Hermitcraft 7: Episode 33 - GOLD AUTO CRAFTER!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds up the item transportation system for the MEGA auto gold farm, that runs the items into an automatic item sorter, which drops the gold nuggets into an automatic Minecraft crafting system. We also do some Minecraft 1.16 piglin trading, and improve our piglin trading hall.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Ranjodh Raghavan
Ranjodh Raghavan 6 tundi tagasi
A levitation potion- the one thing I would love to see in the next minecraft update
Sasha Leingang
Sasha Leingang 6 tundi tagasi
Kolbin Bussey
Kolbin Bussey 11 tundi tagasi
The End Update
Mayhem516 11 tundi tagasi
I would like a few more bosses
900 IQ
900 IQ 11 tundi tagasi
you can smelt golden swords for golden nuggets
900 IQ
900 IQ 11 tundi tagasi
I know
Danwoo Kim
Danwoo Kim 16 tundi tagasi
Legends say stress is still running
Troy Berry
Troy Berry 17 tundi tagasi
Can you video yourself only typing with your thumbs?
Mayakashi 21 tund tagasi
Mumbo: I’m actually used to 28 degrees (Celsius) now, it’s been really hot. Me in Australia where in summer if it dips below 28 degrees, then something’s wrong: 🤨
Brawl Boss
Brawl Boss Päev tagasi
Mumbo This red stone is pathetic building a storage system Me still on the tutorial on how a lever works
kemy kash
kemy kash Päev tagasi
get a cleric then trade the flesh with them
Xd totts1468
Xd totts1468 Päev tagasi
6:35: lol cave update has been announced now
Leo Payan
Leo Payan Päev tagasi
The parrot was from grian
The monsteres Under you bed
The monsteres Under you bed Päev tagasi
Is anyone going to tell him you can smelt a gold sword into a ingot
X&Y Gaming
X&Y Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Well, Mumbo, i guess since we can't have a cave update, I'll suggest we get a cliff update.
Shiny Carno Gaming
Shiny Carno Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Anyone watching this after news of wireless Redstone and bundles? Lol it's exatly what he asked for
Shiny Carno Gaming
Shiny Carno Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
HaHa I just saw him say "is there going to be a cave update" watches 1.17 update trailer... Caves and cliffs hmmmmm
Piano DNA - James
Piano DNA - James 2 päeva tagasi
Jared Pierce
Jared Pierce 3 päeva tagasi
did you know you can smelt the gold tools to get golden nuggets?
Zachary Maeda
Zachary Maeda 3 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: has scaffolding Also Mumbo: decides to scaffold out of glass
gothic574 4 päeva tagasi
15.01.2021 bedrock nether is 127 hight. build limit is 127 blocks why cant we have nice things ?
עומר גיל
עומר גיל 4 päeva tagasi
did anyone notice that everything mumbo said at 6:18 are actually being added to the game next update?
Ben Holroyd
Ben Holroyd 4 päeva tagasi
6:38 we get both!
Christian Genius
Christian Genius 5 päeva tagasi
This man needs to make tutorials on all of the complicated redstone in his builds in hermitcraft
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh 6 päeva tagasi
At 4:28 he swore
Sumayyah Khan
Sumayyah Khan 6 päeva tagasi
36 degrees? Where I live tis 60!!
Togol 7 päeva tagasi
6:18 lmao the next update is the cave update
Anshaj Gupta
Anshaj Gupta 7 päeva tagasi
You should have made a gold shop
outcast ty
outcast ty 7 päeva tagasi
What happened to Brian in hermit chalenges
A New Perspective
A New Perspective 8 päeva tagasi
28 degrees in sudan we think that 30 degrees are shivering cold
Leo Brady Golf
Leo Brady Golf 8 päeva tagasi
Parrot update
Monster_ _Bo0o0
Monster_ _Bo0o0 8 päeva tagasi
9:06 he typed like skeppy!
Nir Bhattacharjee
Nir Bhattacharjee 8 päeva tagasi
U cld make a super smelter and smelt the swords for ingots
Carlos And Laura
Carlos And Laura 9 päeva tagasi
mumbo: does redstone Me: :I
Ryan Slagle
Ryan Slagle 9 päeva tagasi
I think to increase the gold amount you could send the swords through auto smelter, for more gold nuggets
Chexmix6 10 päeva tagasi
Switch doesn’t let you build on top of the Nether so...
E 10 päeva tagasi
Can someone show me a block by block turorial for that item centralizer please?
Montana Buick
Montana Buick 11 päeva tagasi
my mustash brings all the boys to the yard
Christian Flockner
Christian Flockner 11 päeva tagasi
I love mine craft
Lilly Aylward
Lilly Aylward 11 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, like besides the cave update, I would like some new redstone stuff, and some more inventory space, mojang, well in that case we will do it all
Michael Ogbutor
Michael Ogbutor 11 päeva tagasi
rotten flesh can be used for emeralds and golden swords can be used for levels
Michael Ogbutor
Michael Ogbutor 11 päeva tagasi
get optifine connected textures it will save your eyes
Carl Furio
Carl Furio 11 päeva tagasi
They need add dog armour
Brandon Loiacono
Brandon Loiacono 11 päeva tagasi
Mumbo... There's shift and a button for that
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 12 päeva tagasi
New dimension
Dominic Hume
Dominic Hume 12 päeva tagasi
Why don’t you include grian
random boy 2
random boy 2 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: talks about inventory update Me: well are bundles close enough?
Xxmatt_290xX 13 päeva tagasi
Redstone update
Jayryl Koh
Jayryl Koh 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: no more caves update Me: :c, but I want a caves update and also new mobs
Turtle Does Stuff
Turtle Does Stuff 13 päeva tagasi
Who watch in 2021
unhappy pointer
unhappy pointer 13 päeva tagasi
hermichallenges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
unhappy pointer
unhappy pointer 13 päeva tagasi
you can trade with rotten flesh
Manuel Gustavo Caminotti
Manuel Gustavo Caminotti 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: I really don’t care for rotten flesh. Me: You know you can trade it for emeralds, right?
Manuel Gustavo Caminotti
Manuel Gustavo Caminotti 14 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: I really don’t care for rotten flesh. Me: You know you can trade it for emeralds, right?
David Tanasković
David Tanasković 14 päeva tagasi
Who gon tell him that you can smelt those swords
almosttaken 14 päeva tagasi
I`d like to see the swamp update
DoritoTime 15 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "I don't want a cave update! I want an inventory update!" Bundles: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"
Anna Lee
Anna Lee 15 päeva tagasi
“we will be adding whose... one of those” and then he stared screaming 14:35
mizubushi 15 päeva tagasi
I want to see both a storage update as well as an automation update
xKeyro 16 päeva tagasi
Hermit Challenges 🥳🥳🥳
Jake Mustian
Jake Mustian 17 päeva tagasi
what is 28 degrees in freedom units (Fahrenheit)... 82.4 degrees freedom
Amy Christie
Amy Christie 18 päeva tagasi
Can you auto craft on console
Supercoolstargamer 19 päeva tagasi
stupid things I do
stupid things I do 19 päeva tagasi
I need armored elytra
Respawn - Youtube
Respawn - Youtube 20 päeva tagasi
It funny he got level 100 exactly
Massimo Lambo
Massimo Lambo 20 päeva tagasi
I’m rewarding this right now and as of like 3 months ago they announced the cave update. Also, they are doing an inventory update
Gaming for Life
Gaming for Life 21 päev tagasi
Inventory update
Minecraft Speler
Minecraft Speler 21 päev tagasi
I would like a dropper that would only pick up the item that you wanted it to pick up so sorting systems don’t get complicated
Gavinator Gaming0901
Gavinator Gaming0901 22 päeva tagasi
Food update
Benij 123
Benij 123 22 päeva tagasi
Letuserhack 23 päeva tagasi
Just add mods if u want unlike bedrock has to rely on updates for new stuff
Letuserhack 23 päeva tagasi
U made this extremely complicated for no reason
A human Who plays video games
A human Who plays video games 23 päeva tagasi
Wtf in_gots its ingots
Krayim _12
Krayim _12 25 päeva tagasi
17:09 that clip made laugh for a solid 5 minutes
Blair Jephson
Blair Jephson 27 päeva tagasi
Hey mumbo can u do a tutorial on this farm ???
casual robot
casual robot 27 päeva tagasi
If the pigman died from fall damage they will only drop gold ingot
FrankBecker 28 päeva tagasi
I would like new water updates with new items and stuff
DarrenMarlin_ 28 päeva tagasi
I want ps4 to change build limit in nether
Jeshmi Shrestha
Jeshmi Shrestha 29 päeva tagasi
venomshyper07 29 päeva tagasi
you can smelt the golden swords into nuggets
TheBurningWarrior Місяць tagasi
OOOH TFC joined the game. I was worried he was gonna have to sit this season out; I guess that's another series I 'll have to start when I'm caught up on Mumbo, Etho, Tango, and BDoubleO.
TheBurningWarrior Місяць tagasi
Timestamp is 4:16 for those who don't know what I'm on about.
Spencer Owusu
Spencer Owusu Місяць tagasi
It's sad how the only thing I know about what he's saying are sorting system
Jack Mason
Jack Mason Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: no caves update Mojang: ah yes, we will make a caves update
Avery Steere
Avery Steere Місяць tagasi
A update with an enchant where u can wear your eyltra and chestplate
Travis Місяць tagasi
I like the casual subliminal messaging of smashing the hermit challenges bell. Also the way mumbo says "basalt" makes it sound like he's looking for "bath salts".
Silver Summons
Silver Summons Місяць tagasi
20:00 you know you can just shift click the item from the crafting recipee book right?
Silver Summons
Silver Summons Місяць tagasi
This comment is late (catchin up on my hermitcraft) but I would love to see some more magic in the game. And not purely combat maybe something for builders, like that builder's wand mod.
GDBRUCEE _ Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: i really REALLY don’t need rotten flesh Clerics who can have a rotter flesh trade: **sad villager noises**
annabel griffith
annabel griffith Місяць tagasi
Australians just sitting here like 36 wow thats cold haha
Mr. Thiccums
Mr. Thiccums Місяць tagasi
“It doesn’t abuse any bugs” What’s your Y level bro
Palazzo Acreas
Palazzo Acreas Місяць tagasi
pigman heads at 52 seconds?
Rudransh Sahu
Rudransh Sahu Місяць tagasi
You should have opened a gold sword shop
Aaron Harrison
Aaron Harrison Місяць tagasi
Ahh Yes The Gold INN GOT
MarnZzZz Місяць tagasi
How the hell do you type and press shift with only ur thumbs Like typing i could understand BUT PRESSING SHIFT!? Every normal person uses the pinky finger for shift
James Blackburn
James Blackburn Місяць tagasi
What if mojang added a hopper that could take from the players inventory
Send it Saturday
Send it Saturday Місяць tagasi
Gold swords can be turned into golden nuggets and rotten flesh turned into emeralds with villagers
Peace Місяць tagasi
why dont you use lava streams to take items from one point to anot..... oh oH OH
Nektarios Pifer
Nektarios Pifer Місяць tagasi
Mumbo’a update ideas: red stone and inventory before caves Mojang: YES
Pino Catozzo
Pino Catozzo Місяць tagasi
@18:00 Sam Sparro is really proud!!
Jareth Flynn
Jareth Flynn Місяць tagasi
I want an end update because the end is not that exciting right now
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter Місяць tagasi
Minecraft 1.17 yes
Mango Місяць tagasi
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