Hermitcraft 7: Episode 56 - INDUSTRIAL TNT FARMS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo works in the Mumbo Jumbo MEGA industrial district! Working on fully automatic TNT farms, creating 3 new automatic Minecraft farms: Automatic cobblestone generator, automatic TNT tree farm, and an automatic TNT concrete converter. Mumbo also does some work in the Mumbo mega base! It's a progress filled episode for sure!

Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

ERR0R GAMING 2 päeva tagasi
Good to watch hermitcraft again
Cameron Mccormack
Cameron Mccormack 3 päeva tagasi
that cobble generator is like the creeper island one I think it was called in season 5
Sohail Aji
Sohail Aji 4 päeva tagasi
I saw the thumbnail change. I CAUGHT YOU!
Owen Bloor
Owen Bloor 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:who needs this much cobblestone Me: ssundee
ns cannoner
ns cannoner 6 päeva tagasi
12:30 mumbo water squirrel
LockJaw on Blitz
LockJaw on Blitz 6 päeva tagasi
I believe that this is the first Mumbo has slept on camera
OωO 12 päeva tagasi
OωO 12 päeva tagasi
You should’ve covered your base in slime if you didn’t cover your industrial district in slime
Jiana Malaya Mateo
Jiana Malaya Mateo 12 päeva tagasi
Ive been watching too many british guys play minecraft my thoughts are all in a british accent
Harsha Tube
Harsha Tube 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone here in 2021?
Harsha Tube
Harsha Tube 18 päeva tagasi
At first i didn't watched timelapse I watched MUMBO dancing. 😂
cXtotheXj 19 päeva tagasi
Also, how is he getting all this tnt?
cXtotheXj 19 päeva tagasi
I love how simple the trading system is on this server. And how trusting it is. I assume that you keep the population to a minimum.
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins 20 päeva tagasi
Watching ALL of mumbo videos during lock-in. From the beginning. I'm less than 10 episodes behind and wondering who to watch next....
Eira H
Eira H 14 päeva tagasi
Grian's a good one, been binge-watching his season 7 for a while :D
sasawasa 20 päeva tagasi
perfect twenty minutes
Kamil Gaudyn
Kamil Gaudyn 22 päeva tagasi
Anyone here near 2021?
Bridger Poll
Bridger Poll 22 päeva tagasi
My friend: do 6 times 6 Me: hey siri
Balloon19 23 päeva tagasi
mumbo: theres something ive been putting off for a very long time me:well that is definitely anything to do with terraforming
Ffe1 1106
Ffe1 1106 26 päeva tagasi
If you can do that with one brain cell..... then I have 0.0000001 bit of brain cell left. And it forgot how to go through mitosis
Ffe1 1106
Ffe1 1106 26 päeva tagasi
Petition to get a “there’s something I’ve been putting off for a really long time” shirt. He says it so much and no one ever seems to notice
Abel Peregrino
Abel Peregrino 27 päeva tagasi
2:47 Mumbo in literally all of his videos
Fluiding 27 päeva tagasi
TNT logic: the higher the block is from the block, the less destructive it is.
AirPrime Cat
AirPrime Cat 27 päeva tagasi
Hey, it's the thumbnail for the most useless machine video!
Connor Pope
Connor Pope 27 päeva tagasi
1:20 This is useless, but I noticed that the path block has grass behind it.
Maxim Kozlov
Maxim Kozlov 28 päeva tagasi
hey mumbo make a dupelicate farm with this vid eepost.info/my/video/qoCafXenmmaGvXs.html&feature=emb_logo
NinjaMasterX 28 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Who needs this much cobblestone? Ssundee: My time has come!
chieftain 76
chieftain 76 29 päeva tagasi
1:18 dancing bumbo
FieryAidan Місяць tagasi
I cannot believe this is the 56th
Tahzih Abdullah
Tahzih Abdullah Місяць tagasi
Brain cells don't multiply through mitosis😐😐
Michael Purvis
Michael Purvis Місяць tagasi
Mumbo says it is not entertaining to watch him do his base work Me: I agree and instead continues to look at farmer mumbo in left corner EDIT: Hermit challengers! Do a whole episode with the farmer mumbo skin on #Hermit_Challengers
The Isabelle Universe
The Isabelle Universe Місяць tagasi
Mumbo at the end: This has been a blast The title of the video: industrial TNT farms Me: it has literally been a blast😂
Milly Ryan
Milly Ryan Місяць tagasi
Whenever Mumbo says that his base looks the most complete it has all season, is like when Steve Jobs says that the latest apple phone is the greatest phone that anyone has seen.
QuesadElla :3
QuesadElla :3 Місяць tagasi
Am I the only one who could literally watch the TNT explode the stone for like an hour Straight? plz someone make a video of that I would watch it.
Megan Chitwood
Megan Chitwood Місяць tagasi
12:23 *Seagulls begins playing*
Massimo Casella
Massimo Casella Місяць tagasi
If mumbo-jumbo can do Redstone and is in the single am I in the zero brain cells squad
minecraft 10
minecraft 10 Місяць tagasi
13:22 Lol grain is learning redstone wile mumbo is learing how to *not* organize your stuff in the chests
monk man
monk man Місяць tagasi
When Mumbo says oparation and the first thing that comes to my mind is scars operation aqua tunder XD
Joshua Handoko
Joshua Handoko Місяць tagasi
I am part of the one braincell squad. Says the person making an auto wood farms kelp farms cobblestone farms
Keeler Brunet
Keeler Brunet Місяць tagasi
that brainwave with the concrete was clean asf
Ciaran Brosnan
Ciaran Brosnan Місяць tagasi
mumbo saying he has 1 brain cell makes me wonder how many I have
TheCookieCrumbler Місяць tagasi
Mumbo and Scar needing baby proofing since.... forever
Tejaskarthick Thangaperumal
Tejaskarthick Thangaperumal Місяць tagasi
9:19 56 in episode 56
Gamer I L TS forever
Gamer I L TS forever Місяць tagasi
I tried to do the stone generator but after some minutes the actual generators were blocked by stone due to the timing of the water and the lava. I saw the ilmango video about this generator but even doing exactly what he does but that didn´t solve it. Everything else works perfectly, I don´t know what causes the bad timing of the water and lava if you can help me to find the problem, that would be great. Thanks if you help me
Charlie Denagon
Charlie Denagon Місяць tagasi
10:10 enough said
Goldie1 Місяць tagasi
Mumbo : Im gonna do some farming today The hoppers : DEAR GOD PLEASE NO
SpittinCobra Gaming
SpittinCobra Gaming Місяць tagasi
0:01 Love how the sign he took down last episode is still in his inventory
Yoni Shafrir
Yoni Shafrir Місяць tagasi
Isn't is spelt "acquire"? 14:08
MrMateusz Місяць tagasi
am i the only one getting frustrated that that he keeps missing the signs from iskall about the leak that makes him loose tons of items? i wish Iskall would have pointed it out more
OneShot Gaming
OneShot Gaming Місяць tagasi
hey mumbo where do you get your tree farm design from
Trevor Compton
Trevor Compton Місяць tagasi
Your kelp farm looks like a solar panel ps I really wanna goin hermit craft
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Місяць tagasi
I just came back to this video and found I disliked it You all can hate me in the replies now, but I've uh... Un-disliked it?
The Gem System
The Gem System Місяць tagasi
"Frankly, I'm disgusted in the best possible way." -Mumbo, 2020
MadMax 5244
MadMax 5244 Місяць tagasi
Zealand Nogales
Zealand Nogales Місяць tagasi
Why the heck is cobblestone generator SO Fancy
James W
James W Місяць tagasi
0:44 it’s worrying how much the dancing jumbo entertained me
DannyV Місяць tagasi
Literly got super excited about your concrete machine, rly cool my dude
DJ DXD Games
DJ DXD Games Місяць tagasi
6:24 AUTOTUNE!!???!?!?!???
Keracen The Catgirl
Keracen The Catgirl Місяць tagasi
12:41 my dad
Billl Місяць tagasi
Ismael Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez Місяць tagasi
No one: Literally Mumbo every episode: I’ve been putting off work from my base.... ik how to solve this in a form of a time lapse
Iama Sillygoose
Iama Sillygoose Місяць tagasi
It's morally ok to replicate tnt in your fashion, but to replicate concrete. For shame.
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller Місяць tagasi
You also created a way to get tons of apples for the base. Win win mate.
DumbGuyOP Gaming
DumbGuyOP Gaming Місяць tagasi
Why the heck do i hear heart beat in background if i olug in my headphone 😔❤️
IndigoGollum Місяць tagasi
I don't mean to hate on Mumbo or anything, but his American accent was just as awful as every American accent from a Brit I've ever heard and I hate it.
Jaice Skeen
Jaice Skeen Місяць tagasi
Elias Falke
Elias Falke Місяць tagasi
*The video is exactly 20 minutes*
Conor Goddard
Conor Goddard Місяць tagasi
Imagine if you could enchant tnt with silk touch
Peanut Poodle
Peanut Poodle Місяць tagasi
This has nothing to do with the vid, i just want to tell someone: today i started trying to crochet and I'm already making a scrunchy. : D just wanted to say that
Peanut Poodle
Peanut Poodle Місяць tagasi
@IndigoGollum : D just finished, it looks gpod
IndigoGollum Місяць tagasi
I hope you have fun with it! You can make some really cool stuff once you get really good.
DhiahThe TruthFairy
DhiahThe TruthFairy Місяць tagasi
Mumbo sounded so sad that the concrete conversation tnt farm that he designed was almost useless that my heart cried. I felt so bad that my chest hurt. The poor Mumbo Jumbo...
tom the retard
tom the retard Місяць tagasi
mumbo should make a super SUPER sepersmelter
Josh Guo
Josh Guo Місяць tagasi
Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” For our sins we deserve hell. But since Jesus came to this earth as a free gift out of God’s amazing love to pay for our sins and take the punishment we deserved we can be saved. We accept this gift with our genuine faith and not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9)
Flavour Cat Studios
Flavour Cat Studios Місяць tagasi
Mumbo : There isn’t a single thing that isn’t meant to be there Me : no, there is something... ITS YOU. me : GET REKTED **bad dabbing**
Crimson Місяць tagasi
I hope he knows one of the note blocks at the bottom of the base is off, its bugging me to bits so I thought I would let you all know
Decrypt PlayZ
Decrypt PlayZ Місяць tagasi
I am rewatching for this 10:10
Bad Cube14
Bad Cube14 Місяць tagasi
How did mumbo take longer to figure out 7 times 4 but instantly get 28 times 2 lmao
ILikeBlackOps1 Місяць tagasi
Who else noticed its exactly 20 minutes long
Zigs Minecraft Guide
Zigs Minecraft Guide Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: making a time lapse Us: not even paying attention and spitting Bars to the music in the back
Jordan Brooks
Jordan Brooks Місяць tagasi
Love the time lapse video thing at the bottom 😀
Swamp Squid
Swamp Squid Місяць tagasi
I usually enjoy you but your acting stupid lastly how do you not know it was the fake m.s base
spoon Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: WOW LOTS OF COBBLE WOW! All i think is... ʷʰʸ ᵈᵒ ʸᵒᵘ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵃ ᶜʰᵉˢᵗ ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳʷᵃᵗᵉʳ﹖
spoon Місяць tagasi
i pat ov won brian sell sgwad *nice*
david rab
david rab Місяць tagasi
“Ilmango has not been invited to join the single brain cell squad” -Mumbo 2020
Aviation Playz
Aviation Playz Місяць tagasi
Captain Pineapple
Captain Pineapple Місяць tagasi
From the single brain cell squad: we don’t want ilmango anyway.
PDogman Horse
PDogman Horse Місяць tagasi
How many times in a episode do you have to say the whole 9 yards
ffemtcmedic Місяць tagasi
My favorite part was during the time and you were randomly hitting the note block
Lord Hades35
Lord Hades35 Місяць tagasi
Can we get Single Brain Cell Squad merch?
Ben Bruer
Ben Bruer Місяць tagasi
When he makes a pun in the outro and doesn't realize it
Lennaert Hondelink
Lennaert Hondelink Місяць tagasi
Episode mostly about TNT based farms Mumbo: I had a blast *Claps *
Andrew Sears
Andrew Sears Місяць tagasi
Mumbo is hungry Me:JUST EAt the STUpiD CaRrOTS
Andrew Sears
Andrew Sears Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: I am in the single brain cell squad Also Mumbo: talks about super advanced Redstone that nobody understands Me: he he pressing two lines button stops him
TheSuckyPlaya Місяць tagasi
If mumbo is 1 brain cell...We're all just like a 1,000,000th of 1💀
John Sandberg
John Sandberg Місяць tagasi
only me that looked at mumbo dancing instead of looking what he did?
Monira Akter
Monira Akter Місяць tagasi
Someone needs to make a video of MUMBO saying “this looks one thousand times better!” or “this looks really complete!”
Just a Banana
Just a Banana Місяць tagasi
If he has a single brain cell do i even have a brain?
Nancy Vieth
Nancy Vieth Місяць tagasi
Mumbo, I would watch any of your videos as long as you try to explain something even if I don’t understand it!
Danial Chisholm
Danial Chisholm Місяць tagasi
I would like it if "mitosis accored in my brain and my singular brain cell became two" also anyone know what mitosis is?
MisterE326 the Gamer
MisterE326 the Gamer Місяць tagasi
0:41 I love little mumbo just vibing
Tylᶒr 7
Tylᶒr 7 Місяць tagasi
dating advice from mumbo : "go for the fitter one"
Teo Karlsson
Teo Karlsson Місяць tagasi
oh god he doesnt have FaithFul
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