Hermitcraft 7: Episode 31 - PARALLEL UNIVERSE

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Mumbo Jumbo

6 місяців tagasi

The Hermitcraft season 7 mayoral race is over. The votes have been taken, and we have a winner. Grumbot has recovered, and we also managed to develop a gold trading farm! Jam packed episode as always.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 6 місяців tagasi
Sorry about the video crop - managed to mess up my scaling while editing!
Nathan Langeraar
Nathan Langeraar 14 päeva tagasi
Luke Bowlby
Luke Bowlby 14 päeva tagasi
@ORFEAS DUNNE I was before him, you can even check yourself. ALSO, that reply to the comment was 6 months ago...
ORFEAS DUNNE 15 päeva tagasi
@Luke Bowlby you're not first if someone is first then it's AlpenGlowUp
GraySlime Guy
GraySlime Guy 16 päeva tagasi
ORFEAS DUNNE Місяць tagasi
Jackson Hodge
Jackson Hodge Päev tagasi
i cant belive you know the whole "arrow to the knee" thing.
Eli Meyer
Eli Meyer Päev tagasi
Can you please make a show out of that intro
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh 2 päeva tagasi
TNT is better 2 use And also if you keep jumping in a 2 by 2 Hallway you can speed up .
Deniz Genc
Deniz Genc 3 päeva tagasi
17:10 it made a lot of sense
Rayyan Alam
Rayyan Alam 3 päeva tagasi
i dont think he ever uses this farm ever again
David Dwyer
David Dwyer 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone: I understand Me: What are you talking about?
1nOmlAd 5 päeva tagasi
I like the mumbo jumbo song run
Absolute Chaos
Absolute Chaos 6 päeva tagasi
17:00 I actually understood that but it was when I watched the clip again the second time ,pretty smart actually to think about that
LNC123 6 päeva tagasi
You did the bed thing wrong
TinkyWinkyGaming 7 päeva tagasi
Wish someone would tell Mumbo that the Piglins are scared of zombies
Gavin Licht
Gavin Licht 7 päeva tagasi
no it did not :):):):):):):):)
Coen Ballard
Coen Ballard 8 päeva tagasi
I actually felt bad for a Redstone contraption wow
David Gentry
David Gentry 9 päeva tagasi
I love things series
Graphi 9 päeva tagasi
bro the bed technique is messy. too much fire, thats so annoying. tnt is better lol
Riley Caldwell
Riley Caldwell 10 päeva tagasi
know Mumbo you are not stupid for using TNT 0:45 and not beds because beds are not stackable, they make fire everywhere and they are also take up 2 blocks instead of one to place down. they are way less efficient so keep using TNT
Brooklyn - Bridge09
Brooklyn - Bridge09 11 päeva tagasi
3:35 why dose it look like the same warped biome I have in my world just put a bridge then you have it
Aleksander ryzek
Aleksander ryzek 11 päeva tagasi
I understand
Zakery Williams
Zakery Williams 13 päeva tagasi
I love the music
Jonas Kaun
Jonas Kaun 16 päeva tagasi
and the creeper just walked behind him
Roei Yaron
Roei Yaron 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:" I now have full netherite armor" Netherite chestplate: what am I to you?
The Squad
The Squad 17 päeva tagasi
I was looking back at some episodes and then I remembered that mumbo jumbo never visited grumbot even after you promised to visit him this makes me sad
Minecraft Speler
Minecraft Speler 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbles it is a lot better to use TNT for finding netherite
found pancake
found pancake 17 päeva tagasi
found pancake
found pancake 17 päeva tagasi
what about the chest plate
Paranoia Destroyah
Paranoia Destroyah 19 päeva tagasi
The broken-down Grumbot reminds me of DESTROYA from the Danger Days/Killjoys storyline. He just does.
Arman K
Arman K 20 päeva tagasi
this wasnt happy ending it was so sad what if he find out and realize his life was lie
dream spy
dream spy 20 päeva tagasi
I have no clue what you just said😅😅?
mop themop
mop themop 21 päev tagasi
6 flint!!!!!!!
Roo Goose
Roo Goose 21 päev tagasi
The piglins were running away because they are scared of the zombified piglins
one piece fan
one piece fan 21 päev tagasi
Now i just felt bad for mumbo like he didn't even get a single vote
Ethan Lam
Ethan Lam 23 päeva tagasi
forgot this was in H7
Caleb Ivey
Caleb Ivey 24 päeva tagasi
When grumbot said his life had meaning I literally smiled
Dan Sharpley
Dan Sharpley 25 päeva tagasi
Gosh mumbo is showing off using iron blocks for red stone builds
TheBurningWarrior 26 päeva tagasi
Is six flint the new 12 bamboo?
TheBurningWarrior 26 päeva tagasi
Also, from the Humid Gulf South, congrats on joining the A/C gang.
Aryan Khatri
Aryan Khatri 26 päeva tagasi
2:38 feels like mumbo is rapping : )
TraverseIce 27 päeva tagasi
2:01 this was more fitting music rather than real dramatic music
Matty D Parker
Matty D Parker Місяць tagasi
I think if Grumbot finds out Mumbo isn’t actually mayor he’ll explode.
Zechariah Sovka
Zechariah Sovka Місяць tagasi
mumbos skin is like when your character goes into an important cutseen
Liam Audrain
Liam Audrain Місяць tagasi
Arrow to the knee... ...I get it
The now music critic
The now music critic Місяць tagasi
Mumbo for mayor would be interesting
Albert shera
Albert shera Місяць tagasi
Mumble jumbo finest moustache in the land
Ethan Currivean
Ethan Currivean Місяць tagasi
I've been binge-watching the Hermitcraft 7 on Mumbo Jumbo and this definitely been a great way to spend finals week. 😂
Dusty Story
Dusty Story Місяць tagasi
I mean make a toutorel for grum bot
Dusty Story
Dusty Story Місяць tagasi
Make a toutorel
Lane Robertson
Lane Robertson Місяць tagasi
Two humans inside a simulated reality put a machine they created in that simulated reality inside another simulated reality. Seems legit.
ThyLunarPaladin Місяць tagasi
7:20 That reminds me of the fate of Artemis in my No Man’s Sky playthrough.
Alex Kuczynski
Alex Kuczynski Місяць tagasi
There is no war is ba sing se vibes
jhgmbrass Місяць tagasi
you dont have the netherite chestplate
Aileen sparks
Aileen sparks Місяць tagasi
5 months ago i watched a new episode of season 7 every day suddenly stopped for 5 months lol came back today
Lucid Lemur
Lucid Lemur Місяць tagasi
whenever you talk about how redstone machines work my brain just shuts down
Ollie Kim
Ollie Kim Місяць tagasi
seeing your base looking more and more like ancient ruins is so awesome and makes me really sad because it reminds me of one of my favorite youtubers a few years back. her minecraft stories were amazing and she discontinued it.... i miss it so much
FredjeTheDog Місяць tagasi
note for people who use beds: according to cubfan, using TNT is actually better than beds (it's faster and doesnt create fire wich is safer)
CARTER SCOTT Місяць tagasi
new subscriber check
Bolts Playz
Bolts Playz Місяць tagasi
It took me a bit to get the arrow in the knee than I remember what happens atleast 10 time every time you go into a city a guard says “I once was a traveler like you than I took an arrow to the knee”
Wasdupup The Pro!!!
Wasdupup The Pro!!! Місяць tagasi
17:00 No that didn’t
TurtlePowa001 Місяць tagasi
[Hears depressing music whilst watching Grumbot being trapped in a woollen box]
Abigail Aderinokun
Abigail Aderinokun Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: *builds self building redstone contraptions and redstone printers* Also mumbo: *has to count the 8 glass chambers he built*
Abigail Aderinokun
Abigail Aderinokun Місяць tagasi
2021 Mumbo: So i just finished turning my dirt into netherite dirt using my netherite ingots, so im ginna start making my stone into netherite stone
Ophir Wesley
Ophir Wesley Місяць tagasi
"follow iskall" and "get grian" are just kidnapping orders
Ad1th CPASR Місяць tagasi
Somehow, for the first time, I understood what he did for the piglin trading centre redstone.
Gordon Tap
Gordon Tap Місяць tagasi
The clouds should have been mustaches
thatonevideogameplayer Місяць tagasi
He made his shovel before his axe
Sarah Jensen
Sarah Jensen Місяць tagasi
Yea, sorry. You broke my brain with that sentence.
A Gould
A Gould Місяць tagasi
A Gould
A Gould Місяць tagasi
A Gould
A Gould Місяць tagasi
jaden the gamer
jaden the gamer Місяць tagasi
Mumbo for mayor please
Kitt Beesley
Kitt Beesley Місяць tagasi
@mumbo all you need to do is update the bed you can do that by placing a block next to it
OzzieTheEagle Місяць tagasi
How many people cried at the grumbot part? I I I I I I V
DaBurgerBandit Місяць tagasi
I love how the whole Mayoral thing started with Mumbo for Mayor, and by the end, absolutely nobody voted. I mean, that SUCKS!
theAstarrr Місяць tagasi
"I mean...you know...as my campaign manager and all that!" "You're-You're the candidate and all that!" Best moment ever you guys are so hilarious!
Yonah Nelson
Yonah Nelson 2 місяці tagasi
Vaping can deliver toxic metals like nickel and lead into your system
hamnahirfan 2 місяці tagasi
no sen
BeardDaddyNZ 2 місяці tagasi
Am I the only one who is genuinely gutted mumbo didn't get mayor?
DIO 5393
DIO 5393 2 місяці tagasi
Grian: Votes Scar because of his landscaping Scar: does landscaping Grian: ‘you weren’t supposed to do that’ Me: *Our meme*
ToPPuV MoRNinG 2 місяці tagasi
Fake it to you make it
zivosaurus -rex
zivosaurus -rex 2 місяці tagasi
sad noises
Hazard Skull
Hazard Skull 2 місяці tagasi
Why did mumbo not have a ac
Gunseeker 2 місяці tagasi
i subbed to islam just for that name tag
vjdesair 2 місяці tagasi
Kellie Allen
Kellie Allen 2 місяці tagasi
1:37 The fire protection on netherite boots *It hurts*
mecha YouTube
mecha YouTube 2 місяці tagasi
Are you going to run for mayor in the next season?
Foxy Rul
Foxy Rul 2 місяці tagasi
But what about grumbot
R M 2 місяці tagasi
Who else is watching the Mayoral election on election day
Rando channel of stuff
Rando channel of stuff 2 місяці tagasi
Casually shoots self with arrow
Saxon Bleechmore
Saxon Bleechmore 2 місяці tagasi
At least u care about soul speed(other than grian)
NAJEED ALI 2 місяці tagasi
AZ GAMING,reviews and more
AZ GAMING,reviews and more 2 місяці tagasi
Mumbo will suit to be Mayor Becasuse he can create redstone roads. And redstone things
Drift_Wood 2 місяці tagasi
Why does he build redstone put of wool
Keegan Bassett
Keegan Bassett 2 місяці tagasi
“I used to be an adventurer like you. Until I took an arrow to the knee.”
Gummy Grimoire
Gummy Grimoire 2 місяці tagasi
grumbot got silver garden'd
ClumsyGarage 2 місяці tagasi
Hear me out: VRumbot
Mickxxl 2 місяці tagasi
The skyrim thing got me lmao😂😂 the knee thing never gets old
BalYeet 2 місяці tagasi
10:31 where men cried
James Price
James Price 2 місяці tagasi
When is his suit and hair getting back
The Knight
The Knight 2 місяці tagasi
the Grumbot story arc has come to a close
Ian Fertik
Ian Fertik 2 місяці tagasi
Dat bud sense
Jared Betz
Jared Betz 2 місяці tagasi
hey mumbo i went to watch this video and then you started to talk about Netherite and i have been wanting to know what it looked like so a soon as you said Netherite you reminded me that i should see what it looked liked lol. Thanks.
John John
John John 2 місяці tagasi
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