Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - 2 WITHER FARMS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds two wither farms! The first one is an industrial fully automatic wither rose farm that produces of 3000 wither roses per hour! That then allowed us to create a fully automatic wither skeleton farm, which allows to have fully automatic wither skull farming. So essentially we have a Minecraft beacon farm. VERY VERY EXCITING!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Rays Works
Rays Works Місяць tagasi
That's exactly how I image I'd look like if I ever attempted to dance. :P Thanks for the amazing shout out and entertainment! I was a bit scared that the wither was going to be summoned in with the portal still in there. You can now use bubble columns to redirect the wither skulls so you dont need to do the chicken flip anymore. The bedrock breaking does need good connection on servers or a faster clicker than the keyboard (30+cps) but there is still a chance of failure unless you use the 100% method. You found a really good location for wither skull farm!
MCRacer25 20 päeva tagasi
You’re funny words magic man
Hotel Val Sinestra
Hotel Val Sinestra 21 päev tagasi
you must be really happy to be in mumbos video
CreeperStatus Місяць tagasi
TurtlePowa001 Місяць tagasi
Hi Ray
Sound Guy
Sound Guy Місяць tagasi
That should be the minecraft loading screen
Giacomo Potter
Giacomo Potter 5 tundi tagasi
20:22 it’s a minecraft dog mumbo
Oliver Cramp
Oliver Cramp Päev tagasi
16:04 the sheer panic
ZDragonimated Päev tagasi
16:03 i literally just spilled tea over my laptop, this scared me so much
Steve Lanier
Steve Lanier 2 päeva tagasi
he did a face reveal :O
Allyne Thaís Silva
Allyne Thaís Silva 4 päeva tagasi
Ernie Boch, Jr
Frostfire 5 päeva tagasi
"I can then watch the US Office." This comment did not age well...
Ollie Päev tagasi
Ik I was wondering when the ads will change for these vpns
lvlup64 5 päeva tagasi
when you flew away from your first dog he unrendered in a chunk and cant telelport back
Charlie Hollister
Charlie Hollister 6 päeva tagasi
This hat is extremely itchy -Mumbo
Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb 7 päeva tagasi
13:20 and that's what is called a NETHER RACK.... Sorry
Harrison Egerton
Harrison Egerton 11 päeva tagasi
'and i shouldve brought another elytra, only joking im rich' oh anyway
Tripto15 12 päeva tagasi
9:32 Scar:....This is definitely not a loosing team... Turf War Mini-Games: I'm gonna destroy this man's whole career
OωO 12 päeva tagasi
Yep Mumbo still needs to get gooder because mumbo without Elytrais scary
OωO 12 päeva tagasi
Oh god after like about 30 episodes mumbos sword is still called prickly stick
The Prisnerr
The Prisnerr 13 päeva tagasi
16:05 I repeated that part about 100 times !!!😂😂😂 Lol!!
Apoorva Rai
Apoorva Rai 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is such a good youtuber that I actually watch his sponsored messages because he is so good at making things interesting. Dude's the GOAT
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD 15 päeva tagasi
Zack Gorman
Zack Gorman 16 päeva tagasi
Where tiny time lapse song go
Kingofdefault09 16 päeva tagasi
I love the 5 min crafts joke
df.faoro 16 päeva tagasi
The Office UK is the one and only!
Scoped Sniper
Scoped Sniper 16 päeva tagasi
Him: i actually had to google how to tame a wolf Me: :O
TraverseIce 16 päeva tagasi
15:20 wtf happened to that laugh lol
Damien Swan
Damien Swan 17 päeva tagasi
16:03 dude, my heart dropped
James Wallman
James Wallman 17 päeva tagasi
If any one sees this comment the office is no longer on Netflix it has moved to Peacock. Yesterday was the last day to watch the office on Netflix.
SpeEdo Speed
SpeEdo Speed 18 päeva tagasi
title: Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - 2 WITHER FARMS! me: "watches video" also me: clickbait?? im big fan btw
Christine Taylor
Christine Taylor 18 päeva tagasi
whats the server ip?
claire! 19 päeva tagasi
i love the fact that mumbo watches the office😭😭
Hotel Val Sinestra
Hotel Val Sinestra 21 päev tagasi
yep thats a timlapsy timelaps
jet Dinelt
jet Dinelt 23 päeva tagasi
Fun and possibly helpful tip ghast can't break cobblestone
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor 25 päeva tagasi
2:35 how did you get that enderman head
DILLY WILLY 19 päeva tagasi
thyere like add ons
DILLY WILLY 19 päeva tagasi
they use plugins
Matthew Alton
Matthew Alton 26 päeva tagasi
denzell tan
denzell tan 26 päeva tagasi
im rich -mumbo
Sophie Barlow
Sophie Barlow 26 päeva tagasi
Am I dumb or would the dog not just teleport to him if he used the elytra
Danny Wood
Danny Wood 26 päeva tagasi
Curious Fellow
Curious Fellow 26 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: 40 wither skeleton skulls an hour Bedrock players: **laughs in 78 skulls a minute**
Tacticlypse 26 päeva tagasi
The first dog heard what his life would be and said “nope”
Xabxer 28 päeva tagasi
The funny thing is that Mumbo is a pro at mc but he still doesn’t know the other (cheaper) way to break bedrock. This new technique only uses a sign and a slab
V E V T O R 2
V E V T O R 2 28 päeva tagasi
The wither: A powerful being with mass amounts of power Mumbo: F A R M T I M E
Maxim Kozlov
Maxim Kozlov 28 päeva tagasi
mumbo you can use your camera account to spy on the mycelium resistance for hep
Saphire Barker
Saphire Barker 29 päeva tagasi
Dogs can only teleport to you if they are in a loaded chunk 🤪
Reza Najafi
Reza Najafi Місяць tagasi
Very good
Dajči Gamer
Dajči Gamer Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: Ive never had a dog in hermitcraft The dog of season 6: sad subscribe noises
Connor Barnes
Connor Barnes Місяць tagasi
why would u do that to your first wolf/dog
Garvin Putta
Garvin Putta Місяць tagasi
hey mumbo can you make the minecrafts videos 4K 60 fps if possible? thanks
Autumn _ Mint
Autumn _ Mint Місяць tagasi
You have to make the dog stand before it'll teleport to you
Random Phoenix
Random Phoenix Місяць tagasi
items counts as entities so the wither will target them some times
Ellis Garner
Ellis Garner Місяць tagasi
I imagine you having a mustache
michael fiorentini
michael fiorentini Місяць tagasi
filling the water is painful
hollowserpent Місяць tagasi
If I ever start a big online company there's only one way I want to advertise
Terra Rain
Terra Rain Місяць tagasi
Love watching your videos been watching for years finally inspired me to get the game bought it for my phone so addictive 🙌 no wonder I always liked watching people play awesome game
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones Місяць tagasi
Well this is what I imagine myself looking like when I do take dance.
Fax Kibbles
Fax Kibbles Місяць tagasi
18:18 I’m not the only one who accidentally calls them hoglins
Ragnakode Місяць tagasi
the worst nightmare doesn't exi... *spawning endermite for farms*
DMN 2005
DMN 2005 Місяць tagasi
What was the pop you where holding?
Ethan James Tasman
Ethan James Tasman Місяць tagasi
I really want to join Hermitcraft 8 or 9. It is such a good series :( . If I get invited, my username is FireBoyHalo
Original Місяць tagasi
why do you have a vodka in your inv
Leo 71
Leo 71 Місяць tagasi
He found his first dog! His name is basil and has a good happy life :)
Alan Darkcaster
Alan Darkcaster Місяць tagasi
only legends remember the original title. "twin wither farms".
Nils Kaasa Grønbech
Nils Kaasa Grønbech Місяць tagasi
Is that Coke in Mumbo’s inventory, or am i blind?
John Moss
John Moss Місяць tagasi
Sponsoring done right :)
Alex Sood
Alex Sood Місяць tagasi
Johan 072
Johan 072 Місяць tagasi
Your servers nether looks so good my men
STEVE THE PRO Місяць tagasi
19:18 ok
STEVE THE PRO Місяць tagasi
We got a face reveal
Lite Shake
Lite Shake Місяць tagasi
19:44 It's Alabama the wolf (from PewDiePie's series)
Briten Paradowski
Briten Paradowski Місяць tagasi
Why did 16:04 feel so scripted?
RedRocket 12457
RedRocket 12457 Місяць tagasi
And it did not work. HEHEHRHERHHRHEH
Ethan Currivean
Ethan Currivean Місяць tagasi
I love the way Iskall says "Hello"
demondreamer 56
demondreamer 56 Місяць tagasi
i like how on 16:03 he started puffing THEN he jumps into lava😂😂😂i was also waiting for him to put on his elytra but jumped of without it instead
Grand Master Jacob
Grand Master Jacob Місяць tagasi
What music was used for the time lapse?
Roan V
Roan V Місяць tagasi
sum to me pls
John Wilcox
John Wilcox Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: what happened to ur face Dog: oh this is normal
Killing Survival
Killing Survival Місяць tagasi
This might sound silly but i feel like this episode is what I wanna see more of. I love the silliness and really love how much effort and time went into this one. Amazing job Mumbo, u are very inspiring :D
Matt- A- Mations
Matt- A- Mations Місяць tagasi
Does anyone else see soda cans in his hotbar in 1:13
Benjamin Hurst
Benjamin Hurst Місяць tagasi
mumbo jumbo when frustrated over bedrock breaking: Sounds like a parrot.
Dish Soap
Dish Soap Місяць tagasi
I feel bad for doggy:(
uwu Місяць tagasi
Procrastination is the best
The Jerry’s
The Jerry’s Місяць tagasi
Remember Mumbo in Dont Starve
MrWitchblade Місяць tagasi
Do you EVER carry any form of light with you? lol.
sinisterbunny 4ever37
sinisterbunny 4ever37 Місяць tagasi
did eny one else hear that noise at 15.21
Death Wolffe
Death Wolffe Місяць tagasi
Mom can we have rays works? No we have rays works at home Rays works at home:
Finn Daugherty
Finn Daugherty Місяць tagasi
There’s a UK version of the office??
MR ONE61 Місяць tagasi
What texture pack do you use???
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Місяць tagasi
"Fairly ridiculous gold farm" Look who's talking, Mr. three TNT farms in one video
M1 Mich
M1 Mich Місяць tagasi
Does anyone know both of the songs used in the timelapses?
Mason Morgan
Mason Morgan Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: He's actually kind of cute Also Mumbo: *Sends him to the underworld to do nothing except eat skeletons with no company*
USERNAME Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Why wasn't my elytra on ?
Smulker _
Smulker _ Місяць tagasi
It’s pretty funny how Mumbo just summed up all of 5 minute crafts
Miguel Zlotnikov
Miguel Zlotnikov Місяць tagasi
mumbo: enters in hep also mumbo: relies on there being wither roses at the shopping district also also mumbo: I'm rich also also also mumbo: "falls without elytra" my conclusion: rich people: the higher jump, the higher fall
Miguel Zlotnikov
Miguel Zlotnikov Місяць tagasi
also rich people aparently have 1 brain cell: google, how do you do? I mean... how do you tame a wolf?
Miguel Zlotnikov
Miguel Zlotnikov Місяць tagasi
anybody else just looked at the tiny mumbo when the time-lapse played and then got surprised with the dimensions of the farm?
jose cabrales
jose cabrales Місяць tagasi
what a bad owner
Weirdly Stupid
Weirdly Stupid Місяць tagasi
19:49 mumbo's last look at the dog before mercilessly killing it. didn't even get to kill one skeleton. That's not how you treat dogs mumbo. And you just got a new one like the old was chopped liver. (It died because it teleported to him in midair and died of fall damage)
Joe Місяць tagasi
god i just noticed his minecraft character yelling "express vpnnnnn" as he pulls away from the screen lol
Chompa Stompa
Chompa Stompa Місяць tagasi
I got a VPN thing specifically for changing my Netflix access and NF knows and says "you have a VPN on stop that" and doesn't let me play things
RimWulf Місяць tagasi
You guys should totally stream your screens to a zoom chat then stream that to EEpost.
Jonny Gray
Jonny Gray Місяць tagasi
I just had the same problem with bedrock breaking. I think with 1.16.4 they changed something
Peace of the Puzzle
Peace of the Puzzle Місяць tagasi
15:55 "Definitely unprepared" - understatement of the century! @Mumbo this was simultaneously your stupidest and most impressive moment of the year!! Nice escape 😄
BlueFlare Місяць tagasi
When cub got of the chair and became smol so you could only see his eyes.... It was adorable
Tacitus Ignotus
Tacitus Ignotus Місяць tagasi
15:53 - Just kidding I'm rich B)
Tacitus Ignotus
Tacitus Ignotus Місяць tagasi
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