Features I would love to see in Minecraft 1.17

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft 1.17: Caves and Cliffs is a HUGE new Minecraft update with a bunch of exciting new Minecraft features, including the Warden, sculk sensors, Minecraft cave update, Dripstone and more. In this video I wanted to go over some of the features that are currently available in the latest Minecraft Snapshot (Snapshot 20w51a) and talk about how I personally would improve them.
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Місяць tagasi
A lot of people commenting as if honeycomb and honey are millions of miles apart from one another and the fact that I even suggested they were similar means I’m stupid... I am stupid yes, but not on this!! I said it was a stretch association. I just want more sticky blocks. ALSO: waterlogged Sculk sensors are silent not deafened. They still work, just the player does not hear them.
D M 4 päeva tagasi
Mission accomplished he's stupid!
Andrei Sanchez
Andrei Sanchez 13 päeva tagasi
Wow notch must add your opinions in Minecraft now
Miau Mana
Miau Mana 15 päeva tagasi
I Hope they get added
06- Surbhi Chenab- Shashi
06- Surbhi Chenab- Shashi 17 päeva tagasi
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 18 päeva tagasi
You could have it so you can upgrade redstone components, probably by surrounding the redstone component with tuff in the crafting table
SealPanda Davies
SealPanda Davies 13 tundi tagasi
The dispensable and retactable powdered snow would have made the piston less door a lot easier
Erik Schwab
Erik Schwab 17 tundi tagasi
“Another long title? Again seriously?!” “It’s #11 not that he cares” 😂😂
Erik Schwab
Erik Schwab 16 tundi tagasi
“Late one woo I can stop editing now” 😂 👏👏👏👏 props to the editor
Di B
Di B Päev tagasi
I think the spyglass ideas are worthy
IDK Channel
IDK Channel Päev tagasi
Mojang jumbo
Maguz Craft
Maguz Craft Päev tagasi
That deafening potion was brilliant!!!
Christie Cochran
Christie Cochran Päev tagasi
5:32 I thought of that also because I use crossbow is lot
Ra frostbite
Ra frostbite Päev tagasi
What are the four horsemen in Minecraft someone pls tell me
ora ora
ora ora Päev tagasi
Sculk is organic thou, how would u toggle it? 🤔 (maybe sheers to cut they Hehe)
Carlo loke lim
Carlo loke lim 2 päeva tagasi
optifine in the base game would be nice, or other ways to have less lag
Shah 2 päeva tagasi
I like the pink ducky in the water
KreAtOr 2 päeva tagasi
Enjoyed this video, glad we have a huge creator that i'm sure Mojang keeps up with, and really will take all of this into consideration. I just wanna ask, if we allow chests, droppers, hoppers, furnaces all able to be moved by pistons. What blocks do we use to stop honey and slime from sticking to other blocks? I am very much for this change, as it is also in Bedrock Edition which I found fascinating. But unfortunately this change would ruin my elevators and other sorts of mechanisms.. Maybe slime and honey still don't affect chests, furnaces, etc? while only the piston itself can?
Joey 2 päeva tagasi
You can sift
Axel Verhelst
Axel Verhelst 2 päeva tagasi
Mumbo just use a chest minecart it works about the same, we do need moveable dispensers tho
John Wood
John Wood 2 päeva tagasi
No 1.16.7
Bottle o' Games
Bottle o' Games 2 päeva tagasi
NO movable chests and other stuff is a bedrock only feature if you want those go ahead switch to bedrock
Jesse Walter
Jesse Walter 2 päeva tagasi
Super JJ
Super JJ 3 päeva tagasi
On the last one I'm like lol because I'm on bedrock so I can posh chest white pistons looooooooooooooooooool
Rapid Unplanned Staging
Rapid Unplanned Staging 3 päeva tagasi
better suggestion: projectiles that go through powdered snow get an icy tip that gives you that white heart thing
Fireboss 05
Fireboss 05 3 päeva tagasi
I will say too that honey ≠ wax lol And having 5 different slime blocs is way to much, it's game breaking, you could do things to good for the game
Sven Wissink
Sven Wissink 3 päeva tagasi
Get this man to 7 million subs, he deserves it.
Thomas Cowell
Thomas Cowell 3 päeva tagasi
*When the cave update is out evreone will just wanna live underground*
gabija bu
gabija bu 3 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: Im a bit of a moron Me and all the meme creators: are you sure abuot that
LlamaLord 4 päeva tagasi
The warden should shoot a laser at enemies that are just out of range, so you can’t pillar and cheese
ISABELLE BURTMAN 4 päeva tagasi
This is not on mobile because I play Minecraft and I want to see any new items on Mobile
Saenskur 2
Saenskur 2 4 päeva tagasi
The hypothetical tuff pistons should have the ability to move chests and similar non-movable blocks.
osmar2008 5 päeva tagasi
I would like the add-ons for the skulk senses but for the menu or others, they would have to make remote sculk sensers.
Trenton Carrell
Trenton Carrell 5 päeva tagasi
In bedrock If you didn't know put chests on slime blocks then boom movable chest mabye I deserve a shout out na just kidding mabye you probably already knew about this
Captain TNT
Captain TNT 5 päeva tagasi
When do you think the warden snapshot will come out
TATZUfin 5 päeva tagasi
You should be working for mojang
kyrodinamie 1
kyrodinamie 1 5 päeva tagasi
Movebale chests are in bedrock
Cameron 6 päeva tagasi
Gonna be honest I thought the thumbnail was under b-dubs house on the hermet craft server
Walker 6 päeva tagasi
Imagine an ender chest filled with shulker boxes, and those shulker boxes are filled with bundles.
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson 6 päeva tagasi
i mean, i already carry an ender chest full of shulker boxes.. if you have that much stuff to carry you may have a problem
R4YCER 6 päeva tagasi
You know you can move containers in minecraft bedrock. I think they never added it to Java because by the time it was available lots of machines relied on bordering slime blocks on pistons with dispensers and other containers so they wouldn’t move.
Toby Brooks
Toby Brooks 6 päeva tagasi
This is the best one of these videos I’ve ever seen- these are such valid brilliant ideas and I don’t think there’s any downside or balancing to be done
Tim The Tortilla
Tim The Tortilla 7 päeva tagasi
nice to see that wonderful, pink, squeeky peice of rubber we love Pacifico > Sahara
Maggie Lastname
Maggie Lastname 7 päeva tagasi
For the first one, if you use white wool it blocks the signal.
Nutsack Gaming
Nutsack Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
i like how the titles slowly deteriorate
Ryah Medell
Ryah Medell 8 päeva tagasi
i am so desperate to make underground builds because for some reason i'm better at making hidden things than making things above ground. plus so many underground ideas
legoro 8 päeva tagasi
bro the horseman one should work with lightning rod so you can farm them its an easy skeleton farm
Pop-Phys 8 päeva tagasi
and tuff is an actual rock
Pop-Phys 8 päeva tagasi
maybe there will be a new item that shows the frequency of the action
pandy the panda
pandy the panda 8 päeva tagasi
i really like the island especally the floaty
HGmatrix 8 päeva tagasi
What about longer extending pistons ?
Calums random Channel
Calums random Channel 8 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: perfectly balanced Me: as all things should be
Krlytz 8 päeva tagasi
Definitely keep the island or similar locations! It will help you practice your landscaping techniques, and it looks lovely =)
Son of YouTube
Son of YouTube 9 päeva tagasi
Mountain streams
martin hill
martin hill 9 päeva tagasi
Yore such a noooooobb
Subhash Basu
Subhash Basu 9 päeva tagasi
I want vertical slabs and iron bars 😂😂😂😂
Jamie Laffey
Jamie Laffey 9 päeva tagasi
Be able to tap a button so you can't see your armor to show off your skin
Yeetasourous Hamburger
Yeetasourous Hamburger 9 päeva tagasi
Use bedrock for chests
matoche B
matoche B 10 päeva tagasi
You need to test the create mod
NeoFortunate 10 päeva tagasi
8:20 wool boots!
brendan FN
brendan FN 10 päeva tagasi
This seems more like a trap/defense update than a cave update.
nö fgfdsg
nö fgfdsg 10 päeva tagasi
10:48 just buy Bedrock edition ;-)
Matthew S
Matthew S 11 päeva tagasi
you can place pointed dripstone on soul sand, which a hopper can suck items through
Dante van Gemert
Dante van Gemert 11 päeva tagasi
The island looks very nice! Makes me think of magma musen
Theo Given
Theo Given 12 päeva tagasi
I'm surprised no one is talking about mumbo making fun of himself in editing whenever he switches to a new suggestion
TimTam Tube
TimTam Tube 12 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: "Number 25" Editor: "FINALLY"
Jack Duchesneau
Jack Duchesneau 12 päeva tagasi
I like your makeshift island
Peter Geier
Peter Geier 12 päeva tagasi
Uuuhhh, Mumbo... We’ve had movable chests AND red stone on pistons for a while over here in bedrock. 🙀 I hope you get it soon!
RubiconSLAYER X 12 päeva tagasi
"I like cool stuffs because cool stuffs are cool" lmao for some reasons I laughed
ßJHON 13 päeva tagasi
We love your red stone inventions
Fr0stko 13 päeva tagasi
Skulk Clippers - for modifying the frequencies the Skulk Sensor can and can’t hear. Requires 4 Skulk Sensors in a diamond pattern around Shears in the center. This would alleviate the sensors themselves being op, instead requiring a craftable item or a very rare item found in dungeons, desert and jungle temples, strongholds, abandoned mine shafts, and the Deep Dark. Also maybe or maybe not make it a super rare drop from the Warden? It would make sense considering he needs them to hear that he would be able to change their frequencies but maybe not since he can’t see? Thoughts?
Tonks Lance
Tonks Lance 13 päeva tagasi
He is sitting so close to the edge and its making me nervous O_O
faceeater 11
faceeater 11 13 päeva tagasi
Someone send this to mojang
tyler gruden
tyler gruden 13 päeva tagasi
Do you have any videos on how to make flashing lights for a runway. I’m new to Minecraft and the red stone stuff confuses me a bit. Thanks
Ryan Gillick Reilly
Ryan Gillick Reilly 13 päeva tagasi
I want a desert update including quick sand and new mobs.
Jacob 13 päeva tagasi
Does anyone else find Mumbos voice relaxing
SKULLYOUNG PLAYS 13 päeva tagasi
A pet that is strong enough to fight with us with warden
Beck Phillips
Beck Phillips 13 päeva tagasi
i like the island it is my friend i will keep him safe
The Dark Ringed Fox
The Dark Ringed Fox 13 päeva tagasi
They should bring back rubbies, and add a new mob in the drip stone caves maybe wolfins anthro wolves that trade when you place something in a chest and they walk near it but it is a special kind of chest and you out the rubbies and the cheat will make a ding sound, when the trade was successful, and and oof sound when not successful, and wolfins are neutral so they only attack when you attack them they won't attack you I'd your holding a bone and their enemy is the warden. Idk if this will be a good suggestion but I thought if it ok anything can change on this suggestions I guess? Btw they have a new wepoen which is the spear
zombie crafter100
zombie crafter100 13 päeva tagasi
2:32 😏
Blade of Nexus
Blade of Nexus 14 päeva tagasi
Reversible Skulk Sensors, right click and have it so its active when nothing is moving
Blade of Nexus
Blade of Nexus 14 päeva tagasi
The Terraforged world gen mod should be vanilla 😢
Jackson Carpenter
Jackson Carpenter 14 päeva tagasi
They could call the quiet enchantment “Sculk Silence”
Hearth 14 päeva tagasi
leather boots should reduce step noise
Juanito Gomez
Juanito Gomez 14 päeva tagasi
feather falling boots allow you to jump on crops without breaking them, and it makes skulk sensors/the warden have a more difficult time detecting you when you jump
EeeYeeRee 14 päeva tagasi
Just realized this is the 1000th video I have liked
Bruh 14 päeva tagasi
It looks like under bdubs house
IAmTheSenate 14 päeva tagasi
There should be an arrow which is crafted by dripstones which deal double damage than regular arrows because they are sharp in nature
S. Sora Harding
S. Sora Harding 15 päeva tagasi
In bedrock you can move chests with pistons. In java there is nbt but not in bedrock. I think bedrock and java should be more similar
DK SIN 15 päeva tagasi
You can actually move chests in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with pistons
Enzo Bugly
Enzo Bugly 15 päeva tagasi
My idea in Minecraft 1.17 are waxed copper blocks not able to break redstone things like redstone dust, redstone repeater because that would be cool instead of pushing redstone blocks to activate something.
the adissons
the adissons 15 päeva tagasi
If powder snow can be redstone powered it could make a t flip flop
CHTech Industries
CHTech Industries 15 päeva tagasi
I think the power output of mobs should be 2, villagers and players 1, 4 legged mobs 3. All for legged mobs are passive, except for creepers! I think all waxed copper should stick together The quiet step affects warden, and makes it sligtly harder for some mobs to “see” you, since some hearing is used Yes! Movable tile entities!
Nate Baker
Nate Baker 15 päeva tagasi
I agree with way too many of these to be happy with the update😂
palmero 15 päeva tagasi
Tuff stone actually is pretty weak in reality.
Evolving MC
Evolving MC 15 päeva tagasi
Finally another person that wanted a sniper crossbow
Alex Schwegmann
Alex Schwegmann 15 päeva tagasi
Minecraft mojang microsoft and all other minecraft company pleas oh pleas consider these
Hl_scientist 15 päeva tagasi
Idea, make skulk blocks use diffrent frequencys for each note in a note block
HVanderz MC
HVanderz MC 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo is cool
NightWolfYT 16 päeva tagasi
I like the ideas mumbo :)
Priya Choudhary
Priya Choudhary 16 päeva tagasi
i actually found a way to use the spyglass and the crossbow!!! just hold the spyglass in your right hand and put the loaded crossbow on your left hand and press f to shoot!!!
Priya Choudhary
Priya Choudhary 16 päeva tagasi
it will scope out as you shoot but it works pretty well
Noodles 16 päeva tagasi
What sucks is that the update will be released in summer 2021
Niap Victoria
Niap Victoria 16 päeva tagasi
“Warden dude” Not hate lol
Jonathan1012 16 päeva tagasi
Imagine if you shot a fire charge trough powdered snow it became an obsidian ball, doing more damage but doesnt light stuff on fire. Great mod material.
Simon Downs
Simon Downs 16 päeva tagasi
when you say "wax" or "waxed" you sound like a duck
Cyniqall 16 päeva tagasi
What is that seed
Mixup 2nd
Mixup 2nd 17 päeva tagasi
Mojang Definitely should consider this
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