10 Minutes of Useless information about Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In today's Minecraft video, we go through 10 minutes of useless information about Minecraft. There is A LOT of factual information in this video, none of it useful, but all of it mildly interesting Minecraft trivia.
This video was heavily inspired by Austin McConnell, who made a video on '10 minutes of useless information' which I personally heavily enjoyed! Here is his video/channel:
CHANNEL: eepost.info
10 MINUTES: eepost.info/my/video/xHyWmKSilYGh1a0.html
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo 2 місяці tagasi
I have learned yet more useless information. If you decided to eat a pufferfish (No clue why you would want to do that) you will get the Nausea effect!
Odoaiden 3 päeva tagasi
I eat pufferfish in real life and I get nauseas so Minecraft finally got something roght
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb 4 päeva tagasi
how long does it last for?
subpar 1224
subpar 1224 4 päeva tagasi
People eat pufferfish for the nausea effect for the advancement
Chip 6 päeva tagasi
Lily Kader
Lily Kader 6 päeva tagasi
I have a book literally called " A totally amazing book of useless information " I love it!
Giguana TGH
Giguana TGH Tund tagasi
Bruh school is more useless
Santiago Dela Rosa
Santiago Dela Rosa Tund tagasi
“Steve had a beard” Me: IT WAS A SMILE NOT A BEARD mojang: it was actually a beard Me: oh
Katie Whovian
Katie Whovian 7 tundi tagasi
0:18 The schools agree with you, Mumbo, all of them.
2A29 余霆軒YU TING HIN 12 tundi tagasi
When you're going to punch a tree, the block will break 🤣🤣🤣
Kitty world
Kitty world 20 tundi tagasi
Me: * watching a Grian video * Also, Me: * Sees a Mumbo Jumbo video that has Useless information about Minecraft in the title * Me: This is gonna be a good one
crusader_kiddo Päev tagasi
I don’t see why the note block one was awful. All it was was a c and e note being played at the same time, which technically if Mumbo added another note block set to a g( I thing that is either 1 hit after being placed or 13), it would just be a c major chord, which isn’t bad.
Poe Davis
Poe Davis Päev tagasi
mumbo: try to think of useless information. me: how about i try to stop? that'll be a bigger challenge.
Chip Päev tagasi
Let's get him to 7 million subscribers!!
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson Päev tagasi
Biotron Päev tagasi
"50%, 70%, 90%, aaand... *IKEA advert plays*
IndoDINO Youtube
IndoDINO Youtube 2 päeva tagasi
I love how Mumbo described the process of drowning...
ShaunOnlyPlays YT
ShaunOnlyPlays YT 2 päeva tagasi
mumbo: 10 minutes of useless minecraft information every sould on this planet: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*
Yogurt Tophat
Yogurt Tophat 2 päeva tagasi
“70%... 90%” *Ad plays*
Kerbslice 2 päeva tagasi
Useless information: the two notes from the note blocks were actually C and E comprising a C major chord (with the fifth (G) omitted).
Firecat the potato
Firecat the potato 3 päeva tagasi
The ad placement at 3:00 is the worst
Elizabeth harris
Elizabeth harris 3 päeva tagasi
when he said useless information i didn't know he meant *completely* useless
Rrek 3 päeva tagasi
2:03 aint got rhythm
MikeUnknown 3 päeva tagasi
Actually the single most useless information video out of all the useless information video's that i've seen
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski 3 päeva tagasi
1:51 See! Red! No, that's blood...
G24 SIMARA, Marik
G24 SIMARA, Marik 4 päeva tagasi
*commits suicide in minecraft* nice.
Joshua McBlovacek
Joshua McBlovacek 4 päeva tagasi
I searched your channel for that Redstone contraption. that is your ghost diamond-block duplicator for you 50 ways to mess with your friends in Minecraft video.
Home time mayhem
Home time mayhem 4 päeva tagasi
Position specific orientation? BEDROCK BOIS
Home time mayhem
Home time mayhem 4 päeva tagasi
Fun fact: bedrock drowning will pause between every 3 hearts of damage
Unfor2nateboi 4 päeva tagasi
2:38 an ad played literally right before it loaded. Dam Mumbo, cold
No, says possum
No, says possum 4 päeva tagasi
i've learned so much, i want more
Finn Jonas
Finn Jonas 4 päeva tagasi
that was great
Jimb0nat0r 5 päeva tagasi
Nausea can technically be gotten by eating a pufferfish
Spiggle 5 päeva tagasi
Diorite is not the worst building block. It has its spots, and can be crafted into better blocks. I’d say it’s wet sponges.
Brevin Palmes
Brevin Palmes 5 päeva tagasi
6:12 it was a block duplicator that if you break the block it will drop nothing you did it in this video (eepost.info/my/video/t7KfZH2klIF7uqk.html) in 1:57
Samuel Videira
Samuel Videira 5 päeva tagasi
He said that the 'hallooooooo' username is available, my friend's username is the dame as that but with an e instead of the a
MasterDoge987 6 päeva tagasi
Now take this, make it educational, and multiply the length by 36! Oh wait, i forgot that it already exists, it’s called school
CrazedAviation 6 päeva tagasi
6:17 *It's supposed to make noise and move random pistons.*
Abhijit Prajapati
Abhijit Prajapati 6 päeva tagasi
The redstone circut in your redstone tesing world is supposed to be a prank that generates fake diamond blocks but it dosnt work anymore
Sam Larralde
Sam Larralde 6 päeva tagasi
6:21 9th Place
Tyler Rosier
Tyler Rosier 6 päeva tagasi
6:58 Mumbo Plays C and E which is a Major 3, part of a happy major chord if you add the 5th, which is G. This is supposed to sound pleasant... Mumbo: Awful
Nikhil Gajjar
Nikhil Gajjar 7 päeva tagasi
Write a book. or become a poet. Your words are interesting
Jermy Gutierrez
Jermy Gutierrez 7 päeva tagasi
not everything here is useless honestly
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar 7 päeva tagasi
RinRee `
RinRee ` 7 päeva tagasi
6:14 it was your diamond block duplicator from YEARS ago. I believe it was used/shown in your "Ways to Mess With Players/your friends" video
Necromancer4267 7 päeva tagasi
This man said a Major 3rd sounded awful!
Trex 7 päeva tagasi
Wait i never knew Steve had a beard i thought that was his mouth
Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey 8 päeva tagasi
Schools: are you challenging me??
MrFakeBeast Gaming • 100 years ago
MrFakeBeast Gaming • 100 years ago 8 päeva tagasi
Title: 10 minutes of useless information in minecraft Me: its called *CLICKBAIT*
Shaira 8 päeva tagasi
ngl the digging straight down just to not find lava was, quite a bit of a disappointment
Ardeshir Razany
Ardeshir Razany 8 päeva tagasi
Useless information The word four has four letters:/
Bob Black
Bob Black 8 päeva tagasi
I have found some information useful in this video
sheeperman_ 8 päeva tagasi
i am the only one that really watched the hole video and learned lots of things??? {I think im stupid}
does anyone else think that 6:17 sounds like bonetrousle and nyeh heh heh from undertale?????
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE
Arjun Ravi CSA CBE 9 päeva tagasi
Noo I wanted shulkerboxception! That was USESFUL info for meeeeee nooooooooooooo
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith 9 päeva tagasi
Eating a pufferfish for nausea is useful for those trying to get the How Did We Get Here? achievement
KEVIN DA SAVAGE 9 päeva tagasi
No it’s 11mins
Geek of Nature
Geek of Nature 9 päeva tagasi
I always thought the original Steve had a cartoony smile, and it took me way too long to realize that it was abeard
slenderman 0735
slenderman 0735 9 päeva tagasi
Munmbo, you get naussea from eating pufferfish in minecraft
Hexa 9 päeva tagasi
Go to school 6 hours of useless information
GabrielAndresen 9 päeva tagasi
Aiden T
Aiden T 10 päeva tagasi
11 minutes of useless information? This video says 11:10
Frankie Porter
Frankie Porter 10 päeva tagasi
8:24 Pufferfish: am I a joke to you?
I suck At Games
I suck At Games 11 päeva tagasi
Please do more of these they’re really funny and actually kinda cool
Stop motion 4 EVA
Stop motion 4 EVA 11 päeva tagasi
Some of these were useful
PhantomAge 11 päeva tagasi
Wow that was...useless
[Aet] Aetxernus
[Aet] Aetxernus 12 päeva tagasi
u had one job to keep it 10 mins
frag the frog
frag the frog 12 päeva tagasi
yaaay cannot atend to school so, from now this is my new source of useless information. PS: 3:53 how could you?!
Snail Bru
Snail Bru 12 päeva tagasi
Schools be like
Lewis WhottonPLUS
Lewis WhottonPLUS 12 päeva tagasi
2:32 I REALLY NEED TO TRY THAT!!!! Also at 9:28, did anyone else notice the trees on fire?
imagine wagon
imagine wagon 12 päeva tagasi
Running out of ideas Mumbo?
Ashwin SWAMY
Ashwin SWAMY 12 päeva tagasi
6:17 - IT's THE GhoST Block Duplicator MUMBO
rockztarz 12 päeva tagasi
What shaders do you use?
I love Animals and Nature
I love Animals and Nature 12 päeva tagasi
honestly, this was very interesting!
גל אדרעי
גל אדרעי 12 päeva tagasi
The contraption you found was supposed to be a ghost block duplicator
Anna Jiju
Anna Jiju 13 päeva tagasi
2:16 lol
Shin 1
Shin 1 13 päeva tagasi
9:55 *Laughs in bedrock*
Trainscanfly Trainscanfly
Trainscanfly Trainscanfly 13 päeva tagasi
10 minutes of useless information about Minecraft 1.6 million people: InTeReSTinG
H34V -Enly Pinelord
H34V -Enly Pinelord 13 päeva tagasi
6:14 im pretty sure it was an old glitch that could dupe blocks e.g. diamond block, netherite block, etc
Ginger is not pog
Ginger is not pog 13 päeva tagasi
Nivan Jeffries
Nivan Jeffries 13 päeva tagasi
uselss info: penguins have knees, but they way they stand makes their knees always bent, which is why they waddle.
Emma noob
Emma noob 14 päeva tagasi
Why is on my toilet better wifi as in my bed :(
Xman34 14 päeva tagasi
2:15 see for happy
CK 2018
CK 2018 14 päeva tagasi
4:51 Did he just called the hunger bar meat sticks?
John Calibert
John Calibert 14 päeva tagasi
That was really useless lol
Ophita Stambaugh
Ophita Stambaugh 14 päeva tagasi
For some reason, I always manage to remember random things, but never my homework...
Milo _
Milo _ 14 päeva tagasi
1:35 That's my birthday!
Skip 14 päeva tagasi
I wish he could more of this
Alry FireBlade
Alry FireBlade 15 päeva tagasi
Nothing new to me, I can't play with a FOV under 110° xD
Maritess Baruela
Maritess Baruela 15 päeva tagasi
Mumbo:I'm on death's door Ad:for my family (It actually said that)
KingKylo TC
KingKylo TC 15 päeva tagasi
"One man's trash is another man's treasure" -A guy with common sense
Jp CaReY
Jp CaReY 15 päeva tagasi
“Falling into the void will even kill you in creative” people in bedrock, *laughs histericly*
Luke Warner
Luke Warner 15 päeva tagasi
who else got an ad when the world loaded 100
ChoclateButRocket 16 päeva tagasi
Ha mah deck
SquareBadge4952 16 päeva tagasi
8:51 Pewdiepies worst sound to hear
Watercraft 16 päeva tagasi
Eh this looks like "facts you didn't know about minecraft" with extra steps
Samuellan 16 päeva tagasi
basically its school
Andy 37890
Andy 37890 16 päeva tagasi
Uhhhh, the inventory key has always been e tho?
Seanderson 16 päeva tagasi
Mumbo said that when a pufferfish blows up, it expands to 0.7 blocks by 0.7 blocks in size, giving it a volume of 0.49 blocks. That is wrong, as volume is calculated by multiplying length by width by height, while Mumbo did length by width. If we assume that the pufferfish is 0.7 blocks in length, width, and height, then the volume of the pufferfish is 0.343 blocks. Assuming I am wrong because I am bad with decimals, I give you the permission to correct me in the replies.
TastySoap11 16 päeva tagasi
4:49 5 year olds: EXACTLY, MATH IS USELESS! SEE MOM?!
A Cardboard Box
A Cardboard Box 16 päeva tagasi
Nausea is used when you eat a pufferfish
Ultimate ÙwÚ
Ultimate ÙwÚ 16 päeva tagasi
Actually 11:10 minutes of useless info :|
MAGMA 123 16 päeva tagasi
The lillypad and pushing a barrel with a piston information were actually pretty useful 👌, anyways.. great video!
Sumsy 16 päeva tagasi
7:22 i was hoping for a stronghold lol
Ahmed Arshad
Ahmed Arshad 16 päeva tagasi
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