Hermitcraft 7: Episode 22 - BASE TOWER BUILD!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Hermitcraft Season 7, the Mumbo Mega Base gets major progress with the addition of the central tower! This minecraft mega build is meant to look like an ancient ruin, being preserved by a civilization from the future. Mumbo for Mayor gets some attention, and my Hermit challenges challenge from Iskall also gets completed. Iskall will appreciated my gorgeous diorite build...
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Nex 9 tundi tagasi
Mumbo: "I'm not a builder" Also Mumbo: (Like seriously the big projects I have are like box houses to the hermitcraft members)
Pikachu Gaming
Pikachu Gaming 16 tundi tagasi
18:36 the greatest thing added to Minecraft is Minecraft
Nathan Lunev
Nathan Lunev Päev tagasi
The build is amazing! I would use more variants of the blocks like mossy cobblestone, mossy bricks and cracked bricks. Wow.
Eva Rivera
Eva Rivera 3 päeva tagasi
cubiks 2.0
cubiks 2.0 4 päeva tagasi
dragon fellow
dragon fellow 4 päeva tagasi
mumbo looks like gordon ramsey are they brothers?
Liam Schons
Liam Schons 5 päeva tagasi
Kubo has the opposite of ADHD
Brad 5 päeva tagasi
I can watch these videos of you building all day
Owen Bloor
Owen Bloor 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo there are a lot of teirs in this me in England during a pandemic I know I know
Paul Newcombe
Paul Newcombe 7 päeva tagasi
single best addition = crafting table
melted acid
melted acid 9 päeva tagasi
I love how he had to add the squeak text because it was so faint. Nobody cares about the squeaking in the background. :)
Peresvet Akulinichev
Peresvet Akulinichev 9 päeva tagasi
FOX GAMES!!! 12 päeva tagasi
Also Mumbo: hes been playing been paying with that toy for 3 houres now how fun can that be?!?!??! Kubo: What an insult
FOX GAMES!!! 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Wow kubos been eating that toy for 3 houres now, Kubo: Wow Mumbos been paying with that toy for 3 houres now,
FOX GAMES!!! 12 päeva tagasi
Can you play among us or Roblox next??????
Corbin Woodbury
Corbin Woodbury 13 päeva tagasi
Rishit Bhagtani
Rishit Bhagtani 15 päeva tagasi
Mending is the best enchantment mojang have added
Lorentari 16 päeva tagasi
Most important things introduced to Minecraft was the crafting table. The game was a bit meh when you could only place the blocks (and TNT) that existed in the world upon spawn
Chaz Thompson
Chaz Thompson 17 päeva tagasi
Unfortunate Find
Unfortunate Find 17 päeva tagasi
the base is gonna be ///M E G A///
dark soul52
dark soul52 19 päeva tagasi
the end
That Random Guy
That Random Guy 20 päeva tagasi
It’s cool that he said he is 100% doing something. Not cool that he didn’t do it
Christoffer Larsson
Christoffer Larsson 27 päeva tagasi
I know for a fact that the infinite glass idea of the outer ring is absolutely the coolest idea but it takes a lot of resourses. So I think you should do a hermit challange to the others to help you
Elijah Mastey
Elijah Mastey 28 päeva tagasi
The best thing to be added to minecraft? Minecraft.
Sarcastix FoxDragon
Sarcastix FoxDragon 28 päeva tagasi
The best item to ever be introduced to minecraft: Beds.
Family Stepien
Family Stepien 29 päeva tagasi
Survival is the best thing added
Justin Edward
Justin Edward 29 päeva tagasi
I like diorite :(
Oompity Loomps
Oompity Loomps Місяць tagasi
Mumbo's dog: it do squeak. I think neat.
Ville Kemppainen
Ville Kemppainen Місяць tagasi
The best thing added to minecraft is survival mode
windninjasol stuff
windninjasol stuff Місяць tagasi
try adding nether stars to the tops of the futuristic towers pointing to the top of the ancient one nice build
windninjasol stuff
windninjasol stuff Місяць tagasi
mumbo one of the towers around your base has a grey concrete border and the others dont
Tucker Nelson
Tucker Nelson Місяць tagasi
2:30 only a little stone
Sound Guy
Sound Guy Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: I've improved it I've ruined the outskirts it looks good.
christopher bay
christopher bay Місяць tagasi
annabel griffith
annabel griffith Місяць tagasi
i think its time you get a new face haha
Arjun Iyer
Arjun Iyer Місяць tagasi
at 5:39 ( into the vid) go to playback speed 0.25 and then wait until 5:42 and pause. it will say squeek on screen
Murder Duck
Murder Duck Місяць tagasi
That’s not supposed to be a secret, it’s just to tell you when there’s a squeak
Arjun Iyer
Arjun Iyer Місяць tagasi
whos coobo (srry if its rong speld name)
Murder Duck
Murder Duck Місяць tagasi
Kubo is mumbo’s dog
Mike Harvey
Mike Harvey Місяць tagasi
Observers and honey are great change
Marcel Tasteshita
Marcel Tasteshita Місяць tagasi
Answering question: The best thing added in minecraft was diorite. Whoever disagrees, fight me.
wong kit
wong kit Місяць tagasi
The best introduction to minecraft is mining and crafting.
dr.noname Місяць tagasi
James WESTON Місяць tagasi
The best introduction to Minecraft is the update where rubydung was 1st person
hi bye
hi bye Місяць tagasi
Lol You'll laugh I know.
Neko The Lad
Neko The Lad Місяць tagasi
Creative is probably the best thing added
Cain Cybuck
Cain Cybuck Місяць tagasi
when you added texture to the buildit lookedlike you put it through a greebler
Pino Catozzo
Pino Catozzo Місяць tagasi
@3:05 no one can take your ideas seriously with that smile.
iSmack Місяць tagasi
Not sure why but I've been watching all these videos for the past 5 hours 😂😂😂😂😂
Mod of games
Mod of games Місяць tagasi
18:50 Definitely the first release out of beta
Flash 3
Flash 3 Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: builds the biggist base I have seen Also Mumbo: we stillhave yet to construct stage 3 which is underground and will be the majority of the base Me: so how many of thousands of blocks did you say you will have to mine?
Holden Gehrke
Holden Gehrke Місяць tagasi
1:51 I thought he was making an f noise 😂LOL 😆
Angus Richardson
Angus Richardson Місяць tagasi
surely the best addition is beds/ sleeping/respawning
Rodrigo Kitner
Rodrigo Kitner Місяць tagasi
Is it just me or mumbo looks like luis capaldi?
ItsDisaster Walrus
ItsDisaster Walrus Місяць tagasi
Oh god imagine if some set iskall’s tree on fire oh no
Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian
Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian Місяць tagasi
Best introduction to minecraft: Minecraft
Jaice Skeen
Jaice Skeen Місяць tagasi
Cat or dog???
guima128 Місяць tagasi
18:50 the texture, if we hasnt texture we cant see anything
SOG Zorhn
SOG Zorhn Місяць tagasi
Me In Survival: can’t build a house Mumbo in survival: builds a mansion
levi tucker
levi tucker Місяць tagasi
Enchantments in general
Kcat Plays
Kcat Plays Місяць tagasi
Thank you for keeping me sane whilst doing math homework.
ZippyTheMemer Місяць tagasi
Mumbo, I know you probably won't see this, but if you do please tell your fans to stop going onto other hermit's videos and spamming "if you win mayor I'll unsubscribe" and general hate directed at them for running for mayor. It hurts me to see people saying things like 'you're such a bad person for running against mumbo.' Please like or re-comment this so mumbo can see, the hate needs to stop. (I copied ths)
Nathan Hernandez
Nathan Hernandez Місяць tagasi
"This is now AWFULLY filled in"
Chris Cyphery
Chris Cyphery Місяць tagasi
He admited the scaffolding is good
Chris Cyphery
Chris Cyphery Місяць tagasi
Wait I saw scaffolding...8:31
Just4fun Місяць tagasi
Amy Kravets
Amy Kravets Місяць tagasi
When his base is done and all the others ummm there will might be lag
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat Місяць tagasi
Slime block... that is the best. No doubt!
Mad Insomniac
Mad Insomniac Місяць tagasi
Finn Timmer
Finn Timmer Місяць tagasi
I cant build and I can't do redstone but i can go ina survival world and die once or twice everyday and i can make a creative world and make a mess ;-;
Patryk Fillier
Patryk Fillier 2 місяці tagasi
i think stackable items was the best update
HeadsupGamer 2 місяці tagasi
Stressing bout that loop lol
Blust GT
Blust GT 2 місяці tagasi
15:42 You did tho...
Rhys Milligan
Rhys Milligan 2 місяці tagasi
Going back and binge-watching these because I want to catch up. the occasianal redstone vid was getting to spaced out
gameing and mask
gameing and mask 2 місяці tagasi
4:19 thats what she said
Hugh McBroom
Hugh McBroom 2 місяці tagasi
Hermit Challenge idea: Invite Me
Hugh McBroom
Hugh McBroom 2 місяці tagasi
if you actually do it i would laugh my a** off
GeekyGamer 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo: builds cobble farm that makes a ton a cobble Me: not even 120000 per hour stacked 50 times to crash the server, BAD.
MonkeyBoy 2 місяці tagasi
Ah yes, nothing like some Mumbo Jumbo with some hot chocolate and a ham and cheese sandwich
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez 2 місяці tagasi
There is a gray line on one of the pillars and the other ones do not have it
Abbey Faith Joi
Abbey Faith Joi 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo: it has no gaps, and is all filled in Me: bababooey
Jesse York
Jesse York 2 місяці tagasi
The best is cats
bryce2fly 2 місяці tagasi
imagine if he like makes a shield bcz he said: i like to think the future gen is protecting it so i feel like a shield should be cool
pupypup 2 місяці tagasi
18:50 either redstone or command blocks if you ask me. Though it really depends. Maybe observers...
nadeem rahman
nadeem rahman 2 місяці tagasi
Midnight Kitty_Cat
Midnight Kitty_Cat 2 місяці tagasi
Hi mumbo, pls stop other mumbo fans from posting nasty comments on other hermits because of mayor stuff.
Maxamazing 2 місяці tagasi
Fun fact: dogs like the squeaky toys because it reminds they of dying prey. :)
Yves-Pierre Romeus
Yves-Pierre Romeus 2 місяці tagasi
I played when redstone wasn't in the game
Lief Nova
Lief Nova 2 місяці tagasi
Best Addition to Minecraft, hands down: Water.
Christie Cochran
Christie Cochran 2 місяці tagasi
0:17 you've been stressing with stress
Elliot Rothman
Elliot Rothman 2 місяці tagasi
And jumbo says he isn’t a builder
Erdi 2 місяці tagasi
"I did it wrong" "And I did it wrong again... *Y E S"* That's quite a big shift in your mood there, Mumbo. You ok?
Jen Britten-Rohrbach
Jen Britten-Rohrbach 2 місяці tagasi
Every time Mumbo goes in F5 I always forget about the face!
Phillup211 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo: Kubo has been at that toy for 3 hours! Like, how fun could it be, to squeak a toy like that?! Kubo: Mumbo has been at that computer for 12 hours! Like, how fun could it be, to click a mouse like that?!
Porter Rose
Porter Rose 2 місяці tagasi
mumbo: starts panakin (he didnt have a planakin) its ok he stopped panakin he made a planakin
Animations :D
Animations :D 2 місяці tagasi
Im bored da ba de da ba die if i was green i would die
Richard Mondan
Richard Mondan 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo: doesn’t pick up all scaffolding 19:11 my ocd: scared ocd noises
James Price
James Price 2 місяці tagasi
I wonder if James Charles commented
James Price
James Price 2 місяці tagasi
Idk what to comment but I want to comment
Creeperking 2 місяці tagasi
I think the best thing updated in minecraft would have to be fish and dolphins
Antonio Aiello
Antonio Aiello 2 місяці tagasi
Cats. Cats are the best thing introduced into Minecraft.
Jacob crawford
Jacob crawford 2 місяці tagasi
"parrots after eating at taco bell"
Rustam HALPERT 2 місяці tagasi
A dog's (squeaky) toy is like Mumbo's Minecraft
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