Hermitcraft 7: Episode 59 - A MEGA PROJECT BEGINS...

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Limited edition merchandise is now on sale!
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo works on the villager district and builds a new villager breeder, and then joins Iskalls new business empire that he is working on. This is going to be the biggest, most impressive, most technical store in Hermitcraft history.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

experi-MENTAL Productions
experi-MENTAL Productions Päev tagasi
I think your dog might be a little... fawlty...
Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh 3 päeva tagasi
Its basil fawlti
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 5 päeva tagasi
Oh snap soul sand works so much better! I may cover the entire bay of my castle with soul sand.
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor 5 päeva tagasi
Glass blocks from the bottom so you cant see them
SharkyMWC 6 päeva tagasi
Loved seeing the Grian head at 1:16
Jack Dowling
Jack Dowling 6 päeva tagasi
Seeing two men laugh at the most weird, random things is just hilarious
OOM 2625 Commander Droid
OOM 2625 Commander Droid 8 päeva tagasi
Is grian traitor or mumbo ...... This comment is a joke
troll face
troll face 8 päeva tagasi
Lauren Grover
Lauren Grover 9 päeva tagasi
imagine being a villager child, wanting to jump on the bed and just have fun, but instead being shipped off into slavery by mumbo. scary stuff.
CherryGum_D 12 päeva tagasi
I am late to the party but I love Basil and I’ve known him only for under an hour but if anything happens to him I am going to blow up everything in this room and then myself
Zeus Adam Ledesma Tampos
Zeus Adam Ledesma Tampos 12 päeva tagasi
why dont i hear the heart beat?
Elliot Carter
Elliot Carter 13 päeva tagasi
thats the name of my dog
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston 13 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is an amazing con artist. In a good way.
aaron lockyer
aaron lockyer 13 päeva tagasi
is basil 40 ? (if you get it you get it)
Neptx 13 päeva tagasi
Shaders pls :
Diamond Game Controller
Diamond Game Controller 13 päeva tagasi
Im 17 and im still just watching mumbo laughing at the dumbest stuff as i start to understand the technical part of minecraft and get back into it watching some of my favorite youtubers. I dont want to go roofing tommorow i wanna be a kid again
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD 15 päeva tagasi
BRANDON WONG YEW LI - 15 päeva tagasi
the real question is will this empire be better than the antarctic empire?
Daniel Huneke
Daniel Huneke 16 päeva tagasi
Does the walking house t-shirt say "honestly, it's not that complicated."
Theo Hellman 6A Turingeskolan
Theo Hellman 6A Turingeskolan 18 päeva tagasi
Basil means germ in swedish.
Sofia Sarno
Sofia Sarno 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone else think the parrot floaty looks like Porygon from Pokemon?
del Calimero
del Calimero 18 päeva tagasi
lindsey shaye
lindsey shaye 19 päeva tagasi
i just realized that mumbo calls quotation marks inverted commas
lindsey shaye
lindsey shaye 19 päeva tagasi
random kid: where do babies come from mumbo: intense staring, lots of potatoes, and love
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 20 päeva tagasi
1:16 Me: That’s how I handle my problems.
Tommy Kelly
Tommy Kelly 20 päeva tagasi
that dog almost had to live for eternity in the depths of hell but instead gets to relax on a pink floating flamingo
Caleb Noer
Caleb Noer 21 päev tagasi
"its in the ocean, innit" -mumbo jumbo 2020
lc Treml
lc Treml 23 päeva tagasi
British people be like: 8:22 "Iss in the ocean innit? "
sapphire 23 päeva tagasi
Oi bruv is in the ocean innit?
Ankhayra TV
Ankhayra TV 25 päeva tagasi
So now there must be an episode that ends with "Basil ... Basil! ... Basil! ... Basil! ... Basil! ... Basil! ... Basil!"
אייל לוי
אייל לוי 26 päeva tagasi
I Mumbo here is my ip of my friend server :
SS_DRAGON28 27 päeva tagasi
Blue Fury
Blue Fury 27 päeva tagasi
dude my aunts dog is the thrid member of the empire
Linus Eriksson
Linus Eriksson 29 päeva tagasi
Gay disaster
Gay disaster Місяць tagasi
When depression hits and you don't watch hermitcraft for a month and you miss the merch
Brooks Leblanc
Brooks Leblanc Місяць tagasi
is no one gonna talk about the giant island above the shoping district
Nicole LaBoyne
Nicole LaBoyne Місяць tagasi
Lachlan Dauth
Lachlan Dauth Місяць tagasi
Sahara 2.0
Massimo Casella
Massimo Casella Місяць tagasi
Mumbo can you answer my question. What is the original 12 bamboo I know a lot of people are probably going to yell at me.
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson Місяць tagasi
Magma below the rings should work right?
Ruth Coetzer
Ruth Coetzer Місяць tagasi
I want to have meetings there too!
Ethan James Tasman
Ethan James Tasman Місяць tagasi
and sahara also requires a lot of redstone too, like the omega shop they are making
Ethan James Tasman
Ethan James Tasman Місяць tagasi
Mumbo and Iskal: "a technical megashop" Me: why don't you guys make Sahara from hermitcraft 6 again?
Max Reichenbacher
Max Reichenbacher Місяць tagasi
i love how he says, "Idears"
FearenHyde Місяць tagasi
Iskall: I have brought peace, freedom and security, to my new empire! Mumbo: Your new empire? Iskall my allegiance is to the republic. To DEMOCRACY!
Silenc Місяць tagasi
I love how Mumbo also arrive at LogicalGeekBoy's breeder. I've built it a couple of times now and it's always worked well :) LGB deserves quite some respect for his Simply Minecraft series. Awesome stuff.
Leticia Romero
Leticia Romero Місяць tagasi
This is called kidnapping
Daniel Wolz
Daniel Wolz Місяць tagasi
Xavier LaRose
Xavier LaRose Місяць tagasi
Your sistem,for the villager breader, is kidnapping with more steps
H Місяць tagasi
I like to think that the bamboo isn’t just bamboo, but a symbol of their friendship. I mean, it’s been in circulation between them since the very start. It’s great
Ethan Currivean
Ethan Currivean Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: abandons Iskall "Well I would say that was quite a big success." 😂😂🤣
warmishgnat Місяць tagasi
Ive just realized that some of my favorite youtubers are British
MixMasterMeow Govender
MixMasterMeow Govender Місяць tagasi
I have never watched Hermit craft so can someone explain what 12 bamboo means?
MixMasterMeow Govender
MixMasterMeow Govender Місяць tagasi
@warmishgnat okey dokey
warmishgnat Місяць tagasi
Just start from season 7 ep.1
DerpyDuck146 Місяць tagasi
This is what you get for being a lost dog Basil:”just chillin on my Flamingo”
DerpyDuck146 Місяць tagasi
You should make a shop where people bet on villager horse racing or something like that. Like this comment. OR ELSE
IndigoGollum Місяць tagasi
I was a bit disappointed to see that none of the merch is Mumbo spoons.
Matone 5
Matone 5 Місяць tagasi
SAHARAH 2!!!!!!
shrey jain
shrey jain Місяць tagasi
Minecraft be like: potatoes + staring + love + beds = baby
Tomas Vargic
Tomas Vargic Місяць tagasi
Iskall85: I mean I love you Mumbo; but I like diamonds more!!! Mumbo: 😥
Lion Main
Lion Main Місяць tagasi
Mumbo, try using minecarts. I prefer to manage villagers that way and maybe you might like it as well, because once you get one inside its pretty much done. You can do the path with rails and be a lot more on control of the situation.
Lord Rubin
Lord Rubin Місяць tagasi
Is Iskall Dutch??? If not, hallo is Dutch for hello
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Місяць tagasi
.... They never said Sahara the whole episode If anyone's read Featherweight, this is pretty scary Edit: I said "They" not "Mumbo"
JPK Plays
JPK Plays Місяць tagasi
I started watching these and I was so behind but I have caught up almost
The Geat King
The Geat King Місяць tagasi
Instead of Sahara we get oasis
Beckett Kriner
Beckett Kriner Місяць tagasi
Basil the secratary.
mompernl Місяць tagasi
You know you’re in love when someone showers you with potatoes
CinnamonAxis 625
CinnamonAxis 625 Місяць tagasi
i require the texture pack for the pool inflatables
EternallySpoopy Місяць tagasi
Basil is canon in HermitCraft storyline?!
Csenge Ilona Varga
Csenge Ilona Varga Місяць tagasi
Imagine being born from a farmer and a villager just to run around some fields and being annoying for Mumbo
Piano Man
Piano Man Місяць tagasi
"wOuLd YoU LiKe SoMe SAaAaAaAaAaAaAnD!" -reception room in sahara phrased by grian
MonkeyDudeX1 Місяць tagasi
the solution for the rubber rings is that you can put soul Sand beneath them all under at the floor of the sea and then it'll use the same thing as water elevators and they'll push you up
BelowMeGoggle Місяць tagasi
BelowMeGoggle Місяць tagasi
Okas The human
Okas The human Місяць tagasi
Dodo Місяць tagasi
“That’s the dog I lost! It appeared on my flamingo! I was just eating a cheese cake!” Best quote of the century
RedstoneBoy0509 Місяць tagasi
"We should make an empire" - Iskall "I will join the empire!" - Mumbo "sahara returns????" - Everyone else
GEII2GE Місяць tagasi
Put a bubble stream going up the inside of the ring :) *edit- LOL OK
Jennifer Viets
Jennifer Viets Місяць tagasi
*SAHARA 2?!?*
Hulk Lover
Hulk Lover Місяць tagasi
Coming Soon to a Streaming Service near you: Potatoes. A thrilling love story between two villagers.
Jacob Borowski
Jacob Borowski Місяць tagasi
Na fan you need to build a star destroyer and that will be the location of the empire building
Omega Місяць tagasi
He said "Omega shop" and I got really happy because that's what my friends call me :)
Harley Meager
Harley Meager Місяць tagasi
OMG my dog was named basil ☺️☺️😢😃 PS he passed away
zero5559 Місяць tagasi
So this is sahara 2.0.........
Lucas Conlon
Lucas Conlon Місяць tagasi
16:57 “inverted commas”
VwilsMAN Місяць tagasi
Alternate title: Sahara 2: Electric Boogaloo
Brendan Luttrell
Brendan Luttrell Місяць tagasi
I've never heard "inverted commas" before...
FlickWasTaken Місяць tagasi
Grian: yes
Pinky The Cat
Pinky The Cat Місяць tagasi
Mumbo, I can’t believe you... *You forgot a mustache floaty*
NotMyEmail Місяць tagasi
omg my name is basil
The angry kitty
The angry kitty Місяць tagasi
When you realize that the ground under ODEA is mycelium, making Mumbo part of the mycelium resistance.
Arohi Narayan
Arohi Narayan Місяць tagasi
The dog thing happened to me in the middle of mining and I punched him and he died in lava 😔
Sappy Duck
Sappy Duck Місяць tagasi
I think it would be really cool if you made a hoodie that’s the same colour as your logo, like a reddish pink instead of just the black with your channels face on the front or lapel :) Edit: Spelling
Sam Glover
Sam Glover Місяць tagasi
18:16 I was absolutely crying with laughter
Kylie Gilbert
Kylie Gilbert Місяць tagasi
I thought Grian had the twelve bamboo and gave it to someone
Dhariel Місяць tagasi
18:55 put that on a shirt
Coby Maitland
Coby Maitland Місяць tagasi
They had land with Sahara in season 6, they will now have sea with Pacific here in season 7, all they need is a sky themed shop together in season 8.
Jakub Susoł
Jakub Susoł Місяць tagasi
Sahara Two!
Manish Srivastava
Manish Srivastava Місяць tagasi
The base DIED!!!
Mason Bishop
Mason Bishop Місяць tagasi
Omg!! The wolf 🥲
Mason Bishop
Mason Bishop Місяць tagasi
12:07 omg I literally like gasped and put my hands on my mouth like an old lady when I saw that! It looked like he really puked omg
The Nug
The Nug Місяць tagasi
I want to make the museum of hermitcraft. Having mementos from the most important moments in the history of hermitcraft. Like a replica of 12 bamboo, or a jellie.
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