Hermitcraft 7: Episode 32 - MEGA GOLD FARM!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft 1.16, the nether update, introduced Piglin trading halls which mean that automatic minecraft gold farms have become some of the most valuable farms in Minecraft. So in this episode of Hermitcraft season 7, Mumbo finishes up the piglin trader, then starts work on a huge automatic gold XP farm that is going to bring us all the resources we need!
RAYS WORKS GOLD FARM: eepost.info/my/video/0IV1i6B5d2uCxYc.html
RAYS WORKS BEDROCK REMOVER: eepost.info/my/video/o5t1f6Zpq3WFsW4.html
CARPET MOD: eepost.info/my/video/rqxgoaGEeqN-3Wo.html
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Stxrs_wxrld 3 tundi tagasi
mumbo? lol you will never see this im sure, but urm could anyone help me? i am trying to make the farm and no pigs are spawning? like i finished it- 3 levels- and no pigs are spawning at all- halp mee please,
Nathan Lunev
Nathan Lunev 8 tundi tagasi
Lance Raymond
Lance Raymond 19 tundi tagasi
the gold farm is self suffeciant from mumbo and entity cramming
Deborah brune
Deborah brune Päev tagasi
The abounding roll chronically bow because knee methodologically pack atop a selective piano. pretty, scary invoice
TheMiniEwok Päev tagasi
15:41 shoots the fire charge back at the ghast with the bow
Emre Päev tagasi
Ingodts lmao
Yifan YIN
Yifan YIN Päev tagasi
Htoo Myat Min Oo
Htoo Myat Min Oo 2 päeva tagasi
He just stand in his gold farm and use it for like 10 minute and mumbo all ready got 48 level bunker
Htoo Myat Min Oo
Htoo Myat Min Oo 2 päeva tagasi
Black stone is one of the best looking block in the game it look so good it is like stonebrick but in a black stye
marcoandfriends 2 päeva tagasi
Shaikh Abdul Moiz
Shaikh Abdul Moiz 2 päeva tagasi
The person who had two or three vedios on auto basalt bride maker is asking for a way to generate basalt
Lucas Agulla
Lucas Agulla 5 päeva tagasi
Can’t u just put them on a lead
Oliya 779
Oliya 779 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbo : Alright guys give me your ideas down in the comment section also mumbo: You guys you have wonderful designs, but i'l just use my own thanks
Elijah Davey
Elijah Davey 7 päeva tagasi
How do you build on the nether roof? It said it is the build limit.
Marcos Posse
Marcos Posse 10 päeva tagasi
"I like redstone and inventory updates"... completely called 1.17
Seabass O'Neal
Seabass O'Neal 11 päeva tagasi
Coen Olson
Coen Olson 12 päeva tagasi
There are so many that there die to entity cramming lol
Shotgunrain 12 päeva tagasi
Is this getting recommended to people right now?
Arkenexus 12 päeva tagasi
Don't praise ray please he pushed people to almost suicide
Horrera hashmi
Horrera hashmi 3 päeva tagasi
LMFAOO when? Show me an article
Guus 13 päeva tagasi
3:57 basalt farm
Frog Princess Taeyong
Frog Princess Taeyong 14 päeva tagasi
I’ve been playing minecraft since it was on internet browsers and yet I didn’t know it was possible to destroy bedrock 🗿
DoritoTime 14 päeva tagasi
Why does it have to be magma? Don't the pigmen spawn on netherrack?
That weird kid
That weird kid 15 päeva tagasi
i love how he says ingots
Live simple and natural
Live simple and natural 15 päeva tagasi
Mumbo you can just make basalt generator
danny rich
danny rich 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo you make a basalt generator with ice I'm not sure which type or if it matters and water in a 4x1x1 one area with the ice and lava at each end the block in front of the water must be 2 deep though instead of 1 deep
fellowmelllow YT
fellowmelllow YT 16 päeva tagasi
Wait wait wait wait wait did he say in GOT????
Terrible Terror
Terrible Terror 17 päeva tagasi
Minecraft in 1.17: *No Redstone underwater still* **Sad Mumbo Jumbo Noised**
EJ Trowbridge
EJ Trowbridge 17 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "All of this area is now completely spawn-proof" Zombie pigman: "Sup" 14:19
Mylo Coley
Mylo Coley 17 päeva tagasi
basalt gen
GeoDuck 18 päeva tagasi
Basalt is lodestone for poor people
Rangi Taukiri
Rangi Taukiri 18 päeva tagasi
Ice an lava with in a 3 block hole
Fabian Gloor
Fabian Gloor 19 päeva tagasi
How do the zombie piglins die in this build?
GraySlime Guy
GraySlime Guy 19 päeva tagasi
Let’s go onto the top to break the bedrock to go to the top
Big Ted
Big Ted 20 päeva tagasi
you can smelt gold swords into golden nuggets
Fabian Gloor
Fabian Gloor 19 päeva tagasi
yeah but they dont stack so its a waste of storage space
Jason Stathon
Jason Stathon 21 päev tagasi
Dude, you're literally a professional full time minecraft player. Please stop saying you are not a builder. That's what's you do in minecraft.... build...
Dávid Mészáros
Dávid Mészáros 21 päev tagasi
You can farm the basalt
orlando kelly
orlando kelly 22 päeva tagasi
anyone else watching this in December
Esther Lucas
Esther Lucas 22 päeva tagasi
Teachers about to draw on the white board: WeLl iM nOt aN ArTiSt Mumbo when he is about to build: WeLl iM nOt a bUlIdEr
Esther Lucas
Esther Lucas 22 päeva tagasi
I love how mumbo doesn't care about the water flowing in his base
ZombieCraft 9
ZombieCraft 9 22 päeva tagasi
You can have ice and lava to make a incident basalt generator.
AdamwithaW 23 päeva tagasi
dude got exactly what he asked for in the next update
EmeraldAard 24 päeva tagasi
3:50 I think you can make a basalt generator with lava and ice, similar to a cobblestone generator in the overworld.
Benjamin Kuipers
Benjamin Kuipers 25 päeva tagasi
YIHUI LI 25 päeva tagasi
Half a stack of episodes
Lunchbox13 26 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, basalt is renewable wasnt that like a big thing or something
Cade Bennethum
Cade Bennethum 26 päeva tagasi
does anybody know if this works on bedrock edition too
PunClips JR
PunClips JR 28 päeva tagasi
Half a stack of episodes
Joseph Gribben
Joseph Gribben 29 päeva tagasi
I want more bosses and biomes
killer queen
killer queen 29 päeva tagasi
How become we never wanted sideways stairs
Antwinette 29 päeva tagasi
Inventory upgrades, eh?
Plz kill Me now
Plz kill Me now Місяць tagasi
6:45 relatively easy to build?
Vladimir Silin
Vladimir Silin Місяць tagasi
make minecraft have spears
J. .K
J. .K 18 päeva tagasi
Seems like a bow with extra steps
Lunchbox13 26 päeva tagasi
Vladimir Silin
Vladimir Silin Місяць tagasi
The Sean Show
The Sean Show Місяць tagasi
“We have no gold” as he’s holding stacks of golden carrots
Lunchbox13 26 päeva tagasi
but golden carrots really are not that expensive because you can get them very easily from villagers with no actualy gold involved
justright47 Місяць tagasi
Zayne E
Zayne E Місяць tagasi
Sad piglins of living under horrific lights.
-Bruno- Місяць tagasi
what happened to q&a timelapses :(
Jonas Langedrag
Jonas Langedrag Місяць tagasi
How do you guys build on top of the nether roof, i know how to Get up but i cant build up there
J. .K
J. .K 18 päeva tagasi
Then you're probably playing the bedrock edition where you can't build on the nether roof, most of the mc youtubers play the java edition which is slightly different
Sabitha Tellajeera
Sabitha Tellajeera Місяць tagasi
Mumbo make a basalt generation you can make it like cobblestone generator
ORFEAS DUNNE Місяць tagasi
οk ok 16:46 he said that he wants redstone stuff. He got it. Invetory? He got that too. I am starting to think that mojang is watching mumb's videos
Luke Leonardo
Luke Leonardo Місяць tagasi
you can make a basalt generator like a cobble generator but with ice instead of water.
John Brigham
John Brigham Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: My aim is getting worse and worse... Me: Are you serious? I just saw you hit a fireball with you arrow as it was coming at you!
Patrickrolled Місяць tagasi
almost to 68
Hatrid d
Hatrid d Місяць tagasi
Mumbo be torturing the piglins with the soul lantern
Aaron Harrison
Aaron Harrison Місяць tagasi
Silas Unger
Silas Unger Місяць tagasi
"Im really not a builder" then proceeds to make a megabase that requires much building skill
Dylan Tart
Dylan Tart Місяць tagasi
Who’s here from the tips video?
Kra-Z Kid
Kra-Z Kid Місяць tagasi
He made an XP farm AND a gold farm
ThyLunarPaladin Місяць tagasi
Just thought I’d point out that you can smelt the gold swords from the ziglin farm into gold nuggets, meaning it’s more efficient than you thought it was.
Bo Gaming
Bo Gaming Місяць tagasi
“Golden in *gots* .” “In *gots* .“
Dufa Dufdil
Dufa Dufdil Місяць tagasi
Piglin in beginning of the episode : I will kill you Piglin after Mumbo put soul lanterns : Oh no, LET ME OUUT Revenge
Jack Shope
Jack Shope Місяць tagasi
Yes always scaffold if you may
please helpme
please helpme Місяць tagasi
does this work on bedrock anyone?
Radu Sebastian LAZIN
Radu Sebastian LAZIN Місяць tagasi
-4 is freezing, unless you're an imperialist ;)
TL Alpha
TL Alpha Місяць tagasi
16:45: Mojang accepted both of his requests
Rebel rebound
Rebel rebound Місяць tagasi
interms of gold we have no gold
Victor Sarca
Victor Sarca Місяць tagasi
I'm not sure if this has been said or fixed already, but if zombie piglins die while angry, it counts as a player kill, and looting works. It just hurts when I see people swinging swords at piglins when they could just be afk.
Luke Fann
Luke Fann Місяць tagasi
"Blackstone might be my new favourite block!" Minecraft: *Adds Skulk Sensors* Mumbo: Screw Blackstone
Minecraft Cube
Minecraft Cube Місяць tagasi
16:49 Mumbo:- "I want more *Redstone stuff* and *Inventory management systems* " Mojang:- "Wish no more"
rian Falconers]]]]]]]]
rian Falconers]]]]]]]] Місяць tagasi
It’s gold ingots
Dorian Janes
Dorian Janes Місяць tagasi
Who else was sent her by 25 More Tips for Minecraft you might not know? XD
Honk am goose
Honk am goose Місяць tagasi
I saw the vid but did not come here because of that
PixelHex Місяць tagasi
Why break a hole in the bedrock if u are already above it?
Alexander Contreras-Thomas
Alexander Contreras-Thomas Місяць tagasi
Tamaz Місяць tagasi
I like this type of hermitcraft episodes.
Dominic Gena
Dominic Gena Місяць tagasi
They won't change sneaking on magma blocks, it says on the loading screen sometimes
THE SIMPLICITY Місяць tagasi
Milk Man1142
Milk Man1142 Місяць tagasi
he sould of just used the slab sign method
Pieter van Driel
Pieter van Driel Місяць tagasi
Every normal player in minecraft: mines for gold Mumbo: let's build a gold farm
Spike Fedora
Spike Fedora Місяць tagasi
mumbo be like im not a builder i be like mumbo ur the best builder ive ever seen mustache man
Super Sans
Super Sans Місяць tagasi
Is anybody watching this in november?
Ali Hamdan
Ali Hamdan Місяць tagasi
Photo BeeYT
Photo BeeYT Місяць tagasi
Did he just predict the next update?
Nin10doMan10 •*•*•*
Nin10doMan10 •*•*•* Місяць tagasi
Well he is getting both redstone stuff and inventory upgrades in 1.17...
Abigail Aderinokun
Abigail Aderinokun Місяць tagasi
4:15 Ah! Soo Blackstone goes with everything but Blackstone!!
shrimp games
shrimp games Місяць tagasi
mumbo got both the things he wanted in 1.17 inventory management, and redstone componets
Artemis Argent
Artemis Argent Місяць tagasi
Use a blast chamber and a piston conveyor belt to make a ton of basalt very quickly
Liam Sheerin
Liam Sheerin Місяць tagasi
You can farm it
Ad1th CPASR Місяць tagasi
''I'd also like Inventory upgrades'' 16:45
Alligamer Місяць tagasi
This a gold AND emerald farm because clerics
General Knowledge
General Knowledge Місяць tagasi
Jade Gabriel Tubongbanua
Jade Gabriel Tubongbanua Місяць tagasi
what if mojang added that you can put another shulker box in a shulker box? me: stonks prank
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