Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - GIANT REDSTONE LAB!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds up the Pacific Laboratory where we are going to be doing all of the research and development for our new Hermitcraft mega shop in the Hermitcraft shopping district, that is going to be enormous, incredibly technical, and be a shop that sells everything in Minecraft. The Pacific Hermitcraft shop will be the best shop in the history of Hermitcraft (we hope).
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Ghillie Mason
Ghillie Mason 11 tundi tagasi
Could you make a tutorial video on the elevator mumbo?
Isaac Dulaney
Isaac Dulaney Päev tagasi
why the horse my man
experi-MENTAL Productions
experi-MENTAL Productions Päev tagasi
Mumbo logic: *Can make his own TNT for free* - - - > *Spends 30 diamonds on one TNT and 7 dirt blocks*
Lucas Kman
Lucas Kman 2 päeva tagasi
Oh noooo... Horsie McHorseman :c
Anti_Tiger 2 päeva tagasi
No one: Chat: 1:38
Garrett Hughes
Garrett Hughes 6 päeva tagasi
Kabob012 6 päeva tagasi
I missed the merch :(
Youtube account
Youtube account 6 päeva tagasi
when he said "this is your seven day warning" why was the first thought that came to my mind was that mumbo jumbo was going to come to my house and kill me in 7 days
Tom Creton
Tom Creton 7 päeva tagasi
Don’t you realise that light comes through slabs
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 8 päeva tagasi
Any tutorial how to make that elevator?
Cinnamon 8 päeva tagasi
u should use shroomlights in the ceiling cus i think that would look industrial
Opulentquill Gaming
Opulentquill Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo! Use scaffolding please!!
aiden parker
aiden parker 12 päeva tagasi
1:38 poor man gets blown up by a creeper when trying to time-lapse... feelsbadman
Stanchernest444 13 päeva tagasi
I swear that diorite is new
Jiana Malaya Mateo
Jiana Malaya Mateo 13 päeva tagasi
Why didnt he play the music at the first mining montage?
Diamond Game Controller
Diamond Game Controller 13 päeva tagasi
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, for your own financial safety, please never go near a Casino.
bob da builder
bob da builder 13 päeva tagasi
im 99% sure mumbo's code for the bunker is p4c1f1c
Cuan Brits
Cuan Brits 13 päeva tagasi
Please can we get a tutorial on the flying machine
sem plaatsman
sem plaatsman 13 päeva tagasi
Get this man a YouTooz
Cosmo Days
Cosmo Days 13 päeva tagasi
Iskall is a genius he made mumbo addicted to gambling
Nathan DeFries
Nathan DeFries 14 päeva tagasi
Use sea lanterns for light
Pine Apple
Pine Apple 14 päeva tagasi
R I p horse
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD 15 päeva tagasi
Tetragrammaton 16 päeva tagasi
I wish he showed the elevators Redstone off just a tiny bit more
Daniel Huneke
Daniel Huneke 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo's quest to be successful is still going down hill as his gambling addiction continues to be crippling.
James MacDonald
James MacDonald 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbo needs some help for that gambling addiction. 😯💎
200iq play FC
200iq play FC 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbo do be kinda having a gambling issue
AirPrime Cat
AirPrime Cat 17 päeva tagasi
Call of Duty? I thought he hated CoD.
That Random Guy
That Random Guy 17 päeva tagasi
The code is Pacific
Cormac Rohda
Cormac Rohda 18 päeva tagasi
no diorite was NOT added in 2014 dont tell me that
jarjar kinks
jarjar kinks 19 päeva tagasi
Hey I know I’m late to this video but why didn’t you use the leaf and log redstone transfer for the vertical part of the elevator
Arbez 19 päeva tagasi
Aiden Barrett
Aiden Barrett 13 päeva tagasi
If I’m. It mistaken it was actually 2013 which is just insane
Aiden5610 19 päeva tagasi
I bet the code is CCCC
Grant Harmon
Grant Harmon 20 päeva tagasi
Justin Janhonen
Justin Janhonen 20 päeva tagasi
I'm currently 10 days worth of play time into a 7million block dig. Massive holes are indeed fun.
-ERROR 101-
-ERROR 101- 20 päeva tagasi
I’m surprised the code isn’t Pacific, because that seems like the “creative” thing that Mumbo would do.
Moonbow 21 päev tagasi
Zephaniah Qamer
Zephaniah Qamer 21 päev tagasi
I switched to anime as my main source of entertainment and today just randomly tried this episode and man, 😂 I forgot how addicting it is to watch Minecraft and hearing mumbo talk nonstop
mioule 23 päeva tagasi
hey, somebody plz make a tutorial on how to make his fancy elevator
Enchanted Kloof
Enchanted Kloof 23 päeva tagasi
You're third youngest after xB and zedaph
laneb 228
laneb 228 25 päeva tagasi
Wait... MUMBO U PLAYED CALL OF DUTY?!?!?!?!?! (U should stream that it will get u views)
Windows XP
Windows XP 25 päeva tagasi
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHERE IS MERCHANT :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
x0 Rynka
x0 Rynka 26 päeva tagasi
Joey da boss
Joey da boss 27 päeva tagasi
Reece Barnes
Reece Barnes 27 päeva tagasi
I think mumbo has a gambling addiction
James Smith
James Smith 29 päeva tagasi
I always watch your videos after horror movies so that I don't get nightmares.
Jonatan Hjelm Spender
Jonatan Hjelm Spender Місяць tagasi
11:31 - looks like there are some kids missing.
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fish Місяць tagasi
Legend says the code is pac1f1c
Garvin Putta
Garvin Putta Місяць tagasi
I thought sahara is gonna be back
Garvin Putta
Garvin Putta Місяць tagasi
So the store theme in every seasons is gonna be world wonders
Toby Mullard
Toby Mullard Місяць tagasi
EngineMusic Місяць tagasi
“This is your 7 day warning” sounded a lot more threatening than it should have
EXORVE BTW Місяць tagasi
Wait you are the youngest one in hermitcraft!!!!!!
Milly Ryan
Milly Ryan Місяць tagasi
Happy birthday mumbo for the 1st! I know I'm a bit late but I hope you had an amazing day :)
James Tullier
James Tullier Місяць tagasi
11:38 he forces his kids onto other people
Jessica Spragg
Jessica Spragg Місяць tagasi
Happy Birthday I used to watch grain only on hermitcraft but then he did a collab and I found you. You are so funny and so cool to watch. Plus, the start of season 6 was a good streak of vids
Easton Howell
Easton Howell Місяць tagasi
Im sorry, you said Call of Duty Zombies? P L A Y T H R O U G H W H E N
AlPHA5367 Місяць tagasi
In update 1.8 diorite was added
HSgaming 101
HSgaming 101 Місяць tagasi
feliz naveda
Mason Mueller
Mason Mueller Місяць tagasi
John B
John B Місяць tagasi
There was only a 1 in 110,000 chance you could get only one TNT from 30 diamonds if the machine was properly loaded and working as specified.
Max Cook
Max Cook Місяць tagasi
i literally saw him die at 1:38 it said he was blown up by creeper. you have to put the playback speed real slow to see it tho
Scratchy Mindstorms
Scratchy Mindstorms Місяць tagasi
tiny tiny tiny tiny detail
Spooderman Місяць tagasi
I'm going to be P4C1F1C about this, the code is too hard. I mean, no one is going to guess it.
duty slayer
duty slayer Місяць tagasi
I just found out he played cod zombies what a legend
salam kabad
salam kabad Місяць tagasi
Hermitcraft player running out of slabs not okay -Massive cobblestone farm -Even bigger bamboo farm -Super smelter -Another phase smelter Infinie slabs
william foltz
william foltz Місяць tagasi
the code is pacific to the vault
thespoonlord Місяць tagasi
“you only have 7 days left” me, who’s been busy and unable to keep up with hermitcraft for 2 weeks: *b i g s a d*
Matthew private
Matthew private Місяць tagasi
Try decorating the sides of the elevator so that you can't see the gap between the wall and the platform
Matthew private
Matthew private Місяць tagasi
2:42 if you know you know
Chase Lemiski
Chase Lemiski Місяць tagasi
i think the password is pacific because he said it ends with c and starts with p then you can use numbers like letters
johanna xxo
johanna xxo Місяць tagasi
I have discovered the code to the entrance
knightDuck Місяць tagasi
I think we can all agree not to let Mumbo into a casino
Sebastián Anlas
Sebastián Anlas Місяць tagasi
mumbo looking at the lab's roof: yeah that looks industrial me who can't see a thing because it's dark: sure
RowBearToe Місяць tagasi
I am shocked you didn't have a "SPOON" logo in your merch
Denis Rybalchenko
Denis Rybalchenko Місяць tagasi
Late happy birthday Mumbo!
KittenKatja Neko
KittenKatja Neko Місяць tagasi
5:50 2 years ago, I participated in a picture editing competition. I spent 2 and a half hours on a picture till I just gave up and uploaded it as is, even though very little spots of it were still the original picture. They disqualified me because apparently, I used a filter to generate this picture. xD
KittenKatja Neko
KittenKatja Neko Місяць tagasi
Ps: Paint.NET does not have this feature.
Brogan Nyholm
Brogan Nyholm Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: we have this lake wait no a puddle Me: a pond
Limmelime Місяць tagasi
bruh diorite and the other "things" feels like new for me two and.... I'm 16 ...... It's just because they are so horrible that we try to force them out of our memory so that they feel new every time we see them again. BIG BRAIN :D
Leafeon 626
Leafeon 626 Місяць tagasi
If you pause at the right time at 1:38 "Mumbo Jumbo was blown up by Creeper"
Alex McConnell
Alex McConnell 26 päeva tagasi
How did he keep all his stuff
Joel Straube
Joel Straube Місяць tagasi
#ThisIsPants T-Shirts
heksatek Місяць tagasi
13:41 mumbo, you have just discovered gacha hell
Logan Riley
Logan Riley Місяць tagasi
At 1:38 in the time lapse, mumbo got blown up by a creeper (chat message) and he just never mentions it
Isaac Mitchell
Isaac Mitchell Місяць tagasi
Check this artist make mumbo's base eepost.info/my/video/wah6m3Z0hn9ozW4.html
GanonGhidorah Місяць tagasi
*Sees Mumbo spending his 30 diamond income at Treasure-Island* Me: "Let me explain something to you about _finances_ Mumbo - "Let's say that flowing water is your _income_ - which in your case is diamonds from ODEA and the Daypass Shop, and whatever side-hussle you've got going on. Now let's say that this cup, represents your _financial well-being;_ and this little hole *(stabs bottom of cup)* is your expenses. "Now...with most people who have money coming in - *pours water into cup, slowly drains out hole in bottom* - It pays their bills at a steady-pace, so that when the cash-flow slows down, there is _plenty in reserve_ for emergencies. "Now you, Mumbo - and this is what I like about you - *(begins stabbing multiple holes in the bottom of cup)* - You spend it as _quickly_ as you _get it._ You see, you don't drizzle... *(Stabs **_more_** holes)* - You _hemorrhage!"_ *Pours water into cup; drains quickly out of the bottom* "So when the Diamond-Flow starts to run-out... *(Water runs out)* _There's No Reserve!"_
Super Sniper
Super Sniper Місяць tagasi
1:36 Mumbo was blown up by a Creeper What does that mean??? Did Mumbo Die?!
Death Wolffe
Death Wolffe Місяць tagasi
Who else used to/does make underground structures like mumbo? xD
Saad Ahmed
Saad Ahmed Місяць tagasi
Only the people who watched till the last second know about the secret clip at the end like if you saw it too 😂😂🤣
Juan Mar
Juan Mar Місяць tagasi
David Cheng
David Cheng Місяць tagasi
8 years of wonderful Hermitcraft..........WOW
DaieVanya Місяць tagasi
Is Mumbo younger than Grian?
Itz JoshDM
Itz JoshDM Місяць tagasi
james wong
james wong Місяць tagasi
mumbo can u explain the elevator again?
The Geat King
The Geat King Місяць tagasi
Still think it should be called oasis
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas Місяць tagasi
too much merch advertising
Snurtle The Turtle
Snurtle The Turtle Місяць tagasi
I am the mumbo jumbo lab the shwivldivlbivldivleglobgo *lab*
Snurtle The Turtle
Snurtle The Turtle Місяць tagasi
18:55 Mumbo: *Kills innocent, beautiful horse* Comments: **YELLING NOISES**
Snurtle The Turtle
Snurtle The Turtle Місяць tagasi
5:28 Mumbo: "I think I'm *still* the youngest member of HermitCraft." Me: Sorry Mumbo, but you'll always be the youngest unless someone younger joins. That's just how age works. xD
Snurtle The Turtle
Snurtle The Turtle Місяць tagasi
2:21 Mumbo: "...and focusing less on just *burying everything under-ground* " *He says as he digs a massive hole to bury a portion of his build under-ground.*
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