Hermitcraft 7: Episode 64 - BUILDING BATTLE ISLAND!

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds a MEGA HERMITCRAFT TURF WAR GAME with GoodTimesWithScar and BdoubleO100! We know Grian said that this could be solved without conflict, but a Hermitcraft Civil War is far too much fun. Scar has built a huge island with Mushrooms and Trees, and I have been tasked with filling it with redstone traps, redstone weapons, piston vaults and more! Hopefully with this we can finally end the H.E.P and mycelium resistance Hermitcraft war!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

ShadeSwift99 5 tundi tagasi
He put redstone on cobble... redstone...on cobble ...
Kasaen Päev tagasi
Uuuh, now I’m worried, how u know how to launch mussels?
Roman Boryczka
Roman Boryczka Päev tagasi
Have i just binche Watched a stack of episodes in 4 days?
Perry Ganz
Perry Ganz Päev tagasi
Mumbo, it’s “nuclear” not “nucular”
Ryan Hamstra
Ryan Hamstra Päev tagasi
Where would we go to see the island in use?
Sezn •
Sezn • 3 päeva tagasi
do you think wilbur has a shulker box named "mule bits"
NNIVARK 6 päeva tagasi
Anyone getting Plants vs Zombies vibes from the turf war?
Michael Camarillo
Michael Camarillo 7 päeva tagasi
Anyone know if there's a bedrock version of the texture pack he's using for the connected glass?
TJ Taco
TJ Taco 9 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Normally when I kill and hurt people with machines people are upset Me: he didn’t say redstone machines did he *later in the episode* Mumbo: if you’re not familiar with launching nuclear weapons it’s not a one man job Me: *fear intensifies* oh lord
matoche B
matoche B 10 päeva tagasi
You need to test the create mod
matoche B
matoche B 10 päeva tagasi
You need to test the create mod
EonWhite 10 päeva tagasi
16:15 Bunny: Why did you take my home, Mumbo? 😢🐇
Shane Mcfarlane
Shane Mcfarlane 10 päeva tagasi
It's better together I was reminded of this after the two button things which reminded me of some you tubers who quit so I'll be watching there videos of it's better together now good day and who ever reads hope you have a good life
Glenn Calkins
Glenn Calkins 11 päeva tagasi
Mumbo... Locking repeaters can keep both buttons from activating (I know this is old already but still)
Yossi Lampert
Yossi Lampert 12 päeva tagasi
I happen to be a professional dispenser crafter, so hit me up
Lazy Saturn
Lazy Saturn 12 päeva tagasi
Imagine hermit craft in hardcore
Sam Badenach
Sam Badenach 12 päeva tagasi
Should have used grey carpet for the mycelium mines
Another Monke
Another Monke 13 päeva tagasi
Bro he said pants...
Zander Tesoriere
Zander Tesoriere 14 päeva tagasi
Gillian Stephenson
Gillian Stephenson 14 päeva tagasi
OK but how much would you pay me to create dispensers for you Oliver?
madoc wrobetz
madoc wrobetz 14 päeva tagasi
Mushroom bush: creativemarket.com/3kolone/2941869-Mushroom-bush
William Kost
William Kost 14 päeva tagasi
I'm so sad, I ordered a mumbo hoodie and it ended up being to small, I'm 6'6 260 pounds and normally a 2xl hoodie fits but it didnt and im sad cause I love mumbo
Archie Andrews
Archie Andrews 14 päeva tagasi
are we not gonna talk about his scroll speed. ZOOM!
VinsPlayer 16 päeva tagasi
"Nobody will be mad at me, when I kill and hurt them" Kinda like you'd be a serial murderer, and everyone would know that, but nobody would care.
Clover Arcondas
Clover Arcondas 16 päeva tagasi
Hermitcraft out of context "whats a mushroom bush look like"
The Muffinator
The Muffinator 18 päeva tagasi
Ashley 18 päeva tagasi
12:50 "i am known for lighting up my builds" *zombie drops into the field*
Lucky Moon joy
Lucky Moon joy 18 päeva tagasi
10:40 (ignore this)
Skered 18 päeva tagasi
Block block, block block... Wrong block
Sudura32 18 päeva tagasi
Elliot Sykes
Elliot Sykes 18 päeva tagasi
The attack should go on the other side, you should blow them up... otherwise it's just defence.
Freddy fazbears
Freddy fazbears 19 päeva tagasi
I love you😍😍😍😍😍
TheBurningWarrior 19 päeva tagasi
Wait, did Mumbo break into a vault at 20:00 ?
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon 19 päeva tagasi
Mumbo, is there something wrong with your scroll wheel? You keep flicking through it at supersonic speeds.
john ashwell
john ashwell 20 päeva tagasi
mumbo "there's no way to hit the attack and defense buttons at the same time" also mumbo: makes buttons you have to hit in sync
BenLikesVideoGames - Gaming & Memes
BenLikesVideoGames - Gaming & Memes 20 päeva tagasi
Can't figure out highly specific Redstone circuits? Cover the activation switch instead!
Derpy Time
Derpy Time 20 päeva tagasi
Attention! This minecraft server needs more players so its not as boring as it is make my day and all of the others on the server happy by joining It is java edition only Ip: sneaki.shock-zone.com dont scroll past
Yolanda Walker
Yolanda Walker 20 päeva tagasi
Issy 20 päeva tagasi
Anyone here from the this will take 10 hour to light up
Boudi Kellany
Boudi Kellany 20 päeva tagasi
Art by Tone Tone Tony
Art by Tone Tone Tony 21 päev tagasi
I really wanna see Grian and Mumbo’s hobbit holes once again and can you tell that the Eye of Sauron or the door eyes was also hermitcraft 7 😱😱😱
Kane Soulbreaker
Kane Soulbreaker 21 päev tagasi
10:24 0.25 speed + torture
Francis Shimizu
Francis Shimizu 21 päev tagasi
Note to self: Mumbo is familiar with launching nuclear weapons
Mr. Edburt
Mr. Edburt 21 päev tagasi
15:40 the cod that spawns in that lake everytime mj gets near it is extremely satisfying-
Linda Wong
Linda Wong 21 päev tagasi
Happy new year
Logan Stubbs
Logan Stubbs 21 päev tagasi
PhoenixFlameBird 21 päev tagasi
When the server updates to 1.17, they'll have infinite shulker boxes, because when a shulker hits another with a bullet, it has a chance to summon another one.
That Platypus Guy
That Platypus Guy 21 päev tagasi
"I lived through a pandemic" "I lived through the great hermitcraft turf-war"
Michael Stawinoga
Michael Stawinoga 22 päeva tagasi
Every one in my class thinks I'm an rocket engineer because I learnt some from you Thanks
James Earwicker
James Earwicker 22 päeva tagasi
daniel Ocean Smith
daniel Ocean Smith 22 päeva tagasi
You know, it would be cool if there was a way to slowly farm sand and gravel. Like even tho there is effectively no way to “run out” of sand in Minecraft, but considering how much you use sand for it would be cool if there was like a sand worm that could drop something like “wet sand” or a part of a sand block like “sand pile” just to make a block like how you make red stone blocks or quartz blocks. Probably to gonna happen, but it would be cool
aidank 23 päeva tagasi
1:41 double voice crack... oof
Talan Waditaka
Talan Waditaka 24 päeva tagasi
12:19 reminds me of hello Mario
Hazim Azam
Hazim Azam 25 päeva tagasi
Wait...how do u know how to fire a nuclear weapon
Fidel Yigzaw
Fidel Yigzaw 25 päeva tagasi
T-RoXX 25 päeva tagasi
I accept the job when do I start? lol
banimation studio
banimation studio 25 päeva tagasi
A stack of hermitcraft season 7 episodes
DigDig1999 26 päeva tagasi
How long did the 10 hour video take to upload?
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire 26 päeva tagasi
“Normally when I kill and hurt people wi-“ Wait. Your telling me that your other job is being a terrorist?
Claudio Pizzale
Claudio Pizzale 26 päeva tagasi
It's like that Gulch map from Halo!
Adwaith Suresh
Adwaith Suresh 26 päeva tagasi
So basically its just a military
Volumepixel 27 päeva tagasi
The TNT doesn't hurt you through the slabs, because the algorithm uses rays send from the bottom center of the TNT to calculate the damage. So the source of those rays is inside the slabs and collides with them first, so the damage is always blocked by the slabs.
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers 27 päeva tagasi
15:50 there is 4 sand in 1 tnt so 4 stacks in 1 stack of tnt. just letting you know.
Klaroline 27 päeva tagasi
Anyone else cringe a teenie bit when he said funniest? No just me 👌
David Criddle
David Criddle 27 päeva tagasi
And the Google searches for bunion start to go up…
Pikabuki 27 päeva tagasi
Love that Scar dying and his inventory spewing everywhere was like a recreation of the over the top fireworks. 😆
Merry Ethan
Merry Ethan 27 päeva tagasi
I don’t know what’s better sci craft server, hermit craft or dream smp
TheOneAndOnlyInkie 27 päeva tagasi
18:50 *flashbacks to the endbusting stream & the queen's smelly bunions*
Nate Dinoffria
Nate Dinoffria 27 päeva tagasi
Minecraft player has 64 of something every Minecraft player ever: I have a S T A C K
Allie Glassburn
Allie Glassburn 27 päeva tagasi
Wait a minute, the button happened in this season!?
Tyler Dixon
Tyler Dixon 27 päeva tagasi
Bobdude586 27 päeva tagasi
Wait...How does Mumbo know how to set off a nuke?...
sadLy 27 päeva tagasi
It's R3dM00n
It's R3dM00n 27 päeva tagasi
It seems I have figured out the password🙂
Esben Carter
Esben Carter 27 päeva tagasi
You should build the turret in, the Wall
MrPancakes39 27 päeva tagasi
I'm waiting for Block Block Block remix...
Bora Denizer
Bora Denizer 27 päeva tagasi
I cant do any of this in creative
Calum Thomson
Calum Thomson 28 päeva tagasi
Shouldn’t the attack button activate the other side’s attack?
William Rhead
William Rhead 28 päeva tagasi
grey carpet on top of mycilym
Leon Durmiente
Leon Durmiente 28 päeva tagasi
Hi, I would like to apply to your job offer.
Life After Brain Surgery
Life After Brain Surgery 28 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "I'll just lag on over to the Shopping District" Me: lmfao
Atomic 111
Atomic 111 28 päeva tagasi
"first those of you that arent familiar with launching nuclear 0.0001% of people will be able to relate
VenomGames 107
VenomGames 107 28 päeva tagasi
This episode game me major stampylongnose vibes from back in the day
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse 28 päeva tagasi
How long will it take before u realise thst u can shift click the recipes in the recipes book
Hamzah Husham
Hamzah Husham 28 päeva tagasi
Whenever i understand one sentence that Mumbo says about red stone I feel like a red stone master
Hailey & Luke Co.
Hailey & Luke Co. 28 päeva tagasi
When Mumbo doesn’t know what mic delay is
boiwithadoge 28 päeva tagasi
mumbo im concerned why do YOU know so much about nuke launching
STEVE THE PRO 28 päeva tagasi
A stack of episodes
Arther wilicker
Arther wilicker 28 päeva tagasi
Mumbo Jumbo: tf2 Engineer "Kill and hurt people with machines."
Jake Broderick
Jake Broderick 28 päeva tagasi
Cleo needs hermit heads for the Christmas district and she’s missing yours
ZELINDA CRUZ 28 päeva tagasi
Zane Bercute
Zane Bercute 28 päeva tagasi
I wonder how many deserts have been completely decimated on hermitcraft
SpolliverLP 28 päeva tagasi
JJB 28 päeva tagasi
Right before scar said 'im known for my lighting up builds', i saw a zombie in the background
Simon Bockbrader
Simon Bockbrader 28 päeva tagasi
Pretty sure you can buy dispensers at the barge
Khizr Mujtaba
Khizr Mujtaba 28 päeva tagasi
By the way mycelium resistance won
SHUT 28 päeva tagasi
“We just reached a stack of episodes” *Laughs in pun*
Julian Coquelet
Julian Coquelet 28 päeva tagasi
HERMIT CHALLENGES!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!??!?!?!?!!?
CrackinUp 28 päeva tagasi
mumbo pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeee make a honey farm
Xflamedragon Xx
Xflamedragon Xx 28 päeva tagasi
Netherite enchanted look like stone enchanted
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