Hermitcraft 7: Episode 66 - BIG BASE PROGRESS!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo terraforms the bottom of his base, getting the entire exterior fully completed. Mumbo also works on the Minecraft automatic iron farm, works on the Minecraft villager breeder and then makes some serious progress in Minecraft Pacific Shop in the Hermitcraft Shopping District.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Noah Möllmann
Noah Möllmann 13 tundi tagasi
in a part of the beginig timelaps there was a horse that was spinning, is that horse a Beyblade or something?
Tim Grumme
Tim Grumme 15 tundi tagasi
this video was made on my birthday!
Diamond 20 tundi tagasi
Go crash the pacific market!
Diamond 20 tundi tagasi
1:41 The wierd stone structure was made by Grian for his Super Mega Ultimate 2v2 Barge Quest
Northern Ninety7
Northern Ninety7 Päev tagasi
"Theres no stealing in the hermitcraft server." See that's where you're wrong Mumbo. It does happen. Just in the form of borrowing.
Diyu Nirwa
Diyu Nirwa Päev tagasi
Me: "Open the video" Mumbo: My base is Dead, dead dead dead dead dead
Eric Proces
Eric Proces Päev tagasi
Use color coded banners, then the markers on the map match the outlines
I hate it when he realises a thing i thought about and commented after a month!!!!!!
Some Kid Who Likes Ramen
Some Kid Who Likes Ramen 2 päeva tagasi
3:13 HONSE
Dat One Guy
Dat One Guy 2 päeva tagasi
I like how in the prototype of the coin machine Grian's name on the sign is "Grain"
Firestar614 614
Firestar614 614 2 päeva tagasi
the "rather curious build" is Grian's Barge Treasure Hunt
Andrew Corse
Andrew Corse 3 päeva tagasi
I haven't been keeping up with the series; how does the base have lives? How are they lost? I don't understand any of it.
Littlewarrior 0106
Littlewarrior 0106 3 päeva tagasi
3:13 dancing horse on the hill side, just vibing
JBB 4 päeva tagasi
'quite compact' sticks out 7 blocks back
Drewe5511 4 päeva tagasi
8:05 Grians head is on the right of the screen
zoom doof
zoom doof 4 päeva tagasi
Ngl the outside little claws things don't go with the build at all and they serve no function. I would do w ruins type of claws
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin 5 päeva tagasi
Suggestion: Make the outer ring overgrown aswell. So it all looks like an ancient civilization!
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin 6 päeva tagasi
I was a little sad that Iskall had stopped uploading hermitcraft for a bit, so I decided to watch your videos instead. They're great!
SharkyMWC 6 päeva tagasi
love seeing the Grian face in the timelapse at 9:13
momorain 6 päeva tagasi
Title: „BIG BASE PROGRESS“ Reality: I placed 3 rocks and some bamboo
Cutekitty Sophie
Cutekitty Sophie 6 päeva tagasi
1:42 grian that’s what it is just grian oh and stonks
Teodora Stupic
Teodora Stupic 7 päeva tagasi
I feel like pacific coins should pacificly be bamboo but than again bamboo is worth a lot more than a diamond
Drakonic69 7 päeva tagasi
Christians: what would Jesus do? MumboJumbo: what would Scar do?
Dameojin 7 päeva tagasi
Color code your banners to match the outlines :)
shrekthelord 7 päeva tagasi
I think my world is good but know im ashamed
Michael Camarillo
Michael Camarillo 7 päeva tagasi
I love the Minecraft Economics
Luna 7 päeva tagasi
You should have to purchase the coins for whatever they are worth on the day not just a flat 1 diamond = 5 coins
Zarek Crabb
Zarek Crabb 8 päeva tagasi
The cobble wall was for grians quest
Pono Nak
Pono Nak 8 päeva tagasi
1:41 that is grian building from the episode THE BARGE QUEST (it's the 54 episode)
Lucas Strong
Lucas Strong 8 päeva tagasi
I know you SHOULD display the conversion rate of diamonds to pacificoins, but it's definitely funnier if you don't. haha
I Exist In Me
I Exist In Me 8 päeva tagasi
13:18 oh no it's Bitcoin all over again
Like the Flash
Like the Flash 8 päeva tagasi
You should make it 7 coins for 1 diamond. So it’s s harder to calculate.
PrincePopplio 8 päeva tagasi
hmmmmm.... redstone grian and building mumbo.... THEY SWAPPED BODIES!
MrMateusz 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: makes a super password locked door to keep the lab closed Also mumbo: doesnt close the door
TheRedstoneReed 9 päeva tagasi
Suggestion: Make a giant “Tv” in the lobby that play’s “ads” on a piston feedtape when a player inside Pacific
Ariel Bryant
Ariel Bryant 7 päeva tagasi
Ngl it would be great and he could rotate it in a square so ads move through 4 screens.
Iga D
Iga D 7 päeva tagasi
Yess! That is such a good idea!!!!
Jendrik Mikuszeit
Jendrik Mikuszeit 9 päeva tagasi
Finally we have the hermitcoin!
Micha 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo hard at work promoting and enjoying Minecraft Earth. Mojang: Let's shut it down.
Luno Lycaon
Luno Lycaon 9 päeva tagasi
Aren't those Diamonds lost in any case? I mean if mumbo takes them to buy things he would have no wager for his base anymore so he can't actually spend them...
Elora Silverheart
Elora Silverheart 9 päeva tagasi
The strange build was the barge games from grian its already been finished I dont know if anyone has told you yet
The Wasaaap Brothers
The Wasaaap Brothers 9 päeva tagasi
The horse is hilarious
Clickl 10 päeva tagasi
3:30... JUAN!!!
Äs Nödt
Äs Nödt 10 päeva tagasi
What if you made the value of pacificoins change according to how many diamonds the hermit deposits. For example if they deposit 5 diamonds they gey 5x5=25 coins. If they pay up to lets say 10 diamonds they get 5x5 + 5x6 = 55 coins and so on. This would urge hermits to spend more diamonds.
Connor Kemp
Connor Kemp 10 päeva tagasi
Btw is one of those stone heads at your farm grians head???
Umbreon 780
Umbreon 780 10 päeva tagasi
He is now at his perfect amount of subscribers. 6.96 mil
matoche B
matoche B 10 päeva tagasi
You need to test the create mod
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez 10 päeva tagasi
2:45 that horse just giving through the time lapse and just exploring.
Jaycee Bryant
Jaycee Bryant 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, I think your base should have a regenerating feature if you feed it more golden apples when full; maybe 3-4 gives you a life back.
John Noir Smith
John Noir Smith 10 päeva tagasi
In case no one else has told you what this is (1:45): it's for Grian's treasure hunt or what he called it, where Scar and Bdubs, Impulse and RenDog all tried to win the grand prize. And that part right there was doing riptide trident-ing through those "hoops"
Cool Cat
Cool Cat 10 päeva tagasi
Nobody will probably scam but there is a good chance someone can easily scam it. I'll explain. A person is 40 coins in debt but they just bought 50, but what they want to buy something worth 20 coins. They could put in the 50 coins, grab the item quickly, and then put the coins back in their inventory. Overall adding to their debt/overdraft.
Connor Weyman
Connor Weyman 10 päeva tagasi
Do you remember when he started in that tiny hobbit hole and now he’s in that giant base
Carlos Urrutia
Carlos Urrutia 10 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: can someone tell me what this is? Scar and bdubs: "vietnam flashbacks"
litro 11 päeva tagasi
this is how many times mumbo has said specific | \/
Connor Lewis
Connor Lewis 11 päeva tagasi
I built a nuclear reactor in my base with the life system that mumbo has but if it died my entire base blows up
XombieCrafter 11 päeva tagasi
you could make a scavanger hunt using banners.
Potatooo 11 päeva tagasi
3:13 there is a horse spinning on that one block. Watch it as it gets released and wanders around for a bit
Frozen Nuk3z
Frozen Nuk3z 11 päeva tagasi
Did mumbo jumbo englishman just say ‘math’ disgraceful
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire 11 päeva tagasi
Who else was looking forward to a meeting with iskall?
L G 11 päeva tagasi
Jumbo do you know the TIS trinity union
ttv Cozmiq
ttv Cozmiq 11 päeva tagasi
Le monke Squidward
Le monke Squidward 11 päeva tagasi
When you were terraforming the land around your base I couldn’t take my eyes off of the horse spinning in circles on the hill during the time lapse
Hanah Loveday
Hanah Loveday 11 päeva tagasi
Tree Dragon
Tree Dragon 12 päeva tagasi
Economy problem with the variable coin system Mumbo! If people get 5 for 1 at static, but 5 *or more* for 1 at variable, why would anyone buy static when they have a chance for more at variable? The variable coin dispenser needs to be able to give fewer than 5 coins per diamond so there's some risk and not just reward.
Stephen Boyce
Stephen Boyce 12 päeva tagasi
the strange build is for Grian's Barge Quest
LT_Gamer 2008
LT_Gamer 2008 12 päeva tagasi
2:37 there is now way you didn’t think of building a waterfall there
Brokkolirepublik Deutschland
Brokkolirepublik Deutschland 12 päeva tagasi
I was so glad when you safed the horse.
Joe Gad
Joe Gad 12 päeva tagasi
I have a question for you to talk about in one of ur time lapses: has anyone tried to impersonate you?
Keal Jones
Keal Jones 12 päeva tagasi
.... instead of losing the 64 diamond blocks .... which feels hallow because you cant even use them in the first place .... what if when the base "dies", aka loses its final life, the whole base explodes .... all of it .... all the hard work .... yeah.
Mr. Miracles
Mr. Miracles 12 päeva tagasi
So it’s pretty much Bitcoin lol
Ronak Regan
Ronak Regan 12 päeva tagasi
you should dye the banners to match the colors of the outline.
frogadier63 12 päeva tagasi
the diamond helmet had curse of binding AND curse of vanishing???
Mauro Schiavon
Mauro Schiavon 12 päeva tagasi
Look at the red card
Bobby Wallace
Bobby Wallace 12 päeva tagasi
You should practice your natural building on the moat around the bottom of your base and add some vines and things to the eight towers to match the design of the central structure
周夕傜 13 päeva tagasi
Ryleigh Richards
Ryleigh Richards 13 päeva tagasi
the fact that mumbo wants to introduce inflation and deflation into minecraft
Some Mobile Games
Some Mobile Games 13 päeva tagasi
so close to 7 mil
The Wolf
The Wolf 13 päeva tagasi
when the zombie has better gear than you do
GOLDTEST CHECK 13 päeva tagasi
digital 13 päeva tagasi
I feel like you should have both ways to purchase pacificoins, the set one is 5 but the variable one should be a hidden amount that changes with every purchase. Maybe add a minimum of 3 but have the max as 10. It’d be like a second way of income
Something Classified
Something Classified 13 päeva tagasi
This is my first time seeing your channel, and I think I'll stick around 🙃
Frullo 16
Frullo 16 13 päeva tagasi
Why does mumbo have fire protection on his armour.. When netherite is fireproof?
Lulu Hulu
Lulu Hulu 12 päeva tagasi
I believe fire protection protects the player, not the armor itself
Clelie Chevrier
Clelie Chevrier 13 päeva tagasi
It’s from the barge games
DropTop Kings
DropTop Kings 13 päeva tagasi
I'm lost. How did he lose diamonds???
Poeta Legalis
Poeta Legalis 13 päeva tagasi
Wış wışş
Wış wışş 13 päeva tagasi
The horse in 3:20 ....
Aidan Lish
Aidan Lish 13 päeva tagasi
3:13 lol the horse is trapped
Seth Pendleton
Seth Pendleton 13 päeva tagasi
U can’t have the gamble one still be 5 balls u gotta make it either more or less than the set value, do like 1-10 coin per diamond
Oli Wood
Oli Wood 13 päeva tagasi
is anyone already excited for his season 8 base, cos it’s gonna be soemthing mind blowing
Derek Feng
Derek Feng 13 päeva tagasi
That big cobblestone build is part of grians barge quest challenges
Clover Arcondas
Clover Arcondas 13 päeva tagasi
The weird build at 1:43 is from the barge quest. U gotta launch urself through the holes with tridents
Swamp Squid
Swamp Squid 13 päeva tagasi
I think your maths is wrong mumbo 5 coins per diamond would get you 25 coins not 50
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse 13 päeva tagasi
The cobblestone wall in the snow is a part of grian's barge box hunt
Harry S
Harry S 13 päeva tagasi
He should make the arms around it more like ruined and overgrown like the rest like if u agree so he can see
thomas Weyhe
thomas Weyhe 13 päeva tagasi
They should use proximity chat
MrMoboring 13 päeva tagasi
The cobblestone thing was the barge quest that grian did ages ago
minecraft account
minecraft account 13 päeva tagasi
mumbo your so good in redstone
Tom Bull
Tom Bull 13 päeva tagasi
There is a much easier way of doing the overdraft thingy, just add a full hopper between the bank account and the unlocking hopper, then when they spend the full hopper depletes but is restored by the bank account, if they don’t have enough then they are in debt and the full hopper no long stays full until they put the debt into there bank account and the hopper is restored to full :)
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations
MagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo and Grain: do a minecraft earth roadtrip Mojang: _shuts minecraft earth down_
Xcyl Lencioco
Xcyl Lencioco 14 päeva tagasi
Petition for mumbo to add a beacon on every tower in his base to look like its a powerful laser
bloody koushik gaming
bloody koushik gaming 14 päeva tagasi
That horse was standing there fo 4 minecraft days
Vaibhav Vasisht
Vaibhav Vasisht 14 päeva tagasi
That strange thing is a part of grians barge quest
Vaibhav Vasisht
Vaibhav Vasisht 14 päeva tagasi
I think i am the only person who answers mumbos questions
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