Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - PACIFICO BANK!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7 on the Hermitcraft Minecraft server, Mumbo works on the new Pacific Shop Pacific banking system, getting everything installed in the hermitcraft shopping district. This pacific banking system allows all hermits of the hermitcraft server to have their own personal bank account which they can deposit pacifico's (or pacificoins) into. This is automatic banking in minecraft.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Arch Everything
Arch Everything 7 tundi tagasi
Mumbo: “I don’t have a lot of intelligence.” If he is unintelligent, then what does that make me?
I Suck
I Suck 14 tundi tagasi
The equivalent of a Dollar chain is a sunflower necklace
8B 36 vettrivel
8B 36 vettrivel 16 tundi tagasi
11:22 pacific coins sounds like pacific oins
MarkAnthony Mason
MarkAnthony Mason 16 tundi tagasi
Me I am subscribed. Mumbo ok. Me oops I have to subscribe on my other channel and forgot I am on main account 😟
Benny´s Lego Video World
Benny´s Lego Video World 17 tundi tagasi
When mumbo faced iskall the second he screamed "where are my palm trees?!?!" Was so funny, and then the screen blackens out lol
SpeedyTyGamer 18 tundi tagasi
Grian is feeding your base. He called your base the stray cat that he doesn’t own that someone feeds...
h 19 tundi tagasi
6.99m subs... nice
BirchCraft 17 tundi tagasi
shut up
Sylvia 21 tund tagasi
Shulkers are a better idea than chests cuz you can access the chests to your immediate left and right which is not great. Then again the hermits are trustworthy people so it shouldn't be an issue.
Carter Owen
Carter Owen 22 tundi tagasi
Mumbo let’s make a store mumbo let’s make a full bank and stock market and start our own country
Unboxing Dummys
Unboxing Dummys Päev tagasi
My palm treees!!!
rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011
rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011 Päev tagasi
Iskall: Those took like 2 HOURS! IM NOT A TREE BUILDER me:what is your base agian iskall?
Andrea Nizzola
Andrea Nizzola Päev tagasi
Why did you call it Pacific bank, is it in honour of the GTA V heist?
eoghan quinlan
eoghan quinlan Päev tagasi
Iskall: I’m not a tree builder Me: your base is a tree lol
Mohammed Suhail Ally Atcha
Mohammed Suhail Ally Atcha Päev tagasi
Iskall I’m not a tree builder look at your base
4. Aditya Shah
4. Aditya Shah Päev tagasi
6.99 million! 😺
Pok Games
Pok Games Päev tagasi
I watch this video again just because of the Palm Trees
Zep Zepalon
Zep Zepalon Päev tagasi
Palm trees going over the bank system slanting over the diamond pile!
PotatoeMaster02 Päev tagasi
17:27 Iskall: I'm not a tree builder!
Mc_walker _
Mc_walker _ Päev tagasi
Alex Palmer
Alex Palmer Päev tagasi
“I don’t have a lot of intelligence.” Mumbo jumbo 2021
Argus Panoptes
Argus Panoptes Päev tagasi
Should make a clear selected account button to unselect all accounts. Also should block access to the buttons for ordering when bankrupt
Seth Owens
Seth Owens Päev tagasi
"There is nothing cooler than a complicated-looking Redstone system." -Mumbo I hate to say it but all the girls at my college would disagree.
Daniel Wolz
Daniel Wolz Päev tagasi
Iskall isn't a tree builder?
NecroTitan Päev tagasi
im confused about mumbo calling gray terracotta cyan
Savtamama Päev tagasi
pacific is coming? sahara is coming. S6 flashback
Slash547 Päev tagasi
Mumbo: "I don't have a lot of intelligents." Also Mumbo: builds crazy redstone contraptions that most people could not even imagine building.
Daniel Wolz
Daniel Wolz Päev tagasi
arctic sealer
arctic sealer Päev tagasi
Mumbo is causing iskall abuse
Zekeboss200 Päev tagasi
The fact that the top right chest at 3:29 is facing the wrong way disturbs me.
QzMsPHOENIX 2 päeva tagasi
Iskall “I’m not a tree builder” Iskalls omega tree “?”
Gage Route
Gage Route 2 päeva tagasi
Remember the button
Klemo • hace 4 años
Klemo • hace 4 años 2 päeva tagasi
17:27 """i am not a tree builder"""
Kristyna Zamecnikova
Kristyna Zamecnikova 2 päeva tagasi
wellyou only removed them so you could see the accounts and it was kinda hard to see your build over them
Isaac Hoffman
Isaac Hoffman 2 päeva tagasi
GREAT! all that's left to do is take little bits of money out of others accounts whenever you wish, and you've got the American system!
Warren Snider
Warren Snider 2 päeva tagasi
I miss the supper fats time lapse Chats
Lizard_king_5 2 päeva tagasi
Alternate title: We made a predatory Big Bank banking system in Minecraft!
jogi boi
jogi boi 2 päeva tagasi
pacific standard bank
Rose Anne De Castro
Rose Anne De Castro 2 päeva tagasi
is he sill a part of HEP?????...🤔🤔🤔🤔
mccoxster 2 päeva tagasi
Keep up the good work mumbo
mccoxster 2 päeva tagasi
I have just started watching this series and can someone tell me about the shopping district and all of that
CadetteKat 2 päeva tagasi
How about you put the palm trees in the corner near the entrance? In front of the color swatches. That way you can have some pretty greenery without it blocking the view of the banking systems
Aditya Zalewski
Aditya Zalewski 2 päeva tagasi
Lol mumbo's password to pacific testing site be pac1f1c
Jessel Virtudazo
Jessel Virtudazo 2 päeva tagasi
The mike sounds like it has a delay
Jd99 2 päeva tagasi
If u like vaults a lot then u should check out pandora’s vault on the dream smp.
1JumpGuy 2 päeva tagasi
You forgot about interest lollllllllll
Jamie L
Jamie L 2 päeva tagasi
Jamie L
Jamie L 2 päeva tagasi
I think the pink stripe definitely looked better on the bank machine. The blue just blends it all together. I think an orange stripe could look nice instead too
You 2 päeva tagasi
Revive 2 päeva tagasi
we need palm tree!!!!
JJB 2 päeva tagasi
Wow, you've come a long way, your at almost 7 Mil! Its been an amazing journey. I've been watching since ep 30 of season 5, and its just gotten better. Keep up the good work!
A B 2 päeva tagasi
y0u ReMoVeD tHe PaLm TrEeS!!!1!!111
Ana Gontijo
Ana Gontijo 3 päeva tagasi
I'm so sad I've catched up with the series!!! As a 24 yo who is a dev at a bank I really need this fun moments and I'm so jealous of your job haha (also your redstone system for the bank there is impressive, you are pretty much a dev at this point haha but in the weird redstone programming language)
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 3 päeva tagasi
Face palm when Ishkall says I'm not a tree builder lmao.
Wyatt Eldridge
Wyatt Eldridge 3 päeva tagasi
can i play on the hermitcraft server?
moin 3 päeva tagasi
you should make a counter how many diamonds have been spent in pacific and display it somewhere in the lobby or elsewhere
HolyPastrami 3 päeva tagasi
Impulse did not build a secret base under the staircase in Grians base, but even if he did, i dont think you should build a secret base inside of Impulses hypothetical base that is accessed via a theoretical painting on the wall.
But Better
But Better 3 päeva tagasi
They should be called pacifacoins
Ahmed Shihabdeen
Ahmed Shihabdeen 3 päeva tagasi
When are you gonna build the nether skeleton farm?
Mark Jason Sumalinog
Mark Jason Sumalinog 3 päeva tagasi
mumbo impulse built a secret base in grian's base.
Sahas Singh
Sahas Singh 2 päeva tagasi
What part of dont snitch do you not understand 9 year old
Kaiden Edwards
Kaiden Edwards 3 päeva tagasi
This series makes me sad sense it's called hermit craft and my hermit crab fred died 3 days ago I also have another named hermie it will make me less sad if u upload more vids
ahmed cibe
ahmed cibe 3 päeva tagasi
I never understand the redstone bit........
King Of Games
King Of Games 3 päeva tagasi
It's saharah all over again
King Of Games
King Of Games 3 päeva tagasi
Uh oh
Arlene Leggat
Arlene Leggat 3 päeva tagasi
Check on Grumbot
Jerry Webb
Jerry Webb 3 päeva tagasi
12:00 “Brain has overheated.... shutting down for safety....”
gaming and rocking
gaming and rocking 2 päeva tagasi
Oliver Irving
Oliver Irving 4 päeva tagasi
Just before mumbo made pacific i made a shop called pacific in my world 🤣
Dominique Boguski
Dominique Boguski 4 päeva tagasi
mumbo where is the hermitcraft 68 episode
Nakuzski 4 päeva tagasi
19:47 it’s palmtree.zip
White 4 päeva tagasi
Pacific banks is a bank in GTA V
Paul Grote
Paul Grote 4 päeva tagasi
Is Mumbai alright? Ever since I started watching again he’s been awfully down beat.
Pest789 4 päeva tagasi
Iskall: Builds the biggest tree ever Also Iskall: I'M NOT A TREE BUILDER!
Melvin Wackwitz
Melvin Wackwitz 4 päeva tagasi
Iskall says " I am not a t tree builder " LOL OMAGA TREE'S ONLY
XD TinyBean
XD TinyBean 4 päeva tagasi
7:15 I bet Mumbo had a heart attack when the creeper just walked on in on his build and started hissin. XD
Brian Turner
Brian Turner 4 päeva tagasi
YOU MONSTER!!! Removing Iskall's palm trees!! :)
Maximilian Hofmann
Maximilian Hofmann 4 päeva tagasi
I know i am a bit late, but would put more variation on the prices of the pacificoins I mean it only feals like Wallstreet when you pay 1 diamond for 2-3 PacifiCoins on a bad day, if it goes up to 8-9 on a good day. That way you get people into your shop every day to check the prices, where they might buy stuff more often if they come anyway
T 4 päeva tagasi
hell yeah, loving the bi flags in those color stripes by the doors 🙌🙌
Norba Sue
Norba Sue 4 päeva tagasi
Iskall: I’m not a tree builder His base: 👁👄👁
Pedaling Patows
Pedaling Patows 4 päeva tagasi
people who actually called the hospital because of his fingers ⊽ also, is no one gonna notice the fish in the corner of the tank?
Damien Blurton
Damien Blurton 4 päeva tagasi
Chase Greenspan
Chase Greenspan 4 päeva tagasi
there are 24 hermits
Dynaminessentric 4 päeva tagasi
I actually think this is the first time I have ever been up to date of hermitcraft episodes
Leeasimor 4 päeva tagasi
Bananaking 1000
Bananaking 1000 5 päeva tagasi
“There’s nothing cooler than a complicated red stone system”, sad Keralis and Bdubs noises
-Sunny- 5 päeva tagasi
One side of the bank area has upside down end rods but the other is upside right
random crap
random crap 5 päeva tagasi
I started from episode 1 last week
Hannah B
Hannah B 5 päeva tagasi
I just started watching this season a week or two ago and now I’m caught up pretty good but sad I can’t binge watch still
Maxim Storm
Maxim Storm 5 päeva tagasi
“I’m not a tree builder!!!” Says the man who’s base is a LITERAL GIANT TREE
N Altuw
N Altuw 5 päeva tagasi
Can you make an atm Machine
Hugo Leung
Hugo Leung 5 päeva tagasi
Grey is not the same colour as Cyan
Joe Blackman
Joe Blackman 5 päeva tagasi
Omg mumbo how could you actually remove the palm trees like what the hell that’s so mean 😠
Breaking news- Swedish man who has a funny laugh lives in one of the best man made tree says he is not a tree builder.
Even Stuwitz Kvammen
Even Stuwitz Kvammen 5 päeva tagasi
new episode!!!
tasha jones
tasha jones 5 päeva tagasi
dr pimple popper blackhead
Matthew Coetzee
Matthew Coetzee 5 päeva tagasi
More needed it’s been 9 days when is the next one
HySens 5 päeva tagasi
Love how they jump from a time of 2 hours to 14 hours and don’t even notice
commander dark
commander dark 5 päeva tagasi
we own all the bank accounts.
Jared Steadman
Jared Steadman 5 päeva tagasi
why not just build them in the corners?.... like.... There's room....
Slimy Adventure
Slimy Adventure 5 päeva tagasi
I have not watched you since episode 30. HermitCraft srly progress so much. From hobbit to rich man
Enderknight971 5 päeva tagasi
"mildly destroyed your lobby" "whAT?" Docm77 fell from a high place
Enderknight971 5 päeva tagasi
'It feels like something is missing' Yes. The redstone torches that were on the pink concrete.
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