1 Wide Base in Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo

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Minecraft Bases are normally big and beautiful, this base is neither, but it was a really fun minecraft redstone project. In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo builds a Minecraft redstone base that is only 1 block wide. It involves a redstone super smelter, a storage system, automatic potion brewing and much more. This is by far the oddest piston house I have ever built!
Filming channel: eepost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Daniel Hillebrand Savino
Daniel Hillebrand Savino 11 tundi tagasi
Arthur Smith
Noah Manion
Noah Manion 12 tundi tagasi
Making minecraft terraria
Guff Glitches
Guff Glitches 3 päeva tagasi
i wanna have the schematic file
Erin Berkefeld
Erin Berkefeld 4 päeva tagasi
Cobblestone generator
Prototype Guy
Prototype Guy 4 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: im gonna build a base that is one block wide Terraria players: first time?
Max Payne
Max Payne 5 päeva tagasi
Me and every other player: terraria. Mumbo: terrararia. 😂
Big Tuna
Big Tuna 5 päeva tagasi
Mumbo: “ terarara” Me:*sad*
Aaron Daniels
Aaron Daniels 6 päeva tagasi
“Tile-able Minecraft base”
Pranjal Maheshwari
Pranjal Maheshwari 6 päeva tagasi
Mumbai house
Phoenixvarietychannel 6 päeva tagasi
imma copy this into my survival world. I love this. if you dont mind. xD
Elizabeth Calvert
Elizabeth Calvert 7 päeva tagasi
"This is a stupid idea executed really, really well." = The definition of Mumbo
Ploaper 7 päeva tagasi
terraria players (including me): first time?
Nick 8 päeva tagasi
Terraria players: First Time?
Lekatamur 8 päeva tagasi
Am i the only one who finds these types of bases extremely comfy?
Bønje 9 päeva tagasi
a 1x1 base?
step bro
step bro 11 päeva tagasi
5:50 schrödingers minecart
GoldEEr 11 päeva tagasi
Now you hide it in a wall of some monument like your friend's base
20quid 13 päeva tagasi
How do you get fuel into the furnaces?
Gregor 7008
Gregor 7008 13 päeva tagasi
This was uploaded in 2020?!? What?
Mark Granberry II
Mark Granberry II 14 päeva tagasi
Julian Barclay
Julian Barclay 14 päeva tagasi
I believe I play bedrock and that 1 block wide piston door is impossible and I am extremely jealous that the observers don't work the same as java.
Julian Barclay
Julian Barclay 14 päeva tagasi
But how does he get it to release the iron block on a sticky piston?!
Julian Barclay
Julian Barclay 14 päeva tagasi
asdfnio fanuia fabuiohui
asdfnio fanuia fabuiohui 14 päeva tagasi
just one question: how do you refuel the furnaces
Rex Junior
Rex Junior 15 päeva tagasi
What version do you use?
Vince And Rein Valiente
Vince And Rein Valiente 15 päeva tagasi
60,000 Wide,Long,High Base
Felizardo Jr Encarnado
Felizardo Jr Encarnado 15 päeva tagasi
What about the crafting table?????
James Armer
James Armer 15 päeva tagasi
Yes you built a 1 wide base! But can you build a 1 wide redstone contraction, inside a case. My idea is kinda like an ant farm, well I guess kinda like this
Derpy Time
Derpy Time 16 päeva tagasi
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FTWGaming 17 päeva tagasi
Alright. One wide, one chunk. A 16x1 area to play with. You can't, and that's a challenge
JCS 17 päeva tagasi
lever on smelter was outside 1 line
Chiam HENG KUANG 17 päeva tagasi
Level map: Level 1 - Storage system Level 2 - Armor station, Super smelter, Brewing station Level 3 - Anvil replacement station, Farm
Shiznitts YT
Shiznitts YT 18 päeva tagasi
At 7:40 when he comes up with the most ingenious anvil replacement system. Imagine it 40 anvils high (the sound)
Simon Barnes
Simon Barnes 18 päeva tagasi
Me: goes to watch something else on EEpost. Mumbo jumbo: *exists* Me: yeah alright what have you done this time.
FaizWasHere 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone know if this is buildable in bedrock?
ANT POTTER 23 päeva tagasi
you had best believe i am building this in my friends wall also cool video
ANT POTTER 23 päeva tagasi
here eepost.info/my/video/12itqoyqi3qd2a0.html watch that mumbo
ANT POTTER 23 päeva tagasi
terraria i can type it and say it no problem and i am good at terraria me typing terraria i did it first time and mumbo its hard to do this but lemme try to say how its pronounced ter- then its the word air -ea its hard but terraria isn't that hard to spell and say
ANT POTTER 23 päeva tagasi
here eepost.info/my/video/12itqoyqi3qd2a0.html watch that mumbo
Samsms r smith
Samsms r smith 23 päeva tagasi
mumbo you could have done the 1 block wide anvil replacer u just needed to run 2 lines of observers up to the piston use a redstone tourch then a redstone dust on the second line 1 bloick apart from he first line
Speedy Marble
Speedy Marble 25 päeva tagasi
I am definitely thinking that diamond is the best. #OldSchool
Freedom Phoenix Goat
Freedom Phoenix Goat 25 päeva tagasi
All the Terradidadaria players laughing at Mumbo not knowing there more layers than one in Tadiradiaora Me laughing at them for not releasing that it means Mumbo have proven minecraft to be more 2D than Tellaria. :V
Noah Morre
Noah Morre 26 päeva tagasi
Its 2 with
Anthony DiMontova
Anthony DiMontova 26 päeva tagasi
You actually should play terraria
Robeon Mew
Robeon Mew 27 päeva tagasi
Isaac Lloyd
Isaac Lloyd 27 päeva tagasi
It's the best and the worst 1 wide base (cause it's the only one)
kurtu5 28 päeva tagasi
This should be a thing for the next hermitcraft. When you start getting bored, you have to switch to a 2d ant world, you become a ant person and everyone outside can see you and extend your "wall world" by constructing glass walls at right angles with 1 wide spaces. Perhaps ant people can get resources like diamonds or contract out walls from the outsiders...
Memer9456 28 päeva tagasi
im trying to find the mumbo jumbo video where he made the anvil breaker
Aaditya Dash
Aaditya Dash 28 päeva tagasi
Stupid idea executed really really well. Sounds like this belongs on the ATBGE (Awful taste but great execution) subreddit
Familie Hendriks
Familie Hendriks 29 päeva tagasi
8:43 Well!! Really Do Can You
MageSkeleton 29 päeva tagasi
Good job. i wish you could have done the "official glassification" of encasing the whole thing in glass. But good job.
Li Yang
Li Yang 29 päeva tagasi
it can open but can't close
Li Yang
Li Yang 29 päeva tagasi
The sticky pistons are pulling the iron block
Li Yang
Li Yang 29 päeva tagasi
why didn't my door work??
Catstronaut gamer
Catstronaut gamer Місяць tagasi
Almost every single base-related video mumbo makes an armor equipping station. How many times has he ACTUALLY used one? Certainly not throughout multiple seasons of hermitcraft. Hmm?
Will Piper
Will Piper Місяць tagasi
Anyone else here play on Bedrock? And then decide to build the base and just tweak everything to work properly because it's an epic stupid idea?
Ism Місяць tagasi
And then he realized that he could just fill it with scaffolding instead of using these transport systems.
Matthew Berry
Matthew Berry Місяць tagasi
when you said first things first the first thing i think of is the song itself
Sound Guy
Sound Guy Місяць tagasi
k s
k s Місяць tagasi
terraria: are you challenging me
The GamerKid
The GamerKid Місяць tagasi
That one smart guy in the here: But in casing it in glass will make it three wide!
Blazing Fury
Blazing Fury Місяць tagasi
now make it half a block thick
Arlo Jones
Arlo Jones Місяць tagasi
now we need a walking 1 wide base!
Brian Dean
Brian Dean Місяць tagasi
Awesome! Very entertaining
LordRaine Місяць tagasi
You made this in September, so the odds of you ever seeing this comment are basically nil, but I just wanted to say, you should take a look at the Create mod for Minecraft, Mumbo. It adds machines that are meant to allow you to build multi-block contraptions, and one of them is, in essence, a sticky piston that can extend a line of the "stick" up to fifteen blocks away, and that block itself can be moved using other things in Create. So if you could get this to only be fifteen blocks tall, you could actually make an entire base that extends and retracts as a "slice" out of the ground.
try again
try again Місяць tagasi
When i saw this it inspired me to make or attempt a smaller sorting system
xEternalEnigmax Місяць tagasi
So doesn't that level powering a rail make it 2 wide... its not a "wall"
damon Jackson
damon Jackson Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: *forgets about netherite* Me, a 1.12.2 modded minecrafter: "the fuck is netherite?"
Darius Місяць tagasi
Make most practical base!
Mizzix Місяць tagasi
This is just terraria
pheonixsol Місяць tagasi
Took me a while to notice how that front door worked ... Brilliant
Malaki MacAllister
Malaki MacAllister Місяць tagasi
Sohail Aji
Sohail Aji Місяць tagasi
Everyone should make something like this as their starter base.
Bob MAN Місяць tagasi
smh not even tileable but in all seriousness stacking 50 of these next to each other would be hilarious
Evelyn Carsten
Evelyn Carsten Місяць tagasi
Now build it in Grian's wall
Koop A
Koop A Місяць tagasi
you can walk thruo chest in terairya
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit Місяць tagasi
"Ah yes, ThE rAiLs hErE ArE MaDe oF JaVa"
Questanable Clue
Questanable Clue Місяць tagasi
Bruh why there is no world download for this wonderful creation.
dave miller
dave miller Місяць tagasi
this reminds me of snakes and ladders
Meeple Cat
Meeple Cat Місяць tagasi
Terraria is better than Minecraft, love your vids though :D
Dragonforces Dantdm fan
Dragonforces Dantdm fan Місяць tagasi
if he played terraria i would be so happy
Arlo Reid
Arlo Reid Місяць tagasi
Hihi 9380
Hihi 9380 Місяць tagasi
my Minecraft guardian farm base on my server doesn't have a bed, does that mean it isn't a base.
Kilrnam27 Місяць tagasi
Teh-rare-ree-ah, its as easy as that lads😂
enderboy Місяць tagasi
"welcome back to, 'an engineering ant's life' "
Jordan Oliver
Jordan Oliver Місяць tagasi
Terraria players: First time?
GRAYSON NAGY Місяць tagasi
now he needs to make a one block tall base in teroororrria
D. C.
D. C. Місяць tagasi
I think you just created a new minecraft niche
DukeOfEarle88 Місяць tagasi
Pepega lvl. 1 enchanting station. Kekw.
Ben Parker
Ben Parker Місяць tagasi
What Paper Minecraft players deal with every day.
Butter Adventure
Butter Adventure Місяць tagasi
Mumbo: makes 2d base in minecraft. = normal Me: makes 3d base in terraria. = god
Spookcraft wismy_
Spookcraft wismy_ Місяць tagasi
Heres a challenge: Make a sorting system but you can only store stuff in funaces
turtles 348
turtles 348 Місяць tagasi
We have 1 wide and we have 1 tall... We need a tube of 1 tall 1 wide
Skratymir Місяць tagasi
Make worlds greatest 1 Chunk base
Swegullz Місяць tagasi
te - rar - ay - a --> Terraria
avocado_gamr69 !
avocado_gamr69 ! Місяць tagasi
Terraria players: Just like the simulations!
J K Місяць tagasi
i miss an automated way to insert fuel in the furnaces
Daenor Місяць tagasi
6:10 it look awesome with that tping effect
hello dady
hello dady Місяць tagasi
1:29 what the frick is that obsidaion it now 3 wide base
Buchanan Family
Buchanan Family Місяць tagasi
Terraria Base
J and V tv Plays
J and V tv Plays Місяць tagasi
make this in the next ep/ season of hermitcraft
Agentbat2 Місяць tagasi
can you do a one block tall bace?
Topa Topa
Topa Topa Місяць tagasi
you're right - it's called Terr-r-r
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