Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - ALMOST DONE!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo works on the Mumbo Jumbo Mega industrial district, filled with giant industrial farms. We build up a huge high efficiency super smelter with over 100 furnaces, and also build an industrial cactus farm whilst also working on the base.
MY HALF MARATHON DONATION PAGE: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/oliandtomrunahalfmarathon
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Sakina Huzaifa
Sakina Huzaifa 23 minutit tagasi
There is gonna be an episode where he tears the super smelter down cuzza da lag
Cooper Strahorn
Cooper Strahorn 6 tundi tagasi
Mumbo “ now if i was smart” also mumbo: builds so many redstone contraptions ive never even dreamed of being capable to build
experi-MENTAL Productions
experi-MENTAL Productions Päev tagasi
15:29 - "It sounds alot more complicated than it actually is. *INHUMAN GIBBERSISH* "
Sanjay Farmahan
Sanjay Farmahan Päev tagasi
Did you not realise that you had a giant kelp farm Infront of u
Sanjay Farmahan
Sanjay Farmahan Päev tagasi
Kelp can also act as fuel
The theory about the bamboo fueling was the first and only this i understood from his redstone monstrosities
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 5 päeva tagasi
The industrial district looks like a giant water park!
MaLfoo 6 päeva tagasi
I love how he says "Yay a kelp farm for furnaces... but it looks cool" (Makes super furnace) "Lets use bamboo"
Adan FERNANDEZ 6 päeva tagasi
Can we just appreciate that, out of 60 items he chose to use bamboo as a fuel source, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
A Har
A Har 7 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: it looks obscene, i mean in the best possible way
A Har
A Har 7 päeva tagasi
nobody is talking about how his mouse wheel scrolled really fast at 7:13
TG Account
TG Account 3 päeva tagasi
Tom Creton
Tom Creton 7 päeva tagasi
It’s cacti
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston 12 päeva tagasi
If it makes you feel better, I think your actual base looks cooler.
NNIVARK 12 päeva tagasi
Hermitcraft episode speedrun
TG Account
TG Account 3 päeva tagasi
liliana miranda
liliana miranda 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Runs a marathon for Charity Me: Nice Also me: I respect the guy who donated 500$/€£
Ava Wright
Ava Wright 13 päeva tagasi
I feel so stupid listening to Mumbo talk redstone... MY HEAD!! 🥲😭
Massimo Casella
Massimo Casella 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo should make a Mumbo meditation room somewhere
Persleng 13 päeva tagasi
Hah, you only standed up TWICE times this day... shame on you i didnt standed up today at all!
Cosmo Days
Cosmo Days 13 päeva tagasi
Episode 63 mumbo still hasn’t completed the project of layering the floor of his industrial district with slime blocks
Ava Wright
Ava Wright 13 päeva tagasi
OMG!! that’s a PROBLEM
Anders kvaale
Anders kvaale 13 päeva tagasi
Cactus in plural is cactie
Ryder Mathers
Ryder Mathers 14 päeva tagasi
Opens ender chest with joggers mumbo in it: MUMBO: everything that I would possible need on a day to day bassis
jimjam 14 päeva tagasi
You should use kelp to fuel the furneses
Jorden 3लiazer
Jorden 3लiazer 15 päeva tagasi
I think if you could done this much of work in real world u will be rich real rich
I DON'T know i don't CARE
I DON'T know i don't CARE 15 päeva tagasi
isn`t a blast furnace or smoker better for a super smelter?
Noodle 15 päeva tagasi
A Visser
A Visser 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: “I think we should use the bamboo farm as fuel.” *Proceeds to stand next to massive kelp farm*
lindsey shaye
lindsey shaye 16 päeva tagasi
mumbo: “i’m not feeling pants” me: me either so i’m not wearing them
Carmen 16 päeva tagasi
Herrgabby _
Herrgabby _ 17 päeva tagasi
7:13 is me when im hear a creeper, and trying to get my sword
Joseph Tompkins
Joseph Tompkins 18 päeva tagasi
Use kelp!
Xswords 19 päeva tagasi
Make a netherite farm search how to build one if you don’t now what it is
TomateGamer2005 19 päeva tagasi
You should connect the super smelter to the main store thingy
amdragon722am 20 päeva tagasi
Does anyone know how you could make the smart super smelter start? I've used an an gate with comparators for the big part, no idea how to start the smelter, so I just have to manually start it by placing the first minecart.
ProEo 20 päeva tagasi
Imagine how much faster his farms would be if he learned to speed-bridge
TG Account
TG Account 3 päeva tagasi
cherriagana 20 päeva tagasi
How do you keep all those furnaces fueled? It took me to do a bamboefarm of 400plants just to fuell 2 of them non stop let alone those 100ths of furnaces of yours.
Derpy Time
Derpy Time 20 päeva tagasi
Attention! This minecraft server needs more players so its not as boring as it is make my day and all of the others on the server happy by joining It is java edition only Ip: sneaki.shock-zone.com dont scroll past
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins 21 päev tagasi
Can we call your most famous circuit the "dropper popper"?
Lykazz 22 päeva tagasi
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming 22 päeva tagasi
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming 22 päeva tagasi
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming 22 päeva tagasi
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming 22 päeva tagasi
buttered toast gaming
buttered toast gaming 22 päeva tagasi
Michael Stawinoga
Michael Stawinoga 22 päeva tagasi
I have an bamboo farm in the end City with an automatic redstone machine every run gets me 8 shulkerboxes bambo =4 shulkerboxes sticks a =about 5 stacks emeralds 😅
iWisd0M5d 22 päeva tagasi
i wonder how many diamonds mumbo had lost if he havent give food to his base?
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur 22 päeva tagasi
Joe Q
Joe Q 21 päev tagasi
You just don’t understand it.
GeeklyEntertainment 22 päeva tagasi
can you make a smart super smelter? like have blast furnaces and smokers and have the items sent to the correct furnace type?
Aiden T
Aiden T 23 päeva tagasi
Aiden T
Aiden T 23 päeva tagasi
Almost done!
Cory Hall
Cory Hall 24 päeva tagasi
How does he not have 10mil subscribers
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 24 päeva tagasi
PhantomSans 25 päeva tagasi
can someone tell me how to make that minecart pickup system? PLS!!!🥺
PhantomSans 24 päeva tagasi
I did but I couldn't find it.
ThatEpicThingy 24 päeva tagasi
Google it
Saoirse Deegan
Saoirse Deegan 25 päeva tagasi
He hee
Alex C
Alex C 25 päeva tagasi
Every minecraft redstone video ever: “It’s actually less complicated than it sounds” (Fun Fact: It’s not)
MAXWHIZ gaming
MAXWHIZ gaming 26 päeva tagasi
I’m jealous of all the hermits for having each other playing
ThatEpicThingy 24 päeva tagasi
Same ;-;
Big_M_gaming 26 päeva tagasi
im still new to minecraft but would have throught he has a tree farm why not create a small Charcoal generator for the fuel as will do more than the bamboo or is bamboo better as he doesnt need to smelt that much in each?
J P 26 päeva tagasi
Hey! 6.9 million subs! Noice.
Hadi Batayneh
Hadi Batayneh 26 päeva tagasi
TG Account
TG Account 3 päeva tagasi
James Smith
James Smith 27 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is handsome, smart, good at Minecraft AND a runner??? My friend, you have been dealt some good cards in life.
The gaming thistle
The gaming thistle 27 päeva tagasi
uhhh mumbo u used too much of hoppers could do with 3 or 4 hopper mincarts easily
Daisy Keeney
Daisy Keeney 27 päeva tagasi
While the industrial district does look cool now I think that if u filled in the water pond it would look even cooler
Sawyer Schriner
Sawyer Schriner 27 päeva tagasi
By the amount of materials and how he is flying all over the world it feels like he is in creative mode
Allison Gibbens
Allison Gibbens 27 päeva tagasi
Do a iskall that blows up when he see's diorit
Devin Burbach
Devin Burbach 27 päeva tagasi
There is a kelp farm right next to the super smelter...
Pro Hero Gaming
Pro Hero Gaming 27 päeva tagasi
Use lava for fuel
jasmine_jas69 7
jasmine_jas69 7 27 päeva tagasi
Hah the comments are at 6.9k
Joe Q
Joe Q 21 päev tagasi
And subs are at 6.9mil
Poppy Rendall
Poppy Rendall 27 päeva tagasi
You're from Salisbury? Didn't realise how close you were haha
ARF The Wild Wolf
ARF The Wild Wolf 27 päeva tagasi
He should get a threadripper or 5000series amd cpu And a 3070 or 3080
Soulseeker _
Soulseeker _ 28 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, you could've fueled the super smelter with Kelp the gigantic kelp farm is DIRECTLY next to it. Also great video
Bernard D.
Bernard D. 28 päeva tagasi
CACTUS STRING SAND! Cactus string sAnd. 😁😂
jacen fielding
jacen fielding 28 päeva tagasi
I was just starting to yell at him for saying "it's done " but he didn't make the fuel source and then 1 second later he said now "I need to fuel it" and I was relieved
Mr. Nutmeg
Mr. Nutmeg 28 päeva tagasi
14:11 “now its looking chunky” best sentence in the world
Vir Silvam Survival
Vir Silvam Survival 28 päeva tagasi
You need a bow!
Noah Hecker
Noah Hecker 28 päeva tagasi
I think you would love the game satisfactory
R3NDYR 28 28 päeva tagasi
When you actually understand Mumbo jumbo’s redstone POG
jacen fielding
jacen fielding 28 päeva tagasi
when he says the Redstone stuff I try to understand but I get really lost
jacen fielding
jacen fielding 28 päeva tagasi
can't relate
BenTheKing YT
BenTheKing YT 28 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: *speaks redstone* Also mumbo: yeah that makes sense Me: 👁️👄👁️
Pia Laplana
Pia Laplana 28 päeva tagasi
Wow mumbo jumbo
J Christo
J Christo 29 päeva tagasi
imma build the greatest dirt house OF ALL TIME on this server one day
Mr_H 29 päeva tagasi
gonna be honest, i zoned out at around 12:59, so i have no idea if any of that made any sense man. xD
galactic 29 päeva tagasi
nobody : bad mumbo jumbo : PANTS
Jedi Nation
Jedi Nation 29 päeva tagasi
Ok I know I’m a week late and haven’t seen the next Vedic yet but why didn’t he use kelp cause it’s right next to it
Xenronnify 29 päeva tagasi
Since it looks like a circuit board, how about you go full-in with some "cooling shrouds" on top of each farm, so on the map it looks like an actual motherboard?
sherwin mendoza
sherwin mendoza 29 päeva tagasi
Mumbo jumbo is like sandy from Spongbob
Maarten Jacob Imthorn
Maarten Jacob Imthorn 29 päeva tagasi
18:11 British accent: turned on😂
Jedidiah Barivule Barika
Jedidiah Barivule Barika 29 päeva tagasi
You make bonemeal from cactus
Payton Sheppard
Payton Sheppard Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: *fills square with water* Mumbo: THAT IS COOL
ancient bananas
ancient bananas Місяць tagasi
*mumbos computer on 64 chunk render distance* His PC: it’s a bit framy *my pc on 4 chunk render distance* My PC: well it was nice knowing you
BlizardCraft_Gaming Місяць tagasi
Grian made u a gift, why didn't you notices it in ur 'old' baseeeee
Laine sanders
Laine sanders Місяць tagasi
there should be water proof redstone
The Flaming Sontaran
The Flaming Sontaran Місяць tagasi
Mumbo I'm disappointed Grian made a super smelter before you, Grian! or shall i say... *GRAIN* xDDDDDDDDDDD
Justin Letutour
Justin Letutour Місяць tagasi
@mumboJumbo yet the sign next to your water system for your storage system is still there that points out you have a faulty system and need overflow and to fix to reduce lag from items shotting into your our farms
Hybrid Guardian YT
Hybrid Guardian YT Місяць tagasi
Hey mumbo, you should learn how to speed bridge (shift-place-unshift-shift-place...), I promise it makes everything 2 times faster, to be honest, it is surprisingly easy to learn
cxyden is cracked
cxyden is cracked Місяць tagasi
Can you help me pls I really want to join hermit craft how do i
Danielle Місяць tagasi
Could you...get the super smelter to grow its own fuel?
Xxgacha MoonXx
Xxgacha MoonXx Місяць tagasi
Mumbo : does this make sense Me: nothing makes sense your to smart
Jenn Miller
Jenn Miller Місяць tagasi
Yes makes sense 749
Johandry Luciano
Johandry Luciano Місяць tagasi
Like si hablas español
One Gamer
One Gamer Місяць tagasi
for an idea you should make a massive factory body around your industrial area
One Gamer
One Gamer Місяць tagasi
so off the donation page it said oli and toms donation page, and he said tom was his friend coming to the conclusion that MUMBO JUMBOS NAME IS OLI. I CRAKED A MISTERY
Alex Hipper
Alex Hipper Місяць tagasi
The cactus farm looks like a intel cpu socket so good joumbo it look better than a mother board from 1998
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