Hermitcraft 7: Episode 65 - PACIFIC REDSTONE!

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Mumbo Jumbo

29 päeva tagasi

In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo make MASSIVE PROGRESS on Hermitcraft Pacific. The Pacific redstone system has been developed in the Pacific Redstone Laboratory secure redstone vault. It involves a new Hermitcraft shopping district currency - Pacificoin, contactless payment system with individual bank account for all members of Hermitcraft Server. It even includes an automatic Minecraft bank account overdraft system!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 28 päeva tagasi
To the people saying we need more security aa you can just access each others accounts: Our entire shopping district is based on trust that you won't steal, it would be weird if people suddenly started stealing in Pacific!
Pabs 1234
Pabs 1234 23 päeva tagasi
unless u count grian stealing gunpowder
Arkajyoti Pal
Arkajyoti Pal 28 päeva tagasi
Pacific Idea: Make a Card Reading System where everyone will have their own Card for accessing their account. I know no one's gonna make purchases from anyone else's account, but still it's going to be way cooler with a Card Reader.
Karno 28 päeva tagasi
But style points though.
Tony Mioni
Tony Mioni 28 päeva tagasi
To all y'all mentioning Grian... You understand he's a prankster not a thief right? Or is this your first HC episode?
ET 28 päeva tagasi
How would multiple make purchases at the same time if only one bank account can be active at a time? That's the only draw back I could see with the system
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 7 tundi tagasi
how is this guy part of the single brain cell squad!?
Yo Ben cool
Yo Ben cool 9 tundi tagasi
Who is taking its my first time watching please don’t get angry 😠
Moalyz. 10 tundi tagasi
13:38 feels kinda like Luna (a type of coding language) like "if player triggers "Jump" then move player 1 stud" Obviously I'm very bad at luna so i couldn't provide a good sample
Noah Möllmann
Noah Möllmann 14 tundi tagasi
hey mumbo, did u realize that you wrote grain instead of grian?
Green -X
Green -X 17 tundi tagasi
18:28 sleepovers
Ulki Päev tagasi
"Who is the real winner here?" Mumbo laughing. Me: likes video. CUZ YOU ARE MUMBO! LOVED IT!
Inferno gaming
Inferno gaming Päev tagasi
But how to get the items you buy
Natasha Päev tagasi
I honestly love the laughing in the war, it just shows how much fun you can have while being at war with your friends 😂😂
Levi Eggink
Levi Eggink Päev tagasi
That system was really cool and I was shocked how cool it was
Firekid97 Päev tagasi
"you are overdrawn. fix or we break kneecaps" -Pacific bank 2021
Ethan Nasca
Ethan Nasca Päev tagasi
I did engineering in high school and failed miserably. And just today did I realise that red stone is just engineering and I will never understand it
A Har
A Har Päev tagasi
we need a big diamond vault
lila benford
lila benford Päev tagasi
3:56 if I hit myself -mumbo jumbo 2020-2021
Galip Eser Say
Galip Eser Say 2 päeva tagasi
Wait what?
Meme Master
Meme Master 2 päeva tagasi
[17:12] Why is no one talking about the sign for when you're overdrawn
Christopher Gibbons
Christopher Gibbons 2 päeva tagasi
You forgot to add the part that charges an overdraft fee.
Connor Nesdale
Connor Nesdale 2 päeva tagasi
You guys sound like toddlers
brookephillip 2 päeva tagasi
Make a giant robot spider that kills you when you get too close to it
Carl Dworzack
Carl Dworzack 2 päeva tagasi
So, can only only one person at the same time shop at Pacific? Very corona proof indeed!
kroh tg
kroh tg 2 päeva tagasi
You could use an item sorter like a credit card to check which account you want to use.. Not only making it one person at a time, but also security.. Maybe?
kroh tg
kroh tg 2 päeva tagasi
Resource gathering More like shopping
imaiden_B 4 päeva tagasi
Someone has to create a tutorial on this. They just do.
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 4 päeva tagasi
The most mumbo jumbo red stone project ever. So awesome but so so confusing.
D-Vaux 4 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Wow Thats So Easy My brain:
Darth Makroth
Darth Makroth 5 päeva tagasi
Let's say you had 5 coins in the bank, what if you didn't realize and baught a torch and before it could take any coins out baught another so it detected u to have 5 coins still in, u basically get one for free?
Darth Makroth
Darth Makroth 5 päeva tagasi
As a redstoner and a programmer, listening to you explain Pacific pained me as I know it will be so hard to make
milkyart 5 päeva tagasi
i got some merch for christmas, and one of the shirts is the "its really quite simple" one, and every time my mom sees it she goes "its really quite simple, gem" and then i go "..... but its really not....."
Asrianti Abd Kadir
Asrianti Abd Kadir 5 päeva tagasi
its just the easy bit me :😑
Captian Cash
Captian Cash 5 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who didn’t understand a word he said
AlNimri 6 päeva tagasi
Honestly this episode is just impressive. I got an overdose of redstone content. Nice. My favorite part is how at 17:10 Mumbo subtlety shows a rather threatening sign while saying that this is as user friendly as can be.
Justin Kinville
Justin Kinville 6 päeva tagasi
“Oh yeah, a war happened” ....what the- ?
Sanna Hickman
Sanna Hickman 6 päeva tagasi
i am so confused 🤷‍♀️
Youtube account
Youtube account 6 päeva tagasi
two men go heaushhhehehehehehehe on pool floatie
ZombieNinjaWarrior 6 päeva tagasi
His red stone sounds just as confusing as real banking
Lénnòz Wiñz
Lénnòz Wiñz 6 päeva tagasi
Am i the only one wondering, why MJ does not use observers so see how many Pacific coins you have, and how much the item costs... if you don't have enough to buy that specific item, it will close the ones off that you don't have enough PC (pacific coins) for, But keep the ones that he/she has enough for. For exampel if we say dirt cost 5 PC and stone cost 10 PC, the person buying has 10 PC in total and buys some dirt, that is 5PC, then he still has 5PC so the stone will switch off since he/she does not have enough for the stone, but he/she has for the dirt... I don't know if that makes sense...
Aliah Penafiel
Aliah Penafiel 7 päeva tagasi
can you a attack on titan
Terrible Terror
Terrible Terror 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Spoke 69000 words in one video Me who understood nothin': Okay. I totally understood
Andrew McConnell
Andrew McConnell 7 päeva tagasi
This video is a tapping into the mind of a genius
Ariel Bryant
Ariel Bryant 7 päeva tagasi
3:58 *Who is this Grain character?*
oniboy 7 päeva tagasi
me: yay a new mumbo vid!!! me at 13:00: the heck?!?!
Josh Davis
Josh Davis 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo 10 years later: so i built this contraption which isn’t that complicated The contraption: 5000 redstone, 2000 repeaters, 500 hoppers, 10,000 pistons, 2500 observers, 100 redstone torches,
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson 8 päeva tagasi
Could you add a tutorial on just how this works Mumbo?
Jayden Weiss
Jayden Weiss 8 päeva tagasi
Who else is both amazed and not surprised when Mumbo makes a massive confusing redstone build that actually works as intended
Zoe Reinhard
Zoe Reinhard 9 päeva tagasi
fix account otherwise i break kneecaps :)
Declan Cunningham
Declan Cunningham 9 päeva tagasi
This is the nerdiest episode of hermitcraft ever.
Bonnie McCollough
Bonnie McCollough 9 päeva tagasi
make a vid to so us how to do all he staps no skiping staps
Corvax 9 päeva tagasi
this build is actually insane. I actually cant believe something this specific is fully possible
Dan Pewpewman
Dan Pewpewman 9 päeva tagasi
17:10 haha the sign
matoche B
matoche B 10 päeva tagasi
You need to test the create mod
Frog Princess Taeyong
Frog Princess Taeyong 10 päeva tagasi
It always blows me away how good you are at red stone. Like these creations are mind boggling to me.
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 10 päeva tagasi
mumbo said 3 2 1 go, and an ad popped up.
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 10 päeva tagasi
8:33 Pacific Labs is in a slime chunk. How perfect is that?
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 10 päeva tagasi
How about the values of pacificoin go up and down randomly so that when they are cheap, hermits buy more.
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda 10 päeva tagasi
'You're overdrawn. Fix otherwise we break kneecaps' XD
EmeraldWD 10 päeva tagasi
Splitting payment methods actually happens pretty frequently in the USA
Delirium 10 päeva tagasi
I liked that first time-lapse... ... ... he says to himself quietly... ...
Alex Norman
Alex Norman 11 päeva tagasi
Really enjoyed the smart man talk lol, more of that in complex videos maybe?
logan brierley
logan brierley 11 päeva tagasi
I never thought I’d get confused watching Minecraft, I come here to turn my brain off stop scaring me
Elwood Readz
Elwood Readz 11 päeva tagasi
potatoes, grian test bank idk seems like a sign of a bad future.
Bailey Benedict
Bailey Benedict 11 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo you are a hilarious mustached genius and I love your videos!
emination 11 päeva tagasi
13:18 He basically explained coding
Joshua Felton
Joshua Felton 11 päeva tagasi
This video really goes to show how I really need to learn how redstone works so I can finally understand what mumbo is saying and why he gets excited about redstone bits
Joshua Felton
Joshua Felton 11 päeva tagasi
While I love watching Mumbo's videos normally, this video was just super boring to me ://
epiccgamer 11 päeva tagasi
6:38 when you are playing a game by EA
Kameron Grylls
Kameron Grylls 11 päeva tagasi
He spelt grian grain
Fun Drew
Fun Drew 11 päeva tagasi
Minecraft Bitcoin
Ava Wright
Ava Wright 12 päeva tagasi
This episode is just REDSTONE, REDSTONE REDSTONE. I’m over here with a SERIOUS headache. Thx Mumbo 🥲
Benlego2017 12 päeva tagasi
mumbo: "3, 2, 1, go!" EEpost: *ad*
Big Samuraii
Big Samuraii 12 päeva tagasi
what if someone just took a few stacks of slimeballs and renamed them pacificoins
Althaf Isfahan
Althaf Isfahan 12 päeva tagasi
gamingcircle.ml/ check it out if your a gamer. "GAMING CIRCLE, THE RIGHT PLACE FOR GAMERS AND PROGRAMMERS"
Mahedi Hasan
Mahedi Hasan 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo is the master of Redstone normal Redstone engineers looks like cats if compare with him
-ßøgdan -
-ßøgdan - 12 päeva tagasi
to attract the other players to open an account leave the accounts/chest unassigned and tell them that if they Acquire an account they can get a bonus starting balance.
Eliiiza 12 päeva tagasi
i like your funny words magic mannn
Implosion Beast
Implosion Beast 12 päeva tagasi
i am currently replicating mumbo's system to understand it better :)
Implosion Beast
Implosion Beast 12 päeva tagasi
update i've done it the only thing i don't understand is why mumbo needed to take a comparator output from the overdraft chest i removed the over draft chest output and it worked fine (it wasn't working properly before) since, if there isn't overdraft the hopper is unlocked
Soven and Smayan
Soven and Smayan 13 päeva tagasi
Wut if someone chucks in an iou of [number] pacific coins how will system detect IOU’s or loans?
Britney Thomas
Britney Thomas 13 päeva tagasi
When Iskall85 and Mumbo create in game cryptocurrency...
Ealy Ehe
Ealy Ehe 13 päeva tagasi
14:34 why is there a potato in your inventory? Edit: I wrote this before you noticed and why you kill potato nooooooooooooo
LukaRama Videos
LukaRama Videos 13 päeva tagasi
The length of the video is 20 21 and it scares me
Maayu 13 päeva tagasi
Elevator to Pacific RnD need lights
Xander Skater
Xander Skater 13 päeva tagasi
So... where are the war videos??
Charlie 13 päeva tagasi
This has got to be the most over complicated transaction system in the history of hermitcraft
Chace Hawkins
Chace Hawkins 13 päeva tagasi
that moment you realize that redstone is it's own coding language. We bring you Mumbo Jumbo's lesson in object-oriented coding with redstone
Apoorva Rai
Apoorva Rai 13 päeva tagasi
i was watching this whole video in amazement like how can you come up with such systems and understand how to actually make them in minecraft. Absolutely GOATed
nut 13 päeva tagasi
me, who knows nothing about redstone watching mumbo’s redstone videos and bits in hermitcraft episodes: 👁 👄 👁
Garrett Lambhart
Garrett Lambhart 13 päeva tagasi
This video actually blew my mind🤯🤯
Adam Boyes
Adam Boyes 13 päeva tagasi
we should make a redstone device that has its own mind
Ákos Jakab
Ákos Jakab 13 päeva tagasi
I'm not gona lie, the picture of the video kinda looks like a huge canon if you look at it from far XD
Jenna Kints
Jenna Kints 13 päeva tagasi
I just cant wrap my head around how mumbo can literally do the most complicated insane things with redstone my peanut brain could never
Privilege Majozi
Privilege Majozi 14 päeva tagasi
You're basically coding in redstone language 😂
Bubble Spring
Bubble Spring 14 päeva tagasi
Anyone else have no idea what the hell he is talking about most of the time but enjoys it anyways
monke man
monke man 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo that first ad placement with iskall was golden
Jasper BB
Jasper BB 14 päeva tagasi
Me using red stone: an extended button for a door. Mumbo using red stone: LITERALLY MAKES A FUNCTIONAL BANKING SYSTEM.
Lestat Beyer
Lestat Beyer 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo just built a computer in minecraft
Frisky Foxx
Frisky Foxx 14 päeva tagasi
30 seconds of childish giggling does put a smile on my face
Gavin Earl
Gavin Earl 14 päeva tagasi
Around14:00 I got none of that
Michael Racancoj
Michael Racancoj 14 päeva tagasi
I love how everything about his redstone is just perfect and then if you look closely at one of the signs, Grian’s name is spelt wrong because it says Grain
Drk Troopr
Drk Troopr 14 päeva tagasi
I hope they change the name of the slimeball cuz then they could just use their slime farm and be rich!
Hampus Walther
Hampus Walther 14 päeva tagasi
Make loans possible
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 14 päeva tagasi
Imagine if there was a second chest hidden that get compared so if u remove coin would lock u in
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