Hermitcraft 7: Episode 41 - MASSIVE PROGRESS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this Hermitcraft Season 7 episode, Mumbo makes massive progress on the Minecraft Mega base, terraforming the outside, building a border, clearing out the automatic sorting system, working on plans for a shop in the shopping district and much more. It's definitely an action packed episode!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

skippy 2 tundi tagasi
Little Midnight
Little Midnight 12 tundi tagasi
Mumbo: it makes the base more complete Me: *inhales* why does he say this every time Also me: I feel like he's bragging because I can't even do that
Lyric Møøn
Lyric Møøn 14 tundi tagasi
My mom : wash the dinners , clean your room , eat lunch ! Minecraft : new update Me : i need to go fast
The monsteres Under you bed
The monsteres Under you bed 15 tundi tagasi
I am your greatest nightmare *look at my profile picture*
Hadez Doom
Hadez Doom 16 tundi tagasi
How do all the hermits do this? Does anyone have tips on how I can make a mega base?
Htoo Myat Min Oo
Htoo Myat Min Oo Päev tagasi
Mumbo: don't panic Me: uhhh don't panic don't panic don't panic PANIC!!!!!!!! i got to come down my shelf a little bit
SageStarling 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Cravaas Me: Cravase Everyone else: Crevece Me: welp, i guess neither of us say it right
Gijzzz 4 päeva tagasi
N Schulz
N Schulz 4 päeva tagasi
Pete Rhodes
Pete Rhodes 4 päeva tagasi
Name tag shop?????
Dogboy1390 5 päeva tagasi
RIP ibbbbbbbbibi 2020-2020
Konstantinos B
Konstantinos B 6 päeva tagasi
You should make a podcast, it doesn't have to be minecraft, you just have such a nice voice. How's with me? ( I know no one but, I had to try )
Sammie J Shaw
Sammie J Shaw 6 päeva tagasi
On the topic of putting stuff off, I have an obscenely large bamboo farm that my free deicided to build a tree house underneath.... I've been putting it off but today's the day I have to run the redstone through their living room
Ryan Slagle
Ryan Slagle 8 päeva tagasi
I mean the water does look kinda nice but I think it would've been really cool to have a huge hole with lines of glass to where it looks like a void
Mrseat King
Mrseat King 8 päeva tagasi
Who’s watching this in 2021
Carl Furio
Carl Furio 10 päeva tagasi
Who all plays MC in quake pro
Lilly Aylward
Lilly Aylward 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: doing a stone mining time-lapse without the psychedelic mumbo, and music Me:🥲 I’m okay I swear
Jackson Richards
Jackson Richards 11 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:that looks quite cool in his head it actually doesn’t
PikaTnt 11 päeva tagasi
Shop idea : you can do a shop where players can buy 1 redstone system that you build.
Asa Hoffman
Asa Hoffman 12 päeva tagasi
How about a redstoner shop where people can hire you to build things for them
The Commander
The Commander 14 päeva tagasi
i am catching up on his hermit craft episodes i hope he does more chirp timelapses
Jada Atta!
Jada Atta! 16 päeva tagasi
Im starting to not like the base
diego loy christian
diego loy christian 17 päeva tagasi
You could make a dirt shop for tereforming
James Stevenson
James Stevenson 17 päeva tagasi
nathan yablonski
nathan yablonski 18 päeva tagasi
I do the same gong as you, in always out things off, but I never actually do it, ever
Sophie Dix
Sophie Dix 18 päeva tagasi
Im the same
UlyssesPrime 19 päeva tagasi
13:28 Mumbo, what's that shape at the top made out of stone bricks?
Nicklas Baarts
Nicklas Baarts 19 päeva tagasi
13:29 so we're not gonna talk about the Svastika in the celling
Nicklas Baarts
Nicklas Baarts 19 päeva tagasi
Lol😂 but its still annoying me cuz its still there more then 10 ep's ahead
Anindita Paul
Anindita Paul 19 päeva tagasi
So we're going to ignore that the Swastika is actually a religious symbol and not just the symbol of a certain political party led by a certain moustached man.
Ryan Casey
Ryan Casey 20 päeva tagasi
Bamboo bagins
Robin DAVID 20 päeva tagasi
Don't know if it is intentional or not but it seems that there is a missing block on one of the outer corner of the octogon, maybe it has been fixed later in the season, I haven't been there yet. (The missing block can be seen in the timelapse at 7:23)
Khushi Patel
Khushi Patel 22 päeva tagasi
Do lava
Moonbow 22 päeva tagasi
it is cre ve ces
Moonbow 22 päeva tagasi
when I procrastinate, what I do is what I do when I get out of bed. I scream at myself saying "Get up!" and I do. So to do things, I yell at myself "JUST DO IT YOU BIG LAZY WIMP!". Yes. I talk to myself and sometimes I actually have real conversations with my brain. I think I am lonely.
Karen Brouwer
Karen Brouwer 24 päeva tagasi
R.I.P ibbbbbbbibi
Christo Badenhorst
Christo Badenhorst 25 päeva tagasi
mumbo is the best at survival
Elijah Cash
Elijah Cash 27 päeva tagasi
7:12 he sounds American.
Jack Mason
Jack Mason 27 päeva tagasi
I watch these with headphones on, and I truly believe that I could fall asleep to mumbo's voice in my brain.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 28 päeva tagasi
He says he can’t go that low for that long, and I’m here sitting with a voice a little deeper than that naturally.
Aileen sparks
Aileen sparks 28 päeva tagasi
0:00-2:57 worlds longest definition of procrastinating
TheBurningWarrior 28 päeva tagasi
You inspired me to descale my icemaker. Thanks for your antiprocrastination PSA.
Marc Zingg
Marc Zingg 28 päeva tagasi
i am exactly the same
Gaser Mohamed
Gaser Mohamed 28 päeva tagasi
You are great at redstone man so I think selling some restone gadgets would be good
Man you dont have to be sorry for being proud
amr321 hejazi
amr321 hejazi 29 päeva tagasi
karsanao games
karsanao games 29 päeva tagasi
13:16 did anyone see the swastika on the roof
Chaotic Boop God
Chaotic Boop God 29 päeva tagasi
I'm finally getting time to catch up on this and the hole talk about season two made me think of the fact i found you and hermit craft because I wanted a long series to binge watch back in junior high and now I'm half way done with senior year of high school and most channels i watched back in junior high i have forgotten but i have been here for every hermit craft season after like season 3 or four i don't remember what one was the one i originally found you through
Plz kill Me now
Plz kill Me now 29 päeva tagasi
Mumbo ur not done terra forming there’s still the base of the towers
Lucas Armero
Lucas Armero Місяць tagasi
Is it just me or does 13:19 look like a hacken kreuz from the 3rd reich?
Zach Hornbuckle
Zach Hornbuckle Місяць tagasi
Mumbo-jumbo I’m built different
niopie 88
niopie 88 Місяць tagasi
epesode 36:so that was a lie
GalaticLion Місяць tagasi
He never found out the change of the jungle wood 😂
Antonio Aiello
Antonio Aiello Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: "Oh God I don't want to terraform please let me do anything but." Mumbo while terraforming: "Oh God I love terraforming please I just want to do this forever." Mumbo two seconds after terraforming: "This is my favorite base I have ever built." Just loop that a few hundred times and you don't even need to watch the LP, you're welcome!
Brennan Doig
Brennan Doig Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: “Put it down in the comments if your built the same as me” Me: Nah, you’re just built different
Dewi Rees
Dewi Rees Місяць tagasi
Idea: Mumbo should put end crystals on top of all of his futuristic towers, and one on the top of the ruined tower to make the effect they have in the middle of the shopping district
Peer Agte
Peer Agte Місяць tagasi
You are like me, just much better
Bridger Poll
Bridger Poll Місяць tagasi
You can't say that the time lapse with the water is satisfying
Leo The weird ghost
Leo The weird ghost Місяць tagasi
mumbo dont worry about not fusing talking and music in time lapses because deku took 3 season to realised he had legs
SpicyCake247 Місяць tagasi
Zack fnaf
Zack fnaf Місяць tagasi
make concrete store in the sea
Zack fnaf
Zack fnaf Місяць tagasi
yo mumbo make a hmm giant fountain garden near base.please!!!!
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson Місяць tagasi
Season 6: Curly Wurly Season 7: Cinnabun
Amy Kravets
Amy Kravets Місяць tagasi
Say plain sailing 10 times fast
Leon Hardman
Leon Hardman Місяць tagasi
No the heart of your base is the heart of your base
Kjhfer der II.
Kjhfer der II. Місяць tagasi
Between the octagons you should have just made a pit til bedrock
Zane Surrette
Zane Surrette Місяць tagasi
Mumbo with all the relatable content today.
Melville Jethro
Melville Jethro Місяць tagasi
me , procrastonation is my talent
Christie Cochran
Christie Cochran Місяць tagasi
9:23 that's how I play
Tristan Trudell
Tristan Trudell Місяць tagasi
GreenKnight Gaming
GreenKnight Gaming Місяць tagasi
Why did I leave EEpost god I missed the series
Crystal Daniel
Crystal Daniel Місяць tagasi
wither scealtion shop plz like so mumbo sees :)
The_weeb _
The_weeb _ Місяць tagasi
I'm like you 👍
Way_2_Saucy Місяць tagasi
mumbo: "storage systems are the heart of your base" the actual living heart in his base: "am I a joke to you"
The Incredible
The Incredible Місяць tagasi
Chesterson Jack
Chesterson Jack Місяць tagasi
I do that thing do. I can make a 4 minute task take 5 months, and I can make a 3 hour task take 15 minutes bc I waited until last minute do to it.
Comment Spae
Comment Spae Місяць tagasi
you should really flatten out some parts of this seriously
Clemens Baker
Clemens Baker Місяць tagasi
this isnt terraforming its printing
lode lacaeyse
lode lacaeyse Місяць tagasi
Since you're filthy rich already, open up a bank to give people lones, and profit from the intrest rates.
Spike Fedora
Spike Fedora Місяць tagasi
The_Tallest Місяць tagasi
yeah... that is me...
The angry kitty
The angry kitty Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: mentions making a shop Me: Well, it's about time!
Armani_ 2000
Armani_ 2000 Місяць tagasi
Is it just me that finds 7:12 adorable😅
Elie Mitri
Elie Mitri Місяць tagasi
I'm late by 3 months. Anyway, you can sell your redstone services? designing redstone stuff for others
Jack Shope
Jack Shope Місяць tagasi
Yes, yes i do put off simple projects
Sky Avenger
Sky Avenger Місяць tagasi
I am exactly like you
Mythical Місяць tagasi
I am exactly like that
The Kids
The Kids Місяць tagasi
Glow stone store
HyperGaming Місяць tagasi
Do a spongebob house and sell under water things like coral, fish and things from shipwrecks.
Tej Patel
Tej Patel Місяць tagasi
He's not just rich, he's dirt rich
Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian
Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian Місяць tagasi
4:23 you are not alone
AngadYT - BS
AngadYT - BS Місяць tagasi
umm... Is it wierd that i play minecraft in quake pro? likje always...
Android 17
Android 17 Місяць tagasi
Will done mumbo Will done get a pet cow girl Call your cow ibbbbbbbbbbbibi
Marianne Jeppesen
Marianne Jeppesen Місяць tagasi
Same here when i am very upset my voice goes very high and when i am happy i talk normally
Bushboy515 Місяць tagasi
Rewatching this episode, I just realized he could’ve done a terreforming buisness
Walter Poffley
Walter Poffley Місяць tagasi
Red stone
Esam Wolf
Esam Wolf Місяць tagasi
Make a shop where you do services for hermits, like building them a giant door or a nice storage system
Snow Ghost
Snow Ghost Місяць tagasi
oh my GODDDDD im so bad at that procrastination thing. you're not alone lol
Max Dugan
Max Dugan Місяць tagasi
Slow the video to 0.25x at 8:30 seconds, he gets blown up by a creeper, poor Mumbo 😅
✖️ᴜ ɴ ᴋ ɴ ᴏ ᴡ ɴ✖️
✖️ᴜ ɴ ᴋ ɴ ᴏ ᴡ ɴ✖️ Місяць tagasi
Bad Cube14
Bad Cube14 Місяць tagasi
Rest in peace ibbbbbbibi (idk how much bs there are) you will be missed. Momento mori
Vinekyrie Місяць tagasi
Why is he gliding I don’t like it
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