraft its too easy, how can i make things complicated? A LIVING BASE!
The_Tallest Місяць tagasi
yes you can craft them
Super Sans
Super Sans Місяць tagasi
I feel like I am the only person watching this in november.
Super Sans
Super Sans Місяць tagasi
Lila Percy Person
Lila Percy Person Місяць tagasi
Well yeah Ig you are
Jan Hendrik Möller
Jan Hendrik Möller Місяць tagasi
Dear Mumbo Overgrowth. That is all
Matthew Wambold
Matthew Wambold Місяць tagasi
You were right about the insane golden apple (The Notch Apple).
Hey Mumbo, could you please do a redstone tutorial for the Beating sound for a heart?
Sky Con
Sky Con Місяць tagasi
I feel like a tree farm would be a better way to get apples, no?
ki coterie
ki coterie Місяць tagasi
Mumbo should plant some trees when he’s landscaping
Gaming32 Місяць tagasi
Instead of putting shulker boxes inside of shulker boxes, they put the crafting materials required to make them
Sangte Ngaihte
Sangte Ngaihte Місяць tagasi
mumbo in 2025:builds a solar system
Jonah goldman
Jonah goldman Місяць tagasi
Shoulda put enaralds in the mystery box
Bobologia The Dazzling DumBass
Bobologia The Dazzling DumBass Місяць tagasi
The heart beat is gonna put off a lot of people from entering your base lok
Sarah Pederson’s
Sarah Pederson’s Місяць tagasi
Hi mumbo!
Sugar plum356
Sugar plum356 Місяць tagasi
wwsd = "What Would Scar Do?"
TinyTinCan Місяць tagasi
Why would he do that to himself he looses diamonds for something that he doesn’t need to do Lol
TheQuickGif's 2 місяці tagasi
Henry Costa
Henry Costa 2 місяці tagasi
You can use shroomlight to light your base
BP 2 місяці tagasi
I don't know if you still read these, but: I think that this base looks incredible. It's genuinely impressive, especially for someone no super acquainted with the buildery side of minecraft to be able to pull off such a demanding project on such a massive scale, not to mention as well as you did. By the end, you capture the idea of your base so well that I wouldn't be able to tell it apart from someone who has done nothing but build in minecraft for the past 12 years.
Clarque Quent • 50 years ago
Clarque Quent • 50 years ago 2 місяці tagasi
I swear, I can see a mustache on that portrait
Poseidon Fan
Poseidon Fan 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo: Hermit Challenges!!!!!!! Shang Tsung: I see your a man of culture as well
Poseidon Fan
Poseidon Fan 2 місяці tagasi
"Things look pants until they don't look pants." --Mumbo 2020
Kyle Flansbury
Kyle Flansbury 2 місяці tagasi
you should make giant torches with burn sticks instead of the lanterns
Wesley Clarke
Wesley Clarke 2 місяці tagasi
overgrownedness = overgrowth
boombo0m boiii
boombo0m boiii 2 місяці tagasi
am i the only one that feels like he chucked every mirror out of his house cuz he was to fed up
Ajhey127 2 місяці tagasi
I think it looks good
Sam Couzens
Sam Couzens 2 місяці tagasi
Le Doot TheGentleManneOfGreatestLeisure
Le Doot TheGentleManneOfGreatestLeisure 2 місяці tagasi
What does the thing at 12:58 mean
Kelly Berkompas
Kelly Berkompas 2 місяці tagasi
Jumbo saying the the pick is the most rarest thing his invitory enchanted pick
Aydan Weithofer
Aydan Weithofer 2 місяці tagasi
I am a 15 year old that goes to school in the state that is ranked 50th in education and I know that Overgrowndedness is not a word, Mumbo c'mon man
Classy 2 місяці tagasi
i love how everyone just comes to the barge to buy random things they need.
Gneiss 2 місяці tagasi
4 stacks of redstone blocks is "a few"?
Gino Vitelli
Gino Vitelli 2 місяці tagasi
The word you were looking for is “overgrowth”
hugo Rodrigues
hugo Rodrigues 2 місяці tagasi
He's acting like it is a big deal but he could just get back his golden apple and pass it through the sistem again
Eleanor Schanck
Eleanor Schanck 2 місяці tagasi
what i think mumbo needs to realize is that unlike in redstone, not every little detail has to look perfect. the thing that matters is the big picture
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo you need to get sea lanterns and green carpet
Tansel McMillan
Tansel McMillan 2 місяці tagasi
Overgrownedness is not a word. The correct word would be overgrowth
Vansh Jain
Vansh Jain 2 місяці tagasi
He got only 5 apples out of a whole diamond hoe? wtf is up with the hoe? he should have enchanted it with looting, lol
Mushroom Town
Mushroom Town 2 місяці tagasi
7:53 whoa look at the nether portal go
Rat Baby
Rat Baby 2 місяці tagasi
Most people: WWJD(What would Jesus do?) Mumbo: WWSD(What would scar do?)
Max Lamboray
Max Lamboray 2 місяці tagasi
I think the base should be able to recover one life each time it eats 5 enchanted golden apples
Didar Gill
Didar Gill 2 місяці tagasi
U have another elytra??? How did the other one break????
Didar Gill
Didar Gill 2 місяці tagasi
U gave them to Ren
Bertrand Yeung
Bertrand Yeung 2 місяці tagasi
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