Hermitcraft 7: Episode 57 - TUNNEL BORES!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo is commanded by GoodTimesWithScar to build automatic TNT tunnel bore machines to find the location of the mycillium resistance headquarters. These TNT AUTO MINERS make use of tnt duplicators, slimeblock flying machines, and some interesting game mechanics to get working!
Please check out this design!
(To those saying it’s Shulkercrafts, it’s not. This is the original, and Shulkercraft took this design for their video)
TNT TUNNEL BORE: eepost.info/my/video/mmWDa2VqaqKJuos.html
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Happy Hobby Hole
Happy Hobby Hole 6 tundi tagasi
8:22 🎶 tiny tiny tiny-tiny-time lapse! tiny tiny tiny-tiny-time lapse! tiny tiny tiny-tiny-time lapse! 🎶
Gamingwith James
Gamingwith James 11 tundi tagasi
Mumbo leaves miselium resistance because of mistreated vault Also mumbo blows up the real vault
George Päev tagasi
I wonder if they could be used to find ancient debris
gamepro 9000
gamepro 9000 Päev tagasi
8:28 he said tunnel blores instead of tunnel bores 😂😂😂
Jonn filip Joensen
Jonn filip Joensen 2 päeva tagasi
Plot twist... there never was one
Exert Chimera 37
Exert Chimera 37 3 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, you could make an L, with the right stick thing facing up, touching the piston thing, holding the tnt, but letting you move while there is still tnt
OMEGA TWIT 4 päeva tagasi
I hope this works on bedrock
alpha disaster gamer
alpha disaster gamer 5 päeva tagasi
123 in goes the ancient debris
RandomGuy0400 5 päeva tagasi
Is a 4 directional one next?
Allyne Thaís Silva
Allyne Thaís Silva 6 päeva tagasi
Night Stalker
wiily boy
wiily boy 15 tundi tagasi
Helios 6 päeva tagasi
mumbo: ohhh it’s bc brown like a wallet, i’m sorry im part of the one brain cell squad me: poop...... ohhhh yeah what he said
Capt. Brain dead
Capt. Brain dead 6 päeva tagasi
Not to toot my own horn but at the time of me seeing this video I have 7 stacks of ancient debris and 1 and 1/2 stacks of diamond blocks T^T I feel like a no life now...
António Th
António Th 6 päeva tagasi
Galih Priadiwangsa
Galih Priadiwangsa 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: i am part of the one brain cell squad Also mumbo: Does extremely complicated redstone
Drake Graze
Drake Graze 7 päeva tagasi
1:38 Scar: “See the solar panel at the top? That means it’s good guy stuff.” Me who watched James Bond Golden Gun and Star Wars The Force Awakens: “Ya... suuure...”
Hydroplayer 7 päeva tagasi
I’m pretty sure instead of ancient debris you can use obsidian
Im_A_Sea_Monster 11 päeva tagasi
7:17 1, 2, 3 in goes the ancient debris - mumbo
Baxter Boegeman
Baxter Boegeman 11 päeva tagasi
How do I join the hermit raft server?
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
you cant
StraveStallion 13 päeva tagasi
You're probably my favorite Engineer, I'm always learning something each time you post, it's worth to Subscribe!
Critical Empire
Critical Empire 13 päeva tagasi
We don’t take anything but vaults Seriously no messing around
Awkward Unicorn
Awkward Unicorn 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: 1 2 3 in goes the ancient Debris My brain: 4 5 6... what rhymes with six?
William P
William P 14 päeva tagasi
dream should add u in the dream smp
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
na it won't work
ツJammie YT
ツJammie YT 14 päeva tagasi
Thing is he was never even the real leader
Varun Hunashimarad 3LL
Varun Hunashimarad 3LL 15 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo join mycelium resistance
Marc Humer
Marc Humer 15 päeva tagasi
blew up the vault *lolooooooooool .... and so again "my party popper - its gone!" :D
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD 15 päeva tagasi
Floris Voss
Floris Voss 15 päeva tagasi
Emil Lejon
Emil Lejon 16 päeva tagasi
can i join hermitcraft?
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
miniebloom 15 päeva tagasi
no :(
Jamall 17 päeva tagasi
"I like Scar, not only as a leader but as a person" - Mumbo Jumbo 2020 that made me shed a happy wholesome tear 🥰
mikey mike
mikey mike 17 päeva tagasi
Worthless Valuables
Worthless Valuables 17 päeva tagasi
The boss music in the background when they find the base- what is it?
Carter Long
Carter Long 18 päeva tagasi
You know you're good at Minecraft when u forget ur actually in survival, not creative.
Xguide 18 päeva tagasi
2021 HERE
Bastian Jakobsen
Bastian Jakobsen 18 päeva tagasi
Necromancer 19 päeva tagasi
Im still laughing cuz scar blew up that vault
24555brent 20 päeva tagasi
Mumbo's intelligence is used entirely on redstone, and I thank him for being relatable.
Khushi Patel
Khushi Patel 21 päev tagasi
He is so thinking about the vault being very serious
gaming explorer
gaming explorer 21 päev tagasi
The Italy of hermitcraft
TheBurningWarrior 22 päeva tagasi
No, the solar panel doesn't mean its good; it means it's greevil!
Ricardo Sousa
Ricardo Sousa 24 päeva tagasi
I feel bad for them not building the automatic one...
Benedikt M
Benedikt M 24 päeva tagasi
Could u make an automatic afk Tunnel borer for like farming in nether ancient debre
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
Will Playz
Will Playz 25 päeva tagasi
TURNLOW 25 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo :I am part of the one brain cell gang Me:then what am I -100 brain cell gang ?
Abhilash Singh
Abhilash Singh 26 päeva tagasi
Mumbo should sell the tunnel bore in the ODEA store
ケイドセス 27 päeva tagasi
I have a challenge for you mumbo. Try making a contraption with just using one redstone dust
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
he did it with none so no point
Ho Wang WAN
Ho Wang WAN 27 päeva tagasi
can you use that machine to get ancient debree?
Knight 4
Knight 4 27 päeva tagasi
Ya know back when they were making the Hoover dam they had races at the end of each day of who did the most drilling in a day. Just a fun fact
HiddenPhantom 27 päeva tagasi
gg bois gg
Zachary Koplin
Zachary Koplin 27 päeva tagasi
This is pretty boring
maxime aloe
maxime aloe 28 päeva tagasi
2:10 it is funny how americans percieve ecology
ShootBigBucks Gaming
ShootBigBucks Gaming 28 päeva tagasi
We can tell mumbo never played factions.... tons of different different cannons depending on the wall busting need - and he can blow up a 20+ chunk tunnel in 1 blast lol.
mr hedgehog
mr hedgehog 28 päeva tagasi
Xenronnify 29 päeva tagasi
Scar saying "oh yeah.. I don't sleep" was so pure. 🤣 The man is a legend.
Matt Mancini
Matt Mancini 29 päeva tagasi
1, 2, 3, in goes the ancient debris.
Marshy _4744
Marshy _4744 29 päeva tagasi
4:47 "im part of the one braincell squad" proceeds to build advanced flying machine
Cinestar Productions
Cinestar Productions Місяць tagasi
Scar is aiming for the world’s first solar powered genocide.
MrFavourite02 da second one
MrFavourite02 da second one Місяць tagasi
Im a 12yr old 0.5 brains cell person Mental. Abuse. To. Humans. Species. or MATHS FOR SHORT
I love cheese
I love cheese Місяць tagasi
When u fbi someone’s house, and found it is ur base....
Hellsnot Plays Games
Hellsnot Plays Games Місяць tagasi
you could have used obsidian
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
no you cant
Atreyaa 26 päeva tagasi
are you have stupid? he used ancient debris because it can be pushed by pistons, obsidian can’t be pushed by pistons
that means future mumbo came in that fake headquaters and destroyed the vault
Joshua Kelley
Joshua Kelley Місяць tagasi
Cool video it was funny
Pino Catozzo
Pino Catozzo Місяць tagasi
@0:38 you really had to disclaim it? wasn't obvious to everyone? :\
Nicole LaBoyne
Nicole LaBoyne Місяць tagasi
I think Scar probably is one of the best improvers on the entire server
Signalz Місяць tagasi
he used ancient debris while he can use obsidian
RoBoDuDe 7 päeva tagasi
no he can't noob
Atreyaa 26 päeva tagasi
are you have stupid? he used ancient debris because it can be pushed by pistons, obsidian can’t be pushed by pistons
Uzaki Місяць tagasi
It's Wintrixx
It's Wintrixx Місяць tagasi
Use a tnt cannon to mine it out
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Місяць tagasi
After going in the mine cart his in the 0 Braincel club
ladyravencraft Місяць tagasi
does it need to be a music block or can u used diff one
Rutwe1 Місяць tagasi
Evil RoBot#1 PLAYZ
Evil RoBot#1 PLAYZ Місяць tagasi
17:19 mumbo &scar *mycelium HQ reactor sabotauged *SIREN GOES OFF Grian:Emergency meeting. THEY FOUND US. 30 seconds later: scar, mumbo, and bdouble0. IMPOSTERS *Victory
Matthew Julian Jusup
Matthew Julian Jusup Місяць tagasi
The respawn anchor trick works better
Spooderman Місяць tagasi
This bores me.
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Місяць tagasi
Trinston was here. ..
cloacked_shadow 1
cloacked_shadow 1 Місяць tagasi
i know the invite code to HERMIT CRAFT SERVER!!!!!!!!OMG
Antonious Dopness
Antonious Dopness Місяць tagasi
I challenge u to make a Tetris mini game
A dude with a guitar
A dude with a guitar Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: breaking into vaults is not good Mumbo later: explodes resistance vault
Фреди-525 Місяць tagasi
hmm can you try put automatic instead manual
Techo WinMC
Techo WinMC Місяць tagasi
first 5 seconds: "Nothing should be taking too seriously" 2b2t, Technoblade, pvpers/Badlion Sweats, The redstone genius server: "Are you sure about that"
Pedro Kotii
Pedro Kotii Місяць tagasi
Minecart ride: *bonk* *bonk* *bonk*
Wndfhendhxhdh Shsusjshzjcbchdchc
Wndfhendhxhdh Shsusjshzjcbchdchc Місяць tagasi
What if you spam clicked the note block for the miner?
Seth Voilet
Seth Voilet Місяць tagasi
Mumbo fucking jumbo just said he has one brain cell???? Does I have like negative 100?
Zuchini Noodle
Zuchini Noodle Місяць tagasi
Bro the fps when you were flying was bad. Y'all gotta ask if amd can hook you up with the new 5950x kinda like how Nvidia sponsored all the Minecraft youtubers.
Mic Don
Mic Don Місяць tagasi
perhaps you could charge the TNT before you fire a TNT so then it doesn't have no wait time in between TNTs exploding.
Snip Snip
Snip Snip Місяць tagasi
At the start I thought he was about to say “Hermitcraft is all fun and games until I pull with a redstone carpet bomber”
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 Місяць tagasi
hep:we protect the environment, we are environmental friendly also hep: trample the crops!! 😂😂
Lion Main
Lion Main Місяць tagasi
I love this cooperation of Mumbo and Scar!!!
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Місяць tagasi
Scar: This is meant to align perfectly with the shopping district. Also Scar: Aligns perfectly with the HQ
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: I have got the best pc ever. Me: Still a code i7.... pOoR gUY
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Місяць tagasi
1:02 the lag!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Місяць tagasi
"We're all just friends" BadTimesWithScar has joined the game. Any member of the fanon or AU community will get the irony of the situation right now
Super Sniper
Super Sniper Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: "I have one brain cell" Also Mumbo: *Builds very complicated HUGE Redstone machines*
Gonzi_Diamond Місяць tagasi
H4LFBLOOD Місяць tagasi
wrist FROZE
wrist FROZE Місяць tagasi
you have destroyed the very thing you swore to protect
Kobe Van Impe
Kobe Van Impe Місяць tagasi
Mumbo jumbo reactie time:boo! 1 day later AAAAA!
Brawler Aakif- YT
Brawler Aakif- YT Місяць tagasi
Cathy May
Cathy May Місяць tagasi
Mumbo why don’t you use obsidian instead of ancient debry
MyRandomGaming Місяць tagasi
18:41 Top Ten Saddest Anime Deaths
Raghav Anthwal
Raghav Anthwal Місяць tagasi
why not clear some area first and then use a tnt cannon
Useless Content
Useless Content Місяць tagasi
Nice lyrics...
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